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Published on 08/07/2009 at Fri Aug 07 18:37.
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First round draft pick running back Knowshon Moreno of the Denver Broncos runs the ball in June.  (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

First round draft pick running back Knowshon Moreno of the Denver Broncos runs the ball in June. (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Adam Schefter along with the Denver Post is reporting via Twitter that the Broncos have agreed to terms with first round selection Knowshon Moreno.  Mike Klis has stated that the deal is for five years and $23 million.  It is unknown whether Moreno will be able to participate in the Broncos first preseason game again the 49ers next weekend.

RB Knownshon Moreno’s deal with Denver, finally, is done.

Just the news Broncos fans have wanted. So now, Knowshon will no longer be a Knowshow.

-Adam Schefter (Twitter)

The Broncos have reached an agreement on a five-year contract with Knowshon Moreno. The deal ends the rookie tailback’s 8-day holdout from training camp.

-Mike Klis (Denver Post)

Definitely excited. Can’t wait to get back

There wasn’t much I could do except workout all week. I’m happy to be part of the Broncos now. And I’m going to get back there and work hard.

-Knowshon Moreno

  • MIAbronco

    just watched some KNOW ME highlights on youtube and am SO excited, I never really gave him any thought, but the guy is a BEAST!!!


  • Garrett

    This is the best news all week. I hope he is a beast this year.

  • tmoneybagz15

    Finally, my godson is gonna about to “put on for my city!”

    Can’t Wait!!

  • kerry

    “im happy to be a part of the Broncos now” Translation- “im only happy because im getting millions of dollars”

  • kerry


    watch some youtube Videos of Andre Hall too. then watch and see how he performed when it actually mattered. too bad videos dont translate to actually being good huh?? but yes i know, knowshon is already greater then Terrell davis even though he hasnt taken a snap in the NFL. and Kyle Orton is greater then Elway too.

  • Kawike

    Who said anything about Terrell Davis? And what does this article have to do with Kyle Orton or John Elway?

  • kerry

    nothing. just try to get ahead of what all the kool-aid lovers are gonna say about Moreno.

  • MIAbronco


    I don’t need to back up my statement to you, but I guess I will. I’m just excited that we finally took a chance on a first round feature back (even though im still a little bitter about trading portis away) that could really be successful behind our line. I’m tired of the late round no name fizzlers that have 1 ok year and then get traded away. Denver needs a running back that “could” and i say could as to not get you started, become the face of the franchise. besides, the nfl is all about young fresh legs at the running back position, (look at AP, portis, and any successful rookie from the last 10 years) rookies have success because they havent been ground down yet. Moreno could be very successful this year.

    And another thing, for the most part I have generally agreed with your posts, but lately you have just been so negative about everything broncos related. That gets old, you bring the same thing to the table every time. How about just a little optimism once in a while. Por favor

  • Vince_Marine

    MIABronco, I agree with you. Don’t worry about kerry! He has the grumpy old man syndrom. He always has and always will. Knowshon will make him eat his words this year!!! Go Broncos!!!

  • jchase8410

    Kerry doesn’t do optimism. He is the kind of guy who will never stop saying I told you so if he is right and the Broncos tank this year. But if they exceed expectations, he will be the first to say he is glad to be wrong. If they go 16-0 he will say, “even a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time.” Just let him post the same drivel day after day, and ignore it.

  • robtink242

    knowshon signing is great. yeah kerry you really cant compare knowshon to andre hall. i dont know if you guys up in the rockies see any SEC games but in the bahamas thats all we get. One things for sure knowshon no joke. I’ve seen him go up against most defensive high draft picks last year and current and it’s safe to see he’s the man.

    But Kerry just throwing it up in the air. How many nfl games you won as a player/coach/GM/owner? how many future and present HOF player/coaches toutered you? yeah your answer is prolly 0. you human right is to have freedom so i wont knock that off. It’s just how serious do you think we can take you.

  • T-Money

    Kerry likes to take his time to think of some crazy ass irrelevant statements and come in here…blow everything out of proportion… then blame it on the optimistic “kool-aid drinking” people. I for one am glad that I’m downing glass after glass. Instead of stamping my feet and pouting, I look at the positives and the opportunity and it makes me feel awesome. I like seeing the glass half full and that’s why I’m stoked about Knowshon! Sir may I have another.

  • T-Money

    Congratulations Kerry. Another entire article and the broncos that you made about yourself!

    Standing Ovation!

  • Rob Bronco

    LOL @ T-Money. More like standing ovulation. I’m over Kerry and his whining. Whether we kick butt or we suck this year, I’m just glad football season is here. To be completely honest, I’m hoping we don’t do well so that we can draft a franchise QB next year. :)

  • Joe

    Well if ortn doesn’t pull it off we could trade him and our first next year up and draft tebow.

