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Published on 08/30/2009 at Sun Aug 30 14:00.
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The prodigal son returns to Denver. (AP Photo/ David Duprey)

The prodigal son returns to Denver. (AP Photo/ David Duprey)

When Brandon Marshall was suspended earlier this week, it came to me as a bit of a relief. Like the most annoying guy at a party just got had to leave. So that’s one good thing, there are several good things about tonight though. Amongst them is that Jay Cutler will be returning to Denver (booh!), and for maybe the first time in… Well, ever, a preseason game will have meaning on many levels.

It’s not Christmas just yet, but it is important to be grateful and appreciative of what we have (or may not have, just yet).

We have:

  • Brian Dawkinssuiting up for the first time in a Broncos uniform, his presence alone in the pregame speech will improve the first team offense. Plus we’ll get to see that fabled Broncos secondary against one of the best quarterbacks in the league for nearly three quarters.
  • The retooled Broncos secondary– like I said, this will be the first time that Denver will have all of their chess pieces in place so to speak. Which should allow for a legitimate push from Denver’s front seven. However, Cutler embarrassed a very strong New York Giants defense last weekend looking just as good as he ever did in a Broncos uniform. So we shall see, big test tonight.
  • OLB’s in coverage– One of the reasons Mike Shanahan picked up Boss Bailey last offseason was because of his success in pass coverage against all time greats like Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates. Well, Gonzalez is out of our conference, but we get Gates twice a season still. Well, the Chicago Bears do not have an overwhelming amount of talent at wide receiver, but they don’t need it, they have tight ends Greg Olson and Desmond Clark, along with Sophomore phenom Matt Forte. It’s make it or break it time and Cutler and co. have an opportunity to really embarrass Denver and expose the weakest link on our defense. We’ll see how Josh McDaniels and Mike Nolan game planned for this.
  • The Orange Crunch– Three running backs down, it’s not even the third preseason game yet. Here we go again, I have absolutely no problem saying that Denver has much more talented depth this season than last season. With people like Correll Buckhalter, Peyton Hillis and Darius Walker sitting in our top three spots, I really like our depth. Not that I’m not looking forward to the return of the chosen one Knowshown ‘The One’ Moreno. Also, if you see Marcus Thomas (the other Marcus Thomas) in there at running back, look for him to possible gain a roster spot on the 53 man roster. If not at least the practice squad. We’ll also want to pay attention to our YPR average as Chicago’s defense is no joke.
  • No Brandon Marshall– Last time Denver played Chicago Marshall had as many as eight dropped passes (by my count, officially it may have been higher) and although he wasn’t responsible for the two Devin Hester touchdowns, had those passes been caught, the score board would have been a little more lenient on Denver (and I won’t get into it here, but we may have made the playoffs- just kidding). So Denver is down their best receiver against one of the best secondaries in the NFL, we’ve got Kyle Orton at a double disadvantage, a team that knows him all to well and he is without his best receiver. I expect McDaniels to attack this, not plan around it, it’s the preseason and there’s no better time to show the NFL what you’ve got. Of the offensive plays in the first three quarters, look for passing to account for about a third of them. Regardless of Marshall’s absence Denver is still blessed with talent at wide receiver.
  • The return of Tom Brandstater– Not what you were thinking? I’m looking forward to watching the young gun play again. He can only get better with more playing time and we’re going to possibly see him the whole time in game four.

That’s not all Nation, stay here, we’ve got the best most fan based game coverage (and not to mention the greatest Bronco community on the internet). What did I miss? What are some other things that we’re looking forward to?

  • broncoNM

    I know better than to think this is just another preseason game… but it is a PRESEASON game non the less. The outcome of this game does not dictate our regular season record. I can just imagine the media reaction already if Cutler throws 3 TDs and Orton doesnt. Im not gonna lie i would be happy to see Cutler struggle and i definitely hope that Doomer sacks Cutler and he breaks his collarbone (this will be a constant for me this year. I do believe that cutler pouted his way out of denver and i will watch him play in hope of an injury) but bottom line this is a preseason game and i am just looking for improvement. This is basically a dress rehearsal and i want to see organization, consistency, and ball control. The outcome doesnt matter…

  • broncoNM

    Pats release QB Kevin O’Connell… What are the chances we pick him up off waivers?

  • Ian Henson

    broncoNM- Saw that, I don’t think that we sign him unless Simms is out extensively. I don’t think that we could Practice Squad Brandstater and there’s just no room for O’Connell with the running back problems that we are having.

  • Ian Henson

    On another note, he may show up in KC. Cassel’s supposed MRI was negative, but that doesn’t mean there could be other complications.

  • T-Money

    I don’t want cutler to get hurt. I would much rather he throw a pick six to Champ. and Then just get flat out TRUCKED by Brian Dawkins.

  • Joe H.

    What Kerry hasn’t came on here yet to say something negative!!! It’s amazing!!!

  • Ian Henson

    Jabar Gaffney’s out with a broken thumb. Let’s see what these rookies got at wide out.

  • Ian Henson

    Joe H.- Kerry’s my best friend and my own personal Tyler Durden, I apologize for not clarifying that earlier.

  • John Lane

    Our wonderful Broncos owner…..I don’t fault you in firing Shanahan, as your fans have been disappointed in the past couple of years. But heck…hire someone from a ‘cheaters staff”, in regard to Belichick and his lack of honesty and ethics in the past couple of years…… Josh is a kid that might be able to coach a pro team, in his second or third head job….but the Broncos are screwed in the mean time.

    It was a disaster when the Broncos lost Cutler….and tonight is proving it out.

    On the other hand, the Bears have an absolute class-act in Lovie Smith and good on Cutler for putting himself into that program…..

    Here we go on another 3-5 years of the Broncos sucking!!!!