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Published on 05/29/2009 at Fri May 29 19:06.
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As The Denver Post’s Mike Klis pointed out this morning, Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall is amongst kings:

His salary request is affordable for a receiver who averaged 103 catches and 1,295 receiving yards the past two years. Larry Fitzgerald averages $10 million a year, Randy Moss $9 million, Andre Johnson has an eight-year deal at $7.5 million per and Anquan Boldin is holding out in Arizona trying to get a deal worth at least $9 million per.

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall

However, Klis doesn’t appear to be aware of exactly how much Marshall is asking for, my best guess is somewhere near $5 million for this season, with around five or six years worth of a contract. Okay… And? My early prediction was that Marshall will face little or absolutely no suspension following the announcement of the Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch‘s suspension. However, NFL Spokesman Greg Aiello says that the matter is, “Still pending.”

The fat lady still hasn’t sung on the suspension and Marshall’s ex-girlfriend is singing to whomever is willing to listen. We’ll have to wait until Sunday when ESPN will air “Outside The Lines” featuring Marshall’s ex-girlfriend Rasheeda Watley‘s interview.

Neither the Broncos or Marshall were willing to participate, but Watley had this to say,

I feel like somebody has to stand up and stop him from doing this because the Broncos haven’t done it, the NFL hasn’t done it, the Atlanta police department hasn’t done it.

Ouch. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn, but Marshall’s really between a rock and a hard place. As quick as Marshall was able to request a raise on his scheduled $2.2 million due this season, head coach Josh McDaniels may be just as quick to quote another Marshall, straight off the Slim Shady EP

Despite his horrible off-season, Marshall dropped more than a couple of passes during the season and where is he now? Orlando, FL… Rehabbing. So all we can do now is pray (no Mcdonald’s reference from me, but it would fit since there’s a new McRegime in Denver). I’ve referenced it before, but anyone remember the Pro Bowl last season when a combined six passes from Peyton Manning and Jay Cutler in the end zone were not received by big 1-5? Wait, Marshall didn’t sign a new manager did he? Someone certainly seems to be blowing smoke up something…

Three names Marshall; Eddie Royal, Jabar Gaffney and Brandon Stokley. More? Chad Jackson and the very underrated David Grimes. Still confused as to why we picked up Kenny McKinley in the fifth round this season? That’s a whole lot of people that are capable of catching passes, that’s even if the team’s planning on passing at all this season… With that many talented running backs, the jury’s still out on the team doing anything other than running the ball. Here’s the reason that your rookie contract has escalators Brandon- in case you do well! That’s why you’re making $2.2 million instead of $500k plus.

In other news, Tony Scheffler and McDaniels have apparently brushed off their pants and agreed to see eye-to-eye on Scheffler’s position on the team. Good work men.

Am I crazy Nation? It seems like every off-season has become the Marshall show. I’m not ready to turn him over, I honestly don’t think that he’s worth much in a trade. He just needs to understand his place right now. A fan favorite, but I’m getting tired of defending this horses ass. I’ll still draft him in fantasy football though, especially if he ends up in Chicago (haha).

UPDATE: Here’s a short clip from ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” regarding Marshall.

  • Kyle

    If Marshall ends up in Chicago I’m going to jump off a cliff.

  • Kyle

    I’m not suicidal, I’d just really want to break both my legs.

  • Shawn

    If Marshall had never had an off field incident I would have a whole lot more sympathy for his demand to be paid now. He has produced on the field, no doubt, but he never has given me the feeling that he is a good long term investment. Will he do something stupid that get’s him suspended for a full year? I hope there are a lot of safeguards built in to protect the Broncos.

