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Published on 04/26/2009 at Sun Apr 26 17:55.
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Jarvis Moss (AP Photo)

Jarvis Moss (AP Photo)

Some fans are still wondering why the new regime of Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders did not make much effort to go after defensive lineman. Specifically defensive tackles, McDaniels stated during his press conference yesterday,

When the board gets picked clean, you don’t start reaching for players in the first round or the second round that you don’t feel equals the value you’re taking the selection at. I don’t know how many defensive linemen were drafted today, I don’t know how many defensive linemen were drafted to play in the 3-4 system. But we felt like we took players at each spot that are going to come in and help us.

We talked about him a bit yesterday during the live blog, but Alex Marvez of reported that the Denver Broncos were shopping defensive end/possible outside linebacker Jarvis Moss for a seventh round draft pick today. Which would have further thinned an already weak front seven.

This along with news from the Philadelphia Inquirer that the Philadelphia Eagles have a standing offer of a third round in 2010 for Broncos tight end Tony Scheffler. It’s certain that the roster moves are not done in Denver. However, when discussing the addition of tight end Richard Quinn, yesterday, McDaniels mentioned Scheffler specifically,

Tony obviously can be flexed away from the formation a little bit more. We’ll use him a little bit more on the move than Daniel. Richard [Quinn] is more in the middle of both. He can catch the ball, he’s got soft hands, we can move him, he certainly can handle his own on the line as a blocker. But when you’re going to use two and three tight end packages during the course of the season, you’d love to have three guys that you feel good about. To have three guys that can run block, pass block, catch passes in the passing game and make an impact at more than one thing, I think that’s very valuable to us.”

Hopefully, that means that Scheffler won’t go the way of Cutler despite the fact that the Broncos re-signed Jeb Putzier who has a similar upside to Scheffler.

  • Matt

    Gotta say I spoke out of rage of not choosing D first when the draft first began, but it shaped up decently I suppose. Good start, nat so good finish finish. I still find alot of the trades highly unnecessary and excessive.

    Going to be real interesting what the D looks like this year as the O never really needed help. I believe Knowshon+Hillis will be an amazing duo and its good to see a lot of focus on the running game.. oh, how i miss the days of TD.

    Who knows, maybe McD’s onto something… hoping so atleast.

  • Joe

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Shopping Moss? Are you kidding me?? HAHAHAHA…..and nobody even would trade a 7th for him? HAHAHA…..he is a major ass bust. I say he is not even worth a 7th, not worthy to be a free agent, not worthy at all to be in the NFL. It’s for professional athletes, not professional busts.

  • alm034

    That would be a 7th round pick in exchange for a player with a 1st rounder’s salary. I wouldn’t bite on that myself.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    I don’t have a lot to say about this draft. All I can say is that I’m not in love with it. Some of the justifications sound good and some just sound like smoke. McJosh has come in and blown up an offense that worked and not worked hard enough to fix a defense that didn’t, and insists on switching to a defense when the personnel to man simply isn’t available.

    The only thing that will make me be anything but dubious (or worse) of McJosh and all his antics will be a whole lot of wins. And I don’t see where they’re going to come from.

  • Matt

    Amen, Miles.

  • Jason

    I gotta say matt, that is one of the most reasonable statements I’ve seen from a Bronco fan since the draft began.

    I was a little… shocked… to say the least when we picked up Knowshon; however, the more time I spent thinking about it and watching the other picks and thinking about the moves that have likely been made regarding defensive personnel, like Elvis rotating out to the OLB – which I like VERY much – and the expectation that DJ will be an ILB, where I think he’d do better than the Mike on a 4-3 or a WLB. We stacked up well in free agency and the only concern I have left is the DT position. Maybe, Powell, our 5th from last year, that never saw a snap due to injury, is impressive… I don’t know.

    I’m not a coach or personnel guy; don’t have access to game tape nor do I get to see anyone practice but there is a pretty good chance we have the tools we need to make this work defensively.

    I have questions about our QB spot also but I am confident that Simms or Orton will pan out just fine… I do perfer Simms in that mix, though I’m still a bit bitter about his father beating us in the SB in the 80’s.

