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Published on 08/05/2009 at Wed Aug 05 11:27.
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After sustaining an unspecified injury during Tuesday’s afternoon practice, Brian Dawkins is expected to miss some practice time while he recuperates, Head Coach Josh McDaniels said Wednesday.

“He’ll be out for a few days,” McDaniels said. “I wouldn’t expect it to last too, too long, certainly nothing devastating.” When asked where Dawkins was injured, McDaniels cleverly dodged, “Somewhere above the ground.”

With Dawkins sitting out, the Broncos rotated other defensive backs into the starting safety position, including rookie David Bruton.

The Bill Belichick code of withholding any and all information on injuries is in full effect in Dove Valley. Hopefully we get Dawkins back soon.

  • bw53

    Any word on McBath? I assumed he’d be the more likely rookie to be plugged into the rotation.

  • Kyle

    After standing out to me the first few days of practice, McBath has blended a bit. I didn’t notice him too much today.

    Although, as McDaniels has said several times in his post-practice pressers, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. He wants his DB’s to go unnoticed.

  • Mr.East

    I like how McDaniels is hush hush about injuries. If he doesn’t have to report them right now then he shouldn’t. The only people who should know are the Broncos.

  • Hansen

    Continued quality updates – Thanks Kyle!

    I am really liking McDaniels. I love the iron fist approach. It is exactly what this organization has needed. Patience and time is the key in this transitional season but I am looking forward to the changes.

  • kerry

    Dawkins injured. big surprise. this guy wont make it the full 16 games.

  • Ben

    I was there at camp and saw Dawkins hurt his right wrist trying to tackle Jordan on a screen pass.

  • Josh Temple

    *yawn* The schtick is getting old, it’s not even original anymore. At least I could get a few good lols out of it.