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Published on 09/10/2009 at Thu Sep 10 10:00.
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  • Kyle Orton is embracing Colorado.  Seriously.  He went camping and stuff.  [Denver Post]
  • A fan-focused McDebate.  [DPO]
  • Chad Ochocinco says he has a surprise for the NFL this Sunday.  []
  • Pat Bowlen: The Real Man in Charge.  [DPO]

  • Knowshon Moreno is poised for the 2009 Rookie of the Year honor.  [Skinny Post]
  • Carson Palmer expects to be “rust proof.”  [Cincinnati Enquirer]
  • Marshall stil a Bronco, Ochocinco still a Bengal.  [DPO]
  • Tony Scheffler had a lousy 2007 preseason, then had his best regular season numbers as a pro.  Current Broncos will be testing that theory.  [Colorado Springs Gazette]
  • Klis steps out on a lone limb, saying a Marshall deal is not imminent.  [DPO]
  • Hey, whaddya know, Woody Paige made me laugh.  [DPO]

Previously on BT

Sometimes during the regular season, we get busy.  It’s possible, although foolish on your part, that you might have missed something.  Here are some recent headlines:


  • The Merriman/Tequila thing gets downright silly.  [National Football Post]
  • Matt Cassel will be listed as questionable for the Chiefs opener.  [Kansas City Star]
  • It’s a problem when a team’s “Fresh Face to Watch” (Richard Seymour) hasn’t even reported yet.  [Contra Costa Times]
  • Word is Brady Quinn got the gig in Cleveland.  The Broncos play the Browns next week.  []
  • Another crazy win for the Rockies last night.  Leading early, losing late, two-run walk off single in the ninth.  Can they finish the sweep of the Reds tonight and give Denver some Cincinnati good luck?  [Purple Row]
  • DHB

    Bill Simmons has a prediction page, and he details why this season is less mentally sound than Cybil. He also picks the Broncos as his sleeper for the year and a playoff team. I was ready to believe him, but then I remembered his column was written supposing that this is opposite season; and his forecast for the DEN/CIN game introduced me to “The Girl Who Cries Blood.” Wonderful, like I need more nightmare fodder.

  • Jack Burton

    As long as McJunior wins, he’ll get the love. Winning cures everything.

  • areferee

    Yeah, Jack.

    Ordinarily when a new coach, or any coach wins, there’s a “love in”. When a new coach loses, there is patience and understanding. Our Mr. McJunior will get no such consideration or patience. He used it up with his own lack of patience with Cutler and dealing with his new-found power. He will reap the whirlwind if and when he loses, regardless of circumstance.