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Published on 06/04/2009 at Thu Jun 04 13:44.
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His lasting impression.

His lasting impression.

I’ve always loved Jake. 

With that love also comes understanding. 

I understand that sending the bird towards the mile high sky was uncalled for. I understand the grudge he still holds from being benched for Cutler. I understand his lack of enthusiasm to compete with the gaggle of quarterbacks on the Tampa Bay roster. I understand his leaving the broken bones/bruises of the NFL to play handball professionally with his brother and father. I understand his easy transition to Sandpoint High School quarterbacks coach.

I understand that Denver fans have a love/hate/really really hate relationship with the Snake.

Say what you will, Jake Plummer is definitely his own man. I could list all of Plummer’s achievements on and off the field. I could list all of his shortcomings. Why? Why drudge up all of those useless details when the man left us a shinning piece of gold in Broncos history?

The Mustache roster photo.

Now (in)famous, this gem of a portrait will never cease to bring a smile to my face. A guy who never took his self too seriously, Jake was kind enough to give us the gift that just kept on giving, exploding onto the screen over and over and over again. Mustache!
In honor of Jake and his extremely self-aware/perverse/clever bio shot, I’ve decided to go through the brand new roster photos and dish out a couple awards for a coupla stills that the Snake might be proud of. Drum roll please. Let’s have some fun.

Click the names to see the pics
Ben HamiltonThe Plummer Award
Dear lord, maybe Ben Hamilton can get some snaps at QB this season? Heck, even fullback, anything to get this picture some more air time.

Andre GoodmanThe Who Farted? Award
Maybe the photographer? Maybe Andre.

Ryan HarrisI Mean Business Award
HA HA HA…no? Sorry. Sorry.

Nick GriesenUgh, This Guy Is Taking My Sister Out Tonight Award
He picks her up at 10:00 on his crotch rocket, his collar is popped, his breath smells like wine coolers.

Chad JacksonManny & I Have The Same Dread Guy Award/Predator Award
Although you can say it’s making fun, I think CJ looks really cool.

Matt McChesneyI Saw That Guy @ The Bar Last Night Award
After the forth shot of Jose Cuevro.
Me: How many times you going to play that song?
Matt: I’m on a boat!
Me: Cut him off.

Clint OldenburgUgh, This Guy Actually Is Taking My Sister Out Tonight Award
He picks her up at 8:30, his breath smells like wine coolers.

Seth OlsenJay Cutler chin & Dumb & Dumber Haircut Award
I checked, #6 is still available.

Blake SchlueterWe’re All Visiting the Underworld & This Guy Is Taking Us Award
Literally as I was writing this, his photo was changed to this one. The previous was a TCU pic with fog billowing out from behind him (dry ice baby). Somehow this picture still works for the award.

Nate Swift
Just Happy To Be Here Award
Every rookie must have been rushed to the photo room directly from the practice field. Check out the helmet marks.


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are not those of Broncotalk. They are mine. I hope no one is offended. I almost didn’t post this. I didn’t want to offend anyone, then I found this.

Recently Jake was quoted as saying

” When people ask me what I’m doing these days, I tell them ‘whatever the he** I want’.”

Me too Jake, me too.


  • Jon

    dude cut the swear’n and that’s like the funniest thing!
    i liked plummers scruff look after Tillman died…
    i still wish (EVEN MORE NOW) that we would have given Jake like just one more year to redeam himself he went from AFC Championship game to be’n dumped

    Hamilton always has CRAZY hair

  • kerry

    only QB since Elway to win a playoff game. 40-19 career record as a Bronco QB. yet gets benched for Cutler while in the middle of a season where we were in contention. another genius move by Shanahan.

  • Mr.East

    This was amazing, I about died.

    I’m starting to appreciate how you can slam both sides of the story. I’m not even being sarcastic with this one.

  • kerry


    who is slamming anything? just stating the truth.

  • Mr.East

    By the way the I’m on a boat comment made me laugh so hard I cried. It’s so true, every time I’m at the bar theres some sorority chick with some dude like that singing that song.

