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Published on 06/16/2009 at Tue Jun 16 14:35.
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Brandon Marshall (Reuters Photo)

Brandon Marshall (Reuters Photo)

UPDATE: The Denver Post reports that conversations between the Broncos and Marshall will continue. McDaniels‘ response: “We met after Pat’s meeting with Brandon and are going to continue our dialogue with Brandon and his representative. We look forward to having Brandon at training camp.”

*Update:  The Ravens are seriously looking into the background of Marshall to possibly propose a trade.  Apparently the going rate for Brandon is a 1st and a 3rd round draft pick.

NFL Fanhouse is reporting that Pat Bowlen is granting Brandon Marshall’s request to be traded from the Broncos.

“Yes there was a meeting between Brandon, and Mr. Bowlen. There was a request for a trade. Mr. Bowlen has said that ownership will do everything in it’s power to accommodate his wishes,” said Marshall’s agent Kennard McGuire to Fox31 Sports’ Josina Anderson Tuesday morning.

Still no official word on this out of the front office and this does need to be taken with a grain of salt coming for Josina Anderson and her past sketchy reporting of player issues.  The Marcus Thomas rumors last season come to mind.  More to come as it’s released, poll after the jump.

Should the Broncos trade Brandon Marshall?

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  • Katch22

    You have got to be F*cking kidding me!!!

  • milehighs

    I knew it that Marshall would leav the broncos after Cutler left.This isnt the broncos I grew up watching.This is realy imberrising.the broncos are crashing hard.Next will be Champ and.hell dont matter now.Its going to suck watching the Broncos play this year.So im burning my tickets and pissing on them.

    what a joke.

  • Ian Henson

    See you in camp Mr. Marshall-

  • roshon2411

    First Cutler now Marshall. I’m offically sticking with throwback jerseys. At least Denver hasn’t kicked Atwater out of the ring of fame yet. Pat Bowlen, please sell this team now. You’ve offically joined the ranks of Mike Brown and William Clay Ford for the way this team has been handled this offseason. The Broncos have become a similar laughingstock as Brett Favre.

  • roshon2411


    I believe McDaniels said the same thing about Cutler.

  • KMA

    No need milehighs, just sell em to me. I’ll sit there and be the guy with the Bag over my head in the snow games :)

  • Josh Temple

    Ian, you really think they’re not going to deal him? My take is they are playing the hard line so that teams will have to offer more. If not, ride the bench Brandon.

  • Ian Henson

    I truly believe that if we were shopping Marshall/planning to shop Marshall news of his trade request would not have leaked. It would have just been a couple calls. Think about it, Friday meeting, Sunday news breaks.

    Remember last time (two seasons ago) when Marshall flipped out in the locker room and started screaming for the to trade him, that news leaked Sunday night at like 8:00 PM. We can be as quite as we need to be. It doesn’t sound like Harbaugh’s interested in him to me… He said that they were looking for players with integrity.

  • roshon2411

    As a mention in my other post. McDaniels wants his own team. Another example. Cut one of the few SP team standouts(ala Leach) in LB Louis Greene. I don’t think it’s a huge deal but just another sign this team is being run by McD and no one else.

  • Josh Temple

    Ravens and players with integrity doesn’t quite seem to add up in my book. (no offense)

  • craig

    Integrity is so over-rated…ask Hines Ward or Michael Irvin how many SB rings they missed out on b/c of integrity. Bill Parcells didn’t seem to have an issue with coke head LT on his team or Prima donna
    Keyshawn or Terry “She” Glenn. He managed to win with Terrell “The Player” Owens before he drove him nuts. This is all a sign McDaniels/Xanders are out of their element. I’ll admit it now, firing Shannahan was a mistake. He could at least run a team without them looking like fools.

