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Published on 06/23/2009 at Tue Jun 23 10:54.
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AP Photo/David Zalubowski

AP Photo/David Zalubowski

The thought of both Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall wearing a different shade of orange and blue in 2009 is enough to make most Denver Broncos fans cringe. With the recent Marshall trade drama, the scenario isn’t entirely unlikely.

Cutler, now a member of the Chicago Bears, is aware of this. Never one afraid to speak his mind, Cutler spoke highly of Marshall in an interview with the Newport News (Va.) Daily Press Tuesday, sounding hopeful the higher-ups in Chicago would look at bringing in Marshall. Quotes after the jump.

“I talked to ‘B’ a few days ago. Just checking in on him and seeing how he’s doing, because I went through a similar thing that he’s going through.

“I played with Brandon for three years and I think he’s one of the best receivers in the NFL. I think he can be one of the greatest ever to play.

“He’s big and fast, and can do everything you want him to do, on the field and in the meeting room. I don’t know what we’re going to do. That’s up to the guys upstairs. If we make a run at him, we make a run at him.”

While not openly campaigning for #15 to make the commute to Chicago, Cutler made it clear that he wouldn’t mind being reunited with his former favorite target. I’m sure Brandon wouldn’t mind, either.

I’m hoping the Broncos, however, aren’t in the same hurry to appease Marshall that they were in to rid themselves of Cutler. Trading BMarsh simply sends the wrong message, and it’s time for McDaniels and Bowlen to show the players and fans who is running the show. Sorry, Cutler, I think you’ll be left with Devin Hester and company for awhile.

  • T-Money

    I don’t think that he’ll go anywhere based on the fact that he’s worth more than we can get. I honestly don’t see it happening. But then again, Pat Bowlen is full of surprises.

  • kerry

    IF Marshall stays, his numbers are gonna drop drastically, he knows this, he wants the big money or a trade. but here is what nobody seems to wanna face, Marshall is gonna be T.O. number 2 out there and he will wreck the locker room with his whining about not getting the ball and so on and so on. its gonna be moe of a disruption then anything.

  • DHB

    This just in! Young gunslinger QB wants to work with big strong WR with scoring potential every time he touches the ball.

    In other news, two whinny self centered athletes continue to dominate news for sport deprived community during slow/off season.

    Fluff piece… it seems some broncos volunteered to run Red Rocks instead of a regular field workout. It’s nice to see a guy as ripped up as Josh Barret getting torn-up by the same amphatheatre that made me cry in my High School track days.

  • Andpark

    Looks like Marshall is staying and I for one am stoked. Sure with Moreno and a more balanced attack Marshall’s numbers will go down but I think Moss was still pretty successful in the NE system.

    I just watched an NFL replay of Orton and the Bears vs. whoever and Orton looked fine. One throw the ball tags Hester in the chest, doesn’t catch it and bounces up, INT. Not Orton’s fault, pretty good throw actually. Good luck Jay with receivers like that. Hester is no #1 reciever, barely a #2! No wonder Cutler wants Marshall in CHI.

  • ChuckD
  • herc rock

    I would love some chicken in my belly.

  • jcampb72

    I don’t care about cutler, him even saying that kind of stuff shows me the person he really is. Chicago fans should take note, cutler is no leader.

  • Kyle

    DHB – Yeah, I saw the photo gallery and covered it in my FB/Twitter. Josh Barrett is THE MAN, wheelbarrowing that shyte.

  • T-Money

    Opinions aside this is a good read.

  • jcampb72
  • Broncoholic

    “I talked to ‘B’ a few days ago. Just checking in on him and seeing how he’s doing, because I went through a similar thing that he’s going through.

    Yeah, real similar. Cutler refused to talk with the owner of the team. Not answering or returning his phone calls. Marshall went straight to Bowlen’s office and let him know what was up and what he wanted. Marshall handled it in house, while Jay handled it by having Cook make startegic leaks to the media from “a source close to the situation” and then refused any contact with the front office and owner.

