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Published on 09/06/2009 at Sun Sep 06 11:29.
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Richard Seymour (Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Richard Seymour (Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

In what is arguably the NFL’s biggest blockbuster trade since… well, y’know… the New England Patriots are sending defensive lineman Richard Seymour to the Oakland Raiders for Oakland’s 2011 first round draft pick.

The Raiders get a five-time Pro Bowler, three-time champion and locker room leader in Seymour, while the Patriots get a potential upper first round draft choice.

On the surface this looks like a win-win for both teams, and maybe even a bigger win for the Raiders.  It could be – nothing about the 2011 NFL landscape is set in stone.  The future of the relationship between the owners and union appears turbulent at best, and for all we know, the league could be staring straight into the ugly face of an NFL player lockout at that time.

But if life goes on, and there is a 2011 in the NFL, the New England Patriots just fleeced the Oakland Raiders.  Again.  You’d think the Raiders would have learned their lesson after Randy Moss.

The reason is simple – at this point Seymour is clearly, CLEARLY not worth that high of a draft slot.  He’s only 29, but he’s already past his prime.  His Pro Bowls all came from 2002-2006, and he’s been hurt for eight games over the past two seasons.

Furthermore, there are several reports that the Patriots were not going to extend Seymour after his contract ends this year.  Earth to Oakland: it’s Trade Bargaining 101.  You don’t offer a first round draft choice for a player who is going to be on the market for free in six months.  Period.

This also brings up another very interesting point — can the Raiders guarantee they’ll sign Seymour to an extension? Naturally they’ll try all they might, but what if Seymour isn’t interested? The Raiders will have mortgaged their future for one season with a good player on the decline.

Finally, if you don’t trust me, trust the multitude of scouting reports and analysts who agree that Seymour has lost a step.  Two years ago this trade makes sense, both because of the state of his contract and the likelihood Seymour was just having an “off year.”  Now it doesn’t.

Seymour is a good player, and the Broncos‘ offensive line now has a fresh formidable foe it must face twice a year. But the asking price was too steep. The Raiders got robbed.

As ESPN’s Bill Simmons put it, simply, “This is a hijacking.  Most overrated Patriot.”

  • Gerry B

    For most teams this is a horrible deal but its not for the Raiders. Giving up a first round pick isn’t bad if you draft as bad as the Raiders.

  • ryan

    Well after Seymour experiences the worst year of his life by playing for the Raiders then he will sign as an UFA after this season with the Broncos.

    So lets recap, Raiders just gave up a certain top 10 pick for a guy who will surely leave the worst franchise in sports at the end of the season. Al Davis should be suspended.

  • Steeplebomb
  • Jayraider4life

    This is horrible. The Raiders paid for a 2009 brand new car and what they got was a 2006 car with transmission problems and a 140,000 miles on it already. Tom Cable needs to go. He’s an idiot just like Lane Kiffin. Stuff like this make me want to be a fan of another team.

  • (dee)

    Sign him McD after the season…. 7 Years 50 Million , with 28 million guaranteed.

  • jvill

    “Finally, if you don’t trust me, trust the multitude of scouting reports and analysts who agree that Seymour has lost a step. ”

    While I agree with the general assessment, it’s pretty funny that when the multitude of scouts agree, it’s evidence of how right the we are. But when the multitude of scouting reports and pundits say the Broncos will suck this year, fans here and MHR go apesh!t.

  • Jon Krause

    lolraiders moment…. i think this will go about as good for the raiders as there other free agent/draftees/tradees…

  • MIAbronco

    this move makes NO sense, which is why I love it

  • BLF

    Al Davis just continues 2 do to the unexpected.

  • kerry

    this shouldnt be really surprising. this is the same franchise that gave Tommy Kelly (Who??) 50 million and gave Deangelo Hall 70 Million. then released Hall 8 games into the season. oh and drafted Jemarcus Russell who just flat our sucks and is a biscuit away from being out of the league. dont forget noddle legs MCFadden too. also Michael Huff who has a staggering 1 INT in 4 or 5 years of playing.

    just get Seymours number 93 for next year. he will be a Bronco. hopefully.