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Published on 07/27/2009 at Mon Jul 27 13:54.
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Michael Vick

Quarterback Michael Vick has been granted a conditional reinstatement by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and could begin playing games as early as Week 6, the NFL announced today.

The former Falcons QB was suspended indefinitely in 2007 after facing criminal charges involving his underground “Bad News Kennelz” dogfighting operation. The reinstatement grants Vick the ability to immediately participate in preseason practices, workouts and meetings and to play in the final two preseason games. Vick, once the highest-paid player in the NFL, is not signed with any team.

Vick has been a hot topic across the entire NFL of late, and the Broncos are no exception. What do you think? Should the Broncos take a look at Michael Vick? Personally, I’m against it, but I know a lot of fans are torn on the subject. Dish it out in the comments.

  • Broncoholic

    No way. Contrary to popular (MSM) belief, our QB situation is better than it was last year (Orton/Simms is a better situation than Cutler/Ramsey IMO). I also have faith that Orton is going to surprise a lot of people with his switch to a much more ideal environment for a QB (better line, better receiving threats, better coaching). He is already 21-12 as a starter and I don’t see him coming onto this loaded offense and not being able to continue that win %.

    The only way I would want Vick on our team is if no other team wanted him and we signed him as a kick returner/backup WR, but honestly even then I don’t think the roster spot & cap hit would justify that. I think he plays for a year in the UFL before an NFL team will risk signing him, but who knows…as long as it;s not with the Broncos I’m cool with his return.

  • kerry


    yeah sure man. one Cutler is WAY MORE valuable then Orton and Simms combined. quit drinking the kool-aid. the ONLY reason you are supporting Orton is not because he is good, but simply because he is wearing the Broncos uniform. if Ryan Leaf came back and wore a Broncos uniform you would be drooling all over him like you do Orton. i sure dont remember you screaming for Kyle Orton.

  • kerry


  • Garrett Barnes

    Man, I am really torn on this. He would be a great situational player but he is way too risky for my preference. I don’t know…

  • TJ

    No thanks.

  • Rob Bronco

    I am not a Michael Vick fan. I never have been. His instinct is to run before he throws, and you don’t win long term doing that. But on a broader level, the Broncos would become even more of a media circus, and we want to avoid that at all costs. It was embarassing to have to go through that in the offseason, and I’m sure that Broncos fans don’t want to deal with that all season long. Not only that, but IF the Broncos were to pick up Vick and he got busted again for something, we would be the laughing stock of the league.

  • phill

    guys look what McD did for Cassel last year. Cassel is not that good but had great numbers. I see Orton doing the same.

  • roshon2411

    Well, if they did sign him a think it would take a little heat and the media off of McDaniels but would prolly put more on the team/Bowlen, so don’t think they will.

  • Brian

    Personally I feel Michael Vick served real time and has been reprimanded enough. What he did was horrrible but he lost two years of his life, millions of dollars in wages as well as potential endorsements. I am glad that the NFL has allowed Mike Vick to be reinstated. He has paid his debt, so let him move on with his life. As a talent, he exceeds Orton and Simms combined. I would love to see Vick in orange and blue, only wearing a different number than seven on his jersey. I know that I will catch flack from those who think Michael has not been punished enough but I also want my favorite team to get better. Do what it takes to be successful. Those who are Holier than thou, I send you a Mile High Salute. Being that you haven’t made mistakes, committed any sins or broken any commandments, you are the ideal role model. As for myself, I am not perfect but I do have the abilty to forgive especially when it comes to the Broncos. Now is Michael Vick the embodiment of what the Denver Broincos are? No but success has a wayof changing people’s perspectives. Besides, worst case senario we can always start him at nose tackle.

  • Jack Burton

    What, we haven’t had enough Drama in Dove Valley this year? Let’s go after Brett Favre and Plaxico too, while we’re at it.

  • kerry

    yeah lets bail Clarett and Travis Henry out of jail too. then McDaniels would be hailed as A SUPER GENIUS!

  • Mr.East

    I’m down.

  • N1freestyle

    Lawrence Taylor won MVP after using Cocaine. Brett Farve was an opiate junkie and went on to be one of the greatest of all time. NFL players deserve a break just like any other person convicted of a crime.

    GET VICK! The NFL is A DOGFIGHT ! Besides half the players on any team are Thugs, Gangsters,Wife beaters or some kind of criminal. C’mon the government is full of felons who offer far less to the public.

    Football is a job for the players and entertainment for the public. No one should be prevented from doing their profession after they have completed their sentance unless the job threatens the victim. …like a Pedaphile as a daycare worker. Vick should not own a kennal but NO PROBLEM when it comes to pigskin.
    If Vick plays we all win.

  • Broncoholic


    Is 1 Cutler more physically talented than Orton & Simms combined? Yes. My argument wasn’t that Orton/Simms is better than Cutler. My argument is that Orton/Simms is a better starter backup combo than Cutler/Ramsey. We had the worst backup QB in the league last year. Orton/Simms is a better QB situation than Cutler/Ramsey. That’s no knock on Cutler, it speaks much more about Ramsey.

    That being said, I can’t wait for the season to start so you can shut up about Orton already. Sure, you hate him. That’s fine. But just like with McD, I’m willing to let them play before declaring them a hoorible failure as you do every single day.

  • Creampuff825

    As a Bronco fan I think this year will be interesting with our new coach and quarterback. We will see if the front office knows what they are doing. We can guess and debate everything but it is what it is. We have Orton/Simms for now with everything subject to change…. As far as Vick, he has served his time but that doesn’t eliminate the memories of what he did. I think he should be reinstated but not with the Broncos thank you very much.
    He has talent but rusty.

  • Brian

    Who would sign first…Moreno or Vick?

  • Creampuff825

    At least 2 years ago Vick was tested and proven but Moreno is a what if? He has college experience but not NFL experience. So if they both are to sign then hopefully Vick so he can get into the program as soon as possible. Vick will sign first no doubt.

  • clarke

    seriously why not, vick before his stupidity was one of the most exciting players in the nfl. He has amazing speed, good play action, and a strong arm. By spending time in jail, he will have to do whatever is ask from him in order to succeed in his life. Bronco’s fans would come down hard, but isn’t everyone enable of a second chance? Vick would bring a lot of bad press, but still, this risk might be worth the reward.

  • Rob Bronco

    Man I miss the old days of Elway, Smith, McCaffery, and TD. Good times.

  • runescape gold

    Like no one saw this coming. They should have made him wait at least 6 months to a year before reinstatement. How many black men are getting their jobs back after getting out of prison? I guess Money and wining will forgive all sins. On another point if Vick doesn’t produce he’ll quickly be bounced back out of the NFL.
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  • herc rock

    Even after two years of prison food and daily anal rapings he’s still gotta be better than Phil Simms albino kid, right?

  • DC

    I would sign him if we got into the Wildcat.

  • (dee)

    Lets get Kerry out of retirement to play!??!?!?? Oh wait nevermind …

  • Jon Krause

    could u imagine a wild cat with Knowshon and Vick! :O And less time with Orton on the field! =) Just sayin…

    I’m glad he can play again hope he does well, tho I doubt he’ll be a Bronco I sure wouldn’t mind.

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