    Nice try Cutler, but even an immature diva WR handled his dispute better than you handled yours. Keep wet dreaming about the thought of BMarsh, cause the Bears have nothing left to offer us for him. They have already mortgaged their future to bring you’re crybaby behind in.

  • Pete

    how the F do you see his numbers dropping? You yeah, he’s had 100+ catches each of the last 2 seasons, but you know what? That’s only #2 in the league over the last 2 years. You know who is #1? Wes Welker, a WR in JOSH MCDANIELS offense. Remember, he was the OC for the Patriots the last 2 seasons, and low and freaking behold, he produced the #1 receiving WR in all of football.
    So knowing this, can you pull your head out long enough to at least pretend that his numbers won’t “drop drastically”?

  • robtink242

    i dont recall Marshall disturbing the locker room…I’ve never heard any of his teamates even talk bad of him…Any way Marshall goes no where…The front office will have a everyonee straight…including the rookies

  • (dee)

    I thought Cutler said he would put up 30 TD”s and the Chicago WR’s were “just fine” to him….whata piece of garbage….a piece of garbage like an empty mcdonalds bag that “the beater” …. I mean ” the beast” slipped on.

    Cutler and Marshall has accomplished nothing of significance when it comes to winning football games… I want players that want to win , and pay the price ….not these lightweights

    Easy E, Rod Smith, TD , Elway, Sharpe, Atwater …..we use to have winners on this team not whiners.

    B Marsh complained about a bad hip ….didnt TO play in the superbowl on a broken leg ?

    Suck it up BMARSH you sound like a bitch.

  • Jon Krause

    i go to the to vote for the all time team and it never works? anybody got any ideas why? it comes up and says: what player such-in-such, then shows the answer, then nothing happens? i have flash, so thats not the problem? help?

  • Jon Krause

    now it says errer failed to load data?

  • broncoNM

    McD should listen to what the bears have to offer… Im all for BMarsh staying in denver but chicago is one of few teams that might over pay for Marshalls services. Marshall would be a dream senario for them. Lets see what they are willing to pay? Despite what cutler might think chicago’s WR corps are horrible. Cant imagine what they could offer at this point but we should strive to have the bears 1st rd draft picks till 2013… Maybe they follow their beloved Ditka’s footsteps and offer us their entire 2010 draft

  • Olen

    What do other teams do when someone is whinning to be traded and what are the outcomes ?

  • jcampb72

    I h8 this month and a half. Its the worst time of year.

  • Anthony

    Well obviously Cutler wants Marshall on the Bears. The Bears don’t have a receiver with even half of the abilities that BMarsh has, what a no-brainer.

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  • Ben

    This whole situation will play out 2 be just like the chad johnson and anquan boldin dilemas… i suspect bmarsh will stay and sign a new contract… and as far as marshall not wanting 2 win… i completley disagree he has more heart than a shit load of other players out there hav u guys evr seen him fight for the extra 5 yards?

  • kerry

    hey Pete im not gonna pretend about anything. Kyle Orton osnt near the QB Tom Brady is and Matt Cassell was years familiar with the system. Orton isnt. he has one offseason to learn the system and he will make a ton of mistakes. Marshalls numbers will drop and everyone knows it. Welker got alot of catches that were short underneath catches and he only had 3 TD’s last year. if anyone is gonna replicate that it would be Eddie Royal. Eddie Royal will be the Wes Welker type WR. Marshall will TRY and be Randy Moss of the McDaniels system, but he doesnt have the speed and drops alot of passes. and Orton doesnt have the arm to hit Marshall on deep routes.

  • robtink242

    kerry your right and your wrong. Orton isnt going to wow us period he needs a solid running back and defense to anything. that we dont have.
    On the other hand McDaniels isnt getting paid to replicate NE he cant and will be a fool to do so. this isnt going be a complicated offense they going to pound the ball on the ground by committee or single back. Marshall will have catches in the 90+ he is just that talented. Royal will have a 80+ range. there ability to get open is something special. none of us play for the broncos so we dont kno the play book lets just wait for preseason.

