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Published on 08/31/2009 at Mon Aug 31 11:15.
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  • Chris Simms may be ready before Kyle Orton, and some promising news on Chris Kuper.  [Denver Post]
  • Is Jay Cutler that good, or are the Broncos that bad?  [Latest Word]
  • Last night’s game felt like a playoff game, says SI’s Peter King. [Sports Illustrated]
  • The ratings reflected that atmosphere. [Colorado Springs Gazette]

  • Jeff Legwold puts in a solid scouting report on the team’s performance last night. [DPO]
  • More than anything, penalties told the tale. []
  • With Jabar Gaffney out with a broken thumb, the team is getting thin at wide receiver. [DPO]
  • Elvis Dumervil talks about his night and his transition to OLB. [DPO]
  • Looking at the special teams. [DPO]


  • The Patriots waived their 2008 third-round draft pick, QB Kevin O’Connell, with the Chiefs and Broncos expected to be heavy suitors. [ProFootballTalk]
  • The Chiefs are a mess, “relieving” OC Chan Gailey of his duties days before the opener. [PFT]
  • Some unanswered preseason questions, including Brandon Marshall.  [Fox Sports]
  • The Rockies are crumbling after five straight losses. [DPO]
  • Jack

    What the heck is up with everyone saying Cutler abused our defense? Sure the 98 yard drive was disheartening, but it’s just ONE DRIVE. The rest of half, our first team defense allowed only 3 points (the other touchdown was essentially given up by our special teams unit).

  • broncoNM

    I completely agree

  • Mr.East


    I agree with you all except one point.

    The other touchdown was given up by the refs who missed a crucial holding call.

  • Dave Simon

    Jack is right on. And though I didn’t see holding on the Hester return, I did see plenty of holding all night long by Orlando Pace on Elvis Dumerville. Wasn’t called a single time. And lots of illegal hands to the face on that drive, too.

    Pace is playing on his name right now. He’s half the player he once was, and Elvis was abusing him last night. Had it not been for numerous holds and the big man’s hands going to Doom’s face, Cutler would have been on his back.

    This includes what should have been a safety very early in the game. Call the f’n hold and it’s a safety. Without the f’n hold, Cutler goes down in the endzone, pretty much changing the tone of the entire night.

    Penalties on our O-Line were very disappointing last night. I think the holds and such are no big deal – they get called. But the multiple illegal man downfield calls are *coaching* penalties. It shows that we are a team not yet ready to play.

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  • robtink242

    Bradstater looked pretty good last night. I feel he’ll be a very good QB. Orton bores the F*** out of me. no deep balls at all. Thats one thing Simms and Bradstater have over him.