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Published on 08/06/2009 at Thu Aug 06 21:20.
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The Denver Post is reporting, citing several team sources, that Denver Broncos safety Brian Dawkins had surgery to repair a broken hand he suffered Tuesday during practice. Head Coach Josh McDaniels would neither confirm nor deny the report after practice Thursday.

Dawkins is expected to miss two weeks.

  • broncoNM

    Not concerned with him missing 2 weeks but we may wanna get used to this scenerio throughout this season with our aging secondary. It will be very impressive if goodman, hill, champ, dawk play all 16 games. Hope smith, mcbath, bruton are taking good notes in camp… Also read that bruton is taking snaps while dawkins recovers? Why is mcbath not getting those snaps? My understanding is mcbath is better in coverage with better ball skills.

  • Mr.East

    Psshh! Brian Dawkins eats broken hand’s for breakfast.

  • Andpark

    As important Dawkins is we do need to realize how old these guys are and that they will not play the whole year healthy. Champ is my man but will go out at some point this season I am sure.

    Dawkins brings more then just a great Safety, he is the teacher and leader for the rest of the D. So a hurt Dawkins on the Broncos is still a very good thing. Think of the Secondary as the wise old men teaching these youngsters (Alphonso, Darcel and Bruton) how to do it and take over.

    Is this a good sign that Bruton is playing well or a bad thing that McBath is a disappointment? I think Alphonso will be great however..

  • gobronx

    Have you guys watched Bruton in practice? The guy is a beast. He’s huge and in on most every play. I’m impressed. McBath hasn’t shown as much thus far but it’s early. And don’t forget about Josh Barrett. He’s been looking good, I hope he can squeak out a spot. I think that leaves Vernon Fox in trouble.

    As for the CB position… Alphonso “Fonz” Smith is looking like a great pick. Not only are his ball hawking skills showing every practice, we may have found a returner to replace Eddie Royal. Don’t get me wrong, I love Royal returning, but he’s more important to our offense and better not to risk injury if Fonz can step in and get it done. Also, anyone else notice Jack Williams? He has been looking great as well and usually takes the 5th DB role in the starting nickel package. Champ is well, he’s Champ. Add on that Goodman looks 10 times better than Dre “Blown By” Bly, we’re looking pretty stacked.

    Overall, I’m seeing a lot of young talent in the DB pool to complement these +30 vets. Let’s hope to avoid injuries, but in the case that we have some, we’re looking pretty loaded.

  • gobronx

    Does anyone else think it’s a good thing for our Defense to be ahead of the Offense during this camp? Offense will be fine, I’m not very worried. If the Defense can shine and come together quickly in a new system, they’ll be much improved over the past few seasons.

  • kerry

    wow. does anyone actually stop and think why these CB’s are looking good?? maybe because the QB throwing the ball sucks!! HAHAHAHA.

  • Andpark

    Great point about the D being ahead of the offense. Any improvement on the D side of the ball is huge and is what we really need. A SLIGHT downgrade in QB will be compensated by coaching, (fingers crossed) Moreno and the rest of the RBs.

    Great to hear Bruton is a beast. I have only read about the camp here and haven’t heard a lot about him.

  • soxbigdog

    Ronnie Lott would have cut his hand off before he had surgery ! (just a joke fellas.. LOL)

  • gobronx

    Sox, it’s a good joke. But a great point. How bad a break does that have to be to require surgery and from some accounts, up to 5 weeks? Dawk is a tough guy and I’m pretty sure that surgery would be a last resort option for him.