  • Kyle

    We’re having some great twitter conversations/hypotheticals on Brandon Marshall. Check em out at

  • kerry


    yeah but here is the thing. it doesnt matter if Marshall has 100 catches for 1,300 yards. if he doesnt get into the end zone then all his yards are worthless. and Marshall doesnt exactly find the end zone. everybody talks about Wes Welker being so awesome, yet he scored a whole 3 TD’s last year.

  • Pete

    well, Marshall scored a whole 6 TD’s last year. What’s your point? Neither number is #1 WR worthy already. How about you address where you can guarantee that he’ll get less catches. He isn’t Randy Moss, so he won’t be flying down the field catching bombs. He isn’t as swift in and out of cuts as Welker/Royal, so he won’t be the slot receiver. I see him more of a hybrid Moss/Welker player. Catch alot of 10+ yard slants or go routs. He can easily catch 100+ balls this season doing just that.
    Throw your trash about Orton not even being Cassol out the window. Cassol hasn’t started a game since high school, and there he was starting NFL games. I think that’s a much larger hurdle to jump than only having 1 offseason to learn the offense.
    I’m just tired of your garbage “the sky is falling” outlook. You always say nobody ever brings up valid points to counter you, well, here I am. Hope you can handle me!

  • Kyle

    I get the whole “McD did it with Cassel, he can do it with Orton” philosophy. It’s a growing sentiment amongst Broncos fans.

    Here’s the thing – he had Jay freaking Cutler! Imagine the steps Jay-C would have taken! PROLIFIC. OFFENSE. And he blew it. I hate McD for that. He better not blow it with Marshall.

  • Pete

    Start naming all time great QB’s that didn’t have great WR’s?
    Yeah, Elway is 1, Marino his later years is 2, start naming more. As soon as you run out after another 2, maybe 3, I’ll ask you to start naming great WR’s who didn’t have great QB’s. Now I’ll pose this question to you… Did the WR make the QB look better than he really was? Or did the QB make the WR look better than he really was? Sometimes it is neither, but sometimes, who we thought was a great QB (Culpepper), could only do it with allstar WR’s on his team (Moss). Could Cutler/Marshall be the same? Before anyone goes bashing the coach by trading Cutler, let’s see how Cutler does without his pro bowl WR and should have been Pro Bowl WR, as well as the best offensive line in all of football. Don’t be surprised to see Cutler fall back down to Earth. It takes an exceptional QB, a Hall of Fame caliber QB to win and post good numbers without very good WR’s.

  • Pete

    There is also no telling how Cutler would do in this offense. How can someone assume it would be prolific? He could have been a disaster. He locked onto Marshall all the time and forced way too many balls into places it didn’t belong. I contend that he might have taken a step backwards in this offense. I can almost guarantee you that we finish better than #16 in the league in scoring this year. Which would show that Orton is more “prolific” than Cutler, by most people’s standards.

  • robtink242

    no he hasnt had touchdown filled seasons….. but hey i guess your fine with jabar gaffney or that guy we got in the fourth or fifth round…..Yeah you probally see where i’m going with this….There are many recievers close to Marshall talent wise in marshall 6 season he’ll have more YAC than Randy Moss…. Enough time he’ll have more touchdowns that Wes Welker (w/e his TD number is)……HE is a TALENT and its a reason teams want him. Pay the man and stipulate the contract….The only reciever that will be better than him in the next 4-5 season is Andre Johnson.

