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Published on 08/25/2009 at Tue Aug 25 12:28.
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Floyd Little

There are plenty of Broncos who are unjustly absent from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Randy Gradishar, Louis Wright, and more recently Terrell Davis and Shannon Sharpe have all been denied induction into Canton’s hallowed halls. But in my humble opinion, Floyd Little has always been the grossest error of them all.

Today, a major, major first step was taken toward Little’s enshrinement – #44 has been named by the Pro Football Hall of Fame Seniors Committee as one of their two senior candidates. Along with current Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, Little will be among the finalists on which the committee will vote in Jan/Feb 2010.

For more on Little, who was nicknamed “The Franchise” and saved the Broncos from certain relocation, please refer to this piece: Floyd Little Belongs in the Hall of Fame. We’ll have much, much more on Little in the weeks and months ahead, and we’ll be doing our part to encourage the Hall of Fame voters to get Little, and all these Broncos, in the Hall.


    IT’S ABOUT TIME! Congratulations to Floyd. Hopefully this will help pave the way for my favorite declined Bronco – The Great Randy Gradishar! Don’t get me started!

  • bw53

    Ditto my favorite is Gradishar as well. That being said way to go Floyd hope you make it…..and Randy too!

  • kerry

    wow a Bronco is getting recognition by the hall of fame commitee??!! hell must have frozen over. its about time Little gets the recognition! hopefully both he and Sharpe get in this year. BUT thats gonna be VERY difficult for either to get in. Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice and Chris Carter all are able to be elected too. and we all know that the voters dont like putting Broncos in the hall of fame unless your name is Elway or Zimmerman.

  • Jon Krause

    yes! =D

  • Ian Henson

    Why does it have to be the same year as Dick LeBeau… We better campaign very hard.

  • roshon2411

    Well the good news Ian, is that they can vote in two senior candidates. Not sure how results have been the last few years w/senior members though.

  • Josh Temple

    Dick LeBeau and Little would be an excellent combination of senior candidates to be elected. They need to make this happen. I finally watched “The Express” this past weekend and was presently surprised by the ending. If you’ve seen it you’ll know what I’m speaking of.

  • Dave Simon

    The Franchise deserves the recognition. But so does Gradishar. And TD. And 84. This HOF setup is crap and I won’t believe it’s truly a collection of the finest players in professional football until those guys (at least) are in there.

  • MikeY55

    is chris carter JUST eligible for the Hall now? i thought he retired way before rice mmm. sharpe got robbed last year i think. but as much as i love TD his career was pretty damn short to consider HOF

  • anthony33

    Floyd Little is the player that put the Broncos on the map forever. Period . He deserves it!!!!!!!!!

  • anthony33

    No slight against Randy, Tombstone or Louis, but Floyd was the player that got me hooked on the Bronx…what, 40 years ago?

  • Tanystropheus

    Floyd Little is my all-time favorite Bronco, largely for the reasons cited in the link provided above. After preventing Davis and Sharpe from obtaining their due recognition, if the HOF electorate shuts out Little as well, some serious alterations are going to have to be made.

  • barry77

    Let’s get Little in this year then next year we can start pressuring voters for Gradishar as a Senior’s candidate. They’ll never put two Broncos in the HOF in the same year, even if the hall allowed 20 players to be inducted in a single year.

  • roshon2411

    Looks like Simms is out for the next two weeks. So much Orton looking over his shoulder. Denver is interviewing Ingle Martin today.

  • roshon2411

    Per the DP, “Since 1998, 16 of the 18 senior nominees have received the necessary number of votes for election”.

    Looks like Little has a real good shot.

  • kerry

    no Chris Carter is not now just eligble, he was eligble last year but was snubbed. he shoudl and probably will get in this year. along with Rice and Emmitt Smith.

  • Alexander Peter Kowalski

    Floyd Little was an OUTSTANDING “combined threat” who could run with the best of them (iirc, only O.J. Simpson gained more yards from 1967-1973 for example running the ball), catch with the best of them, and even return kicks (and block great too). What more do people want? A great football player SHOULD be in the “Hall of Fame”, & this guy? Was one of the all-time greats (& the rushing charts @ the time of his retirement showed that much)… APK

  • A J Goodfellow

    I'm an SU alumni who couldn't be happier to finally see Floyd Little in the NFL Hall of Fame. Congrats!!

  • A J Goodfellow

    I'm an SU alumni who couldn't be happier to finally see Floyd Little in the NFL Hall of Fame. Congrats!!