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Published on 04/30/2009 at Thu Apr 30 15:38.
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Selvin Young

A few days after drafting Knowshown Moreno, the Denver Broncos made their first move to thin their crowded RB backfield. Selvin Young, the team’s starting running back heading into last season, was waived by the team today, it was announced.

Young joined the Broncos in 2007 as a college free agent from the University of Texas. He played 23 games (13 starts) in two seasons with Denver, totaling 201 rushes for 1,032 yards (5.1 avg.) with two touchdowns and 38 receptions for 247 yards (6.5 avg.).

This comes as little surprise. Expect the Broncos to make more moves at running back in the coming months. Young may get a few feelers from around the league, helped mainly by his 5+ ypc. Best of luck Selvin!

  • TD30isMVP

    We have lost so many backs over the years that I liked I am now numb to it, however, we need to keep hillis.

  • Fan From Spain

    same here TD30, I hope Pittman stays also.

  • robtink242

    Pittman was gone for awhile

  • Ryan M.

    Selvin showed flashes of greatness. Very speedy guy, I will definitely miss him but I’m confident we’ll still have a quality backfield without him. Hopefully his post-denver career goes better than it has for our backs that have left the stable.

  • DC

    I can see Houston picking him up. They need someone to compliment Slaton. E.J. is a possibility for houston as well. I would like to see Knowshon, Hillis, Buck, and Torain in that order.

  • broncoNM

    Its being reported that he failed a physical… which makes sense why he was cut so quick. I thought young was pretty good for a UDFA.
    I see the backfield like this:
    1) Moreno (Starter, Will get bulk of carries)
    2)Buckhalter (Gets carries when moreno needs a breather)
    3)Arrington (Back up, return game)
    4)Torain/Jordan (Back up)
    5)Hillis (short yardage, Change of Pace, FB)

    I still like our depth at this position. I could not be more excited about moreno…But i dont want him to put too many miles on his tires his rookie year. I can see buckhalter have a similar role here that he had in philly. He will often give moreno a breather when needed. I can also see moreno and arrington OR moreno and hillis on the field at the same time. All 3 of these guys can catch the ball out of the backfield. I see torain/jordan as depth and strictly a back up. Hillis is a perfect chang of pace back… What excites me the most about this backfield with the addition of moreno is that we can punish and wear down defenses. Hillis is a bruiser that can pound the ball after moreno wears down the d line and LB’s. We also have best O line in league.

  • Andpark

    It has been a very traumatic off season and I just can’t handle it if we lose Hillis. Shan, Bates, Cutler, Young, Marshall maybe getting suspended (again). Hillis is the only thing I have left…

    Kidding but I really do like Hillis a lot, only real great surprise to come from last season. White Brandon Jacobs. It will be an interesting week 1 going, who the hell is that guy? It will be nice to see Hillis have a role.

  • Andpark

    Jeez BroncoNM, sounded like on draft day you were about to jump off a cliff. Glad to see you have gotten a hold of yourself.

    I too think Moreno will play a huge role next year. Offensive MVP? Too early?

  • Andpark

    Offensive Rookie of the Year, I mean..

  • stav

    Man, I said that Young was no longer a Bronco even before Moreno got drafted. His downfall was uttering the “2000 yds” statement. I don’t mind this move at all, as long as no more moves are made anymore with the backfield, unless we’re looking to cut Jordan, whose best days are way behind him now (and whose best days weren’t even anything to laud anyway). No way Hillis gets cut, his hands are way too good which I’m sure McD has noticed from tape, but I still have the feeling that someone else isn’t making the ride to September, Torrain. The guy is just too injury prone.

  • stav

    Someone on NFL Net picked Macklin, but how many receivers have been ORY’s? And receivers can be shut out for catches occasionally, unless he blows up in special teams. I think Moreno has got the goods and a great chance of vying for that award, but the only question is, how many carries vs. catches will he have? Expect to see this guy lining up every now and then on the outside of a formation, his hands are that good. On the other hand, taking in that McD needed to take pressure of the passing game and the defense with a good ground game, we may just see something like 18-22 carries combined with a few catches per game for Moreno, if his talent translates to the NFL. God, I would love it if McD system’s would give an RB 20 carries a game at least, maybe this draft pick changes the scheme of everything now, it seems like it does.

