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Published on 06/05/2009 at Fri Jun 05 13:31.
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The 2009 NFL season marks the 50th anniversary of the Denver Broncos. To commemorate the past while embracing the future, the franchise is recognizing its community of fans who have been an integral part of Broncos Country during the first 50 seasons.

As a part of the celebration, fans have the opportunity to select their choice for the All-Time Denver Broncos Team through an online voting tool found at (Editor’s note: page is not online yet). Voting begins June 6 and can be completed at Fan Fair or by logging on to any time. Voting concludes Sept. 4.

The rest of the press release can be found after the jump. These are the types of questions and debates that make perfect offseason fodder, and there are a ton to choose from. For instance, who would be the Broncos’ all-time running back? Terrell Davis or Floyd Little. Without Little, the Broncos might not have survived the early years in Denver. Without Davis, the Broncos might not have won two Super Bowls. Voting starts tomorrow, but be sure to give your choices here in the comments.

The players receiving the most fan votes will comprise the 50th Anniversary Team. The resulting team will be honored in person during halftime at the Legacy Game – when the New England Patriots visit INVESCO Field at Mile High on Oct. 11. In addition, one lucky voter will have the opportunity to join the 50th Anniversary Team during this ceremony.

The interactive voting tool features the Broncos’ history and highlights spanning the past 50 seasons through the use of video and additional multimedia. Each player is represented by their respective biography, statistics and photographs. Fans register their team choice through the online tool and become part of shaping the 50th Anniversary Team.

The web application was developed by the Broncos’ online marketing partner, Akavit – the principle digital agency behind and

“We are proud of our partnership with the Denver Broncos and are delighted with how the fans have embraced our efforts on and,” said Thomas Dahl, vice president of technical strategy at Akavit. “With the release of the 50th Anniversary Team interactive voting system, we hope to engage the fans on a whole new level and further the Broncos’ position as an online leader.”

Akavit is a leading interactive marketing and technology agency that specializes in creating digital solutions that engage and immerse users in a client’s brand. Through dedication to innovation, Akavit empowers clients to most effectively leverage existing and emerging digital channels, resulting in high-impact, cost-effective marketing campaigns.

To learn more about Akavit, visit

  • kerry

    didnt this subject about the 50 years come up on this site before? or am i just losing my mind? lol

  • mikebirty

    Who to pick at QB????? Tommy Maddox?

    QB – Elway
    RB – Davis, Little
    WR – Smith, Moses
    TE – Sharpe
    T – Zimmerman, Lepsis
    G – Schlereth, Bishop
    C – Nalen

    K – Elam
    P – Scarpitto
    KR – Upchurch

    DL – Jackson, Fletcher, Smith, Kragen
    LB – Gradishar, Jackson, Mecklenburg
    CB – Wright, Bailey
    S – Atwater, Smith

    That was an interesting morning, I enjoyed that. Learned a lot. Was a lot easier than I expected.


    I’ve only been around for 30 of the 50 years but here’s my team.

    In a 3-4

    DE- Trevor Pryce
    NT- Kieth Traylor
    DE- Simon Fletcher
    LB- Karl Meklenburge
    LB- Al Wilson
    LB- Tom Jackson
    LB- John Mobley
    SS- Dennis Smith
    FS- Steve Atwater
    CB- Champ Bailey
    CB- Louis Wright
    Cosideration: Randy Gradishar, Rulon Jones, Bill Romo

    QB- John Elway
    RB- Terrel Davis
    FB- Howard Griffith
    LT- Gary Zimmerman
    LG- Mark Shlereth
    C – Tom Nalen
    RG- Doug Widell can’t think of anybody else
    RT- ?????? Ryan Clady
    TE- Shannon Sharpe
    WO- Rod Smith
    WO-Eddie Mac
    Consideration: 3 Amigos, Sammy Winder,

    K- Jason Elam
    P- Tom Rouen
    PR- Darrien Gordon
    KR- Floyd Little

    HC- Mike Shannahan
    OC- Gary Kubiak
    DC- Joe Collier

    I guess I’m bias of the Superbowl years.

  • eljbow

    so, is it too soon to vote cutler for qb?


  • http://Broncotalk Ben

    I thought tha by far the hardest choice to make was at LB where Tom Jackson, Al Wilson, Randy Gradishar, and Karl Maclenburg were…. I ended up having to leave Jackson out

  • robtink242

    hey can anyone make a list of the 2009 denver broncos.

  • mikebirty

    Yeah Ben, can’t say I was happy about not having al wilson in my team but he’d probably get in if you were fielding an ACTUAL team rather than a fantasy line-up.

  • Joe

    In other News: Brandon Marshall’s trial has been post-poned until August, according to

  • Pete

    I did the EXACT same thing with Line Backer. That was by far the hardest position. I knew that Gradishar and Big Al were there, but then it came down to Mech and Jackson… Mech was too much of a beast to leave off, so I went with him over Tommy. I could have talked myself into picking Jackson, but in the end, Mech is the right choice.

  • Pete

    QB – Elway
    RB – T.D. , Little
    WR – Smich, McCaffrey
    OT – Zimmerman, Lepsis
    OG – Schlereth, Habib
    C – Nalen
    DE – Fletcher, Williams
    DT – Pryce, Smith
    LB – Gradishar, Wiliams, Mecklenburg
    CB – Bailey, Brown
    S – Atwater, Smith
    K – Elam
    P – Rouen
    RET – Gordon

  • Pete

    I should add that I didn’t know you could scroll through players till after I picked my CB’s, hence no Wright.. or it would have been him and Champ.

  • Joe H.

    I can’t believe Rick Upchurch wasn’t on the list WR’s. And I also agree the LB’s were the hardest to decide

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    We are proud of our partnership with the Denver Broncos and are delighted with how the fans have embraced our efforts on

  • team building

    We are proud of our partnership with the Denver Broncos and are delighted with how the fans have embraced our efforts on