  • MikeY55


    Its easier to get yards on a longer field then it is in a shorter field like the redzone… and as you get closer the personel changes accordingly its kind of like looking at chris johnson is worse then lendale white because lendale had more touchdowns had way more touchdowns… what if eddie has a 75 yard catch and run and runs out of gas at the 5 and we run the ball in does that make the 75 yards worhtless??? or what if were in the endzone and we playaction to a tightend a VERY popular redzone play in the NFL. the only way that all those yards would be worthless without any touchdowns is in fantasy football. i mean look at reggie williams 2 seasons ago he had less then 700 yards receiving but he had 10 touchdowns would you take that production over a 1200 6 touchdown season by marshall.. i read alot of your comments and i agree with a fair amount of your opinions and points you make kerry but this one i think is your worse argument you’ve made

  • kerry

    Pete you havent countered anything ive said with valid points. you only show your hopes that Marshall can catch 100 balls. yet common sense dictates an inferior QB means a drop in numbers for a WR. kind like how Randy moss went from 1,493 yards and 23 TD’s to 1,008 yards on 69 catches. hmmmm. i wonder why that is. inferior QB play is the reason. kind of like here. and Orton isnt near as prepared to run this system like Cassel was. Cassel had years to learn and prepare. Orton doesnt. Orton is nowhere near as mobile as Cassel is. Orton is a known statue in the pocket and folds to the pressure. McDaniels loves 4 and 5 WR sets so Marshall number will drop be cause of more options on the field. Marshall got so many catches because Cutler forced the ball to him and looked for him on every play. Orton isnt gonna do that. and above all Orton does NOT take chances with the football. he will do some many short dumpoffs to the RB and TE that Marshall wont be getting those 10 yard slant routes you mention. theres a reason why when Orton played last year that their RB was the leading pass catcher.

    and really, who cares if Marshall does get 100 catches. if he doesnt get into the end zone then yardage means nothing. Marshall isnt a red zone threat, never has been. he drops too many passes (which by the way is a statistical fact) and Marshall will command a double team alot also, therefore numbers will drop because Orton will go to others because Marshall is doubleteamed and Orton is notorious for not taking chances and letting his guys make plays. Marshall’s numbers wont drop because of Marshall. they will drop because Orton is a “play not to lose QB” kind of like Trent Dilfer was in 2000. he did just enough to not lose. but really i think you should go and actually watch games of Orton and watch how inaccurate he really is. go watch in praticular the Saints/Bears game of last year. theres a reason why the guy has never thrown for more then 3,000 yards a season and why he was benched for the playoffs in 05. the guy doesnt generate offense.

  • Pete

    Really, Inferior QB under this system? What were his 2009 week 1 stats? Ohh, he hasn’t played a game yet? Is this where you’re getting your “stats”? No, you’re making them up out of thin air, and talking like your opinion is fact. How do you know that Orton won’t put up Cutler type numbers? Last year in Chicago, he had WR’s who if you combined their talent together, would barely make 1 Brandon Marshall. He had a swiss cheese offensive line. How in the world can you blame those things on Orton? Because by saying he’s inferior, you are blaming all that on Orton.
    Does orton have Cutlers physical skills? No, but neither did Joe Montana, Tom Brady,
    How about you back up 1, just 1 of your wild opinions with fact. Show me how in 2009 under Josh McDaniels system, with Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, Brandon Stokley, Tony Scheffler, Daniel Graham, and our Offensive Line, that Orton threw for less yards, and less TD’s than Cutler. Show me that magical stat, and then I’ll actually put 1 ounce of weight to your hairbrained conclusions.
    Also, you just contradicted yourself. You said his numbers would dramatically drop. You said he won’t get his catches, and that he only scored 6TDs. Nnow you say “who cares if he get’s 100 catches, if he doesn’t get TD’s, they are worthless”. HELLO!!! he only got 6TD’s last year. There isn’t very much of a direction he can go but up in that category, so tell me again how his TD numbers will decline?
    Orton didn’t have the opportunity to take a chance with the ball in chicago. He was getting pressured on damn near every pass play. he was also throwing to receivers who couldn’t catch the ball if they had stickum on their gloves. In this offense, he’ll have time to make decisions, time to throw longer passes, time to hit Marshall on 10 yard outs.
    You also said that Cutler locked onto Marshall and forced him the ball on every play. Right there shows how BAD of a QB Cutler really is. Any decent QB would rather take a 5 yard dumpoff to the TE or RB than force the ball to a double covered WR who at that point turns into a CB to swat the ball out of the defenders hands. I know you watched the same games as I did. Damn near every other ball thrown to Marshall, he swatted it down, because it was gonna be an INT. Without those headsup plays by Marshall, Cutler might have had 40+ INT’s.