  • Jon Krause

    hey Josh!
    thats what i said in comment #102 in “Marshall Asked Bowlen For a Trade”

  • Jon Krause

    and guys, in a interview the ravens head coach gave NO hint of going after marsh AT ALL

  • Waylon

    I have to go with Ian on this one. This is all based on a single quote from Marshall’s agent, and even NFL Fanhouse seems to be taking it with a grain of salt. To be honest, I think landing 1st and 3rd round picks for this guy would be a steal for the broncos. Given Marshall’s health concerns, character issues, contract issues and dropped passes (as well as the devaluation of marquee receivers in the NFL over the last few years), I just don’t think anyones going to be throwing us 1st and 3rd round picks for him.

    Also, don’t mean to be overly critical, but this post (particularly the headline) seems a little sensationalistic and misleading. This is a great blog with a lot of credibility, which is why I read it regularly. Would appreciate it if you could just be mindful of that with posts like this.

  • Ian Henson
  • roshon2411

    Haven’t people heard the saying “Don’t always believe everything you read”? I don’t know why people have to criticize this blog for what they post. It’s a blog for F*ck sake! East, Josh, Kyle and everyone else who contribute to this site, keep doing your thing, other than the occasional school interference and East man crush on McD(just messin’ with ya East) love the sight.

    As for the article in the Post, didn’t McDaniel’s say something similar about Cutler and a week later Cutler was traded?

  • Ian Henson

    Marshall states, “To whom it may concern. Life is filled with change, and where I am in my life now change is probably best. It’s hard leaving an organization ran by one of the best owners in all of sports, and someone who’s been there for me through my ups and downs. The hardest thing was hearing Mr. B wish me luck in the future, but we both came to the conclusion that this is probably the best thing for me to grow on and off the field. I thank the Denver fans who embraced my emotion and play on the field and showing me love everytime [sic] I step outside my door.:

  • T-Money

    Here is Brandons Quote

    “To whom it may concern. Life is filled with change, and where I am in my life now change is probably best. It’s hard leaving an organization ran by one of the best owners in all of sports, and someone who’s been there for me through my ups and downs. The hardest thing was hearing Mr. B wish me luck in the future, but we both came to the conclusion that this is probably the best thing for me to grow on and off the field. I thank the Denver fans who embraced my emotion and play on the field and showing me love everytime I step outside my door.”

    Brandon Marshall

  • T-Money

    Lol… Nice Ian.

  • kerry

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. anyone who believes this two faced hack McDaniels needs help. this guy is the epitomy of a liar. yeah they were gonna keep “talking” to Cutler too. yeah look how that one turned out.

    and uh Waylon, how would you have liked the headline to read? should it have said “FEAR NOT BRONCO FANS, ALL THESE REPORTS ABOUT MARSHALL ARE BOLD FACED LIES AND JOSINA ANDERSON IS A LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!” would that have been less “sensationalistic”

  • craig


    Well that seems to be coming from the horses mouth(no pun intended).

    Still think he’s not going to be traded?

  • T-Money

    I have come to the conclusion that If the Broncos can get something they want then he will go. There’s no point in carrying around his emotional baggage throughout the season. I want him to stay but I think PB was serious when he said he will grant his wish.

  • Jon Krause

    wow what is that suppoed to mean what marsh said? he’s leaving?

  • Ian Henson

    Wait, maybe by training camp McDaniels means when we play the Bears in week three of the preseason.

    Awww, nuts.

  • T-Money

    Boy gets on bike. Boy falls off bike. Bike gets back on bike. Boy gets closelined by a rearview mirror of an on coming truck. Boy get’s back on bike. Boy goes under a bridge and gets hit by a dropped rock. Boy stands up and gets hit in the face with a 9-iron by an angry midget. Boy stays on the ground. Slowly dieing.

    That should sum up this off season.

  • roshon2411

    nice T-Money!

  • Vince_Marine

    I’ve said it once on here and I’ll say it again…NONE OF YOU KNOW WHAT EXACTLY IS GOING ON WITHIN THE ORGANIZATION, BETTER YET KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR THE TEAM! You can’t pass judgement on anything or anybody until the games are either being won or lost. I’m tired of hearing people on here bag on the Broncos, Pat Bowlen and Josh McDaniels and the season hasn’t even begun. What are you going to say when they start winning games? I bet the tune changes then, huh? If you’re going to be a fan, then be one and support the team regardless! That’s what a TRUE fan is!

