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Published on 06/23/2009 at Tue Jun 23 10:54.
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AP Photo/David Zalubowski

AP Photo/David Zalubowski

The thought of both Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall wearing a different shade of orange and blue in 2009 is enough to make most Denver Broncos fans cringe. With the recent Marshall trade drama, the scenario isn’t entirely unlikely.

Cutler, now a member of the Chicago Bears, is aware of this. Never one afraid to speak his mind, Cutler spoke highly of Marshall in an interview with the Newport News (Va.) Daily Press Tuesday, sounding hopeful the higher-ups in Chicago would look at bringing in Marshall. Quotes after the jump.

“I talked to ‘B’ a few days ago. Just checking in on him and seeing how he’s doing, because I went through a similar thing that he’s going through.

“I played with Brandon for three years and I think he’s one of the best receivers in the NFL. I think he can be one of the greatest ever to play.

“He’s big and fast, and can do everything you want him to do, on the field and in the meeting room. I don’t know what we’re going to do. That’s up to the guys upstairs. If we make a run at him, we make a run at him.”

While not openly campaigning for #15 to make the commute to Chicago, Cutler made it clear that he wouldn’t mind being reunited with his former favorite target. I’m sure Brandon wouldn’t mind, either.

I’m hoping the Broncos, however, aren’t in the same hurry to appease Marshall that they were in to rid themselves of Cutler. Trading BMarsh simply sends the wrong message, and it’s time for McDaniels and Bowlen to show the players and fans who is running the show. Sorry, Cutler, I think you’ll be left with Devin Hester and company for awhile.

  • jcampb72
  • robtink242

    Kerry acts to me like someone who tried out for the team but got cut. He probaly is a home town boy so he’ll always be a Bronco he just doesn’t like the best coach this team ever had. and that hate appears to be transfering over to McDaniels.

    Guys i know this is a blog site and are minds tend to wonder off. But, lets all remember that none of us practice, plays, coaches or train for the broncos we dont have a playbook end result the 2009 broncos is going to be a new team with a different look.

  • Katch22

    Wait I have a fact for you……
    FACT: Orton has won more games.
    FACT: Cutler has lost more games.
    FACT: Kerry has sand in his vag year round so he can’t be positive about anything.
    FACT: I’m a Bronco fan regardless.
    FACT: I’m still going to watch the Broncos.
    SUSPECT: Jay Cutler might be using the name “Kerry” on some blogs.

    Look I can do it too!!! I love this site.

  • roshon2411

    Wow, one day away from the site and someone is comparing Orton to Joe Montana? Orton has one 300 yard game in his career, how many does Montana? Orton’s a bum, the same as Matt Cassel. Remember Matt Cassel took a 18-1 team and they went 11-5. The Broncos are going to see a similar drop off.

    I continue to hear how the offense was bad b/c they were 16th in the league in scoring. 16th is middle of the road but they were also 5.8 pts a game from being #1. 5.8 more pts a game and they still would have been 8-8. Again the defense has more to do with the offense’s production as Cutler and Marshall. If the defense gets a few more three and outs or creates more than 13 takeaways they’re in the top 10.

    The 28+ ppg given up is the reason this team wasn’t better, not Cutler and Marshall. Only teams to give up more than the Broncos were the Rams and the Lions. What were their records? Before that you have to go back to 2004 to find a team that gave up more than 28+. Face it last year’s Broncos defense was probably one of worst in the history of the NFL.


    How can you actually believe Cutler is comparable Kyle Boller. The guy essentially played his first true healthy year and put up incredible numbers and pulled out 8 wins with a team that should have been in 4-12. I think most of us forget he was an undiagnosed diabetic in his 2nd season. He still played every game despite losing 32 pounds. I never heard a public complaint.

    I’m pissed at McDaniel’s for even contemplating a trade for Cutler and Bowlen for letting his ego get in the way of Cutler staying. Does Cutler deserve blame, of course, but I expect the 25 year old to be a little childish not the Head Coach or Owner.

  • T-Money

    Holy crap… These are some of the most redundant comments that I think I have every read. People should know by now that Kerry is allowed to have opinions wether they are ‘fact’ or pure speculation. And 100% of the time they are negitive. It’s not going to change, get over it, move on with you life, there are more important things to bitch about.

    About the only ‘fact’ that stands true is that NOBODY…NOT ONE PERSON…on this blog knows ANYTHING about what, when, how, because, where, or why the 2009-2010 Denver Broncos are going to do anything. Rookies cannot be compared to 10 year vets, QBs cannot be based on previous years, defenses cannot be judged on the previous year.

    New Staff + New Players + Draft – QB + QB(1/2) + New Systems = (to be determined)

    Believe what want but nobody can convince me that they know anything. Look at teams that have major turn around years after hitting rock bottom.

  • Pete

    T-Money, I agree 100%

  • herc rock

    FACT: kittens are cute!

  • jcampb72

    Does anyone feel like a our success hinges on the play of our D-Line? I truely believe Orton will be fine. He might struggle at times but at least he won’t make me feel like his play will determine if we get a W or L, Jay Cutler. Next year we better get a real NT and DE’s.

  • (dee)

    why is this still a topic?

  • Estes2SD

    Fact: Jay Cutler touched Casey Wiegmann inappropriately.

    Fact: Jay Cutler likes fat chicks.

    Fact: Orton is the only QB I have ever seen thrw a chew in on a sideline.

  • Estes2SD

    throw not thrw

    Fact: I can’t spell

  • Jack Burton

    Cutler would love to shut up. THAT is what I wish Cutler would love to do.

  • kerry

    here is something funny, all this arguing may be a moot point anyway because Marshall may still get suspended during the season.

  • jchase8410

    FACT…i hope this fact thing stays around!