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Published on 08/17/2009 at Mon Aug 17 09:26.
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UPDATE: PFT reports “Fox’s Alex Marvez has the terms: The Broncos acquired reserve defensive end Le Kevin Smith and a 2010 seventh-round pick from the Patriots in exchange for Denver’s 2010 fifth-round selection.”

According to Rotoworld and Adam Schefter the Broncos have now acquired former Patriot DL Le Kevin Smith. Smith has played three seasons and is listed at 6’3 and 308 pounds. Smith has also never started a game. However that is not too entirely strange because of the highly talented players such as Richard Seymour and Ty Warren who start at his position. Here’s wikipedia’s short bio on him:

Smith was drafted by the New England Patriots in the sixth round (206th overall) in the 2006 NFL Draft. He was inactive or did not play in all but three games of his rookie season in 2006. He appeared in 13 games in 2007, seeing time as a reserve defensive lineman and on special teams. Smith was active for 15 games in 2007, recording a career-high 14 tackles. He also was a member of the Patriots’ kickoff return unit, which blocked for Ellis Hobbs’ 96-yard return against the Oakland Raiders in Week 15.

This could be a good deal for Denver depending on the cost. I hope Denver didn’t give up anything more than a 6th round pick for this guy. That being said it’s always a positive adding more defensive line depth to the squad, especially one that has experience playing in a very good 3-4.

Thankfully this isn’t writer/actor/director/Silent Bob/computer hacker in Die Hard 4.0 Kevin Smith.

  • Ian Henson

    Gave up a 5th in 2010 to get him.

  • scottey

    At what point is he going to trade our stadium for theirs in NE because he is more comfortable? This is getting stupid!
    Did anyone even notice jordan was a real sorry excuse of a running back? His legs stopped moving the minute he was hit! But he will stick because McD is “comfortable” with him!

  • Mr.East

    No scottey I didn’t and I was there and I watched it on tape.

    I noticed that Jordan lined up at receiver and made a nice catch. I also noticed that Jordan only received a handful of carries. I also noticed that it was preseason so chill out.

    If you’re going to be angry because this involves New England then you need to get over that stigma. This lineman has played with one of the best 3-4 ends ever to play the game, that being Richard Seymour.

    If the Giants have taught the world anything it’s that Jeremy Shockey is a turd and that you can never have enough defensive linemen.

  • scottey

    Mr. East,
    I was watching the game again last night, as Jordan’s legs just didn’t have the movement, after he was hit.
    I am not angry, just a little “put out” that we are constantly the patriots west. I will get over it, when we win it will be easier.
    Hillis is just a HUGE upgrade in comparison to Jordan.
    I hope the trade is to our benefit!

  • daveb

    Unreal…people complain that we don’t do anything for the front seven on Defnese and then when he does they complain about it (and Jordan??)?? McD obviously can’t do anything right. Gimme a break.

  • scottey

    I am not saying he can’t do anything right, never said that. ( I like the kid from hampton his push up front at times was really cool to see) But Jordan is taking time away from someone who may actually be good. Plus he was a FREAKIN RAIDER! So I will probably never like him.

  • Mr.East


    I understand your concern that Denver will be the Patriots West. I don’t see it though. McDaniels is not BB reincarnate, he has a way of doing things as well.

    My point is that Jordan will be a solid backup or a change of pace guy. Hillis is a freaking beast and a serious upgrade, I concur. As you saw however Hillis got the majority of the carries and should see a good amount once the season starts too.

    With Knowshon hurt and not getting his practice with the team Denver will look most likely employ a RBBC for the first part of the season or until Knowshon breaks out. So having a few decent backs like Buckhaulter, Hillis, and Jordan is a smart decision.

  • Kyle

    I am THRILLED we’ve added depth on the front seven. He’s a young defensive lineman with NFL experience in a 3-4 – we don’t have a lot of those.

  • Roy

    It’s a fact that coaches aquire players they are familiar with when given the opprotunity. Look at Cowboys-west (the Dolphins), or the Jets to Browns movement. I could go on all day about aquiring talent from a former team. The fact is, Jordan was brought in to provide the RB’s with a player who knows the system, someone who can provide clarity on what the coach wants. Same thing with Gaffney, although he has made a much better showing of it.

  • scottey

    Mr. East,
    I am just realizing that I am getting older, and you know what, Change sucks! I attentively watch McD and I want to like him. I root for success, I want my Laundry to beat other teams Laundry!
    I am anxious to see next sat, the hawks looked good last week, so I will be curious so see how they stack up.
    Devon Moore from Wyoming looked real good, so it will be interesting to see if we can stop their RB’s

  • (dee)

    Great pickup. Anyone played the new Madden? Wesley Woodyard is rated a 48 overall? Hopefully once the real season starts they adjust the ratings and roster updates accordingly.

    Still a 48? Disgusting.

  • kerry

    alright, we have a D-line full of backup players, so lets trade for another one. great idea. i wonder if McDaniels inquired about Vince Wilfork. Kevin O’Connell would have been nice.

  • Garrett Barnes


    Wilforks contract I think is up at the end of this season… Maybe if the Patriots don’t retain him and decide to go the Ron Brace route, we could pick him up. I doubt they would trade him though.

  • roshon2411

    Like it, wondering when they might make a move. This guy a seventh rd pick for a 5th rd pick. You can get just as good of our player with a 7th rd pick as a 5th rd pick…(Hillis). I sure we’ll see some more moves on the DL once rosters get slimmed down.

    Also, see Lelie signed w/the Chiefs. So we’ll get to boo him twice a year.

  • mark

    I think that’s a good pickup. Look, taking reserves from the most dominant team of the last decade is not a bad move. Better than taking a reserve from the Lions…

  • mikebirty

    Marcus Thomas and Carlton Powell better start looking for someone to buy their houses……

  • soxbigdog

    looking at the Broncos D-Line, is like shopping a thrift store.. at first glance all you see is a bunch of junk… but when you sift through all the real crap.. you might actually find something decent that someone else just didn’t want..

  • mikebirty

    Y’know its taken me 24 hours to realise that this guy is called Le Kevin and he’s not just a Left End…….

  • Kyle

    Haha mikebirty! Me too at first (although, having to write about him, I did figure it out sooner than that).