  • broncoNM

    Saw on another forum that we signed UDFA’s :
    DE Everrete Pedescleaux from Northern Iowa 6’6″ 305lbs
    CB Dominique Johnson from Jackson St 6’2″ 192lbs

    I can find this anywhere else on the web but i thought id pass it along…

  • Dan Myers

    We should have known something was up when Coach McD the following statement on the Friday before draft “the mini camp help us decide on area’s for the draft. yes it was good news”.
    I now believe that statement meant that coach Nolan and Martindale will start with the players they current have. He also stated “our 3-4 DE’s need to be able to slide into the DT position”.
    Hum lets, thats Peterson, Thomas, McBean, Askew, Powell, and Crowder.
    May 1-3 should give us a hint.


    I’m 32 years old and I’m currently sitting on the toilet. McD is 32 years old and is finishing up his first NFL draft. He didn’t get to that point without knowing a thing or two about football. Let’s give him some support and hope for the best. If he don’t come through than we can dunk him in a toilet.

    GO Bronx!!!!!!

  • VinceMarine


    Well put. It’s nice to see the real fans out on these blogs, instead of the ones who think that they know what is best for the Broncos, and complain about everything.

  • DC

    It seemed like McD focused on the O and Secondary in the draft. Maybe its the front seven next year. I am utterly disappointed though. But thank G for K.M. We need a 3 down rb, but where in the hell is our NT? I don’t see one, does any one else.

  • VinceMarine

    These are the UDFA’s that we have signed so far. I like the first. He may possibly fill the NT spot. He is big enough to…6’6 305. I don’t know much about the others.

    DL Everette Pedescleaux (Northern Iowa)
    CB Dominique Johnson (Jackson St)
    WR Lucas Taylor (Tennessee)
    WR Nate Swift (Nebraska)

  • kerry

    i dont know whats funnier, Moss being shopped for a 7th rounder, or the fact nobody would take him. HAHAHAHAHAHA. i said it when they drafted him that he was a joke. another brilliant Shanahan defensive draft pick. lol. this whole weekend has been one big punchline after another.

  • Broncoholic

    I agree. I think that Powell has impressed the coaching staff so far this offseason. I also think that Fields is going to be better than almost all of us are expecting. McD said it in his post draft presser when he spoke about not wanting to draft players for a specific position that are likely to just get cut. What good does that do us? I think this draft showed that our caching staff is confident in our D lineman on our roster, players such as Powell, Fields, Darrell Reid from Indy, Thomas, Crowder, and even Dumervil playing some snaps with his hand in the grass. McD just didn’t feel like there were D Lineman in this draft that were good enough to beat out and take a roster spot from who we have now. That’s good news in regards the shape of our D Line currently. I think poor scheme and poor coaching last year was more of a detriment than the players we had on D.

  • Broncoholic

    I see Fields being our starting NT with a rotation at that position. We’ll see who ends up playing there but obviously our coaching staff felt that there wasn’t anyone in the draft that could be better at NT than who we have. Why draft a bust that we will cut just because many fans think we need a NT? If there wasn’t someone who can beat out who we have there, why waste the pick?

  • broncoNM

    CB Dominique Johnson has good size and is a cover 2 corner that some projected him going in the 5th rd.

    Dont kow much about WR lucas taylor but he ran a 4.36 40 during is pro day.

  • broncoNM

    here is an updated UDFA signing list…

    mitch king went to the titans

  • Anthony

    broncos got Chris Baker! He’ll be our nose rotating with Powell I would think. Here’s some info on him:

    6’2 326 40 time 5.03 Hampton College
    Official Bio

    Stars **
    Excellent size and bulk…Long arms and big hands…Very athletic with good speed and quickness…Gets off the snap well…Stout at the point of attack…Shows the ability to take on and shed blockers…Gets good penetration…Offers positional and schematic versatility…Productive.

    Has run into trouble off-the-field and character is a concern…Average strength and power…Poor stamina…A questionable motor…Marginal instincts and awareness…Is not really a great pass rusher…Not fluid and his range is limited..Dominated a low level of competition in 2008.