  • Brian

    This off season has been a whirlwind of craziness that the only koolaid I might partake of is the kind Jim Jones served his followers. But alas I am one for a silver lining. Tony Kornhieser is no longer on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. That means I don’t have to listen to his little smart ass comments and general knowledge of pure crap that doesn’t even pertain to football. The ESPN version of MondayNight Football is a weak , piss poor, shadow of what it’s original predissesor was. So even if the Broncos don’t fair too wellthis season, the commentators won’t get their chance to piss me off as often as in previous seasons.

  • rcsodak

    Hey kerry, you wouldn’t be so vilified if you’d us the “I think” on occasion. Quit acting like you’re in the know; some of the kids might get the wrong idea.

    As for the ‘welker type’, that belongs to Stokley for now. He’s the slot go-to guy, is he not?

    And to use a crappy game by Orton & co. to make your point, is blatantly abysmal. ANYBODY can do that! Hell, I could pull up a Brady or Manning game that could make them look like shit too.
    I’d say having the yards he DID have, with the wr corp he had, shows just how good he CAN be. He actually has receivers now, instead of converted st’ers.

    You’re such a downer, are you from Massachussetts?

  • kerry


    i know Orton wont put up Cutler stats because he isnt that good. theres a reason why this guy was benched for Rex Grossmen in 05. theres a reason why everybody in Chicago was thrilled to get rid of this guy. and yeah im blaming Orton for the INT’s he threw along with the 5 fumbles he commited. nobody else threw those INT’s, just like nobody but Cutler threw his INT’s. and until Orton PROVES otherwise he is still a bum QB as everybody outside the kool-aid drinking fools knows. Orton had to do the 5 yard dumpoff because he couldnt do anything like throw the ball downfield with any accuracy.

    but way to TRY and make an arugument by just whining and say “oh show me 2009 stats” when the bottomline is, take away an good QB and replace him with an inferior QB and numbers will drop. i already proved that with the Randy Moss comparison. common sense proves when you replace talent with non talent then the team and numbers will suffer. if you take a chef out of a kitchen and replace him with a retard, does the food remain good or get better?? no it doesnt. it gets worse. getting rid of Cutler for a guy that NOBODY thinks is a good QB is not addition by subtraction. and if you look at numbers, which you clearly never do, both Culter and Orton have the same turnover percentage. and if you think Cutler threw balls that might have been INT’s, wait until you see Orton try to throw deep. Orton throws up lame duck passes because he has no arm strength. which is also fact. i know, ive seen him throw. i watch more then just bronco games. and no i didnt contradict myself. if i did i would have said “Marshall will have big numbers” that would be contradicting my previous statement of saying marshall’s numbers will drop. im saying right now he wont have 100 catches. im saying right now he wont even have 10 TD’s. maybe not even 6.

    and no any decent Qb would not rather take a 5 yard dumpoff over a big pass play. weak armed dink and dunk QB’s like Orton would rather take a dumpoff pass as opposed to try and make a big play. the truely good and great QB’s look to make plays. Orton looks to not turn it over but he sure wont go out and make the big plays it takes to win a game. one he doesnt have the talent, and 2 he plays not lose. Orton isnt gonna go out and win a game for a team. which he clearly showed he cant do since he has been in the league. and being in Denver isnt gonna just magically turn him into some star QB. i mean i know you would be making the same argument for ANY QB as long as he wore a Denver uniform no matter how bad he is. you would be making this argument for Chris Simms too. or Tom Brandstater or even the freaking peanut guy.

