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Published on 08/17/2009 at Mon Aug 17 07:00.
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Long-time readers will recognize this as one of the BT staples way-back-when. Well we’re bringing the DL back for the season. Got a Broncos-related link worth sharing? Email and let us know!

  • Josh McDaniels isn’t a stranger to preseason struggles. [Denver Post]
  • At what point is sticking with Kyle Orton just being unfair to Chris Simms?  [DPO]

  • Woody Paige says Orton should stay #1 because it’s all part of the ride.  Seriously, Woody?  [DPO]
  • Brandon Marshall talks about his contract situation.  [DPO]
  • Sunday’s training camp report.  Practice was closed to the public []
  • Brian Dawkins says it was killing him to miss time out there.  [DPO]
  • Ryan McBean, embracing his fresh start, “showed up a little bit,” McDaniels said.  [DPO]
  • Grading Orton’s throws.  [Mile High Report]


  • Jay Cutler sorta-kinda blamed his interception on Devin Hester.  Oy vey.  [Chicago Tribune]
  • Speaking of Cutler – it’s Burn Jay Cutler Jersey Month!  [Predominantly Orange]
  • TD30ismvp
  • MN Broncos Fan

    I think Simms should get a start since it is pre-season. Lets see how he can play against a starting lineup, why not?

    Secondly, off the topic, I was reading my kid a book yesterday “Horton hears a who” and I couldn’t help but to think of a broncos book called “Orton hears a Boo”.

  • Pete

    No no no no no. Orton MUST stay the starter. If we pull Orton and put Simms in, we set the team back 2 months. Why 2 months? Because for the last 2 months, Orton has been the clear cut #1. He took the snaps, he had more difficult plays, he had more timing. If we put Simms in right now, even during the preseason, we set the team back to May/June. We won’t be ready for the season opener, and we sure as hell might challenge Detroit’s 2008 campaign. Yes, we have Raiders and Chiefs, but guess what? They have QB’s who aren’t being played musical chairs with. That alone is worth it’s weight in gold, or do I have to mention Herman Moore and Tommy Maddox? How about Griese and Brister? We’ve done this knee jerk reaction crap before in the past, and it has never, repeat NEVER worked out well for us. In fact, it failed miserably, and we were a pushover of a team.
    Anyone saying that Simms should get the opportunity to start isn’t thinking with their mind, they are simply clouded in emotionally driven delusion.

  • http://bandit Dan Myers

    There is no ‘being fair’ to Simms. THIS IS THE NFL.
    Kyle Orton is the Broncos starter unless hurt. He has everything that is needed. No a strong arm is not needed, lets ask Tom Brady, how about Eli Manning, even Joe Montana. See how rediculous this can become.
    Yes Simms looked good against 2nd’s and ran BASIC O schemes. I think Chris would be the first to say, Kyle is the starter.

  • G.

    Any confirm on rumors that Cutler is already demanding say-so/input on who makes the final Bears roster? Can’t remember where I read it, but I swear I’m not making it up. Perhaps ESPN, The Magazine.