  • Pete

    Rob Bronco. We don’t have our natural draft pick. We have Chicago’s draft pick. So you might as well hope we do really well and Chicago sucks. Seattle has the pick that is good if we suck and bad if we do well. So cheer us on, and hope we do good. If Chicago sucks, then we get a high pick. If we suck, Seattle has a high pick.

  • Socal Den Fan

    I can’t remember a time where Kerry had a good thing to say about the broncos maybe back during the late 90’s.I don’t think he’ll ever be happy about the moves the broncos. Well at least his yankees are doing good! Keep the faith Kerry!!

  • flbronc

    no social, back then he was bitching that terell davis wasnt as good as sammy winder. and wishing that elway would somehow replicate what craig morton did. he didnt think that shannahan could coach like red miller, and elam blew goats compared to rich karlis. lets not even compare rod smith and eddie mac to the three amigos!!! no, the 90’s were awful for kerry too….

  • wes

    Congrats on the RB signing all you Broncos faithful. How is Knowshaun at catching the ball out of the backfield. Believe it when i say he better be damn good at it. As a lifer Bears fan I know that will be Ortons best target. Matt Forte lead in receptions for more reasons than just our lack of talent at the wr pos. Kyle lives on 3yard passing.

  • DHB


    That will workout well for us. Knowshon and Hillis can both come out of the back field and catch the ball. B-Marsh might be miffed, but it looks like he may have a boo-boo plagued year anyway, if camp is any indicator.

  • wes

    Hey Rob Bronco I read ur post on hoping u guys are bad this year so that u can draft another franchise qb.Well bud ur coach just gave a proven one up and they dont grow on trees. you all out there in Denver have been Blessed for a long time at that position and givin away talent like ur coach did this off season in hopes that a draft pick will solve that position is just crazy. but since you have not had a talent deficiency at qb in so long I guess names like Vince,Lienert,Rex,Leaf and the many countless bust after draft day are’nt in ur vocab.Way more big name kids fail at that position than succeed than any other in the sport.Goodluck with drafting yet another great qb in Denver but lck always runs dry.

  • T-Money


    It’s one season man. If you listened to any of the interview you would understand that JMcD didn’t want Cutler to leave town. It’s was cutlers arrogant hubris attitude and pissed of the OWNER Pat Bowlen…you know… Jay’s boss… that sent him packing. Kyle Orton is a band aid and trading our first pick isn’t the end of the world either. Plus… Don’t forget that your Defense needs to step up. We had the #2 offense in the league and we went 8-8 because our defense blew. You guys were only to places above us in defensive rankings and you didn’t have shit for an offense either. Just keep that in mind before you pre-order you super bowl champions shirt.

  • wes

    DHB- Thats good and dont get me wrong Kyle is a very smart Qb if Rex would of had half his mental capacity we would of won the big game I believe. He just lacks athletisism and has none of the intangibles that the greats do.I am a Kyle fan and in the AFC Denver is a team Ive always liked.If you guys get productivity out of the run game,and if which is more the problem but if ur D steps up. In that division you will have a chance. I just wish you could of had that all there with Cutler that would of been a team to watch.

  • wes

    T are D did a very bad job and our offense was suspect at best. but superbowl is not what we as bears fans are ordering up.We are however certain that at 9-7 with our play lastyear a superior Qb will spell playoffs and dont forget our d still lead the leage in takeaways but our O couldnt stay on the feild. Any D that lives on the feild as much as ours has in the last 3 seasons will get tired and burnt out. As far as Jay bein what u call a baby. He just finished what ur coach started. He gave J Mac the chance to do what he wanted to do from the start and thats a new Qb. He said if u wanna go on without me then so be it you can have what u want and all jay wanted was to be a starter in the NFL and in ur coaches eyes he wasnt good enough.

  • Joe

    Well we will see how good our D is week 3 in the preseason. Our team is going to want Jay’s head for what he did. Let’s hope Dawkins is playin’ in that one, that would be wild to see him get a good pop on Jay. And with Ayers ligning up against old ass Pace, I feel good that he will get some production going too. BUT, and theres always a BUT, if Jay does extremely well and wins the game for the Bears, the Denver fans in that stadium, I imagine, are going to let McDaniels and Orton really here some boo’s. But it is going to be somewhat fun to watch Jay go against our secondary now. I wonder if he thinks he will be able to throw against Champ…..And with Goodman on the opposite side, Jay could have problems…Especially if Dawkins plays.

  • T-Money

    So is that why when the owner call him TWICE and left two Messages that jay was like… hummm i think I’ll call him back in a few days. Why I think not. Jay wanted out of denver the day after the Shany firing.