  • troyn

    kerry, you really still think that jake would have done any better than cutler that year? The offense, dumbed down for the lackadasical, never watch film, just throw the pick, plummer was woeful that season. I will still take a gunslinger like cutler over a guy who believes he’s a gunslinger like plummer any day. I will also take a coach who has proven he is a football genius like shanny over one who thinks he is like McD. I am a Bronco fan and will continue to be no matter what, but this all went horribly wrong with your wish of the best coach in Bronco’s history being fired. I say this hoping against hope that the personality challenged McWonderkind can somehow make us into a decent team, and hopefully one that doesn’t resemble the despicable patriot team in any way but the won loss column.

  • Chula

    Great post!!!!!! Long Live Plummer

  • broncoNM

    This photo is why i loved and will always love jake plummer. I seriously count the days till i get to see him hoist a handball trophy. Good post.

  • kerry


    hmm. do i think Plummer would have been better that year then a rookie? um YEAH!!! if you seem to remember we were 7-4 and in the middle of the playoff hunt. that all disappeared when Cutler entered. yeah Shanahan is such a football genius that we went 24-24 the last three years and won only one playoff game in ten years. yeah that is sheer genius there. Norv Turner has won more playoff games in the past three years then Shanahan has in the last ten, so i guess that makes Norv Turner a genius also right?? PFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTT. dude let Shanahan go ok. his offense had become so stale, his defensive draft picks have been horrible and the guy just didnt have it anymore. your “Genius” was a two year genius because of Elway playing QB, and because Alex Gibbs (NOT MIKE SHANAHAN) invented a revolutionary new style of running the football. once Elway was gone, Shanahan was nothing. one good year in 2005, then a 24-24 record. yeah some genius man. you got me convinced. PFFTTT. Shanahan was the master of doing “just enough to not hit rock bottom, but couldnt do enough to get the team to the next level” basically he was the master of being mediocre.

    and i dont think MCDaniels is gonna do anything good for this team. im not supporting McDaniels at all. 2 years he will be gone.

  • Jon K.

    vote 4 us on!!!!!!!!

    Which team do you think will win the AFC West?

    Denver Broncos12%

    Kansas City Chiefs12%

    Oakland Raiders9%

    San Diego Chargers67%

  • rcsodak

    Seth Olsen looks like a transvestite…..

    ….is that lipstick?

    I’ve never seen such a white guy! Did they powder his face???

    He makes cut-n-run’er look like a beach bum.

  • DC

    If cutler had the defense plummer had we would have beaten Pittsburg and won another title.

  • Roy

    Clint Oldenburg has some really good helmet marks too. He has a great pink stripe across his forehead.

    Lonie Paxson reminds me of the mind reading cop from Heroes.

  • flbronc

    that hamliton pic is awesome. makes me think of the coming to america song ‘soul glow’

  • Josh Temple

    Seth Olson can’t be a football player, now way, that pic has to be wrong. He looks like Randy Quaid in Kingpin. That and I’m pretty sure Matt McChesney works 2 cubicles down from me.

  • herc rock

    Kerry’s right…sort of.

    Benching Plummer is the biggest mistake Shanahan ever made.

  • DHB

    I vote that we actually add “Mustache!” to the battle cry lexicon. I’m not sure you can get anymore truly Colorado than that. As in:

    “I’m going to work my ass off, not for you, for me because it’s fun. And when you don’t give me any respect I’ll show you my Mustache. And when it’s not fun anymore, I’m going to the mountains. I mean seriously, it’s all just a game!’

    OK, not very succinct, but if you see some random guy yelling “Mustache!” to they guy on the boat or the ESPN suit sitting in Denver and refusing to tell us when the game is in Mountain Time. That’ll be me. Thanks JKK


  • roshon2411

    It’s funny the short term memory out there. Don’t get me wrong I loved Plummer. The 2005 season was a great run. But Denver wasn’t going anywhere with him in 2006 or after. Denver started 7-2 but dropped two ugly games in the division to SD and KC. Plummer only had 11 TD’s and 13 INT’s. The weren’t going to win the division that year, SD finished 14-2. The offense was horrible with Plummer. The only scored more than 20, 3 times in Plummers 11 games. He had outputs of 10,9,17,13,13,17,17, and 10 pts in his other starts.