    Began his college career at Penn State…Redshirted in 2005…Worked as a reserve in 2006 before taking over a starting job in 2007…Was arrested twice in 2007 on felony charges in connection with two fights and ultimately dismissed from the Nittany Lion football team…Landed at Hampton and had a fantastic 2008 campaign as a defensive end in the Pirates 3-4 defense, earning 1st Team All-MEAC honors…Opted to enter the NFL Draft after his junior season…Some feel he is a good kid who just got embroiled in a couple of bad situations…Could project to defensive tackle or defensive end and can play in either a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme…Future looked very promising before his college career was derailed…Extremely talented player with the physical tools to excel at the pro level as long as he keep can his head on straight..Boom or Bust.

  • Ian Henson

    Kyle, Josh, Danh and I just wrapped up a podcast, so look out for that tomorrow! Had a lot of fun, talked about all things draft and this Jarvis Moss ordeal…

  • Pat

    Chris Baker is superbowl bound

  • Ian Henson

    I LOVE the Chris Baker pick-up…

  • DB

    “When you get to a selection and you have a player that you valued much higher than another player, then in my opinion you don’t want to draft someone because they play a certain position.”

    Quote from Mcd after the draft. Mcd knows his shit. You can tell just by listening to him talk that he knows A LOT about football. Yeah sure, we need a nose tackle…but why draft someone if the player isn’t going to come in there and compete? I’m VERY satisfied with this years draft, to say the least, we drafted players to make our team better and our future looks great.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    DB: That logic sounds good — but why trade up for players that are not needs rather than trade down so you aren’t reaching for players that are? That’s the part I don’t get. Trade into the 2nd round for a tight end that no one thought would be drafted in the 2nd round?

    I’m willing to cut some slack on Alphonso Smith — the word on him is pretty uneven and some people seem to think he could’ve been a first rounder, so sure, trade to get him. Highly rated player on their board, position of need, great.

    I’m not saying we should’ve traded up to get a DL but man, trading up to get a blocking tight end who can’t catch the damn ball? Don’t we already have the best player of that mold in the league?

  • Ian Henson

    It is really a blessing to have such an intelligent Broncos community on the web. I’m convinced that sometimes I post just to see what you guys have to say.

    Hope that everyone has a wonderful week!

  • Matt

    Glad that McD’s finally addressing some of the defensive issues through the undrafted.

    I think we’re actually onto something here folks.

    Is it bad that I’m begging for the summer to be over before it’s begun just so the football season can start? aha

  • flbronc

    i was hoping to get gano as a fa… and maybe ellerbee from uga- the ravens got them both….

  • Matt

    ellerbe to the ravens eh? that’s unfortunate broncoNM posted highlights of him yesterday and I liked what I saw.

  • Jon Krause

    dude im in shock, WHY DID WE NOT DRAFT A DT????

    will some one explain this to me — I dont understand

  • Ian Henson


    Coach felt like there was no one of value available at the points when we could have drafted them.

  • Mr.East


    Denver signed three defensive linemen in UDFA. The best prospect being Chris Baker (NT, Hampton) whose range was as high as the second round.

  • broncoNM

    Im bummed about ellerbe too. I thought we would have signed a couple UFDA LB’s by now. I have seen on a couple other places that we signed Lee Robinson LB from Alcorn st. We have to get DJ’s bro worrell williams. right? He looks explosive. Man, we made a run on WRs and CBs I hope this helps our return game… I love the D line UDFA we have signed so far… Obviously chris baker is the best so far.

  • Ian Henson

    Doesn’t Baker’s background remind anyone a little bit of Marcus Thomas’?

  • Estes2SD

    Denver’s offense is going to be top notch now. Granted we could rack up yards last year, just not TD’s. Orton will flourish with the talent around him the same way Drew Brees (another boilermaker) flourished. As for the Defense we have to have trust in our coaching staff “Nolan”, we have the talent we just need the scheme.

  • Matt

    williams needs to be in a broncos uniform without doubt.

    I think what a lot of people don’t see with some of the picks is that they are going to be utilized in the special teams more so than their respective positions.

    Considering we were dead last in that category last year, what better way to help on both sides of the ball than good field position.

    After reviewing the picks, I support McD’s mentality in choosing talent over position need as I’d rather have a #1 in a not so immediate need than a bust in a needed position which results in a moreso wasted pick.

