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Published on 08/19/2009 at Wed Aug 19 08:51.
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  • Mike and Mike (and Mark Schlereth for that matter) aren’t too high on the Broncos this year. [ESPN Radio]
  • Brandon Marshall‘s agent wouldn’t confirm a follow-up contract/trade request, but reiterated reports that Marshall’s upset over the team’s PR snafu. []
  • Marshall was relegated to the 2nd team Tuesday, and gunner on the scout team during punt coverage. [Denver Post]
  • Meanwhile, the Jets are looking to trade for a WR, with Marshall and KC’s Dwayne Bowe possibly on their radar. [NY Daily News]

  • Camp report from Monday, worth the late look (plus, videos! Like the one below). [Predominantly Orange]
  • This handicapper isn’t too high on the Broncos either. [Pro Cappers]
  • Alphonso Smith is moving right up the depth chart. [DPO]
  • The AFC West really is a mess. [DPO]


  • After missing nearly two weeks of practice due to injury, the Chargers‘ top two draft picks returned to the field. [Bolt Talk]
  • RB Thomas Clayton was placed on Injured Reserve by the 49ers after going through waivers unclaimed. Clayton was injured during the first preseason game against the Broncos. []
  • That was a bit too close for comfort. Rockies win off a late Barmes homer. [Purple Row]
  • roshon2411

    I hate to say it, but ProCappers i believe is right on. 4-12 will be hard to swallow but the turn around in regime, loss of Cutler, and the brutal schedule are a wicked combo. Just hope they can be competitive.

  • Andy

    This may be a crazy idea, but does anyone else think we should trade Marshall to the Vikings for Rosenfels? Rosenfels is pretty upset they brought in Farve.

  • mark

    Yep, I’m calling 4-12 too, certainly no more that 6 wins. Too many new faces, new defense, new system, new QB, new coach that is so young he probably doesn’t even know what a Rubik’s Cube is and oh yeah, our best receiver would like to be elsewhere.

    As a Bronco fan what we need to look for this year is to see if we have found some gems. We need a couple new gems, perhaps Knowshon Moreno or Robert Ayers or Alphonso Smith or otherwise. We need to start accumulating talent. That’s what you need to look for this year. Oh and keeping the talent you already have would be good too.

  • Joe H.

    I’m watching ESPN’s Firsttake and heard that the Jets are interested in trading for Marshall. If we trade him we need to get their 1st rd pick and a good D-lineman. I don’t know who they have that would be good enough to trade for though.

  • mark

    The problem with trading Marshall is that McDaniels’ comes from the school of Belichick where you don’t really like first round picks. Which explains why he already traded one of our first round picks next year for a second round pick this year. They believe first round picks are too expensive and come with little guarantees and in some respects they are right.

    Here’s a crazy thought – why don’t you just give Marshall a new contract and make nice with him? He’s a top 5 wide-out that would greatly improve Orton. Why not give him the money? Someone else will if we don’t. Oh, I see, you want to prove that your running the show. Okay, I guess we’ll show him…

  • Fergenator

    I think it’s pretty simple….Marshall is under contract…pay him what he is under contract for….if he plays well, behaves well and is not disruptive…address the issue in a few months. But first he has to prove to the org…that he is worth it!

  • Dave Simon

    I’d love to see Bowe leave KC. Not having that guy twice a year would be nice.

  • broncoNM

    Why pay him? He is literally ONE relationship spat away from being suspended for 16 games… If he even looks at his girlfriend the wrong way he could get suspended. His talent is worthless if he gets suspended for 16 games… If we pay him and he decides to out out on the town and get in another shouting match we are out the money and marshall… He has to prove that his antics are behind him. He got himself in this mess… Marshall will eventually get paid and we can listen to trade offers until then… for now save that money for a clady, royal, or hillis contract extension… Im pretty sure none of those guys will ever be in jeopardy of being suspended for an entire season.

  • (dee)

    I’m calling 10-6 with the possibility of 11 Wins. We might win the divison with 10 so I’m assuming we’ll rest our starters in week 17.

  • mark

    Why pay Marshall? Two reasons:

    1. Everyone is an assumed risk. All players are a play away from being out the season. It’s all just play money anyways – you give guys like Dwayne Robertson, Sam Adams, Boss Bailey and many many more contracts that in the end cost you. This guys is worth the risk – the payoff is a top 5 WR.

