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Published on 09/01/2009 at Tue Sep 01 12:07.
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The NFL requires rosters to be cut from 80 to 75 players today, and the Denver Broncos released four players and placed Brandon Marshall on the reserved/suspended list to meet the requirement.

The four players released are TE Jeb Putzier, P Britton Colquitt, C Blake Schlueter, and WR C.J. Jones.

Putzier is the big surprise of the early cuts, but rookies Colquitt and Schlueter are also surprising.  No doubt the team will try to get Blake, whom they drafted in the seventh round this year, on the practice squad. Don’t be surprised to see Colquitt picked up by another team.

  • DC

    This is why I hate Oakland fans, but sooooooooooo funny. Whoop Whoooooooop!!!

  • (dee)

    Maybe MC was mad at Colquitt for punting it to the Bears 2 yard line before half which made Cutlers 98 yard td drive possible…

    How long do teams have to wait before they can placed waived players onto practice sqauds?

  • kerry


    i checked your link out. that dude that was wearing the Raiders hat, did you understand a single word he said?? i sure didnt.

  • DC

    Youre suppossed to up cooking breakfast or somebody, so its kinda like an alarm clock. Whoop Whooooooop! WoW thats raider fans in a nut shell.

  • Boisebroncoguy

    Wow! First we trade Cutler, now we release a Boise State guy. The end is near! :)

  • alm034

    Alright, now that cuts are starting, who is everyone’s not-so-obvious on the bubble picks? I’ve got Crowder, Lichtensteiger,Moss, and Lamont Jordan. Also, has anyone had a Jack Williams sighting since the second week of camp?

  • broncobobmeridian

    A team can add 8 players to there practice squad next week.

  • Ian Henson

    If I’m not mistaken Tom Nalen came from the practice squad, right? Sad to see Jeb go again. Colquitt will catch on somewhere quick.

  • roshon2411


    That video was amazing!

    As for cuts…no surprise here. I think Putz might have been brought in, just in case they could get rid of Sheff.

  • (dee)


    I saw Jack Williams on the sidelines on Sunday Night. He’s already locked a roster spot on Mcd’s team, players like Bailey and Goodman need to be in there to confirm their greatness and to avoid being cap casualties, but J Will is going to be on the team.

  • roshon2411

    So much for Kevin O’Connell, just picked up by Detriot.

  • broncoNM

    just saw that… dude didnt make it very far on the waiver wire. I had my hopes up that we would snag him. bummer

  • broncoNM

    The dude has a point… with out muffler whistles how will the residents of oakland know when its time to cook breakfast or even when to wake up? Those questions would have to be answered before they ban the muffler whistles.

  • CompUser

    “broncobobmeridian { 09.01.09 at Tue Sep 01 13:28 })
    A team can add 8 players to there practice squad next week.”

    But they have to make it through waivers, don’t they? Any team can grab them for a certain period of time after being placed on the practice squad?

  • Joe

    Moreno is practicing again. Thats a good sign

  • SivNiz

    Lamont needs to be cut… not sure who else would be on my list. Woop Woooop!

  • Bronco D

    It will be great to make it to the regular season and see what we have on offense and defense. I like our defense right now more than at anytime last year. Dawkins is a beast. We need to start getting turnovers but that will come. So far Alphonso Smith doesn’t look like the play-maker he was in college but that will come with experience. Robert Ayers looks lost but will come around. Chris Baker should be starting!
    The offense needs to go vertical! They are not stretching the field with Orton. However, with Moreno starting it should open up the play action and give whoever is QB time to go long. Look at Randy Moss in New England. Kenny McKinney can fill the deep role here. Marshall and Royal are both made for underneath routes.
    Give McDaniels a chance to coach up these guys and I think we will be OK. Just wish we had not traded our number 1 pick next year to take Smith. Huge reach there!

  • Roy

    Bubble guys for me are: Rashad Moulton, Tony Carter, Antwain Spann, Ryan McBean, Braxton Kelley, Ingle Martin (could be dropped if there is a trade for O’Connell), Marcus Thomas (RB), Lamont Jordan/ Darius Walker (they will keep one of the last two, but not both), Vernon Fox, Mathew Willis/ Nate Swift (one or both should be on practice squad).

    Of course, there will be more as my list only accounts for about half of the coming cuts.

  • Joe H.

    I thought Darious Walker looked good Sat.night. Of course probably was not against the first team but I haven’t seen nothing from Jordan. Jordan gets my vote to get cut over Walker.

  • Roy

    the only thing about Walker is I don’t remember seeing him run behind the starting oline. Because of that, it is kinda hard to make a good comparison.

  • gobronx

    If I’m not mistaken, Jeb was brought back in by the Shanahan regime before Xanders was promoted and McDaniels was hired. He’s in the same mold as Sheffler but not as good. So if you want to keep Quinn on an active roster and think highly enough of him, this was a no brainer. Hopefully that means the coaching staff is really liking what they see of Quinn.

    As for Colquitt, that’s a classy move by the brass. Give the kid lots of time to adjust to his next team. He’ll be picked up quickly and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him starting this year somewhere else. He’s got skills and comes from a line of punters including his Pops, brother, and a cousin…

    Schlueter is practice squad material all the way but cutting him this early may be an indication that there might not be space on the Broncos practice squad for him.

    To answer the waiver wire question, I believe teams have 24 hours to claim a waived player (in priority order of prior year record). If a player clears waivers, he can be resigned to the squad or signed by any other team.

  • Tom9798

    Jeb Putzier is an excellent TE . . . great blocker . . . great hands . . . has made many outstanding play’s for the Bronco’s . . . . don’t be surprised if he is not on another team in 72 hours . . . . he should have made the final 53 over alot of inexperienced players . . . .

    This guy has played in an AFC Championship game for the Bronco’s . . . was it just because he was not a NE Patriot the last six years? . . . . shame on McD for another blown call . . . .