  • Bronco_Lover_Forever

    Picking a RB in the 1st round is a mistake. Look at the Colts Addi and the Pats Maroney, the Bills lynsh, …… aaah and reggie bush. Point is chances are that he turns into LT (productive for 8 seasons) are slim.

  • wes

    Hey guys Before all this went down the he said he said and all the trade stuff. What did Denver fans think of Jay then. Looking back I bet you all were Singin a different tune about him and ur D or lack of.If all u can do is bash a future hall of famer in pace to make this feel better then thats enough said. I am A DIEHARD BEARS FAN and i am not sayin Cutler is a super hero that will do no wrong. He is human but Cutler or Cassel? Cutler or Orton? Who do you want?I know my answer. Its too bad for u J Mac Didnt.Just because you coach under a genius it doesnt qualify you as one. Can u say Charlie Weis,or Romeo Crennel.

  • gobronx

    Yes, finally! Now we just need Knowshon to study quickly and get up to speed by the opener in Cinci. Count me in as a Knowshon wagon rider, and not due to the kool-aid. The man had me convinced after his performance in the Florida upset his freshman year. Vision, quickness, hands, shiftiness, toughness, durability, low center of gravity, intelligence… He’s got the tools. His top gear is about the only thing missing. But then again, his fellow alum, TD, didn’t have the top speed either.

    By all expert accounts, he was by far the top RB in this year’s draft – way ahead of Beanie Wells. He’s nothing like Addai, built differently. Lynch and Maroney are great backs when used properly. But I truly believe Knowshon will be better than all those guys Bronco-Lover-Forever mentioned.

    In addition to his highlight reel, the stats speak volumes. This is against the SEC defenses mind you.

  • DHB


    Would we rather have Cutler’s talent than the alternatives? Yes. Did baby fresh McD make some serious mistakes? Yes. Were we ridiculously excited with Cutler before all this? Yes.

    All that said, Cutler showed a horrendous lack of character and maturity through the whole trade situation. Cutler threatend this crap when Shanahan got fired, then again when Bates left. He waited until the Cassel situation to make it look like it was McDs fault. And even then it took insubordination and refusing to talk to the owner to finally get out of here. He may get you more wins, but your adoration will wane a bit when Mr. Cook wants to have the highest paid player in NFL history on his books. Seriously, good luck, but this may have been a Hershal Walker trade esque moment. We won’t know for three or four years.

    Until proven otherwise, Cutler sits squarely in the “(125?) Million dollar arm, ten cent brain” catagory

  • gobronx

    Not to get into the Cutler talk when we should be talking about Moreno, but I’m guessing Jay won’t see a snap in the preseason game in Denver. Chicago will give him a quarter or two in the 1st game, maybe up to three quarters in the 2nd game, and rest him the 3rd and 4th games. Will the Crybaby even show up in Denver? I foresee plain clothes with a hat and hoodie on the sidelines if he does. He just doesn’t have the mental toughness to deal with the “6’s” in Denver…

  • gobronx

    Well said, DHB, I agree wholeheartedly.

    The only thing you missed was how his teammates didn’t really care for him off the field and his drinking with diabetes problem. Two more strikes in my book.

  • gobronx

    Still not so excited about Knowshon Moreno? Still not sold? Read this…

    And think about Hillis and Moreno in a two back set or the power I. Makes me drool!

  • broncoNM

    BFL- I see your point but No running back will be productive for 8 years anymore… thats why the league is turning into a 2 RB league… I dont see a problem with taking a RB in the first round if his skill set allows him to be used in multiple ways. Moreno can run, catch and block. If used correctly he can be another weapon on the field. Eventually he will be another player that the defense will have to account for while preparing to face this offense. In order for moreno to last in this league he will need a complimentary back. But he should still get plenty of opportunity to use his talent. Im assuming that in this system they will not just be handing the ball off to him… McD will find different avenues to get him touches and get him into open space. Addai and Lynch have been productive and have contributed for their teams. I agree that maroney and bush are busts but moreno is not as fragile as reggie bush… bush cant run between the tackles which makes him too one dimensional because teams know he has to get out wide. Maroney is productive when he is not hurt (he is just always hurt) but i dont think a team should shy away from an RB just because of those players. A multidimensional back can completely change an offense. Moreno will have to share carries with either buckhalter, torain or hillis ( i vote hillis) but that will help his longevity and when he is on the field he has the skills to get the ball in multiple ways and once he gets the ball he knows how to make tacklers miss. Im not having too high of expectations this year… but he seems to be playmaker and those are the guys you want on the field no matter the cost.

