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Published on 09/04/2009 at Fri Sep 04 09:54.
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  • The Broncos finally showed something positive from this wild offseason.  [Denver Post]
  • Tom Brandstater stole the show.  [BroncoTalk]
  • Brandstater definitely staked a claim on the “QB of the future” title for Denver, and, depending on who you ask, the present. [Colorado Springs Gazette]
  • Tommy B gives some love to his OL and D/ST for making his job easier.  (Video).  []
  • Post-game highlights. (Video).  []

  • Pat Bowlen lands at 16 in this NFL Owner Power Rankings piece.  Interesting point about Mike Shanahan‘s contract – wonder if his history with Oakland had anything to do with that?  [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Klis: McD could use a little advice from Rockies GM Jim Tracy, who “can execute a man hug and actually make it look cool.”  On a related note, is it just me, or is Klis circa 2009 about 10x better than Klis circa 2008?  [DPO]
  • A ton of delicious post-game quotes.  No dipping sauce necessary.  [BT]


  • Chiefs 9, Rams 17.  Tyler Thigpen looked awful.  []
  • Brodie Croyle did too.  [Kansas City Star]
  • Raiders 21 – Seahawks 31.  Oakland’s mailing it in for the preseason – will that continue through the regular?  []
  • Bengals 38 – Colts 7 in a batlle of the backups.  []
  • While we were all watching our Broncos, this other Bronco got punched! One wonders if a pre-game good sportsmanship handshake wouldn’t have prevented all this. Oh, never mind.  [Deadspin]
  • WhidbeyBronco

    Good Morning! I know it’d be a ton of work but I’d love to get my Daily Links here rather than elsewhere…

    Brandstater… Don’t get your panties in a bunch folks but it’s nice to see something with a little hope in it from that position, huh?! I’d like to see a bit more Orton (especially in a real game situation) but if turns out to be permanently mediocre …I say put the kid in (or Simms) so we can look forward to something more.

  • roshon2411

    I’m interested in who you guys think might get cut….quickly here is who i’m pretty confident who will make the team.

    Kyle Orton
    Chris Simms
    Tom Brandstater

    RB’s (4)
    Knowshon Moreno
    Correll Buckhalter
    Peyton Hillis
    Lamont Jordan

    Eddie Royal
    Brandon Marshall
    Brandon Stockley
    Jabar Gaffney
    Kenny McKinley

    Daniel Grahem
    Richard Quinn
    Tony Sheffler

    Ryan Clady
    Ryan Harris
    Casey Wiegmann
    Seth Olsen
    Chris Kuper
    Ben Hamilton
    Russ Hochstein

    Kenny Peterson
    Le Kevin Smith
    Ronald Fields
    Marcus Thomas
    Ryan McBean
    Chris Baker

    DJ Williams
    Andra Davis
    Wesley Woodyard
    Specer Larsen
    Darrell Reid
    Robert Ayers
    Elvis Dumervil
    Mario Haggan

    Champ Bailey
    Andre Goodman
    Jack Williams
    Alphonso Smith
    Renaldo Hill
    David Bruton
    Brian Dawkins
    Darcel McBath

    Matt Prater
    Brett Kern
    Lonnie Paxton

    This gives me 47 of the 53 spots. 6 spots open.

    Those close but not sure…
    RB – Darius Walker
    WR – Brandon Lloyd
    WR – Chad Jackson
    T – Brandon Gorin
    T – Tyler Polumbus
    T – Clint Oldenburg
    CB – Josh Bell
    S- Josh Barrett
    S – Vernon Fox
    OLB/DE- Jarvis Moss
    OLB/DE – Tim Crowder
    ILB – Lee Robinson
    DL – Carlton Powell
    DL – Nic Clemons

    To me defnite cuts are:(13)
    QB – Ingle Martin
    RB – Marcus Thomas
    WR – Nate Swift
    WR – Matthew Willis
    TE – Marquez Branson
    G – Matt McChesney
    G – Mitch Erickson
    DB – Antwain Spann
    CB – Rashod Moulton
    CB – Tony Carter
    LB – Braxton Kelley
    DL – Everette Pedescleaux
    DL – Matthias Askew

  • roshon2411

    Forgot C Kory Lichensteiger, i have him the list of Close but now sure…

  • Vince_Marine

    roshon…Of your players that are close I think these will make it. I think you got it pretty close!

    Darius Walker
    Brandon Lloyd
    Chad Jackson
    Tyler Polumbus
    Josh Barrett
    Jarvis Moss

    On another note….check this article out on BMarsh. I enjoyed it!

  • roshon2411


    Those are the guy i’m rooting for, except I would like the to keep Lee Robinson, could be this year’s Wesley Woodyard if he gets the shot. I think Brandon Lloyd is the most deserving on this list. I like Chad Jackson but would they keep that many receivers? Especially if they do keep Brandon. Darius same thing…I believe he is more deserving of a spot than Lamont Jordan. But don’t see him making the team over Jordan. Would they keep 5 RB’s? I think Josh Barrett in too. Jarvis Moss might have played his way on the team last night. Tyler, maybe. I actually think Kory Lichtensteiger probably will be on the team b/c Hamilton and Weigmann are up there. Will see though.