  • Ian Henson

    Shawn- You make a good point, maybe Denver should work a new contract, including several safeguards. I doubt they included any in his rookie contract…

  • broncoNM

    Bad time to ask for a raise…Coming off hip surgery, Ex girlfriend about to appear on tv to discuss why your an ass, Suspension looming with a severe case of the droppsies last year. If i were him i would take the 2.2 and quietly rehab, get a long distance relationship and work on catching the ball…I actually love marshall’s passion and intensity and he is a perfect compliment to royal. Few things excite me more than our young and talented receiver tandem. Marshall is a nice big target for simms/orton to throw to and i am planning on seeing him in orange and blue for awhile…but i think he needs a strong showing this next season if he wants andre johnson type money…I could see him getting top notch cash if he stops the “off the field” nonsense and has another strong season.

  • kerry

    Marshall wants a new contract for obvious reasons. money. but here is a reason i think he wants to get a deal done NOW:

    this season with so much changeover and uncertainty at the QB position, Marshall wants his money because he knows his production is gonna fall. McDaniels loves his 3,4 and 5 WR sets so Marshalls catches will drop. he may not put up the type of numbers that warrent big time money.

  • T-Money

    This is just the press being the press. I’m almost positive that I read in there that his Agent said he didn’t ask for a new contract. At this point in the offseason we just need see where it goes.

    Kyle. I go with you. I’ll wear the 15 and you the 6 and we can get Budweiser to sponsor it and turn it into a sappy NFL Superbowl commercial. We could even hire JMD to give us a push. That would be storybook.

  • TJ

    Pay the man for fucksake!!

  • (dee)

    BMarsh isnt going anywhere, he’ll come in and shut up and play … he won’t go to Chicago …. him and Cutler aren’t the best of friends like everyone thinks so IMO, if they were he wouldnt have burned Cutler on NFLN during his interview with Rich Eisen.

  • (dee)

    I just watched a portion of the Waitley interview on ESPN , she needs to quit doing interviews and get back to walking the streets.

    BMarsh as the legendary Tupac Shakur said “You can’t turn a Ho, into a Housewife” !

    I wouldnt pay him, he’s shown he cant stay out of trouble …. if he doesn’t have any incidents this year then I would pay him a 3 year deal …. we can’t give this guy anything long term…. he has a hobby of beating up woman.

    That being said I want him to put up 10 touchdowns this season for my BRONCOS, individually I’ve stopped being a fan of the guy, but I am a fan of his talents on the football field.

  • Joe

    Maybe McDumbass will trade him away to detroit for their first round pick next year, knowing that they will be in the top five again. Than hey, maybe we can draft a kicker with that pick. You know McDumbass would have to at least think about it….after all, he is an idiot.

  • Kyle

    Not sure why, but TJ’s comment made me laugh for 5 straight minutes. :)

  • Anthony

    Broncos better pay him now cause if he has another 100+ catch season we won’t be able to low-ball him. I think 6 year 36$ million with 18$ million guaranteed and clauses that force him to pay back his bonuses if he gets in trouble is a more than acceptable contract for someone that can have 100+ catches per season. We have to sign him regardless of the fact that we have depth at receiver because we can’t let our talent leave our team and strengthen another team. And he won’t go to Chicago because he already gave his parting shot to Jay by saying stats don’t mean shit if you can’t win a freakin important game.

  • mikepenn

    I have serious doubts were going to see him bust 100 catches this season given our pickup of Knowshawn, the coverage he tends to attract, and lack of QB talent we now have… indeed, all the above could well be feeding his request now; perhaps he thinks he may be watching the good numbers in the rear-view mirror for several seasons to come.

  • kerry

    i wouldnt pay him a fucking thing until he shows he can go a year without beating up a woman.

  • DC

    There’s no way he is going to learn from his mistakes if he doesn’t get busted and is forced to take DV classes.

  • ryan

    Wow a lot of animosity for Marshall. I actually like the way he is going about this. He has not made any demands or ultimatums, he just wants to get the conversation going. This is actually quite common to resign a star player in the last year of their deal.

    Of course I am not saying that the front office should not factor in past behavior problems or injury concerns, but lets not jump all over Marshall for looking out for his career. The guy is a great Bronco and all of us should hope we can reach a good long term deal with him that works for everyone.

  • mikebirty

    yeah but who doesn’t want a new pay deal? Albert Haynesworth? I bet he would if it meant more guaranteed. I know i’d like a new deal.

