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Published on 08/17/2009 at Mon Aug 17 14:30.
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Ryan Clady (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Ryan Clady (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Is the national media really recognizing and praising the Denver Broncos offensive line? Nah, it couldn’t be, not after Ryan Clady was robbed of last year’s Pro Bowl and still has a Madden player rating lower than Jake Long‘s.

Don’t look now, but that’s exactly what ESPN has done, ranking all 32 teams’ offensive lines in both run and pass blocking and placing Clady and company at the top. ESPN ranks Denver tops in pass protection and 3rd in run blocking, behind only the Panthers and Giants.

Says Scouts Inc.’s Matt Williamson:

“Somewhat surprising to many, this just might be the best line in the league. It doesn’t get a lot of fanfare, but its bookend tackles are excellent, especially Ryan Clady. Coach Josh McDaniels would be very wise not to change things up from a scheme perspective up front. Only the Giants average more yards per rush than Denver, even though the Broncos go through running backs at a remarkable pace. No line in the league allowed its quarterback to be sacked as infrequently per pass attempt.”

Now that’s what I like to see. Take the geography and flash out of the equation and just look at football, and the Broncos land where they belong – at the top. With a little more pub like this, maybe guys like Clady and Ryan Harris can find themselves in Honolulu Miami this year.

Offensive line rankings [ESPN via MHR]

  • Rob Bronco

    That is awesome. A little kudos goes a long way. They are the giants of the gridiron, and it’s nice to see them get the credit they deserve.

  • anthony33

    Kudos to the O-Line, well deserved for their performance last year. If they can do the same this year it will speak volumes for the next 5-8 years. Also, Dennison and Turner deserve most of the credit, both great coaches.
    Speaking of coaches, I just listened to JMACS morning presser. Got to tell you the more I listen to this guy the more impressed and comfortable I am with him. He is far from perfect and obviously a rookie in terms of being a head coach, but this guy is a football coach through and through. Listen to what he says about the D Line and what they need to do and why it’s so tough to find those players coming out of college. We have a head coach that understands both sides of the ball and special teams. I was a Shanny fan, but it was time to go. Be patient with this guy, we are starting to see why the Bronx picked him.

  • Vince_Marine

    Well deserved for the WHOLE O-line!!!!

  • Kyle

    I agree ant, he’s rough around the edges but McD is getting the swing of things regarding the media. And I always thought he’d be a great HC.

    (Disagree about the Shanny needed to go comment at the same time. Maybe I just like Broncos head coaches.)

  • Broncoholic

    Shanny the Coach could have stayed. It was Shanny the GM that needed to go. I’m all for the change however and I think that in the long run we will be much better because of it.

  • anthony33

    Kyle and BH
    Don’t get me wrong, Shanny was a great coach. I was as distraught as anyone when he was let go. The man can flat out coach offense and I’ve said many times on this site that even with mediocre talent his offense would finish no worse than middle of the pack. I agree that the GM thing was not his strong suite and I believe that was because the guy knew very little about coaching defense as evidenced by thier dismal performance for the past three years. The dismissal of Coyer (the best DC we’ve had since Wade) as well as several others, and their abysmal record of drafting defensive talent was not going to change . The kicker for me was when he said they were standing pat with Last years DC (can’t even remember his name) and were a player or two shy from being a good defense. What?

    I think the table is set for him in Dallas. Wade is already handling the DC role this year.

    My point on JMAC is he seems to be a complete coach, all phases, everyday. I hope I am right.

  • MikeY55

    still choked about ryan harris rating on madden

  • anthony33


    I hope your kidding…we know we have the nucleus for the best O-Line for years to come. Need to find the next center and we’re set.

    Something Cuntler is going to live to regret.

  • anthony33

    That was absolutely unintentional. *Cutler.


    Do your thing Ryan. Hes come along way since he was sleeping in my class.

  • Tom9798

    Anthony33, Kyle, Broncoholic . . . .

    Don’t know how we got off on the Shanny issue from an O-line thread . . . . but I’ve got to add my two cents . . . .

    There are many Bronco fan’s that felt after three mediocre years and blowing the last three games last year . . . that Mike’s time might have been up . . . .

    The question will never be if he should have been let go . . . It was HOW he was let go . . . . and you know it . . . .

    No class . . . as Rodney Dangerfield would have said, “No Respect.” Easily the most gut-wrenching affair the Bronco Nation has had to witness . . . .

    It was as though Pat Bowlen woke up out of some Rumpelstiltskin decade long sleep . . . . and decided to make a decision or two about the team he owns . . . .

    I like McD and think in time he’ll be fine . . . we still have a GOOD team with great tradition and I am a diehard Bronco fan . . .

    I go on record many times saying we would go 11-5 this year and shock many people . . . . we’ll see . . .

    and Anthony33 . . . . I too believe strongly that Shanny will coach the Dallas Cowboy’s next year . . . . T

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  • Sara