  • Tom9798

    Well . . . I give McD mixed reviews for the draft . . .

    I don’t know that I will forgive him for passing on Orakpo . . . and he stated that the draft was weak for the front seven we had all hoped for . . .

    I think he made no effort to go get the player’s that were there . . . since he had no problem trading up for picks #37, #48, and #64 . . . he could have easily packaged our #12 pick and our natural #1 next year and gone after Curry . . . same goes for Ragi . . . with the same or a similar package . . . I still feel he should have taken Brace at #37 without giving up one draft pick, let alone our natural un-compensated #1 for next year.

    And Moreno would still have been there at #18 . . .

    He stated that he has had a good look at our front seven . . . that’s true . . . he was on the sidelines for the Patriots last year when they tacked 41 points on our forehead . . . the wildcards being played here are Powell, Reid and Fields . . . so somewhere in the mix since minicamp has ended . . . he is satisfied with the personnel we now have . . .

    What I was most satisfied with his picks is this . . . and he stated this in his post-press . . . he chose the personnel with the Special Teams in mind . . . he said our S.T.’s were 30th in the league last year . . . and he wanted fast, smart, hard-hitting players . . .

    So now drafting Smith, McBath, Quinn, Bruton and Mckinley started to make a little more sense to me . . . and it was the first time I had heard this rationale . . .

    Hopefully next year . . . we will have vastly improved S.T’s that will score an extra T.D. or two . . . at least I’m coming away from the draft thinking that McD feels we did a great job . . . so be it . . . we’ll see . . . .

  • ChuckD

    Agree or disagree with the picks at least you have to give coach credit for having the sack to pick the players he wanted and felt would best fit his system. McD had to know the fan base and football world in general would not be happy or understand some of these picks but he stuck with what he thought was best for the team. Nice to see from a young rookie head coach!

  • Jon Krause

    oooook whatever hope McDan knows what he is do’n


  • Stav

    Just posted this in another thread, but based on projection and evaluated talent by scouts, this could be our 3-4 with DJ and Boss inside:

    LOLB Dumervil

    LDE Pedescleaux

    NT Baker

    RDE Thomas

    ROLB Ayers

    300lbs across the line and Elvis and Ayers attacking the QB? Its possible given the potential scouts saw in these players. I’m just scared about having DJ on the inside.

  • SivNiz

    I think DJ on the inside is the only thing we can count on…

  • jdkchem

    “And Moreno would still have been there at #18 ”

    Moreno would have most likely been a Dolt at #16. And your assumption is that the Broncs did not try to move up in the 1st round is based on what? Your Orakpo man-fetish?

    The bad move was moving up to draft Quinn in the 2nd round. A possible explanation could be that McD knew the patsies would have nabbed him before the Broncs picked in the 3rd.

    People have conveniently forgotten all the 2nd, 3rd and longs given up because the DB’s as a whole sucked.

  • Jon Krause

    andre davis is inside mcdan dont even like boss – though i do – but i think he should be OLB and Davis is ver good ILB

  • Bruce Jenkins

    It just gets better and better. Now McGenius can’t even convert the draft picks. How long will it take him to turn the Broncos into the Lions of the Rockies? I’m about one disaster away from piling my Bronco stuff on my lawn and setting it on fire.

  • Brady

    I think our defense will be amazing in 2011, after we have had two solid years to draft players and revamp the system with experience. I only hope to be anywhere less than the top 20. As for the offense…I think it’s going to be in the top 5 again. Our running game is going to be sick. Our recievers are top notch. We have depth. As for Orton, Simms, or Brandstater…we have a proven system that is dynamic with a solid line, a solid run game, and recievers. We just need a guy to manage the clock right now.

    I’m trully excited about our first four picks (Moreno and Smith especially).

    All we can do as a bronco nation is hope for the best and laugh when the Chargers lose!!! haha

  • Brady

    Next year hopefull draftees: Eric Berry (S) out of Tennessee and/or Taylor Mayes (S) USC. If we can put one of these guys under the wing of Dawkins….watch out.

    I think McD has some stuff cooking right now…can’t wait.