  • dr.gonzo

    he needs to quit watching WWE, maybe then he will stop trying to wrestle his chick.

  • T-Money

    Come on guys. We all know that they were just having dirty rough sex on the lawn and that 73 year old lady living next door called it in.

  • kerry

    yeah that has to be it T-money. it was just rough sex. lol.

  • Ian Henson

    kerry- I completely agree with your second to last comment. Marshall’s got to behave and it is befuddling that he’s back in Orlando right now. That’s where most of his retardedness happens. Hopefully he can avoid Atlanta all together…

  • kerry

    yeah i hear you Ian. im frankly sick of the guy and all his antics. players get the opportunity to make millions just by simply playing a game, yet have to beat women, kill dogs and do drugs ETC ETC ETC……. they just have it so awful that they have to resort to beating women and murdering animals. and what pisses me off evenmore, is when they are caught, they blame it all on where they grew up and their surrounding environment and so on and so on. its ridiculous.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Kerry… yikes. Never mind.
    Kyle, I’ll Jump with u.
    Every body… If BM actually hit the bitch he’d be going before a judge. How many men get arrested for getting roughed up by their girl? Domestics end that way all the time! The man goes to jail almost every time …regardless of who’s throwing the blows. As to the contract… Simple, PAY HIM!!! (With a conduct clause)

  • Ian Henson

    Updated with a preview for Sunday’s OTL.

  • http://broncos-discuss G.

    At the risk of breaking the unwritten no-Broncos-fan-can-comment-in-three-places-rule: I agree that B-Marsh broaching the contract-subject isn’t exactly outrageous (if, in fact, his agent actually did this).

    However, I’d like to see him demonstrate more breakaway-speed out of his cuts and over-the-shoulder catches in the 20-30 yard range. But, if he does that this summer, we’d be getting him for a steal at $5-6 million per over 4 years (if we signed him to a conduct-predicated contract after the suspension-length is announced).

    The number of catches will likely go down under Orton/Simms, but hopefully that’ll also be an indication that we’re not always playing from behind (like we did in the tail-end of last-season so frequently).

    However, first B-Marsh has to show McDaniels that the hip-rehab hasn’t hurt his speed any (since Andre Johnson and Larry Fitz are much better long-ball threats right now).

    That’s assuming the nerve-damage he sustained from last Spring’s rendezvous with a home entertainment center is all healed up (and won’t be the cause of another season’s worth of the dropsies, of course).

    So, all-in-all, there’s a bunch of variables that won’t become somewhat-clear until the mid-August dust settles below Sourdough Mountain.

    As for the McDonalds reference, you’ve even got me stumped, Ian (but thanks for the heads-up on today’s why-I’ll-watch-I-don’t-know Outside The Lines show).

    You weren’t referring to the CFL Commissioner too (were you?)

  • Nisse

    i dont get why he should get suspended if he hasnt done anything illigal? if he dosnt get convicted, why should he get suspended?

    but these sort of things seem to happen all over the world when sports are involved, happend in the swedish hockey team during a tournament in sweden some years ago when 3 players(Kristian Huselius was one of them) had sex with a girl in a hotelroom, they where not guilty infront of the judge, but still got suspended from playing hockey in the national hockey team for 3-4 years each, which is crazy in my opinion.

    if BM is not guilty infront of the judge, how can we then think he should get suspended, if he hasnt done anything that is illigal.

    and if you dont agree with me, you have to think your justice system isnt working.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I agree but
    er BUT
    Of course our justice system isn’t working!

