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Published on 09/07/2009 at Mon Sep 07 10:45.
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I was asked this morning if I wanted to go for a jog.
It’s Labor Day.
Yet on a day built for rest, relaxation, and BBQ’n, many people are being laborious. Puttin in W-O-R-K.
First off, it’s Monday. The Monday before the Sunday on which we all finally get to sit down at the table and taste what’s been cooking all summer long. Shout out your prediction here: What will be the outcome of the Broncs/Bungals game?

In anticipation of the Bungals Sunday, tomorrow on ESPN’s First Take, Skip Bayless will be facing off with Chad Ochocinco. A versus. Assuredly they will be discussing the upcoming match up and may even weigh in on our very own Ochostinko, Brandon Marshall. Shout your prediction here: Who will win the head to head between Skip & Ocho?

On Brandon Marshall: You may have been part of Kerry Rhodes twitterverse hysteria last night, or you may have read about it here on BroncoTalk. This morning Rhodes’ teammates, Nick Mangold and Jay Feely, both commented on the lack of action backing up Rhodes’ cryptic messages about Buh-Buh-Buh Brandon & the Jets. PFT is also keeping everyone updated on Kerry’s updates.

Nick Mangold: I dunno about @jayfeely, but I’m pretty mad @kerryrhodes for stirring up this hysteria. I was expecting some real news with my coffee today.

Jay Feeley: @nickmangold remember what happened to the boy who cried wolf.

my tweet: WHO CARES!

I think most of us here share the same sentiment. Yes, it would be great if BM got his head on straight and buckled down with the team. Yes, it would be great if BM realized that his being on the field opens up Eddie, and Eddie’s being on the field opens up Gaffney/Stokely/McKinnley, and their being on the field…AHHHHHHH!!!

Yes, it would be great. Until that happens, I’m over it, he doesn’t deserve my attention. Let’s play some football.

Or some fake football.

You may or may not know about this years BT Fantasy Football Challenge. 30 readers were selected to join 6 staff members that make up 3 different leagues. BroncoTalk Omega drafted yesterday, here’s how the first 6 rounds shook out.
Round: 1
(1) The HILLIS have Eyes – Adrian Peterson RB
(2) Team Vince_Marine – Michael Turner RB
(3) Team Rockefeller – Matt Forte RB
(4) The Jedi Knights – Steven Jackson RB
(5) Team Baby Jay – Chris Johnson RB
(6) Team Henson – Larry Fitzgerald WR
(7) The Singing Bush – Maurice Jones-Drew RB
(8) LrdBobbington’s Fancy Pants Men – DeAngelo Williams RB
(9) Team Kamp – LaDainian Tomlinson RB
(10) Team OrangeCrush – Frank Gore RB
(11) Team Jakub – Drew Brees QB
(12) The Estes2SD – Andre Johnson WR
Round: 2
(13) The Estes2SD – Brandon Jacobs RB
(14) Team Jakub – Steve Slaton RB
(15) Team OrangeCrush – Marion Barber RB
(16) Team Kamp – Tom Brady QB
(17) LrdBobbington’s Fancy Pants Men – Randy Moss WR
(18) The Singing Bush – Calvin Johnson WR
(19) Team Henson – Brian Westbrook RB
(20) Team Baby Jay – Peyton Manning QB
(21) The Jedi Knights – Steve Smith WR
(22) Team Rockefeller – Clinton Portis RB
(23) Team Vince_Marine – Greg Jennings WR
(24) The HILLIS have Eyes – Anquan Boldin WR
Round: 3
(25) The HILLIS have Eyes – Aaron Rodgers QB
(26) Team Vince_Marine – Pierre Thomas RB
(27) Team Rockefeller – Kurt Warner QB
(28) The Jedi Knights – Roddy White WR
(29) Team Baby Jay – Kevin Smith RB
(30) Team Henson – Chad Ochocinco WR
(31) The Singing Bush – Reggie Wayne WR
(32) LrdBobbington’s Fancy Pants Men – Ronnie Brown RB
(33) Team Kamp – Knowshon Moreno RB
(34) Team OrangeCrush – Terrell Owens WR
(35) Team Jakub – Thomas Jones RB
(36) The Estes2SD – Dwayne Bowe WR
Round: 4
(37) The Estes2SD – Marques Colston WR
(38) Team Jakub – Marshawn Lynch RB
(39) Team OrangeCrush – Ryan Grant RB
(40) Team Kamp – Wes Welker WR
(41) LrdBobbington’s Fancy Pants Men – T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR
(42) The Singing Bush – Brandon Marshall WR
(43) Team Henson – Eddie Royal WR
(44) Team Baby Jay – Vincent Jackson WR
(45) The Jedi Knights – Philip Rivers QB
(46) Team Rockefeller – Braylon Edwards WR
(47) Team Vince_Marine – Tony Gonzalez TE
(48) The HILLIS have Eyes – Willie Parker RB
Round: 5
(49) The HILLIS have Eyes – Roy E. Williams WR
(50) Team Vince_Marine – Tony Romo QB
(51) Team Rockefeller – Antonio Gates TE
(52) The Jedi Knights – Jason Witten TE
(53) Team Baby Jay – Dallas Clark TE
(54) Team Henson – Jay Cutler QB
(55) The Singing Bush – Darren McFadden RB
(56) LrdBobbington’s Fancy Pants Men – Matt Schaub QB
(57) Team Kamp – Chris Cooley TE
(58) Team OrangeCrush – Matt Ryan QB
(59) Team Jakub – Lee Evans WR
(60) The Estes2SD – Joseph Addai RB
Round: 6
(61) The Estes2SD – Donovan McNabb QB
(62) Team Jakub – Hines Ward WR
(63) Team OrangeCrush – Bernard Berrian WR
(64) Team Kamp – Santonio Holmes WR
(65) LrdBobbington’s Fancy Pants Men – Ray Rice RB
(66) The Singing Bush – Derrick Ward RB
(67) Team Henson – Larry Johnson RB
(68) Team Baby Jay – DeSean Jackson WR
(69) The Jedi Knights – Chris Wells RB
(70) Team Rockefeller – LenDale White RB
(71) Team Vince_Marine – Antonio Bryant WR
(72) The HILLIS have Eyes – Santana Moss WR

