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Published on 05/27/2009 at Wed May 27 18:18.
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Let the purging of the backfield begin. Denver Post reports that tailback J.J. Arrington has been cut after failing his physical.

So much for my Madden season. Down goes my three-headed monster Moreno/Arrington/Hillis.

UPDATE: The Denver Post is now reporting that Arrington required season-ending micro fracture knee surgery. He will be out for the season.

The first departure of the crowded backfield obviously won’t be the last, but I am surprised that the former Cardinal is leaving Denver so early. With the release the Broncos take a $1.8 million signing bonus hit. But hey, if the guy can’t play, there ain’t no use keeping him around. Hopefully this means the young bunch will get more detailed attention. Could also be a warning shot from Coach McD to anyone who isn’t making their way to the practice field.

2nd UPDATE: Arrington’s bonus was totally dependent on his participation in the OTA’s.

J.J., we hardly knew ya…

  • ryan

    1.8 million dollars for three months on the roster…and nothing else. That is close to what some people make during their entire working lives, weird.

  • TJ

    Care factor…zero

  • robtink242

    jordan’s up next

  • mr. me

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD ridance!!!!!!!! lets dumb jordan next!!!

  • mr. me

    lets dump*

  • Garrett Barnes

    I am so glad he is gone. Of all the players we have signed he was definitely the least useful.

  • Kyle

    I was more excited about Arrington than the other backs we signed. Very surprised. Lamont Jordan is my least favorite Bronco.

  • Turk_CO

    Mustard is a yellow condiment than goes on a hot dog. Muster is a verb, to summon or assemble troops. To “cut the muster” means to pass the requirements to join a militia.

  • Rob Bronco

    I’m annoyed that it cost us nearly $2 million. We are hurting from a cap standpoint, and wasting that kind of money on a guy who never plays a down is just stupid. And we wonder why ticket prices are so high? Sheesh…

  • Matt

    It’s not an uncommon practice Rob, and I’d rather be safe than sorry. But then again, it’s not $2 mill out of my pocket so I can’t really say anything.

    Kyle, I agree with both statements. Was hoping for JJ over Lamont for sure.

  • Jon K.

    hey Klye i agree i HATE jordan lets get rid of him but i never liked arrington buck aint bad and peyton and ryan rock and knowshon! enough said!

  • robtink242

    i hear you but i didn’t like both signings.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Seriously? A failed physical? Didn’t he take a physical to sign in the first place? 2 mil wasted without a down played! Nice. I was looking forward to having him return kicks…

  • DC

  • roshon2411

    Millions to a coach who doesn’t coach anymore, 1.8 million for a RB who doesn’t play a down? Whats that Mr. Bowlen? You say tickets prices are going up? I don’t know maybe Bowlen has run his course too?

  • J. Kenneth K.

    I was hoping I wouldn’t have to explain the title…
    Oh well.
    My absolute favorite part of the end of the Shanny era was his use of Chad Mustard to fill out roster spots. We’d pick him up, then dump him when we needed a different position filled, and repeat. Every time we got rid of him, the title of the official site article read as such. Always gave me such joy.

    It’s the little things in life isn’t it?

  • DC

    K$%# tha lakers!

  • Jon K.

    J. Kenneth K.,
    I totally got it

  • broncoNM

    I agree with roshon and rob bronc… For 1.8 JJ should have made it farther than he did. If i was a betting man i would have thought JJ would have made the team and would be our return man. Not the biggest Bang for the Buck. I understand that this is not uncommon and RB’s were gonna be cut but we signed him and buckhalter so early i thought there was some planning with JJ that was apparently premature. He must have not looked good early. In the larger scheme this is not a big deal because of knowshon…still excited about our backfield. I still think jordan has a good chance of making the team….torain is on the bubble.

  • Bronconinja

    So check it… This is the truth. Jordan is bound to make it since he can best relate the mcd way to the rest of the team. This in mcd’s mind is more valuable this year than talent. Buck will More than likely make it but more of a kickoff role since jj just got hacked and Moreno was drafted to start. Hillis is the fulback and is on for sure. Which means torrain is the odd man out… Unless he just blows away mcd he is gone… And its a shame too he looked lk a beast too bad they rushed him back from his injury. I think its a mistake to cut him but its bound to happen.