  • MikeY55

    kerry randy moss set the single season touchdown record in mcdaniels system and went well over 1000 yards and almost 100 catches with brady and wes welker went over 100 catches and 1000 yards in both seasons… and randy with cassell put up another 1000 yard season with over 10 touchdowns… marshall is one of the best wide receivers so idon’t think the systems gonna hurt him that much and even before u start going off about kyle orton n simms i know u hate them both alot of marshalls yards were off YAC not the big giant deep ball so he still can be very effective with a not as strong armed QB

  • kerry


    ok here is the thing, i dont hate Orton or Simms. because i dont think they are good all of a sudden i hate them?? are you serious??! because i think a player sucks or because i disagree with a move that Emperor McDaniels makes suddenly i hate them? yeah sure ok man. and the bottomline is this, Orton is no good, wanna know why? because he is getting competition from a QB who hasnt played in 2 fucking years!!!! that right there should tell everyone how sad the QB position. but im only saying that because i hate them right? it coant possibly be because they arent that good, but just because i hate them right? what is this site? the Mile High Report??

  • T-Money

    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    This American government sucks ass.

  • Ian Henson

    The NFL isn’t a government, they really don’t care whether or not someone is convicted. Roger Goodell’s position has been basically, you shouldn’t be near the situation in the first place.

  • T-Money

    I was speaking more on the actually justice system not the NFL…

    I just watched the OTL report and they had Brandon on in a live interview and he sat there with “facts” and was reading off of them which completely countered everything that was stated in the piece. If anybody has gone through the court system before or been around it, you’ll understand that police reports are based on the opinion of the officer. He also said that he stands by his statement “I respect woman and I never laid a hand on RW”. He has police officers that are testifying on his behalf. I saw this as nothing more that a dramatized piece done on the behalf of RW. It seemed like the entire thing was just intent on pointing the finger at Brandon. Personally I wasn’t convinced.

    Only a judge can decide, and like i was saying. You’re (supposed to be) innocent until proven guilty.

  • robtink242

    Marshall is worth more than what he is paid. This guy is a teammate and will go all out for the broncos. So lets just pay the man

  • Mr.East

    She just wants money, it’s plain and simple. When did ESPN become the national inquirer?

  • roshon2411


    OJ Simpson was found innocent of murder but then was found liable for the deaths. Marshall was suspended once already for his behavior and arrested again, thats why he could possibly be suspended. Besides how many times has someone received a DUI and gotten off because of a simple technicality. Just because you innocent in a court room doesn’t mean they didn’t do it.(OJ for example) I just watched the BM interview. I’m not sure if i believe him, that he never laid a hand on her, but she also seems like a money-grubbing ho. At this point I would say BM has some anger management issues at the very least. Do I think he’s going to get suspended? No. Do I think he needs a new contract? Hell yeah. Throw some stipulations in there and get him locked up.(and not the jail time locked up either) I do like the fact he went on the air to defend himself. He should of just said he was arrested because he was verbally abusive and not physically.


    I’m with you on Orton, the bum is struggling with Simms, who hasn’t played for two years and in Chicago he couldn’t beat out Grossman, who still hasn’t been signed to my knowledge. When are people going to learn, and banish this guy to the AFL?

  • Nisse

    “Just because you innocent in a court room doesn’t mean they didn’t do it”
    but it thosent mean they are guilty either, and having a one man jury in the nfl, that judges players just thosent seem fair.
    Would u accept being suspended without pay from your jobb, just becouse your boss saw a police report with your name on it? that didnt even hold up in court? and if that would be the case, you could probobly sue him(this is america isnt it?) right?

  • Tom9798

    T-Money and Mr. East . . . . You’re both spot on . . . .

    I watched the interview . . . and probably can watch it every hour . . . and
    I thought the whole thing sucked . . . not only wasn’t I convinced . . . but the only thing that BM is guilty of is putting himself in this situation . . . .

    RW says “I’m battered and don’t know why I stay with him,” . . . . horse-hockey . . . it’s the wad of hundred dollar bills he stuffs in your back pocket! . . . I’m surprised that she didn’t show the bruises on her fat ass! . . . . why not go back to vapor-lock, Florida and work at a burger place! . . . .

    having the interviews with the parents was a real nice touch . . . . like they aren’t thinking about the fact the money isn’t going to roll their way unless the drama continues on ESPN’s “As the Ho turns,” . . . .