    KMA–I hope you do wear that bag on your head at the game, that way I can laugh my a$$ off when the real fans kick you out of your own seat!!!

  • Ian Henson

    Look, I’m just as an emotional drunk as Mr. Bowlen, I don’t know what McDaniels means, how to interpret it, etc. I don’t think that we can get market value for Brandon Marshall, because honestly, who is going to want him?

    Not me, thinking that he’s going to anyone right now for anybody is us being Broncos fans and not smart arm chair General Managers. I could see a draft pick, yes, because as far as value goes 100 catch season is as good as you’re going to get out of any first rounder.

    I was saying it on Monday, bring us Plaxico, goodbye Marshall. However, I would really love to see the Broncos just sit on Marshall… We’re not setting a great precedent when any player that feels he deserves a raise gets out of town. Let me tell you why, the next player who is threatening to sit out unless he gets a contract upgrade is Casey Wiegmann…

  • T-Money


    There’s got to be a line in there somewhere. You took a VERY well respected franchise…fired the well known coach…brought in an in-experienced head coach…traded the franchise quarterback…undercut everything this franchise once stood for…and are now looking at one most rock bottom off seasons in NFL history. and it’s not even over. That’s something that winning wont fix.

    Ian- I don’t want Plax. He’ll play this year and then it’s off to cell block C. I would rather get some defensive star and let him mold into the defense. However I feel that if we sit of BM he’ll play. Hold outs only lessen your trade value.

  • Ian Henson

    If we’re going to talk about teams that would be interested in a trade for Marshall, here we go (in no order what-so-ever): Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets, New York Giants, Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, Cinncinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens.

    LOL, okay, let stop there..

  • Jon Krause`

    “Boy gets on bike. Boy falls off bike. Bike gets back on bike. Boy gets closelined by a rearview mirror of an on coming truck. Boy get’s back on bike. Boy goes under a bridge and gets hit by a dropped rock. Boy stands up and gets hit in the face with a 9-iron by an angry midget. Boy stays on the ground. Slowly dieing.”

    LOL NICE! T-Money!

  • stav

    Let this asshole rot on the bench. We control his future, why can’t we act like we know this? If someone is stupid enough to offer a 1 and a 3 for this inmate in waiting, pull the trigger. If not, prepare for ass splinters #15. I guess the tag of Baby TO is becoming reality. This is clearly a case of this guy seeing that he doesn’t have a qb who will throw the ball to him 15 times a game regardless of double team, he realizes that we’re going to run the ball, the system will require that the ball be spread out, so if you take away the projected drops he’ll have next year, he’s looking at 60-70 catches, and he won’t get 1,000 yds.

    I mean come on, how much of a phoney does this guy look like now? All that BS about the team and being a leader, and confidence in Coach McDaniels after Cuntler was traded? Give me a break, can we trade him to Buffalo for Lee Evans? That way both TO and his illegitimate son BABY TO can cause a black hole via their egos and be sucked into the abyss they’ve created. Honestly, if this guy doesn’t want to be a Bronco, get the f**k out of here, just make him suffer as much as possible. Is it the Broncos fault he likes to beat women so that’s why they are afraid to extend him? Let’s remember how much of a jerk this guy is, who started the shit at the New Year’s party that spelled the unfortunate death of D-Will? I love the way he plays the game, but if he showed up to take my daughter to the prom I’d tell him to get the f**k off my property. He’s a piece of shit human being who thinks because he can run fast and catch a ball (sometimes) that he should be rewarded. I’m sick off this and don’t let me get started on Donte Stallworth, 30 days in jail for DUI vehicular manslaughter. The double standard for pro athletes has become such a joke. Why do they deserve privilege? They don’t contribute anything of relevance to society, but we should excuse their felonious behavior, the same behavior that would see anyone of here who posts immediately thrown into jail without question.