  • kerry


    dude Orton has never threw for 3,000 yards in an entire season since he got in the NFL. so saying “oh the yards he did have shows how good he can be” well thats a ridiculous statement. it doesnt show anything other then the fact that he cant produce with less like some actually good QB’s can. Orton doesnt make a team around him better. the team has to prop him up. last year he had a 1,200 yard rusher and the number 5 run defense in football and still couldnt take the team anywhere. in 2005 the bears had the number 2 defense in football and Orton gets benched in favor of Grossmen for the playoffs. these are all telltale signs that this guy just isnt good. some QB’s just dont have it. Orton is one of those. he was being pressured for the starting job by a guy who hasnt played in two years!! come on. oh wait let me add this…..I THINK. PFFT

    its not the fact im a downer, its that i look past the fact he now wears a Broncos uniform. being bad then putting on a Broncos uniform doesnt magically change the guy into some great player. i wish some of you on here would actually see that.

  • Pete

    Your Randy Moss analogy was weak. He broke Jerry Rice’s record. Do you think that the year after Rice made the record, he matched those numbers? HELL NO! He had a drop off in numbers as well. There was no way in Hell that Moss would have put up the same numbers, even with Brady, so no, you didn’t make any sort of point with your Moss analogy.
    I watched passes from Orton where he hit the receiver square in the chest, and they couldn’t catch the ball, it bounced off their chest, and it got picked off. I do not hold those against Orton, such as, I wouldn’t hold it against Cutler, so you are a damned fool if you put it all on Orton.
    From what I read, all Ortons teammates thought they were losing a great leader and football player, and all the Chicago fans said we were getting one hell of a QB. What part of that is “everybody was thrilled to get rid of the guy”?
    Again, you say he only threw the ball 5 yards cause he can’t throw the deep ball. I contend that it is because A) his WR’s sucked. B) his line didn’t provide protection for him to set up the deep ball C) he’s smart enough to know that if a WR is double covered downfield, and the RB is standing there waiving his hands in the air like he’s being attacked by bees cause he’s so wide open, he’d rather get the easy yards than throw to a double covered WR (this is something Cutler hasn’t learned yet).
    I believe I quoted you and your contradiction. reading comprehension is a wonderful thing ;-)
    And you can take your “any decent Qb would not rather take a 5 yard dumpoff over a big pass play” crap talk out of here. Brady constantly dumps the ball off for 5 yards. Peyton Manning also does the same thing. These are regarded of the 2 best QB’s in the last 10-15 years, and they CONSTANTLY dump the ball off to their RB’s and TE’s. So what you are essentially saying is that you’d rather have Cutler, who with his complete lack of field vision, constantly throws to a double and sometimes triple teamed Marshall, which ends in Marshall batting the ball away from the corner backs, all the while he has other options wide open, over Tom Brady, Peyton Manning etc…? those QB’s play the safe game and not only WIN, but put up great passing yards.
    And here’s a tip, Marshall caught 7 TDs 2 years ago, 6 TDs last year. He’s on a downward trend for TD numbers, even with your boy Cutler at the helm.
    What else you got? cause so far, I think you are failing miserably in all of your points.

  • Kyle

    Seriously, if Jay Cutler had never been traded, would anyone be saying “Man, I wish we had Kyle Orton!” Of course not. Was anyone saying that in 2008? Of course not. When you think about it, Cutler’s problem — locking onto receivers — is a wonderfully fixable problem. Orton’s problems are more numerous and less fixable. Arm strength. Accuracy. Mobility.

    Also, people forget Cassel was pretty bad for the first half of the season. Will the Broncos defense be ready to take over games the way the Patriots had to last year?

    I do think the Broncos will be better, because I like the direction the defense is going, but they would have been EVEN better with Cutler, without question in my mind.

  • Pete

    Montana didn’t have arm strength.
    Montana didn’t have mobility
    and until Orton has WR’s who can actually catch a perfectly thrown ball, don’t throw his accuracy which was 59.something % in his face. He threw a lot of catchable balls that any WR worth anything would have caught, thus putting him over the 60% plateau.
    I will agree that if we had Cutler, I wouldn’t be saying “gee, I wish we had Orton”, but then again, I didn’t want us to draft Cutler to begin with. I remember vividly on draft day when we got him, I said to my friends “we just drafted Kyle Boller”… Time will tell if I’m right or not. Boller never had Cutler’s weapons, and he had a 2 cent head. We’ll see how Cutler fairs now that he doesn’t have the weapons, and we’ll see if his 2 cent head can be fixed.