  • Steve W

    I don’t care what anyone says. When you have a Running Back by Committe all it means is one simple thing “You do not have a quality RB (feature RB)”. Hillis is an outstanding FB, good blocker, good hands and can run when you need him but he is not a feature RB nor is anyone else on our roster and that is why we went with Moreno for our first pick plain and simple.

    All you have to do is watch the video of Moreno and its easy to see he has it all. He is the kind of RB that can make the RBBC approach be history. When a coach has a good RB with all the tools, trust me, he is not going to use a RBBC. The only time another RB will come in is to rest your feature back when you have a good quality RB like Moreno. All our other RB are okay but do not have all the skills to be a feature back.

    Barring injury Knowshon will be the OROY next season, mark my words. Then everyone will shut up about our draft.

  • robtink242

    Amen Steve W

  • stav

    Here, Here and Harumph Steve W!!!

    Several national reporters bashed the Clady (“Eventual starter in a few years) and Royal (“nice for punt returns but not a legitimate receiving option/threat”) picks last year, i think they did ok.

  • DC

    I bet Knowshon does get 2000 all purpose yards next year.

  • Matt

    I’m beyond excited for this season and cannot wait.

  • broncoNM

    I think your right…McD’s system will allow over 20 touches for moreno and crew. We will need a good ground game to take pressure off Orton and the defense. I am excited to see our time of possesion go up and hopefully we can get some long sustaining drives to keep the D off the field. Moreno and hillis will be great in the red zone. Orton will also have marshall, royal, stokely, and gaffney to find in the red zone as well. Hopefully with a good ground game we can hold on to wins late in games and if we fall behind McD can still unleash our WR’s in 3 and 4 WR sets. I think ortons best friend will be the screen pass. This will be deadly with moreno and will constantly relieve pressure off orton.

    Your right. I have done a complete 180 since draft day…I have seen the light and am once again drinking the McD koolaid.

  • Kelly in Carolina

    I loved Selvin Young, and I would keep him over some of the new guys. When he is healthy, he has major potential to break tackles and his elusiveness is amazing. Sorry to see him go! I hope he resurfaces on a good team that gives him a chance to shine! Maybe he can go play with Vince Young for the Titans!

  • kerry

    Young sucked. bottomline. Torain is next to go. alot of Shanny holdovers are gonna be heading towards the exit soon. i mean hell, look at all the guys we released who havent even been signed yet, Robertson, Bly, McCree, Manuel. the only one is Niko. kind of shows just how shitty of defensive players were starting for this team.

  • Jarrod

    I like Young, but this was a good move. He was at the bottom of the list of the RB’s we had.

    I can’t wait to see what Moreno and Hillis can do on the field at the same time!

  • DC

    Hi, I’m selvin young. You need to quit smoking, so call the colorado quit line at 1800 Quit Now, that’s 1800 Q U I T N O W. haha, always thought his commercials were really funny.

  • mikebirty

    so long and thanks for all the fish

  • WhidbeyBronco

    so sad it had to come to this

  • Estes2SD

    Get ready for a lot of short yardage passing from Orton to the backs and recievers. Orton will have close to 65% completion rating when it is all said and done. This works well with our recievers (B Marsh size and toughness, Royal’s quickness, Stokely’s slot experience and Hillis and Moreno catching screen passes). This is how Orton was able to be 3rd on Purdue’s all time passing yards behind Drew Brees and Bob Griese.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    No surprise here… I liked Young but he’s likely done. Can’t be a full time back at least, not many can handle the beating… hard on a human. I wish him luck though.

    BTW thanks for your work here Kyle & Co! Best Bronco site BY FAR – Bar None (In case I don’t say it enough)

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Steve W,

    I agree with much of what you said… however, I don’t believe the 2009 draft get’s an A+ unless the Defense ends up getting fixed this year. If Moreno gains +1000 yards and our D gives up games like last year – we still finish less than .500.

