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Published on 09/07/2009 at Mon Sep 07 17:46.
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Denver NBC news station 9News is reporting that Broncos rookie tight end Richard Quinn was arrested on harassment charges related to domestic violence/obstruction of phone services Monday afternoon.

As Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post points out, Quinn is being held without bond and is scheduled to appear in court 8:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.

According to the report, Quinn shook his girlfriend to the ground and prevented her from calling police. Quinn states he shook her after she began hitting him in the face, but he police report indicates that Quinn had no sign of injuries.

UPDATE: Quinn’s agent made a statement strongly defending his client. Yesterday, we urged everyone to exercise patience before crucifying a rival; today, let’s do the same with one of our own.

The Broncos traded back into the second round of this year’s draft to select Quinn, a controversial move considering that many independent draft rankings had projected the North Carolina product to be drafted much later (if at all). Today’s events are sure to only add to that controversy.

  • robtink242

    No Female Love

  • roshon2411

    It’s early but McD’s 1st draft isn’t looking pretty at this point, especially his first day picks. Hopefully they show up once the season starts.

  • robtink242

    not like last season hellafraft.

  • Steeplebomb

    the season hasn’t even started. Its a little early to pass judgment on the draft.

    This season can’t start soon enough. If nothing else at least that will distract me from our never ending off the field issues. These people need to stop acting like 12 year olds.

  • Erik

    I didn’t realize the rookie symposiums taught the players to take cell phones from “irrational” people…………. If she was “irrational”, maybe he should have been calling the cops, not the other way around!

  • kerry

    wow another guy of ours in on domestic violence against a woman. and it keeps going on and on and on……………… im sure anxious to hear all the excuses as to why this happened.

  • robtink242

    Kerry on a serious note do you think the NFL should test their players more throughly for testosterrone.

  • wilphil

    Are you kidding me…can’t we find players who have a normal relationship with their girlfriends….this makes me so MAD!!!

  • Robert

    It’s not normal to beat the crap out of your woman because your hopped up on enough roids to win the Kentucky Derby so you can compete at the NFL level and sign a big contract?

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Can’t wait to hear the MHR reaction to this one hahaha
    Again… drunk bitch flips on man. if he hurt her she’d be HURT!

  • kerry


    man i dont but something is amiss. its impossible to tell if a player will beat a woman but its becoming a trend in the NFL now. Marshall, Merriman now Quinn. countless others have done it but havent gotten caught. its quite ridiculous. but id also like to point out that we used a 2nd round pick on this guy so there is more of a reason to be concerned. if he was some undrafted free agent we could just cut him and not take a financial hit. but a second rounder is supposed to produce and with him being a blocker and McDaniels wanting to be better in the Red Zone with the running game, he is rather essential in a 3 TE set. Quinn hasnt produced on the field thus far and has looked rather lost in trying to block.

  • Kyle

    From seeing him in camp and preseason, he’s not much of a blocker. Ironically, he has made a few eye popping catches.

    I’m perfectly aware of the scouting reports of he being a blocking tight end. He caught two passes in college or something like that. But I’m just using my eyes – McD’s plan is different.

    I think the only chance this pick ever becomes worth it for Denver is if next year, we’re talking about Quinn as one of the young up-and-coming dynamic tight ends.

    And I don’t see it. I hate this pick.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    yeah, I don’t see him as a terrible player (I read somewhere that he really is a good receiver) but Damn! what a poor pick! A second rounder for a third string TE that would surely have been available later. !#$%!! I really like our other two TEs BTW

    Way to go McD.

  • milehigh

    START BRANDSTATER !!!!!! Lat the Branding begain.

  • Keith

    Dear Mr. Bowlen,

    Can it keeping getting worse???? We draft a tight end in the 2nd round and gave up 2 3round draft picks to get him—who never caught a TD pass, caught less then 300 yards in passes over his entire college carreer, but we still continue waste time on our precious coach J. McDiaper!!!!!
    As a fan, this guy appeaqrs to be the 2nd coming of Bill Bellicheck, yet he has never won a regular preseason, only won 1 preseason, and keeps the fans that pay you and the organization paid so uniformed, that I do not follow the broncos, as I used to!!!!
    Until Jock McDumbass proves himself as a coach and team leader I and everyone else I know will continue to stop supporting the Broncos, finacially—I love my BRONCOS—-FOR THE COACH!!!!!!!!

  • Keith

    the last blog should say FIRE THE COACH!!!!!!!

  • kerry

    yeah the Quinn pick was terrible. DE/OLB Michael Johnson was available at that pick. and he was a projected first rounder who could have been a very good OLB for us. but the Bengals have him.

  • Keith

    A few words that might offend our coach and you are mediating my blogs?????? More proof that the Broncos are filtering info!!!!!!!!

  • Kyle

    Keith, BT never filters comments that follow its comments policy, and (as part of that policy) all first-timers are moderated.

    We’re also completely 100% independent from the Denver Broncos.