  • Nicole

    THANK YOU FOR THE POST! I never approved of Cutler being traded because having gone through all this stuff myself, it only ended up becoming a nice day for the other team. Regardless of what people may think of Jay (I’m the outsider here, of course) he was a young qb (like Romo) and he was still “being molded.” Of course no one was saying trade him in 2008 just like there was no need to trade him in 2009. This could’ve/should’ve been fixed and this road will get “bumpy” because whether people like it or not, “the book” has been written on how to “get over.” That trade never should’ve happened because as I’ve said before, they opened a “flood gate.” I wouldn’t wish the prospect of paying 6 qbs for one job on anyone because not only is it time consuming and expensive but it is emotionally exhausting. Cutler is alot like Romo, they are “gunslingers” and it takes a while to “reel” them in, but it can be done. In effect, the broncos helped Cutler get to the Super Bowl alot quicker in the NFC. The power struggle should between:Romo, McNabb, Manning, and Brees. I’ve gone through the phase of “I’m glad he’s gone” myself and it lasted all of about one season because the fact that the player made it to the “Big Game” and he wasn’t wearing my jersey was a tough pill to swallow and I never forgot how that felt. If people choose to call him names that’s fine, but the fact is that the broncos helped Cutler get to the super bowl alot quicker. He was a good qb in Denver and should’ve stayed put, regardless. No one forced Mr. Bowlen to grant that trade, he may be guilty of not thinking things through himslef-that’s a tough pill to swallow. QB salaries are skyrocketing and they chose the wrong time to do this, I would rather pay Jay $100 million then go into the draft and “cross my fingers.” Jay is a good qb and I respect his talent so I do expect him to go far. Why on earth would the Broncos help another team “fix a problem” when they waited nearly a decade to fix their own.

    I don’t wish this upon anyone, it’s too painful.

  • Nicole

    I’m sorry, but one line got deleted. Jay will also be in the power struggle in the NFC.

  • kerry

    hey Pete im gonna use your logic about if Moss would have put up the same numbers the next year after he put up his 23 TD’s…….ready for it….WELL HOW DO YOU KNOW??!! SHOW ME THE STATS OF WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF TOM BRADY HADNT GOTTEN INJURED. OH THATS RIGHT YOU CANT. isnt that the logic you are using?

    and Marshalls TD’s numbers went down, not because of Cutler, but because of Shanahan being so conservative inside the 20’s. if you actually watched games and studied them you would know this. and Marshall isnt a deep threat so he wasnt getting many TD’s outside of the 20’s. but again you dont seem to realize that. and Brady and Manning would take a 35 yard TD pass over a 5 yard dumpoff anyday of the week. and to say otherwise is sheer stupidity on your part.

    and you STILL cant make an arugment for why Orton may be successul here. ive PROVEN that his history of being in the NFL shows he doesnt have what it takes. but then you blame the WR’s and the O-line. and ive backed up all my points with common sense and fact. ill do it again:

    and you say Brady and Manning play it safe. sure they do. when they have to, yet theyALSO have the talent to put up 4,000 yards plus every year and go on to win MVPs and SB’s. has Orton done that?? nope, never even been to the playoffs.or thrown for oevr 3,000 yards. but Brady and Manning also have the ability to make the big plays and WIN games on their sheer talent and they have the ability to make plays when it matters. Orton has shown that he doesnt have the ability to win a game for team if the rest of the team is playing bad. and since we have a shitty defense, (or do you think they are all amazing too) Orton wont be able to win in a shootout. as he has proven many times before.