    BM should concentrate on football . . . the sooner the better . . . . T

  • Tom9798

    I just sent these comments, ( a little more subdued), to . . . they probably will dismiss them . . . but at least I let them know how I feel about their daytime drama crap.

  • roshon2411


    If my job had a personal code of conduct like the NFL’s and I violated this, I would expect to be suspended or fired. This is part of an agreement b/t the NFL and Union. The code say’s:

    Persons charged with criminal activity

    Any Covered Person arrested for or charged with conduct prohibited by this policy will be required to undergo a consultation and additional counseling as directed. Failure to comply with the consultation and counseling (including being arrested for or charged with additional criminal activity during the evaluation and counseling period) shall itself be conduct detrimental to the National Football League and shall be punishable by fine or suspension at the discretion of the Commissioner.

    Look at Michael Phelps, dude got photographed hittin’ the pipe, was he arrested? No, but a couple of his sponsors dropped him. Many of the contracts signed contain clauses, so you can’t sue. This is America, and Brandon Marshall is free to find work else where if he can’t follow the guidelines by his employer and stop getting in these situations.

  • Stav

    I don’t know about all this, I’m more than convinced BM did something, but in the same respect I think these two chickenheads have alot to do with this, more than they are willing to admit of course. Two reports of proposed settlements to shut up, one for $500k and $100k, came from the women I think? I guess regardless of the beating these two took they have a figure in their heads where its worth more to them to make some cash over prosecuting a possible abuser? Yeah, I think there’s a lot of BS involved but BM definitely has his issues to deal with.

    New contract, yeah, he should get one, but loaded with performance (off field/on-field) escalators. How about a base of $4.5mill per year with $250k jumps for ProBowl, 85 catches, 1,200 yds, 10 TD, and if he completes that entire line, an extra $500k. Arrests of any kind nullify the $500k bonus, and two of the escalators automatically regardless of the final stats. Is that possible? Would the Players Union have an issue with those stipulations? I’m sure they would, but let’s be honest, those numbers aren’t going to come as easily as they used to with the new QB/system. He really has to have an amazing year performing mostly after the catch to hit those numbers (which is where he always excelled at anyway), not even mentioning that I seriously doubt 85 catches is going to happen this year. If he falls into the range of 70-80 catches, 1,000 yds, 6-8 td’s we’ll have to be happy as we don’t have #6 throwing to #15 (regardless of double coverage or not) anymore. We’re going to run the ball, and spread it around in the air. I figure Royal will have similar stats to this line. Really, no one can complain if this is the case and Moreno puts up 1,000+ on the ground and another 350-500 in receiving. Let’s not forget Scheffler getting a few thrown his way and Gafney and Stokely, not nearly enough balls to go around for guys to hit performance escalators. A balanced attack? Who could ever of thought.

  • kerry


    OJ wasnt proved innocent. he just wasnt found guilty. theres a difference. OJ murdered both of those people.

  • roshon2411


    Yeah that was my point to Nisse. Just because your not convicted doesn’t mean you didn’t do it and correct he wasn’t found innocent only not guilty. I’m not going to feel sorry for B-Marsh if he is/gets suspended in the future even though he was never convicted. It would be one thing if this was a one-time thing but seven times? The NFL has a code of conduct that many orgnaization have, some stricter than others. I know some jobs that have no smoking policy’s. They catch you with nicotine in your system your gone. Is it illegal to smoke cigarettes? Close but not yet. Working for some employers should be considered a privledge and not a right, hopefully B-Marsh will learn that soon.

    Oh yeah Kerry, OJ did murder those people. Karma’s a bitch, don’t fuck with it…

  • kerry


    i think we should trade Marshall for a NT. right now. i dont wanna see this team go into the season with Ron Fields or Marcus Thomas as out starting NT. none of that inspires confidence. or id trade Marshall straight up for Anquan Boldin right now.