    I think the long-range grade for this draft is solely reliant on IF Coach Kid and his staff can fix the D. Nothing else will matter if that happens and we start winning games.

  • Roy

    You are the weakest link. Good-bye.

  • OC Bronco

    People stop worrying about Hillis. He has everything McD has said he looks for in a player and they put him back at FB. He’s safe. Torain is likely gone and who cares? I mean really. Too bad we paid both Buckhalter and Arrington but clearly we didn’t know how the draft would go and I hope they expected to take 2 Defensive Players (Although who thought Knowshon would go any earlier or later than SD?).

    Good luck to Selvin. I agree with Stav the 2000-yard proclamation was his undoing, especially as a UDFA. I guarantee we don’t hear players talk about individual achievements like that any more and I couldn’t be happier about that. “My arm is stronger than John Elway’s.” Pssh, whateva.

  • Stav

    Estes – I think Royal is lining up in the Welker “Slot” position for us – hello 100 catches. They’re going to let Royal create off the catch with Gaffney and Prisoner #789533, sorry, I meant Marshall on the outside

  • NathanH47

    JJ will be a good contributer on special teams, i doubt he gets any carries though.

  • Stav

    Not enough carries to go around. Let him return the kicks and get some garbage carries.

  • (dee)

    Im jus glad andre hall isnt still on the team…. Ryan Torain will stick around I think… Torain, Hillis, and Moreno is a nice group to go with oldtimers Arrington, Jordan, and Buckhulter.

  • T-Money

    Interseting espn article.

    “No. 27 is back in circulation in Denver.

    The number was put on hiatus as a tribute to slain cornerback Darrent Williams. The popular Williams, who was 24 at the time of his death, was shot and killed in downtown Denver on Jan. 1, 2007, hours after the team’s season ended.

    After not being used the past two seasons, the number will be worn by Denver rookie running back Knowshon Moreno. The Broncos picked Moreno, out of Georgia, with the 12th choice in last weekend’s draft. He is expected to be the starting running back for an offense that may become more run-oriented in the wake of the Jay Cutler trade to Chicago.

    Moreno, who wore No. 24 in college (that’s worn by All-Pro cornerback Champ Bailey in Denver), asked for the number this week. The Broncos then called Williams’ mother, Rosalind Williams, to ask permission to use the number. The Williams family called the Broncos back and gave their blessing for Moreno to wear the number — on one condition.

    They plan to ask Moreno to donate a few hours of his time each month to the Darrent Williams Teen Center, which was opened in a low-income part of Denver last May to honor the Williams’ memory. Moreno wore the number at the team’s minicamp practice Friday.

    “We knew that number wasn’t going to be on the shelf forever,” said Troy Asmus, the Williams family’s spokesman. “We would like Knowshon to be part of the community center to help with the growth and maturation of these kids.””

  • robtink242

    I hope Knowshon knows the responsibility that comes with that number. Just like Darrent Williams dealth with that responsibility when that number was given from Steve Atwater. I hope this is a sign of greatness to come.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    I believe that the KNowshon draft pick was our own verson of MAtt Forte which Kyle orton loved to use a wideout/Halfback……….

  • broncoNM

    Your right…Half of our starters last year couldnt even be back ups on any other team. Robertson, Mccree, Bly, Manuel, Engelberger, etc… Are no talent losers that the rest of the NFL wont touch. The defense obviously needed a complete over haul and it would probably take more than a one draft to get that done. We got good value in a talent thin draft. Our draft picks and UDFA’s are a good start to having a young ball hunting defense. Im excited about ayers, smith, mcbath, baker, rulon davis and lee robinson. In the process we got a clear 3 down back that takes pressure off the offense and defense.

  • broncobobmeridian

    Great comments…..If all the McD haters and everyone who thought Shanahan shouldnt of been fired, would look at the big picture. Shanahan has NEVER since the SB years, put together any type of quality defense. It seems every year it was worse and worse. Its going to take a least 2 years to get the defense back to being average.

    Also, how long has it been since our running game scared anybody? Since Portis left. Sure we have alway’s had a pretty good O-line, but last year was a joke. Image if Hillis never got a shot to carry the ball.
    Last years record should of been 6-10. We got lucky with the SD game and the Saints game. We were not a very good team last year,
    Offense, Defense, Special Teams, and most of all Coaching.

