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Published on 08/30/2009 at Sun Aug 30 11:58.
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Denver Broncos safety Brian Dawkins, his broken hand wrapped in a cast, takes part in drills at the team's NFL football training camp on Monday, Aug. 17, 2009, in Englewood, Colo. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Brian Dawkins, broken hand and all, gets the start tonight. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

The Broncos‘ biggest free agent signing of the offseason will finally be making his team debut tonight, and it couldn’t happen at a better time. The Broncos will be christening 2009’s INVESCO to what is sure to be a fired-up crowd, and as the fans “welcome” Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears, they’ll be welcoming their revamped secondary as well.

All Pro safety Brian Dawkins gets the start at free safety, arm cast and all.

“If I couldn’t (play), I wouldn’t,” Dawkins told the Denver Post. “Everything is where it needs to be for me to go out there and play. I know I’m going to be juiced up. I know you guys haven’t had a chance to see me on game day. I know I’m going to be jacked up for this one.”

Word on the tweet is, Dawkins is getting the other guys fired up as well. This twitter update by Wesley Woodyard (which was re-tweeted by Darrell Reid) gives us a glimpse of the veteran leadership Dawkins offers the locker room.

I just heard a B Dawk (Brain Dawkins) speach… Man almost had me ready to knock down a wall. you gonna do yo dog gone job? I KNO I AM

Check your pulse, Broncos fans. If you’re not PUMPED for tonight’s game, preseason or not, you need to check yourself into the nearest Urgent Care. Dawkins wanted to know if the players are gonna do their jub – well, BT’s not dropping the ball either. BT Game Blog tonight, BE THERE!

  • Rob Bronco

    Bring it on, B-Dawk! The Broncos defense is looking better this season, and I can’t wait to see the fire that Dawkins brings. He’s a guy who plays with a ton of heart – very similar to Bob Sanders from Indy. I’m sure he’s been chomping at the bit to get back on the field.

  • T-Money

    Count me In. I’m can’t wait! See you in the blogs!

  • kerry

    alright!! he is back! the guy who is gonna single handedly make our defense great!! who the hell needs a D-line or LB’s that can tackle?! we have Dawkins! he can do it all. this guy (despite being 36 with a broken hand) can make our defense a SB defense right now!! right everybody? isnt Dawkins not being on the field the reason why we gave up a ton of rushing yards to a nobody RB in San Fran?? isnt not having Dawkins on the field the ONLY reason Goodman got burned for a couple TD’s by Matt Hasselbeck? or why Champ Bailey was constantly giving up catches against Seattle?

  • T-Money

    Kerry I shake my head at your stupidity and your arrogance.

  • Rob Bronco

    Wow, I see your Madden ’99 game is on the fritz, huh Kerry? That would explain why you’re wasting your time spouting your ignorance in here instead of pounding away at your sega genesis in the hopes of learning something about football. Oh wait, you were bragging about your JUCO football experience a few months ago. What a tool…

  • olen

    Kerry, you are making a good point .Brian Dawkins cannot entirely make a difference but , maybe he can get the defense more focused and make a positive difference . The old saying ” the truth is in the action “.

  • robtink242

    lol Kerry lets save those comments after the game dont wanna put your foot in your mouth.

  • Joe H.

    Can someone please ban Kerry his act is getting old!!!!!!

  • anthony33


  • anthony33

    kerry, STFU. Figure it out.

  • http://msn Trevor Ward

    The broncos Suck, Yes they do!

  • http://msn Trevor Ward

    nobody deserves any respect, respect is something you earn.

  • http://msn Trevor Ward

    nobody deserves any respect , respect is something you earn and bright now the broncos need to be told just how it is.