    FACT, a weaker, less mobile QB makes a team weaker.
    FACT, Kyle Orton has failed miserably in this league due to his lack of mobility, lack of arm strength and indecision on the football field
    FACT, Cutler is better then Orton. hands down.
    FACT, a inferior QB means stats drop for a WR.
    FACT, if you go do research, you will see that Orton had the same turnover percentage last year that Cutler did. now show me one fact that shows Orton is a good QB and the long term answer for this team. oh thats right you cant because, your logic……. YOU CANT SHOW ME THE STAS FOR THE 2009 SEASON. right?

    you on the other hand have your, “well how do you know” and your “well maybe Orton can do this” and of course the ever popular “oh well its everybody elses fault” and yet you have NOT ONE SHRED of statistical proof that Orton is any good or if Orton can become good. all you have is your blind followers theory. thats all. try to see past the Uniform for a change. if Orton went to New England you would say he sucks. but because he is wearing a Denver uniform he is all of a sudden good. PFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT.

  • kerry


    you and i disagree alot but no this team will NOT be ready to take over defensively. not even close. at leats with Cutler we could have won in a shootout, especially with the addition of Moreno. Orton may not lose a game for us because he is ultra conservative, but he sure wont go and outscore an opponent for us.

  • Pete

    I’m about to get off of work, yeah, I know, I got a good job if I can post here all night, but I’m just gonna say that you have proven nothing with facts. All your Orton bashing is sheer speculation and “the sky is falling” propaganda. You say you have proven he isn’t a good QB and all I can say is that he had crappy WR, OL etc… well, he DID have crappy WRs and a crappy OL. Any QB, Manning and Brady included would struggle with the weapons that Orton had. I’ll go more indepth later, but again, you have proven nothing. Common sense shows that Orton is in an offense that has 100 times the talent as Chicago’s, so I absolutely expect much, much better things from him in Denver than he achieved in Chicago.
    More to come tomorrow. Goodnight, and thanks for taking this all like a pro. :thumbsup:

  • kerry

    hey pete you are some genius you know that? i havent proven anything with facts? HAHAHA. um ok. that doesnt even make sense. ive proven everything by displaying facts. you cant prove something without facts genius. duh! ive shown proof, therefore they are facts. you on the other hand have done neither. and Orton bashing isnt speculation if he has shown he isnt a good QB. man im debating a real genius here. and Brady NEVER, until Moss, had a Pro Bowl receiver or even a receiver worth mentioning and still won the SB in 2001. he had decent solid receivers. nothing more. Orton had 2 decent receivers last year in Hester and Olsen with a 1,200 yard rusher in Forte and STILL couldnt take the team to the playoffs. ever think it is just because Orton sucks? no couldnt be that. he is a Bronco now so he MUST BE GOOD right?

    and here is another thing, it doesnt matter if Orton is in a more talented offense. if the QB sucks, as Orton has shown himself to do, then the entire offense suffers. the QB is where it all begins. all the talent in the world cant make up for a shitty QB. unless that talent is on the defense and the defense can win games by themselves, and this team isnt exactly the steel curtain defense.

    i havent proven anything with facts huh? so i have what, disproven things with facts? HAHAHA. um ok man. “i havent proven anything with facts” wow. thats a genius statement.

  • Olen

    Why is offense a big conversation . Defense is very important . No matter how good the offense is defense still has to stop the other guys.

  • jchase8410

    oooooh!!! I want to play this game!

    FACT Kerry should change his name to negative nancy

    FACT Kerry has never once posted a positive comment

    FACT Kerry doesn’t even try to look for anything positive in anything the Broncos do

    Look at all the arguments I just backed up with facts. :)

    FACT putting FACT in front of your opinions doesn’t make things true.

    FACT Cutler refused to be a Bronco, and forced Pat Bowlen’s hand

  • Kyle

    Randy Moss had 2/3 the yards and 1/2 the touchdowns he had the year before. That’s significant.

    Pete, you haven’t proven anything with facts either. How can either side? Of course it’s all speculation… regarding Chicago’s WR’s, let’s not forget that BMarsh had a lot more dropped passes than any Bears receiver. I’m sure that makes that point moot as well.