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Published on 08/22/2009 at Sat Aug 22 13:33.
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Broncos (0-1) at Seahawks (1-0)
Sat. Aug. 22, 2009 8:30pm MT
CBS4 Denver/NFL Network

Kickoff for the Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks Preseason Game 2 is on Saturday August 22, 2009 at 8:30 p.m. MT LIVE on the NFL Network, and we’ll be hosting a live blog (which now incorporates awesome twitter features). Here are some things I’ll be watching tonight:

Hawks Coach Jim Mora Jr. expects to play his starters for an entire half of football. Josh McDaniels already did that last week, so it looks like we can expect thirty minutes of first team scout-able football. Mora’s boys are banged up, especially on offense – they don’t expect to play LT Walter Jones or RB Julius Jones, among others – so there really isn’t any excuse for the defense not to step up and stop the ground game. If backup running back Justin Forsett is still able to chew up yardage behind a banged-up o-line, it’ll spell trouble for Mike Nolan‘s revamped defense. I’m looking for good disruption at the line of scrimmage and fast, crisp, accurate decisions by the linebackers. No excuses tonight, D.

The more upended Seattle running backs, the better.  (AP Photo/Chris Park)

The more upended Seattle running backs, the better. (AP Photo/Chris Park)

It’s preseason. The only reason we would worry about Kyle Orton‘s performance on Saturday is the PR. It would be great for the team to get some positive headlines in the newspapers and kill the Chris Simms controversy, but I’m looking beyond that. Orton was clearly the better quarterback at practice when I was there and reports indicate he still his, so don’t count me among those clamoring for Simms. I’m not looking at a TD-INT ratio, either – I want to see the little things from KO tonight. I want a high accuracy rating above 60%; I want to see him spread the ball around and not lock onto his targets; I want to see him look comfortable in the pocket, plant his feet, and deliver the football. If he does that I’ll be happy no matter the TD-INT ratio. It’s preseason.

While this goes hand-in-hand with #1, I’m going to be paying extra special attention to NT Ronald Fields tonight. He received mixed reviews after the Broncos’ first preseason game at the 49ers, and “mixed” is exactly how I put my review of Fields’ performance last week. He ate up blockers some plays and got blown off the ball others. It seemed clear that when he got pushed around, he was winded or taking a break. Ron, show me a better motor. I want you to make everyone forget about fan-favorite Chris Baker. It’s just NFL history – starting a rookie at DT, let alone NT, is a recipe for disaster. It’s arguably the toughest position to play in the NFL straight out of college save quarterback.

Denver Broncos cornerback Alphonso Smith (33) breaks up a pass intended for San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Micheal Spurlock (18) during their NFL preseason football game in San Francisco, Calif., Friday, Aug. 14, 2009. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Denver Broncos cornerback Alphonso Smith (33) breaks up a pass intended for San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Micheal Spurlock (18) during their NFL preseason football game in San Francisco, Calif., Friday, Aug. 14, 2009. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Will the real T.J. Houshmandzadah please stand up? With Brandon Marshall dressing up as the Seahawks’ big free agent pick-up all week on the scout team, the defense doesn’t really have an excuse to miss #84 out there. Last week the Chargers held T.J. to one catch for five yards; I’d like to see the Broncos do something similar. I want to see our secondary of 30-somethings keep up with one of the game’s brightest young pass-catchers, and I want to see the pass rush get to Mass Hasselback and disrupt his game. Don’t let these two get in a rhythm, and take out the Seahawks’ premiere weapon on offense.

The punter battle is getting interesting – I thought Brett Kern was clearly better than Britton Colquitt in camp, but Colquitt came on strong as my visit neared its end, and I’m hearing murmurings of the rookie pulling the upset. Meanwhile, Matt Prater better continue his one-game hot streak, and can we get a Terrell Owens in Tokyo moment, people? Someone make a play!

What will you be watching for tonight? Something of interest we missed? Dish it out below and GO BRONCOS!

  • Awesome, Austin

    I wish I got a vote for changing the season to only 2 preseason games…I am ready for real football after this.

  • SivNiz

    I’m in RI tonight and was wondering if anyone knows of a website showing the game? I couldn’t find anything on or…

  • bobby

    there and ustream

  • Kyle

    Can’t vouch for anything, haven’t tried it, but…

  • Skank

    kookin forward to game… I am in Seattle might bring a sign that says …IN BOWLEN WE TRUST….

    Look for it!

  • Skank is where I watch my games….
    look that chick up and ask for help tell her Skala sent you

  • Taylor

    I want to thank Kyle for posting my website here! Trust me guys, it is legit and you can have your links an hour before game time. Try it out and bookmark it.

  • Kyle

    Taylor – I’m curious. I see the benefits of this, it’s obviously going to be in big demand come gameday. But doesn’t hosting a repository for illegal NFL video links make it that much easier for the copyright police to shut them down?

  • Taylor

    The site is a week old, so I cannot say for sure how safe it is. I’m not hosting the games on the site. Its only a directory and because that, it may not get its name leaked out to the NFL like a site like homertv, or the others.

    I feel confident that the site is safe. The NFL shouldn’t be worried about me making sites that direct people to the games online, they should be worried about the people actually broadcasting them. This has been going on for years though and as long as it continues I will be parallel with it.

    Even if I am shut down, I will reappear somewhere else. Not many worries from me, but we’ll find out how safe we are come the regular season.

  • marv

    broncos 30 sea hawks 10

  • Bronco_Lover_Forever

    I for one would like the Special Teams to play really good. Its been years since we enjoyed a kickoff returned for a TD, a blocked punt, forcing a fumble on kickoff coverage (last against Pit in 2006 as i recall) and a punt retruned for a TD (last was in 2007 against Tenn i think by Glenn Martineze). Any way i want 2 c agressive ST play.

  • Kyle

    No without doubt, you’re not doing anything illegal. I meant as far as pointing the copyright guys in the right direction… you know what I mean?

    Hey, that can’t be helped, I think it’s awesome you did this, a lot of people want something like this. Just hope the NFL police don’t find it too soon.

  • Roy

    I will be looking for the defense to step up its effort to cause turnovers. Good D’s get the ball, and we have not been doing that the last few years.

    Also looking for some of our bubble players to really put it all out there for a spot on the roster.

  • BroncosForums

    We need to see the front seven get pressure, without giving up the big plays. They looked ok last week, but gave up big passes to Vernon Davis and some big runs (first down producing, not take it to the house runs).

    They can’t simply trade constantly stopping the run and pass for a few sacks, they need to do both.

    Orton having a good outing, well that’s a given that we need to see that. Last week he was pretty solid at moving the ball, but there were the three picks. If we see the offense move the ball in the same way as last week, but eliminate the picks, then that will be a good outing IMO.

  • Donna Miller

    I have been a fan of the Broncos since Haven Moses and Craig Morton played, the late Lyle Azado, etc. and I am still in shock that Pat Bolen would have the adacity to fire Mike Shanahan, not to mention Jay Cutler. This is going to come back and bite Bolen this year, BIG TIME. What a huge mistake!!!!!!!!!! Wait and see.

  • marv

    coffee is killen the raiders

  • AtomicLeo

    Ooops my bad…. I didn’t see that Peterson had 2 sacks. Well that is much better.

  • Bronco_Lover_Forever

    After watching the Seattle game : Our ST SUCK SUCK SUCK. not worried about O & D though. McD & Nolan are highly capable coaches, and the NFL is about coaching.