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Published on 06/17/2009 at Wed Jun 17 10:57.
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Boss Bailey

A year after joining the Denver Broncos‘ linebacker corps, Boss Bailey isn’t making the cut.

Multiple sources are reporting that Bailey has been released by the Broncos, putting a premature ending to a Bailey Brothers campaign that was expected to bolster the Broncos defense for years but lasted only six games. The seven-year veteran signed a five-year, $17.5 million deal with the Broncos in 2008, with $8 million coming in the first two years of the contract.

The Broncos also reportedly released linebacker and long-time special teams ace Louis Green on Tuesday. Green was a special teams standout after signing with the Broncos as an unrestricted free agent in 2004.

It must be noted that the Broncos have yet to confirm either roster move.

There’s a lot to take from these moves, assuming they’re true. First, the old regime really did have trouble evaluating defensive talent to sign and keep these veterans while the new staff cuts them before training camp. Second, the development of young guns like Elvis Dumervil, Tim Crowder, and yes, even Jarvis Moss at linebacker must be showing some promise for this coaching staff to feel comfortable enough to make these cuts. I can’t wait to see how the defense looks come training camp.

  • kerry

    Kyle dont forget to mention that the Broncos also extended Weigmanns contract. its on Rotoworld.

  • flbronc

    not torn up by either departure… thats great to hear we locked up weigmann!

  • Josh Temple

    I want to believe this is a good thing???

  • Mr.East

    Boss is fast… that’s about it.

  • Jack Burton

    Boss was a good guy and played well – when he played – but he can’t stay healthy. Unfortunately, those are the breaks.

  • herc rock

    Boss tore three knee ligaments when he heard the news.

  • Stav

    No problem with this. We need guys who can stay on the field, especially if they’re making alot.

  • Garrett Barnes

    and now let champ bailey begin asking for a trade lol jk.

  • roshon2411

    Wasn’t a big fan of Boss but didn’t think Denver had the depth chart on D to start releasing guys in June. Garret your right, wouldn’t be surprised if Champs next to want to go…

  • kerry

    Champ will wanna go just because. champ isnt getting older and im sure he would ACTUALLY like to go and win a SB title. imstill saying send him to New England for Vince Wilfork. they need CB help, we need a NT. they drafted Ron Brace who can make up for the loss of Wilfork. plus trading Champ will free up alot of money.

  • Mr.East


    Champ isn’t a whiner like Cutler and Marshall.

  • kerry


    so? a guy doesnt have to be a whiner to get traded. if Bailey does want out then we can get great value for him and free up cap space. you gonna tell me McDaniels wouldnt LOVE to dump a Shanny guy for HIS guy? yeah McDaniels would do that in a heartbeat. if he called and Belichick offered up Wilfork or Seymour, that deal would be done so fast.

  • Garrett Barnes


    seymour and wilfork wouldn’t be his guys. they are defense. i am sure he would trade for some journeyman defensive end and a hell of a lot of draft picks instead. not like i want it to happen.

  • merc22

    We might have a good squad this year, that cut of bailey allowed us to give Marshall money.

  • roshon2411


    Wasn’t the reason Denver ended up with Champ was because he wanted a fat contract?

  • Jon Krause`

    dude if we cut boss our ‘D’ must be ripped, dude its sorta a move we needed 2 make cuz boss bailey is not a 3-4 linebacker, but i liked him
    best of luck to him, i cant wait to see Elvis DOOMervil turned into a sack machine =)

  • jchase8410

    Wow, I have to read this article again, because I swear I didn’t read anything in there about CHAMP Baily…hmmm I must have missed it based on the comments…

  • kerry


    thats right i forgot, McDaniels doesnt believe in such silly things like defense. how could i forget that? i must be slipping.

  • http://bandit Dan Myers

    You TROLL or COACH BASHERS, wow. To even think about Coach McDaniels purposely releasing a player BECAUSE he was not HIS guys, hum your are dumb. And to comment that the coach does not care about defense is like saying Shanahan will return to coach the Broncos, hum really really dumb.

    Champ and Dawkins are set to lead the defense. ENOUGH SAID!

  • Jordan C

    Dan Myers –

    FYI –

    Also, fans = “coach bashers” if said fans hate the coaches. What else are fans for?

  • Joe H.

    Wow Kerry must work inside Broncos headquaters to have inside information. Because now Champ will want to be traded!!! Wow you heard it hear folks!!!!! Stop speculating about stuff you don’t know nothing about!!!

  • kerry

    Champ and Dawkins leading the defense doesnt mean the defense will be better DUH!!! pretend for a second that this is a team game, it takes 11 players to make a defense better. not 2. im working with some real geniuses here.

  • kerry

    and like last year when guys said “Bailey and Lynch will lead this defense” how did that work out? one got injured and the other wanted out of Denver. and the year before that “Lynch and Bailey are gonna lead this defense” how did that work out? defense still sucked. and the year before that “Lynch and Bailey will lead this defense” how did that work out? yep defense still sucked. all this leadership amounted to a 24-24 record over the last 3 years. but hey, at least we had some leadership those 3 years. PFFFFFTTTTTT

  • Mr.East

    I wish I had a nickel for every time Kerry said PFFFTTTTT.

    You can’t always assume that “he’s his guy.” Boss obviously was released because he isn’t healthy yet. To say that Champ and Ryan Clady are jumping ship now because of Boss Bailey is ludicrous. I can remember you slamming Boss and now that he’s gone you even find a way to slam that.

  • kerry


    im well aware that Boss was released because he is injured. and i didnt say Clady and Bailey ARE jumping ship, i said wouldnt be surprised if they did. and where am i slamming Boss Bailey?? i just went over my posts and didnt ANYWHERE see where i was slamming the release of Boss. im glad he is gone. one less bum taking up cap space.

  • CJ

    Bailey was traded for Clinton Portis
    If you ask me that was a horrible trade but anyways i dont think Josh Mcdanials would even think about trading champ. Mainly because if he loses Jay Brandon and Champ in one offseason he will lose all the fans respect

  • MikeY55

    we should bring back larry coyer and all the browncos that was when our defense was atleast respectable and could stop people