    2. Sign him before the relationship gets so estranged that it’s unsalvageable. Which it may already be… Trust me, things aren’t going to get better when the season starts and you start loosing. When Orton can’t get the ball to Marshall and the losses pile up Marshall will really want nothing but out. Wouldn’t you rather lock him up for the next 6+ years now while you have the chance?

    Anyways, I think with McDaniels’ lack of people skills Marshall is all but gone at this point anyways. It’s being reported that Brandon Marshall wore a scout-team jersey today, while younger, inexperienced wideouts Kenny McKinley and Matthew Willis took reps ahead of him. Way to stick it to Marshall. Like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  • Garrett Barnes

    mark, great point on McDaniels love for later round talents instead of first rounders. I hadn’t thought about that…

  • broncoNM

    All players are at risk… but some more than others… marshall has legal troubles and injurys… all those other signings (robertson, boss, etc.) were under the old regime and is even more reason not toss money at every high risk player that comes through dove valley… If marshall proves himself than he’ll get paid… if not we save that money for the FA market next year… Wilfork? Cant sign everyone to big contracts and all the people shouting “give marshall money” will also be complaining when the money isnt there for FA’s next year. He has to be on the field to be a top 5 WR… Players like Fitzgerald have no issues getting paid because they perform on the field and stay out of the news off the field… its not that hard.

  • Phill

    Trade Marshall before he messes up again. Marshall for Boldin

  • bronconinja

    Phil ur problem in thinking is you assume that Arizona is willing to trade for him.. give up a proven Boldin for an unproven (legallay speaking) Marshal. But in BM defense i love him as a player he plays hard plays hurt and is extremely good to his community never mind all the past BS and how the media chooses to spin it he is a good kid and a little bit of money and a lot a bit of clauses should make him fall in line. pay him, hire him a babysitter and sit back and watch the beast at work!

  • Awesome, Austin

    Marshall for Boldin sounds pretty damn good. If you have to pay one of them Boldin would be way better, but you would have to give the cards a pick too…

  • kerry

    what??!?! Mike and mike and Mark Schelereth arent high on the Broncos?!?!? IMPOSSIBLE!! how could anyone not think the Broncos are gonna win every game this year with Orton, no D-line, maybe no Marshall, brutal schedule, a coach with a Napolean complex, RB’s who cant stay healthy, an old ass secondary and a kicker who may miss more then he makes. i just dont understand how anyone can possibly be down on the Broncos!! oh the humanity! FIRE ALL THE PEOPLE AT ESPN RIGHT NOW!!! they have no clue what they are talking about!!

  • bw53

    All these Nattering Nabobs of Negativity! How’s that for alliteration…Thanks Spiro!

    Anyway here are the facts: 1) It’s the NFL no one really knows how anyone else will do next year (Atlanta/Miami ring a bell?), 2) free agency makes determining the complexion of opponents all that much more difficult as good teams get picked over, while bad ones load up, and 3) crappy teams draft high if they draft well (Atlanta/Baltimore) great things can happen. Do not extrapolate trends indefinitely into the future. Our schedule isn’t necessarily tough, because who the hell really knows how they are going to adapt this year? Nabobs! Come on!

  • bw53

    And when I say Nabobs…that includes you Kerry!

  • dean


    Good point. But for every Atlanta/Miami out there there is also the Cincy’s, Detriot’s, St. Louis’, KC’s Oakland’s, Texans’, and others who are predicted to be mediocre and are. I mean if i didn’t know any better I would think Matt Millen was the GM of this team.

  • Tom9798

    Brandon Marshall misses Jay Cutler . . . period.

    All wide-receivers have only one request of their quarterback . . . . throw me the ball ten times per game . . . . that’s 160 opportunities to catch the ball . . . . move the sticks . . . . maybe six to ten touchdowns . . . maybe more . . . .

    You see T. Owens saying this to every QB he has played for . . . . he is constantly talking to them every chance he get’s . . . . they all want what Jerry Rice had with Joe Montana .

    What BM realizes is that is probably not going to happen this year . . . he has no man-crush for Orton . . . doesn’t know the playbook . . . . spends more time than he should listening to his “me-first” agent . . . and the real kick is that he is under contract . . . .

    That’s right . . . you sign your name and fulfill your obligation . . . . remember?

    Most of us hope we’ll get any raise at all come our yearly review . . . . Brandon has to play 16 football games for two million dollars . . . ($2,000,000) . . . . not nearly enough for such a roll-model . . . .

    Tally up your paycheck for sixteen weeks . . . then tell your boss that you want a trade . . .
    Make sure there is nobody around when you do . . . the hysterical laughter would be a distraction . . . .