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Published on 05/27/2009 at Wed May 27 18:18.
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Let the purging of the backfield begin. Denver Post reports that tailback J.J. Arrington has been cut after failing his physical.

So much for my Madden season. Down goes my three-headed monster Moreno/Arrington/Hillis.

UPDATE: The Denver Post is now reporting that Arrington required season-ending micro fracture knee surgery. He will be out for the season.

The first departure of the crowded backfield obviously won’t be the last, but I am surprised that the former Cardinal is leaving Denver so early. With the release the Broncos take a $1.8 million signing bonus hit. But hey, if the guy can’t play, there ain’t no use keeping him around. Hopefully this means the young bunch will get more detailed attention. Could also be a warning shot from Coach McD to anyone who isn’t making their way to the practice field.

2nd UPDATE: Arrington’s bonus was totally dependent on his participation in the OTA’s.

J.J., we hardly knew ya…

  • robtink242

    me neither. I’m not a Rhett Bomar fan also. I think we could have gotten Magee, Nate Davis or Even trade for a QB already with a team. yeah we had two thirds that was trade for a blocking tight end which we already have.

    Without a doubt we could gotten better talent for less. But no point crying over spilled milk.

  • DC

    Who says you need a “strong armed” qb to get production. One of the best if not the best had an ok arm. His name starts with M and ends with ontana.

  • ryan mcbronco fan

    y did anyone get excited about this guy anyway?
    arrington had like a 3 yards per carry average… and if he ever took a kick to the house it was very rare.
    the ONLY reason i liked getting jj was because he could give eddie royal some rest and keep him off special teams.
    and for all you people who hate on lamont jordan… the guy has production. period.
    him and peyton hillis will take care of anything short yardage.
    after lamont gets a first down on third and one or fourth and one im sure everyone will shut up