  • roshon2411


    I agree with you that NT or any part of the DL is a more dire position for this team but this team isn’t winning anytime soon. I’m not sure if there’s a NT/DT worth it out there. Those that are, surely won’t be traded ala Pat Williams. Besides I’m hoping maybe one of these FA’s workout or get a NT next year like Jay Ratliff, some late pick who has an ax to grind. As for Boldin, though I do think he’s a better receiver, he’ll be 29, which isn’t old but means he probably only has 5 good season left. Doesn’t leave much time if this team takes 2-3 years to rebuild. I haven’t given up on Marshall just yet, I don’t see him as a TO problem but he does have a bulleye on his back. The media is going to scrutinize every single thing, on and off the field. If there was a trade, I’d trade D-Will. Though I would like to see how he does in the same system that Patrick Willis has exceled, I’m just not sure if this is going to be a system he can excell, maybe I don’t know. He’s what I think the greatest needs are:

    1. QB(A QB might not take you to the Super Bowl but they defintely can prevent you from going)(Wish list at this time, Bradford, Snead, McCoy, or Clausen.)
    2. NT/DT(Defnitely need a monstor in the middle, this doesn’t necasarily have to be a high draft pick in my opinion, ala Jay Ratliff or Mike Wright)
    3. MLB(Almost have this number two because, i think it’s the most important position on defense, but we have decent LB’s now, just not the Al Wilson type.
    4. DE/OLB(We need a pass rusher, someone in the Peppers, Strahan, Suggs mold. Maybe Ayers is this guy, but having a second like the Strahan/Umenyiora combo will save this team.)

    Safety was a close 5th, but I’ll see how the rookies work with Dawkins. If there bums I like Eric Barry and Taylor Mayes even though your not an USC fan.

    I know it’s way to early to talk about next year, but hey it’s the offseason.

    Next Year pick up a stud MLB in the 1st rd, one of the QB’s in the second. If there’s a player that McD feels doesn’t fit his system but has talent(DJ) trade him for a pass rusher. And feel the DL out with FA’s, 3rd-7th rounds.

    Just my wish list.

    Sorry for the rant, slow day at work

  • roshon2411

    sorry *fill the DL out*

  • kerry

    i agree with that list. i like Colt McCoy next year to be a Bronco. next year (unless he is re-signed before) Vince Wilfork will be a free agent from New England. he could be had. but i also like Brandon Spikes. the MLB out of Florida. if he came out this year he would have gone top ten easily. but those guys you mentioned, Mays and Berry, will be gone before we pick because we dont have our natural pick. and Chicago may win alot of games this year so we may miss on guys like Eric Berry, Brandon Spikes, Gerald McCoy, Terrence Cody. we could realistically get Colt McCoy though.

  • roshon2411

    I really like McCoy too. He might not have the arm of the others but I like his competitive nature. The guy has the fire that Matt Ryan had/has. I’m with you on Spikes too, another SEC MLB would fit perfect. Yeah probably won’t have a shout at many if any of those guys with our natural gone. Thats why I wasn’t happy with the trade for Smith. Can you imagine if Denver got Spikes and McCoy next year in the first round. Denver would have leaders for both sides for the next 10 years. However, the way McDaniels drafts he’ll probably get someone like Aaron Corp out of USC or take a WR. I really think next years draft will be much deeper at most positions than this years.

  • kerry

    yeah this year was a pretty weak draft in terms of overall talent at any position. i hate the fact we traded the 1st round pick for Smith. i mean i really hate it. this guy is gonna be a nickel CB at best. if he was Nnamdi Asomugha or Champ Bailey type talent then id be all for it. but he isnt. i dont care what anyone says. we could have had DJ Moore out of Vandy in the 3rd or 4th round to be our nickel CB or used Jack Williams in that spot. i mean when you really think about it, how much time is Smith really gonna see on the field? i dont believe he will be a starter anytime within the next 2 years. getting Colt McCoy and Brandon Spikes next year would have been huge. key words being “would have been” perhaps McDaniels is waiting for the next offseason to get Matt Cassel. the Chiefs have put off a contract extension. probably to wait and see if he is actually good without McDaniels system. which i dont think so.

  • DC

    Brandon Spikes is overated.