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Published on 08/14/2009 at Fri Aug 14 14:01.
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The jury has ruled on Brandon Marshall‘s misdemeanor battery case, finding the Denver Broncos wide receiver not guilty for charges stemming from a March 2008 incident between Marshall and his ex-girlfriend Rasheedah Watley. The two-day hearing began Thursday in Atlanta, GA, with the six-person jury reaching the decision after just over an hour Friday.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, the Denver Post reports that Marshall’s hip is healthy, citing an NFL source. He should return to the practice field next week.

The acquittal clears Marshall from another potential league suspension. Marshall was suspended for one game in 2008 for multiple incidents, including a DUI charge. Assuming Marshall steers clear of trouble moving forward, he shouldn’t be receiving any more letters from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Marshall obviously won’t be available for tonight’s preseason opener in San Francisco, but the door is now open for his return to the football field in 2009, and sooner rather than later.

You have a clean slate now, Marshall. The past is truly, TRULY behind you. I hope you keep it there… Now get back on the field and earn a contract.

Marshall: Not Guilty [Denver Post]

  • bobby

    ha ha yeah now give the man his money and lets move on with life. let this be a lesson that every one has there day.

  • KMA

    I hope he can concentrate on playing football now, but I have my doubts!!

  • T-Money238

    Sweet… Put it to bed, get on a plane and get your ass on the sidelines and cheer on your team.

  • (dee)

    Go back to walking the streets Rasheeda… Brandon you were lucky this time, try stiff arming only DB’s this season not the women in your life.

    Good to have you back none the less.

  • Ian Henson

    Let’s hope that he can return from his, “injury.” Him spending the weekend in Orlando does not seem like a good idea to me though. It’s WAY too close to the regular season =P

  • kerry

    wow. another pro athlete gets away clean. unbelieveable. well i dont believe he is innocent, he just wasnt found guilty. theres a difference. and 13 incidents with the law shows he isnt just gonna magically change and become some upstanding citizen. plus he is still “injured” (PPFFTT) so who knows what we will get from him.

  • Kyle

    Just updated the post with information regarding Marshall’s injury. He should be ready to practice next week.

  • (dee)


    Its always something isnt it , You sure you’re not a Philly fan?

  • paul

    on the other hand those like mike vick and stallworth…..if I had killed all them dogs…then I would still be in jail today (two years in prison isn’t tough knowing that when you get out you will be playing in the nfl again)…….donte got drunk and ran over someone…24 days in jail, 2 years house arrest, 8 years probation…one year suspension from the nfl….if I get pulled over for a dui then I would end up paying roughly 5000 dollars…..if I run over someone drunk then I am getting 15 years easy……so how did he get off……he paid the family off with his nfl money…he shouldn’t had been able to buy himself out of that…he still broke the law….there is a double standard and I actually plan on sueing stallworth or someone that let him get off….maybe not sue him (I wish) but voice my opinion with my congressman and get this kind of treatment out of the US that celebrities enjoy

  • gobronx

    Note to posters. IGNORE KERRY. It worked at DPO.

    Here’s hoping Brandon can turn his life around now with this fresh start. Beast – Show us some solid performances and stay out of trouble through week 6 and I think management gets you a new contract around the buy week.

  • paul

    you could tell that marshall’s girl is wanting the money……marshall is 6’4″ 230lbs….if he hit her then it would have done more than bust her lip (her sister busted her lip)…I live here in atlanta and I have seen them out in public before and even ran into marshall in the club….I don’t know him ( got an autograph tho) but you can tell she is a gold digger

  • T-Money

    Kerry feeds off of everybody hating him. If you’ve noticed he used to support all of his reason for at least a half assed reason… Now all he does is post things just to play the roll of antagonist. I agree with gobronx… just ignore his comments because he wont stop. Kerry… you’re not even fun to argue with anymore…

    innocent until proven guilty!

  • paul

    your right t-money………..I for one will not respond to kerry….time to find another blog kerry…..your time is up

  • dean

    Kerry Who?

  • Tmoneybagz

    Excellent News!!! Her extortion letters clearly showed her motive and ruined her credentials…should serve as an example for all these gold digging hoodrats. Now The Beast needs to quit being an idiot and stay away from negative situations such as that one. Here’s to another 100+ receprions this season let’s go B-Marsh!

  • Tmoneybagz

    Oh ya and thanks to Harvey Steinburg…you da man!!

  • jibbons


    It could be that you would get 15 years, but you just as easily get 8 months (as my father did). It all depends on circumstances, including what lawyer you can afford. The US legal system has a ton of problems, it isn’t Donte’s fault that the system is broken, but he would be pretty stupid if he didn’t try to take advantage of it.

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game…

  • jibbons

    Paul, ignore my last post, I just reread yours, and it looks like we are in agreement.

