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Published on 09/11/2009 at Fri Sep 11 12:20.
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  • First, in memory of the thousands of lives that were lost eight years ago today… our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected.  As a country, we will never forget.  [9/11 Memorial]
  • Chad Ochocinco gives Champ Bailey respect, then tells him a storm’s coming.  [Denver Post]
  • Bailey isn’t flinching.  Gotta love a little playful smack talk.  [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Some suggest Bailey is on the downside of his career.  Bailey says he’s not done building.  []
  • Deadline to avoid a week one blackout extended.  It’s not looking good.  [Cincinnati Enquirer]

  • Chris Kuper has an ankle injury we need to keep an eye on. [DPO]
  • Vonnie Holliday is off to a fast start with the Broncos.  []
  • Bengals DC Mike Zimmer isn’t expecting smash mouth football from Denver; he’s expecting the spread offense the Patriots have employed the past two seasons under Josh McDaniels.  [CE]


  • Richard Seymour has five days to report to Oakland.  [ESPN]
  • Some more details on his situation.  [San Jose Mercury News]
  • The Chargers look to win their 12th straight against the Raiders Monday.  [BoltTalk]
  • Looking at the AFC West’s pressure cookers.  [ESPN]
  • Hey, we’re not the only kids on the block with a Captions contest.  []
  • bobby

    hahaha Seymour continues to be one of my favorite players. I’d retire if i were him. i would wear black and silver. If McD want to make any trades lets see if we could get Vince Wilfork from the Pat’s with Chicago first.