  • Joe

    I agree with you on that Gobronx, but the only thing is that McDaniels said that there were going to be a lot more single back formations that there would be two back formations. But that means on goaline, when you got Hillis and Moreno both in the backfield, we are sure to have more redzone success. This will be a fun year to watch him. I bet money he will be a fan favorite very shortly here. I cant wait to see our spread offense outta shotgun and have Moreno run into the flats and catch the pass and get some yeards. Than we can also do that with Hillis too. We just gotta get Orton to develop now and our offense could do some work this season. But thats a big task. Orton’s learning progress will determine the Broncos’ fate in 2009 season.

    But heres a question to every fellow Bronco fan on this amazing website: If Orton fails to produce this year, who here thinks we should draft a QB such as Tebow or McCoy next year? Or do we go pure defense next year? hmmm….

  • Joe

    Our Offensive weapons consist of a great, great line, Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, Jabaar Gaffney, Brandon Stokely, Knowshon Moreno, Peyton Hillis, Torain and Buckhalter. Everyone would think that any quarterback, yes even Orton or Simms, could produce in a group of that calliber.

  • cruz

    bronco fans i think that we r going to do alright knowshon in the back field but i also think J McD should consider getting a better QB to start the season like B,quinn from cleveland browns or give mike vick another shot to make a name for him self give show B Marsh the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • cruz

    I am a very excited bronco fan this year with a new face at head coach going from 4-3 back to mike nolan and his 3-4d we are heading in righ direction we will have a all round better season and it wont come down to the final 3 games that all we had to do was win 1 out3 games to make the playoffs this year we be playoff bound

  • gobronx

    Orton is a cerebral quarterback. Different than what we’ve seen in our past couple of QB’s in Denver. More in the Griese mold, but I believe he throws a better ball. QBs like that flourish under the Belichick system. I think Orton will take time to get the hang of the offense. And there is no doubt he needs to improve his timing with the WRs on the long balls. I’d say anything past a 20 yard out, he’s going to have to trust in the receiver and lob it up before the WR comes out of the break. Scary, but not unheard of. Thing about Crybaby is that he could wait 2 seconds longer than someone like Orton and still get the ball to the receiver at the same time. Shear talent makes up for a poor read. Jay was awesome at that and I think we’ll miss the amazing athleticism. But if there is any system where a QB can overcome his athletic hinderances, it’s that of Belichick/McD’s.

    The incredible positive here is that Orton is a pocket passer and he’s playing behind a 2nd year intact line that gave up 7 sacks last season. He’ll have the time.

    And Orton is the only possible downgrade on a number 2 offense that has improved dramatically in the backfield and at WR. Under an offensive guru like McD, this O could be scary good if Orton steps up.

    Add to that the theory that our D has nowhere to go but up, and the team could be much improved this year.

    I like the tast of that kind o Kool-aid!

  • wes

    What makes J McD a Offensive guru he didnt fully coordinate a O that won any Superbowls. I got news people HE IS NOT BILICHICK. I have watched Orton in the same system 4 years in a row over throws checkdowns to rbs is what hes blessed with. You better hope ur line is as good as u think cause he cannot evade the rush like the crybaby or throw on the run across the field on the money like the cry baby either. I would be very sour grapes if my young idiot thinks hes a stud coach cause he coached under one did that here also.But bottom line they traded a man under contract that could of cried forever if he wanted to but when his money stopped coming in for breach i bet he would of played.Denver wanted a fresh start and now u got it.Goodluck and for your sake GO BRONCOS!

  • Bronco_Lover_Forever

    BroncoNM- Thanks for the opinion. May be i missed adding that we do not have the luxury (with the D weakness upfront) to look at more offense in this draft. May be we should have taken a back in the 3rd and some more D in the 1st & 2nd. I also did not like taking a TE in the 2nd that pick should have been invested in the D too IMO.

  • Pope Ray

    Have to be real about one thing. Brandon M will not be a factor this year. He will probably remain injured with the hip problem, and get re-injured early on. And the coaching staff should rest him for most of the season or we will lose him for good. Football might lose him for good.

  • anthony33

    On Moreno: Hoping this kid lives up to his billing. Very impressive career to date.

    On Royal: Total class act. Period. Steal of the “08 draft.

    On Orton: Not as hopeful as I was three weeks ago. He is a one to two year stop gap.

    On J Moss: McD needs to take a page from the film “Water Boy” and find something that trips this guys nasty trigger. Seems like he has all the power tools, but no electricity.

    On Stokely: One of the top 3 free agent aquisitions of all time for the Broncos.

    On Ayers: He will end up being the steal of the ’09 draft.

  • broncoNM

    BLF- I completely agree about Quinn… that move is still the biggest head scratcher of the draft to me. From my understanding we were going to address the defense in the first round but McD and co. had specific players in mind. Once tyson jackson and bj raji fell off the board this ragime decided to go for talent instead of streatching for need. I dont mind this stadegy. That way we dont get stuck with another jarvis moss. This draft was a different scheme hopefully it worksout.