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Published on 05/31/2009 at Sun May 31 13:33.
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The Denver Post’s Kirk Mitchell just released an article regarding the Darrent Williams trial stating,

Willie Clark, 26, is accused of killing Williams on New Year’s Day 2007. At Friday’s hearing, District Judge Christina Habas also continued the trial set for July to Oct. 13 at the request of Clark’s defense attorneys.

The continuance was granted based on Clark’s attorneys request to suppress cell phone evidence the prosecution was attempting to use.

Darrent Williams

Darrent Williams

There has been little movement in the Williams case. In other Williams news, most recently Denver Broncos rookie running back Knowshown Moreno has announced that he will be wearing jersey #27, out of respect for Williams this season.

  • Kyle

    Garbage. The sooner this man is brought to justice, the better.

  • Joe

    I have absolutley nothing to say about this. This guy is a piece of shit, and deserves to die.

  • AKscott

    Did D-will get a continuance on his life???

    RIP D-Will; this franchise has been in a tailspin since you’ve been gone

  • Mr.East

    I hope this just gives the prosecution more time to decide exactly how they’re going to put him away for life.

  • Tom9798

    An old oak tree . . . a new rope . . . . slap the the horses ass . . .

  • fischdog

    A continuance? Fry Him Now!!

  • kerry

    ridiculous. just kill the guy and be done with him. but dont kill him before the inmates make him their prison boyfriend for a while. let the convicts pass him around like a peacepipe for a while, THEN murder him slowly.

  • Herc Rock

    Everyone’s entitled to a defense.

  • kerry

    yes and nobody is entitled to murder.

  • DC

    R.I.P. DW, all ready!

  • Pat

    I hope they catch the ass hast who killed DW and put in prison for life

  • sdinner

    I don’t get why all of you are pissed about him getting a continuance. I mean I understand that you want him found guilty as soon as possible, as do I, but I guarantee you that the prosecutor is fine having the continuance. The continuance gives the prosecutor more time to prep witnesses and to continue to strengthen his case. Also, its not like the continuance gets him out of jail. It actually just means that he will have to spend more time in jail as he waits for his trial.

  • Алексей Гусев

    Жесть просто:) Крутая статья и картинка по-любому в тему, молодец:)