  • robtink242

    alright i agree they didnt get tough sentences but mike vick got 2 years for animals. and he certainly wasnt the only one involve and i am sure there sentences wasnt as tough as vick.
    Donte Stallworth killed a human. 24 days thats just crazy. thats unexecptable. he should be in jail serving 15 – 20 years. no comment

    Brandon marshall case is different there no facts. there was no scrapes, gashes, black eyes, bruises in photo evidence. from what i see she was just a money hungry woman who found a sucker.

    but hey i bet you think kobe rape that lady who had sex with all those men during the same time.

  • ryan

    What is this bullshit that Fox31 is reporting about Brandon heading back to FL?

    As for Marshall’s immediate plans, he tells FOX31 sports that he will continue to rehab and prepare for the upcoming season in Orlando, Florida.

    However, Marshall says he does plan to return to Colorado in the next two weeks to conduct his first annual free football clinic called, “Camp 15 in Aurora.”

    He needs to get his ass to Colorado and right now!

  • Paul

    kobe didn’t rape that lady…..and big ben in pittsburgh didn’t rape that lady neither………they want money………they have got to stop getting caught up in stuff tho….. a lot of women if you have money will want a piece of it one way or another…….

    jibbons….I am talking about actually killing someone with a car while drunk…there might be certain clauses in a regular case but he was drunk……..that dude he hit could have easily been my son….then what 24 days in jail….I wouldn’t want his money…..he would defiantly pay for the funeral tho….killing someone is exactly why the M.A.D.D corp. was started…..we are giving ppl the wrong impressions when we try and crack down on drinking and driving….and then someone drunk kills someone else and gets less than a month. My friend is serving 10 years for selling weed……..he was selling something that is legal in some states today….he didn’t kill anyone and got 10 years off the donk. yeah the system is broken and you can’t hate the player hate the game….but say in a couple of years the same thing happens to me….I will still be in prison for 15 years and I would bring up that case……well no sense in beating a dead horse but our president should had said something when he got 24 days for murder…b/c of donte’s actions a man lost his life…

  • Paul

    he better be in denver for sundays practice or I will be on a flight to orlando….throw him threw the window if he wants to act up…tired of him being a punkb%^Ych

  • Paul

    well training camp is still going on so if he is in orlando he will miss 16,000 a day…..denver needs to go ahead and pay the dude!

    And marshall can’t tell me that he can’t practice b/c he went and practiced with larry fitz and didn’t have a problem….he pulls this stuff again and it makes you wish he would get in trouble…..lets do a trade for boldin if he acts up

  • CJ

    He needs to get healthy have a good year and sign a long year contract! and everybody in denver is happy


    All I ask is that he thanks his lawyer and pulled his head of his butt long enough to watch Randy Moss do his thing in the spread offense last night. He needs to shut his trap and really earn this raise he so desperately wants. Hopefully he took notes and is ready to go off for us!

  • E. Halsey Miles

    All I ask is that he keep is nose (and his ass and his penis) out of trouble for, say, the next 10 years.

  • Joe

    Quick note for tonights game: gore nor Bruce will be participating. lame

  • AtomicLeo

    The guy is a punk. Now that it looks like his hip is healthy, but he will play this season. No suspension. If the Broncos get ANY 1st round trade offers for this clown, they should jump on them.

  • Ian Henson

    Why do you have to wait for Fox 31 to say it to believe that Brandon’s going back to Orlando? They got that information from me! Haha, just go read my earlier comment.

    Anyway, Marshall was in Orlando Wednesday night, watching UCF practice, he’ll be there tonight and Saturday probably. Back Sunday in Denver.

    Paul- He won’t get fined, he’s excused.

  • broncoNM

    I am excited about the news but marshall’s antics are wearing thin… He is a far cry to what we have been used to (mccaffrey, rod smith). I agree with JRODZ… marshall has got to pull his head out of his ass… I understand that WR’s in this league are ego-maniac, premondonna’s but he has got to shut his mouth and just play football. He has got to stay away from johnny law.

    Side note: Has anyone seen the nfl films when they “mic’d up” ed mccaffrey. He had a microphone on him for an entire game and all that was recorded was him blowing snot rockets… it was great. He wasnt talking trash or mouthing off… he just played the game. One of the reasons he was great and one of my favorite all-time broncos.

  • ryan

    Sorry Ian, looks like you did say that first. I guess I was reading into the Fox31 comment that he was going back indefinitely to train and rehab in Orlando. Just for the weekend makes total sense.

  • Ian Henson

    ryan- I was just kidding around, I figure in the comments section there are very few paying attention to me anyway.

    Hope everyone enjoys the game! Going to be tweeting on the live blog from Beckett’s in NYC.


    can’t wait to see him on the field. Congrats Brandon, no try and stay out of trouble and show everyone what you can do on the field.

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    He needs to get healthy have a good year and sign a long year contract! and everybody in denver is happy

  • NFL jerseys

    He needs to get healthy have a good year and sign a long year contract! and everybody in denver is happy