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Published on 07/31/2009 at Fri Jul 31 22:16.
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Kyle Orton attempts to hit Eddie Royal on a slant route.

Kyle Orton attempts to hit Eddie Royal on a slant route. (Photo: Eric Lars Bakke

With Kyle and Josh at Dove Valley (and currently eating dinner), I’m maintaining the head quarters and manning the thirty-three  plus flat screens we have here at BroncoTalk Blog Central (East has a thing for the Oxygen Network and JKJ’s obsessed with Lifetime, do not ask!)… They’ve been busy.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

  • Kyle Orton is not guaranteed the starting position at quarterback.
  • Matter of fact none of the Denver Broncos are guaranteed starting spots.
  • Ryan Torain came out bucking, stealing the spotlight amongst the overly talented running back stable.
  • Brandon Marshall blew everyone’s minds.
  • There are no clear answers as to whether Denver’s defensive line has improved.
  • Both Jarvis Moss and Elvis Dumervil lined up (and only) at outside linebacker today.

Things you may not have known after the break…

Things you may not have known:

Things I’m going to go ahead and just guess:

  • Correll Buckhalter will emerge as the lead running back, especially if Knowshon Moreno talks take longer.
  • Robert Ayers will be the most hyped person coming out of training camp, the man has the entire defense on his shoulders more-so than even Champ Bailey does.
  • Bailey failing his physical is most likely McDaniels giving the man a break.
  • Peyton Hillis will fit in interestingly somewhere on the offense.
  • The Broncos will be once again top five offensively in the NFL.

What do you think Nation? Off my rocker? Yeah, but I’m not often wrong. Looking forward to the rest of camp and wishing everyone a healthy one!


    Nice to hear Torain’s working into the mix. Moreno & Torain could be a dominant tandem if all the hype & potential pan out.

  • Pat

    WOWOWOWOW!!! keep it up broncos talk. I love it

  • Ian Henson

    JRODZ- Throw Hillis and Buckhalter into that Moreno/Torain mix D-A-N-G-E-R… Right? That’s smash mouth right there…

  • Roy

    I would love to see Moreno and Torain as our duo…call it MoTrain..

  • Fan From Spain

    aww I like MoTrain very much

  • flbronc

    Thanks Ian.. goood post. Can you elaborate on your Orton comment? Was that a statement in general regarding the McDaniels attitude, or did Orton not play well in the pm session?

  • Kyle

    MoTrain ftw!

  • anthony33

    Nate Jackson should be in jail for the money he collected over the what, past five seasons. Reality check Nate, you SHOULD be on the outside looking in. You never produced a damn thing while you were here, but you were one of Shanny’s boys as a favor to Walsh. Loser.

  • J. Kenneth K.

    On my fourth box of Kleenex. This lifetime marathon is hitting me in the heart.

  • Danh

    LaMont Jordan!?!?! NOOOooooO!OO!

  • MIAbronco

    any chance you think mcdaniels brings in andrew walter? he fits his mold of qb and with mcd coaching i believe has a huge upside and is at least worth a camp spot

  • Awesome, Austin

    Andrew Walter is a good QB but slow on the throw…would be good for a camp spot though

  • Ian Henson

    flbronc- Sorry if I worried, it didn’t have a ton to do with his PM performance. Just the fact that no one on the team feels safe in their number one spot…


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