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Published on 09/06/2009 at Sun Sep 06 15:10.
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Brandon Marshall

As expected, Brandon Marshall was back at the Denver Broncsos‘ team facility Sunday, reports Mike Klis of the Denver Post. The team had yet to announce Marshall’s return from suspension, or the corresponding roster move.

UPDATE: And it appears they won’t have to. The Broncos have been granted a temporary roster exemption from the NFL, allowing them to keep 54 players on their roster until Monday. Expect an announcement on a released player tonight or tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, Klis speculates that new New York Jets quarterback Kevin O’Connell, whom the team acquired via trade from the Detroit Lions today, could be used as leverage for a trade for Marshall. The Jets are said to have interest in Marshall, while the Broncos put in a waiver claim for O’Connell last week.

I’d wager the Jets’ motives are a bit simpler than that. The Jets also put in a claim for O’Connell when the Patriots released him last week, not knowing the Broncos would as well. That suggests they wanted O’Connell for the young signal caller that he is (despite their current plethora of young QB’s).

Maybe they’re also happy to have whatever peek at the Patriots’ playbook O’Connell can offer.

So while I find Klis’ line of thought intriguing, if Marshall can stay a happy camper (which it appears he is finally trying to do), I think he’ll finish the season a Bronco. Who knows after that?

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  • SanDiegoBronco55

    I dont think we need O’Connell anymore. we prolly thought about it becasue we werent too high on Brandstater…but after what he showed us against the Cardinals and what hes capable of doing….i think we can mold him into something someone decent…either way, if marshall did reach out to rod smith like I heard somewhere, then that would make me feel sooo much better about the situation…I honestly think we are going to surprise a lot of people this year, with our defense, and with our offense with Knowshon and our many receiver options….cant wait for Sunday! Go Broncos.

  • bw53

    Brandstater proved we are not going to go QB shopping anytime soon.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    it might be a coincidence. I don’t know it wouldn’t shock me but I don’t know LOL. I think Tom has the potential to be something really good for Denver, But i personally believe Denver is looking at keeping Tom and Orton and will probably release sims after this year in hopes of finding a suitable replacement for Sims in the Draft next year. We need marshall because of his size there are no if and buts around it. I have duty sunday so I will not be able to blog with you guys(so you don’t have to deal with ridicuoluos comments:)…….GOT THE CAR FLAGS FLYING

  • soxbigdog

    Using a guy that has been waived and trade already in the past week as leverage ??? wow… I really hope they are not that desperate to land O’Connell… McD has his project QB in Brandstater… leave well enough alone

  • Robert

    I agree with soxbigdog.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    yeah Brandstater is our project.
    Now let’s go get a starter for this year.

  • anthony33

    Have not seen anything relating to Marshall’s first day back. Has anyone seen or heard anything?

  • anthony33

    Jeez. Watching CSU manhandle the Buffs.
    Hawkins has to go.
    Buffs need to go get the guy that really built the program and Bosie State, Chris Peterson.