  • jchase8410

    Sorry DC, but my lakers are gonna handle their business

    An article from the DP about JJ’s guaranteed money…

    Arrington will go down as the tailback the Broncos once badly wanted but never had. On Feb. 27, the opening of free agency, the Broncos and Arrington reached an agreement in principle on a four-year, $10 million contract that included a $3 million guarantee in signing bonus and salary.The deal was never signed, however, because the two sides disagreed over contract language regarding the torn meniscus in Arrington’s right knee. A week later, the contract was rewritten and an agreement was reached, this time with a knee-injury waiver against the $3 million.

    We seem to be off the hook because of the knee injury clause in his contract

  • Roy

    I was happy that we had signed him from a special teams standpoint. He can return kicks and punts, thus taking Royal out of the rotation. Who do we have to return now? I would be mad as hell if Royal got hurt returning a punt. Maybe one of the rooks will make a name for himself there…

  • robtink242

    a return man isn’t hard to find on this team. we could use a back or a receiver or even a DB

  • Tom9798

    Robtink242 . . . mr. me . . . I agree with both of you that these two signings were a head scratcher at first . . . .

    Bronconinja . . . . you were spot on thinking there is a McD link in the chain . . . here is a quick bio on LaMont Jordon . . . .

    New York Jets . . .

    Jordan was drafted in the second round of the 2001 NFL Draft by the New York Jets. Jordan spent his first four years as a backup to Curtis Martin before becoming a free agent.

    Oakland Raiders . . .

    After the 2004 season, Jordan signed a five-year, $27.5 million contract with the Oakland Raiders. He wore No. 34. Jordan rushed for 1,025 yards in 2005 while leading all NFL running backs in receptions with 70.

    On November 19, 2006, Jordan tore his medial collateral ligament in a game against the Kansas City Chiefs and missed the rest of the season. Jordan started the 2007 season with 350 yards rushing and two touchdowns in the first three games. He injured his back against the Miami Dolphins and was replaced by Justin Fargas. Fargas was productive and was named the starter for the next four games. On July 25, 2008 Jordan was released by the Raiders.

    New England Patriots . . .

    On July 26, 2008, Jordan signed a one-year contract with the New England Patriots.

    Denver Broncos . . .

    Jordan was signed by the Denver Broncos on March 4, 2009. The move reunited him with Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels, who was the Patriots’ offensive coordinator in 2008. . .

    Interesting because this guy has been beaten and injured . . . but must have had a lasting impression on McD sometime during the Jet’s . . . Raider . . . Patriot . . . journey . . . .

    We’ll see if he makes it through camp . . . . T

  • (dee)

    Ryan Torrain will make it after all ….

  • Truman

    Didn’t like the signing to begin with and now I’m even more upset. Cut for a physical? WTF? Um does McDaniels buy cars sight unseen like he apparently does RBs?

  • Jon Krause

    oh dude “season-ending microfracture knee surgery.”!!! that explains it

  • alm034

    In case you guys haven’t seen it, Knowshown Moreno won the Upper Deck touchdown dance competition. Here’s the link:

  • stav

    They should sign me for $10,000 and cut me the next day for a $5,000 cap hit. I’d be smiling. Please, let Jordan be next. I suppose management doesn’t believe in kicking the tires of a car to see if its a lemon? Just now they realize he needs surgery? Stupid, but as it was said above, not my money.

  • kerry

    yawn. a bum RB signed by McDaniels who didnt make it. oh well. Torain is next to go. and who cares? another bum RB who ONLY gets hype because Shanahan said he is good. let the purging begin.

  • Matt

    Once again, there was a clause in the contract and we paid him $0. Quit belly aching… good lord.

  • jchase8410

    IT WASN’T A WASTE OF MONEY!!! They don’t have to pay him any of the guaranteed money.

  • Broncoholic

    Just another example of us not playing with all of the info. We are just observing moves by our FO without knowing all of the details. People should keep this in mind before making statements ridiculing McD’s decisions based of off incomplete information. It really makes you look like a fool when you bash our HC for something you know very little about and then details come out which shows your criticism was unfounded and off-base. Have a bit of faith in our FO. They are not the complete fools that so many of you make them out to be. I’m sure the new regime will not be mistake free, nor will any new regime lead by a rookie HC, but McD knows what he is doing. He has all of the info. We do not know more about our Broncos than he does. Don’t be so quick to ridicule based off of what little accurate info we all have access to.

  • DC

    No jchase they will not. Friday and sunday are our day.