    Your unhappiness with Coach McDaniels is now happily and permanently engraved on the Internet for all to see.

  • kerry

    damn Keith take it easy. that always happens to guys who first post here.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    else Kerry would be filtered!!

  • Mr.East


    Actually the Steelers were eying Quinn with that pick. McD acted thinking they would take him.

  • anthony33

    Look, I am not for or against McDaniels as ‘the man’ as I am willing to give this thing at least a half season to form a strong opinion. And I know it’s been a rocky start, but this Quinn dude beats up his girl friend out of the clear blue sky and people are jumping all over McDaniels???

    How about putting the blame and responsibility where it belongs and leave the coach out of this unless Quinn called McD and asked “hey coach, my girl friend hit he, what should I do?” and McD responds “beat the crap out of her.”

    Come on guys.

  • Kyle

    Oh really E? I hadn’t heard that. The only thing I’ve heard is he was on no one’s radar that high. Interesting.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I’d heard the same Steelers rumor from McD’s fans but how would anyone know this? Even so, knowing this changes the value for a 3rd string TE how much?

    I’ve a rule against commenting on nonsense but I’ll make an exception to “this Quinn dude beats up his girl friend out of the clear blue” … What the hell is wrong with you? er, …that’s all I can muster.

  • roshon2411


    I’d had actually heard that too. I believe he did go visit Pittsburgh.

    However, I’m not sure if i believe they were going to take him or not. Either way a “project” TE at best isn’t worth 2nd rd pick or two 3rd Rd picks. Most projections had him b/t 4th and 5th rd….he was definitely my least favorite of Denver’s picks.

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  • broncoNM

    First thing McD should do is stop having BMarsh mentor this guy… What the hell is wrong with these guys! Quinn was by far my least favorite pick in the draft… definite head scratcher. That being said its way too early to evaluate our entire draft class. I think this rookie class will produce some solid contributors/starters in the future. But Quinn will not be around if he keeps this up. Note to Quinn: Right now you have more arrests than catches in the NFL… Pull your head out.

  • Mav_PM

    I predict this will blow over quickly. 6 days till regular season game #1. Until then everything goes.

  • T-Money

    wow kerry. way to pass judgment on everybody wearing a broncos jersey.

  • Tom9798

    See what happens when you don’t use Verizon . . . LOL . . . I’ve never owned a cell phone . . . so I guess I’m missing out on all the Twatering or what have you . . .

    The draft . . . aahh . . . I will always remember the reaction of the Washington Redskin’s draft room when we passed on Brian Orakpo . . . . I am impressed with the defense in our last pre-season game . . . but I wanted Orakpo in a Bronco’s uniform more than you will ever know . . . .

    Giving away two third rounder’s for Quinn in the second . . . that was cleaver . . . we needed a fourth TE . . . . and we cut an all-team animal who could block and catch in Jeb Putzier to keep this zipperhead . . . the parade goes on . . .

    Didn’t we give up a first round pick next year for somebody swell? . . . .

    Anyway . . . I said we’d go 11-5 . . . we’ll see . . . the curtain is about to go up . . . .

    Just a die-hard Bronco’s fan in lament . . . .

  • robtink242

    So what if the steelers wher eyeing him. just like how we got Moreno before the Chargers. I’m sorry but McD messed up compare to last years draft. So far only Smith and Olsen had impressed me. Moreno has potential and Ayers is just some GOOD but raw talent at LB. McBath and Bruton just were there nothing to flashy for me. That WR Mckinley is alright and can develope into a 3rd string.

    If McD is “anything like” shanny and put out the best 11 starts would be every from last season only with Bradstater at QB and Hillis at RB. yes i don’t think Moreno should be above Hillis unless Hillis is playing FB.

  • anthony33

    What’s your issue?
    Quinn get arrested and people start calling for McD’s head…again. That’s my point if you bothered to read it.

  • robtink242

    I feel your pain. While i do think Smith may vaule that pick we gave up. I have no clue about Quinn.

  • TJ

    B-Marsh 2.0? Enough with the “start Brandstater” campaign!! The guy has plenty of upside but is in no way ready to be a capable starter in the NFL. I love my Broncos, but its fan base consists of the lowest football IQ in America. Show me Brandstater as the starting QB for Denver this year and I’ll show you a 3-13 season with a very grateful Seattle Seahawks franchise.

  • McCaff4Life

    McD’s fault

  • Elroy

    Did anyone even take the time to think that maybe she is the one who went crazy!!! Yall act like yall never had a girlfriend that was a lunatic before. Im pretty sure every guy can relate to that, but when its not you in the situation then its easy for yall to jump on the girls side of the dispute. Step back into reality and give the guy the benefit of the doubt. He is a remarkable player and the Broncos know that, thats why he was picked. He is human just like everyone else and he is entitled to make bad decisions like everyone else. Its a first time problem that i am pretty sure will never happen again. He is still a rookie and a young man. Give the guy a break!!!