    Screw Brandon Marshall, screw Plaxico for all of you who say to sign him (54+ unreported fines while on the Giants, I live in Jersey, they reported this last year). Give me players who want to be Broncos. I get it, McDaniels, and OBVIOUSLY Bowlen are re-making the image and culture of this team, wiping out the Shanahan past. It hurts. This season may hurt alot, I don’t know, but it takes time to re-build a team, and let’s be honest, if Marshall is traded, that’s what we are witness to, re-building.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Sounds more like Unbuilding to me!!
    Stop laughing Shanny!!

  • Jeff

    I was a Reeves fan until his last year when I could tell you what the next play was every time. I didn’t study like the opposing coaches just observed and felt. Five yards to the goal line. Three runs up the middle for ONE yard total!

    I was a Shanahan fan until I watched a season were defense took blame for everything. But who was truly to blame? The scheme changed every week telling the players they could not perform, and the message Shanahan sent was play better defense this week, sit the bench and watch as we put back in the players that performed poorly the week before! All of this built off the last couple of years: Pay more money to offensive players, but cut the people on the defensive line (Bertrand Berry, Trevor Pryce etc.) because it is obviously the fault of the secondary.

    A good leader delegates, but Bowlen gave all power to one man and made the mistake of telling him no matter what your performance you will always be here. When he saw the writing on the wall, he swallowed his pride and fired his friend. Brandon is just another example of what Bowlen saw. Too many chiefs and no indians!

    Shanahan was willing to look at every person with history of injury. Was willing to take chances on a star cornerback with bad character a few years ago, draft a running back with bad character a couple years ago. Draft a defensive tackle with character issues.( Ironically Marcus Thomas may be the only one of this group given a second chance that is trying to take advantage of it) Shanahan repeatedly has stuck up for Brandon, but i have to ask the question. When everyone is pointing fingers his way, can they all be wrong? He watched how Jay acted and I think he paid some attention. Jay did not return Bowlens call and was traded without actually getting anymore money. Brandon is looking for more money so he went to Bowlen trying to set himself in a better light, because his history shows he can’t stay in a good light long, and if his injury is far worse than Denver’s doctors say than he is I think he is a fool to believe that anyone will break the bank to pay him more now. His injury is either an excuse or he has deluded himself into thinking he is still worth more because of who he is and not for what he can do for a team.

    I am trying to read between the lines on Josh. I like the philosophy i am seeing. Look at character and look for talent that may have been hidden by poor motivation and scheme.

    A body builder may look impressive, but does not have the flexibilty to be an all around athlete. Fans say offense perfect gain lots of yards Josh say they did not score enough fans say defense bad gave too many yards Josh say did not get enough turnovers see so easy a caveman could do it!

  • Tom9798

    just like I said in two other blogs . . . . the fast train out of town . . . .

    the big money contract is not going to happen here . . . .

    just one call to Cutler and all the fog cleared in the cockpit . . . .

  • manny from la

    mc dainels is tryin to bring the new england way here i dont think he understands that we have not been to the playoffs in a couple years. i knew the broncos were in trouble when they let mike go just think are dee sucked not the “o”. so pat thinks change is good i think his butt should be ran out denver before he becomes al davis. he let cutler go and now b marsh and then they drafted a runnin back and we all know we needed another back yeah right man we should have got into a trade with the browns for quinn and edwards but no they draft a back and some bust at dee end so pat said he wanted the control of the team that mike would not let him have well america pat sucks mike rules you trade b marsh you better get ready for hell in denver i love my team but pat and mc daniels need to go to the ufl so im sayin now bring mike back bring mike bring mike back. you seen what happen when la got phil back go lakers baby yeah we won so bring mike back and we will win two ha

  • T-Money
  • Audi

    Getting picks for Marshall would be a joke. We already gave up a likely top 10 pick next year for 2nd rounder. So we would basically be trading Marshall and a top 10 next year (probably higher) for a mid to late 1st rounder and a rookie DB.

    No matter how you view it, that is just bad team management. Even if you want to move Marshall, Culter, or Picks, as least get value. We are a joke of a franchise at this point.