Notice the pick in bold, the traitor, BT’s own Ian Henson drafting Cutler in the 5th Round. Et tu, Brute?

Back to business, EVERYONE! What are your predictions for Week 1?
Have a beautiful, restful, laborless holiday. Celebrate Safely.

  • Kyle

    Beta League, expect an email within the hour – I dropped the ball on this one, huge miscommunication on my part, drafting either Tuesday or Wednesday!

  • Keith

    I actually think the Broncos can go 3-0 their first three games of the season. Cincinnati does not really have a running game, and the Broncos secondary is the bright spot of our defense, so that should keep Palmer in check, not to mention his shaky injury status. Fearless prediction: Broncos 24 – Bengals 14.

  • Vince_Marine

    Broncos win by a Matt Prater field goal!!!! (He’s my kicker in the Omega league) LOL!

  • NM Bronc

    Cin 17 Den 13

    I see Den going 4-12 (Oakx2, KC and Cle) My only hope is that Brandstater gets some starts late in the season and the Def continues to improve under Nolan.

    A few upgrades for 2010 and Den should get 9+ wins.

  • Pete

    4-12, 5-11 are both very real possibilities, but I just can’t see our team losing like 10 in a row. It takes a real, real bad team to do that. We are not Oakland bad, we are not Detroit bad. Yes we have some brutal games, but by mid season, half of those “brutal” games might look like gimme games. It happens every year.
    This is what I always tell my friends, co-workers….
    WE’RE GOING 15-1 … unless I’m putting money on the season, then I predict 4-12 lol

  • Danh

    Ian, you sold your soul. Beta team represent!

  • BLF

    I liked the team in the preseason.
    I bieleve that if McD+Nolan r given time (2 seasons), provided that they stick together, will build a great team. with some luck (Brandstater developing ….) champion contender maybe.
    This season, it is the NFL and we have a competitve team. worst case scenario IMO is 6-10. Best case 10-6. Thus i say in between 8-8.
    The team i saw in the preseason are no losers.
    I would like to see how durable is this team in terms of season consistency and in game consistency (not falling apart late in games or late in the season).

  • Ian Henson

    I’ve never made it a secret that I hope the Broncos get to take on Jay Cutler in the Super Bowl sometime in the near future. I hope that man does as incredible as he should and doesn’t go the route of his predecessors in that same draft- Vince Young and Matt Leinhart.

    ANYWAY- I should write my OWN column, but the Broncos will win this won. Why? Because as anyone who has seen Hard Knocks this season knows, the Bengals lack an offensive line… Guess what the Broncos have this season? A defensive line, that can rush and knock a QB into Wednesday (anyone catch the first quarter in the Jay Cutler game?). I really hope that Carson Palmer can stay healthy, but since I didn’t draft him in ANY of my fantasy leagues, I’m not necessarily pulling for him, it’s Jordan’s turn.

    I have 11-5, nay 12-4 on the season. Do I need to write an article justifying it?

  • Ed

    Love the optimism, and yes, there was a pass rush for part of the Chicago game. But Cutler ripped it up. There was that typical long drive that Denver always gives up at the end of the half. And the offense during that game was pretty mediocre. Hopefully this team can pull it together now that live bullets will be flying.

  • roshon2411


    Though I fall on the side of 4-12 or 5-11 this season. I would love to read an article on why you think Denver will do well. I’m sure it will bring on much debate between the so-called “Kool-aid drinkers” and the “McD Haters” but isn’t that what this sites for? Either way, it should pump all Broncos fans up even more for this weekend.