  • robtink242

    finally some new on brandstater. According to McD he was the only QB to NOT get knock down in practice. Apperently McD allows a little hitting on the QB during OTA’s. I guess that his way of dealing with the compotion. I really hope this guy amazes us during pre season.

  • kerry

    next up, Torain then Jarvis Moss. Barrett may go too.

  • robtink242

    hey Barret didn’t cost a first round and now he has a real safety to learn from. I really don’t know why Jarvis moss is still here didn’t know why we got him. If he doesn’t have 10 sacks this season hes gone(HE’S GONE). Torain??? i really dont know what type of player he’ll be.

    this team show no clarity in the front seven.

  • kerry

    with the signing of Hill and Dawkins, and the drafting of McBath and Bruton is spelling Barrett’s exit from this team. i think Moss will be gone before preseason even starts. if not there then he will be gone when the final 53 roster is made. i say good riddance. get rid of the Shanny holdovers who didnt do shit.

  • DC

    Kerry- Barrett’s not getting cut. He is being put in different positions in a couple different looks. If nothing else he can play st’s. Moss will if he doesn’t show up. I’m on the fence with torrain.

  • robtink242

    have any of guess see the story of Marshall on DP wanting a bigger contract. Look the guy might have been through some legal issues before but he is worth way more than he’s being paid. I don’t see him playing for another team but i wold like to see an extension before he sees free agency and his value goes up. his lawyer clear stated that he will NOT holdout.

  • robtink242

    Kerry- ii just don’t see Barret getting cut. Mike Nolan is putting his players in position and schemes where they can succeed.

  • Stav

    I agree on Barret, he actually has a mentor now and I’m sure he can be utilized on special teams. My one fear is that now with Arrington cut Royal is going to be back returning kicks/punts. I say yes to kickoffs, but no to suicides. He’s too important to the offense for McD to put him in a potential situation of getting blown up on a punt return.

    Didn’t see the DP article, for some reason I can’t access the DP on my Mac at work (even though I was able to for months), so I have to wait to go home for this. My take is that if he doesn’t get suspended, ok he’s safe extend him. If he does get suspended, well now we have a problem. He should still be extended but the contract structure and money has to be lower and loaded with performance escalators and clear character penalties as he’s an obvious off-field risk. Either way, if he goes into free-agency, teams are going to throw a ton of money at him (I’ll spell it out, C-H-I-C-A-G-O, its an obvious fit), and he clearly wants to be a Bronco so it just makes sense.

  • dmvegasbronco

    The Denver Post has it wrong as usual. JJ will not HAVE surgery, he HAD surgery right after the SB and it has not responded.
    Guys, remember the contract issue with JJ, it was because he got the surgery right after the SB.
    The signing bonus will not be paid because he did not attend camp. Hense the reason to cut him now.
    The Darius Walker signing should have told us that this was coming.

    Here are my numbers by position;
    8-OL, 4-TE, 5-WR, 5-RB, 3-QB making a total of 25
    7-DL, 8-LB, 5-CB, 5-S making a total of 25
    1-P, 1-K, 1-LS making a total of 53

  • DC

    Stav- I don’t think royal will be our pr/kr. I think mckinley will start.

  • DC

    dmvegasbronco- if you listen to McD interview he says that JJ needs surgery, not in those words but he says something like “it’s unfortunate that he can’t play this year.”

  • Stav

    I can live with McKinley on ST’s. I think the MHR suggested that this was where he was going to cut his teeth with the Broncos. 4.44 returning kickoffs? Worth a shot.

  • broncoNM

    looks like scheff might stick around for awhile and could be a good asset for McD’s new offense. This article suggests that McD looks at scheffler as a valuable weapon to stretch the field.

  • kerry

    Scheffler is a valuable weapon. its a damn shame that his vertical ability will be hampered by a weak armed QB.

  • robtink242

    CHEAP SHOT. I Guess he can wait until Ton Brandstater develops. He has a decent arm. Not Cutler nut strong.

  • kerry

    well its not like i said anything that wasnt true. our receiving core of TE”s and WR’s will have their production hampered because Orton is not a strong armed QB. and really i dont think Brandstater is gonna do anymore then hold a clipboard. if rhett Bomar was here id feel differently. Bomar has all the tools and was a Heisman candidate before his screw up at Oklahoma. im not at all inspired with Tom Brandstater.