    As for Shannahan riding the curtails of Elway. Please, if anything they both were lucking to have TD and each other. Elway didn’t a win SB without Shanny. Shannahan only average 9+ wins a year, took teams to the playoffs with Griese and Plummer has their QB. Yeah he only had 1 playoff win in ten years. But Denver has only won 3 times in the playoffs w/o Elway. Once being with Shanny. We got spoiled as fans watching Elway. Was it Shanny’s time to go, maybe, I don’t know. I think were in a world of hurt with the way things have gone since Shanny left. Can a new coach come in a light a fire and make them better and maybe get a few wins in the playoffs, ala Mike Tomlin, John Harbaugh ? Yes, but we only remember those coaches, what about the coaches like, Cam Cameron, Bobby Petrino, Scott Linehan, Rod Mirenelli? The list of new coaches who fail is longer than the ones or succeed.

    Shannahan was only the best coach in Broncos history, but I guess you can’t please them all.

  • kerry


    i dont know if benching Plummer was THE BIGGEST mistake Shanny has ever made. but it ranks right up there. i think passing on Ed Reed for Ashley Leile a few years ago was definetly one of his dumbest moves.

  • Mr.East


    Agreed. Ed Reed was on the table and we didn’t take him when we actually needed him.

  • DC

    Shanny was offensive minded. Can you blame the guy?

  • Jon

    dudes ashley rocked he was like a huge great WR on deep over shoulder hard balls
    but still, reed woulda been better

  • jchase8410


    Great post once again. What I enjoy most about your posts is that they don’t spark debate or arguments. Except for Kerry of course, who, bless his heart, can’t help but find an argument in anything. They are simply entertaining, which at least from my part is a breath of fresh air (which I don’t get often living in SoCal…smog)

    Mustache ride down memory lane….CLASSIC

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I was at the bar down the street when Plummer won the Rose Bowl with one shoe off and his sock flapping! Great moment! Awesome. Love Jake. Don’t even care about his antics & arrests. Loved seeing him go to the Cards, Phoenix actually started believing in their team about then… too bad they couldn’t give Jake a proper team & he was beat to death there… Too bad Shanny didn’t trust him in that Pittsburgh game, he might have pulled that one off! The man had heart! And wheels!

    Too bad he left 1:37 (i think) on the clock in that Rose Bowl game as well… but I try to ignore that semi-significant blink in time that brought reality crushing in on us… the Tempe Long Wong’s crowd was Pure Maniacle-Bliss for the previous time-slowed-down blink all because of Jake Plummer, those moments are too rare!

    His time was up here but he’ll always be a Bronco bright spot to me. Most times it’s not in for us to watch out team win it all, we’ve been luckier than many… I ENJOYED watching him play, what else is there? A true fan must be able to take what bits of bliss he can from what inevitably ends in loss almost every year, right?

    BTW How about Whidbey not biting on the JC posts! Or even the Shanny comments! DC , roshon2411 & troyn covered it all very well thank you.

  • jchase8410


    LMAO, I totally get the email now. Good stuff. As long as we are on this mustache ride, when Jake was coming out of college, and into the Pros, he helped at a clinic in Venice, CA. Rae Carruth was there too, along with Neil Smith. I was a Pop Warner coach trainee at the time (I was only like 15 or so) and I attended that clinic along with some of my kids. Jake Plummer taught me the mechanics of throwing a football, and I used what he taught me, and went on to play some semi-pro QB. He was a really cool guy when I met him, and I have always liked him. Good times being a pop Warner coach has brought me. The number one perk was when I got a FREE FRONT ROW ticket to see the Broncos win their first ever super bowl at the Murph! I will never forget Elway’s dive and heli-spin 100 feet in front of me….oh, the mustache ride down memory lane…

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Yeah, there will be more memories & mustaches I’m quite sure.

  • Tom9798

    Whidbey & jchase . . . .

    Thanks for sharing . . . T