  • NathanH47

    What the f*** are you talking about most of all coaching? Knock Shanny all you want for drafting bad and bringing in terrible signings, but thats GM work. He was a great coach til the end, and was the reason that team last year over achieved.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Shanny still gets the love he deserves!
    Too bad he never learned he couldn’t do it all!!
    I miss him as our coach… hopefully Josh’ll shake his rookie mistakes and make us not miss anybody!
    …well we’ll likely always forget Elway.
    Who knows, winning can fix anything.

  • broncobobmeridian

    Wake up nathan47
    How many of the coaching staff was picked up from other NFL teams?
    Shanahan had 100% control of all GM signings. Shanahan always had complete control. The past few years caught up with him and now it will take time to clean up his mess

  • broncoNM

    Cutler leaves and we come up with 2 alternatives…Either we get another franchise QB (Sanchez rumors pre draft) Or we fix the defense in one draft… Not sure it works out like that… Gotta give McD more time than one draft to fix this team. McD needs a couple of years to bring in his personnel. I thought this draft was a good start. He gave Orton support (moreno) and started to rebuild the defense for the future. I believe this team will be competitive next year and am hoping McD is building a foundation.

  • DC

    Sorry to stir the pot, but imagine Moreno, Tony S., Marshal, Royal and Cutler on the same field. Wow, that would have been something. I hope Ayers, A.S. and Quinn were worth it.

  • DC

    Technically speaking A.S. is our number 1 next year but we wouldn’t have traded for him if we didn’t have 2 1’s.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    OC Bronco
    We didn’t know how the draft was going to go? Who did we honestly think we were going to draft? Think about it! We clearly wanted NO inside help on the D- line unless it were Jackson (end actually) or Raji. Our third choice was obviously Moreno (am I missing someone?) With Raji unlikely to drop so far and the likelihood of jackson going before us too… who did we think we were going to get if not Moreno? Granted, we weren’t likely to have been so clear on this when we signed those FA RB’s but if this is the case, we spent before we looked very far ahead! And why not trade one of those RB’s during the draft?
    or now!

    Yeah, imagine it! It would be so had we kept Shanny or hired ANY other coach!

    Meanwhile back at the reality ranch. Coach looks good in camp ! (what little i’ve seen) I like his hands on approach, he seems in his element. I’m starting to have hope he can overcome his rookie mistakes.

  • kerry

    Moreno wouldnt have been on this team if Shanny was still the coach. first round RB’s are like Kryptonite to Shanny. his ego of TRYING to turn late round bums into stars simply wouldnt allow him to draft a first round RB. we know Shanahan wouldnt have tried to trade up for Raji because Shanny loves undersized D-linemen who have no strength. chances are that Shanny would have taken Orakpo to be a 4-3 DE. we wouldnt be switching to the 3-4 because Mike Nolan would have NEVER worked for Shanny because Shanny just HAS to stick his nose in every facet of the Broncos. if Shanny stayed JUST THE COACH and relinquished his front office duties then yeah this team would be a great team again. but his ego wouldnt allow him to do that either. once he fired Sundquist and the team failed, there was nobody left to scapegoat for the failures of the team. so he got his pink slip. best move this team made in a long time.

  • broncobobmeridian

    I agree with you Kerry

  • robtink242

    Shanny is an great coach. what he gets out of mediocrity is like no other. but i do agree he is no GM. We wouldn’t have gotten Moreno more than likely we pick up Shon Greene in the 3rd.

  • kerry

    like i said, if he stayed just as THE COACH, this team would be great again. but his ego wouldnt allow that. i guess just coaching a team is just totally beneath Shanahan. i wonder if Shanny stands on 4 denver metro phonebooks when he speaks to the team just so he wont possibly be looked down upon. lol

  • robtink242

    lol thats a cheap shot

  • TQ

    Peyton Hillis = Football Player!! This guy has to stay in Denver and if this new coaching staff doesn’t realize what a special player he is, they are lost!