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Published on 04/26/2009 at Sun Apr 26 11:41.
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The Denver Broncos continue to show they aren’t afraid to move around the draft board to get the players they want, trading their sixth round draft pick to move up eight spots and select wide receiver Kenny McKinley in the 5th round (141st overall) of the 2009 NFL Draft.

McKinley (6’0″, 189 lbs.) is a senior from South Carolina who has his name in both school and SEC record books. He set school career records for receptions and receiving yards, while also closing out his career second on the school’s all-time touchdown catches list. His 207 receptions seat him third in conference annals, and he is just the fifth SEC player to amass more than 200 catches in a career. He also became the 12th player in league history to record more than 2,700 receiving yards (2,781). Head Coach Steve Spurrier called McKinley the best wide receiver he had ever coached.

McKinley is scouted as a slot receiver and may need to bulk up to make an impact at the NFL level. I’m happy with our depth at wide receiver, so I’m not particularly fond of this move. Why is it that whenever we do a trade, it’s for a position which I wouldn’t necessarily even add a player in the first place?… The Broncos have two selections remaining, both in the seventh round.

  • milehighs`

    very dum

  • CJ

    Dont we have enough wide outs or is it just me

  • Mr.East

    It’s just you.

    I wrote about this, Denver needs WR depth in the later rounds. Check.

  • Larry

    This guy is a steal. Spurrier said he is as good as any receiver he has EVER coached. Broke a most of Sterling Sharpe’s records. A Bobby Engran type player. he is a no nonsense guy. I wish my team had drafted him.

  • Larry

    Oh by the way mile high, “dum” is spelled “dumb”.

  • DC

    I love the pick. It gives us a legit slot, bc stoke can’t play a whole season.

  • da

    way to go Kenny South Cobb is proud for you

  • da

    way to go Kenny ! South Cobb is proud for you.

  • Cathy Mckinley Toliver

    I happen to agree with Larry. I believe Kenny Mckinley is a great pick for the Broncos and I believe he’s going to do a great job for them!
    He’s been playing football ever since he was 6 years old. I’ve watched him grow up. He’s a tough player with a supportive family, and he has a super personality…I should know I’m his Aunt Cathy…smile!

  • Paul

    hello aunt cathy…i seen kenny play about 5 times at sc b/c my father-in-law has season tickets and he is a steal…could’ve went in the 3rd. probably the 2nd

  • devin ramsey

    he is the truth reincarnated look at his skills,a steal as a 2nd round go nephew louisiana loves you . CANT WAIT FOR MY #11 JERSEY, DRINK THE KOOL AID HES THAT GOOD!!!!

  • Amy

    Just wanted to add my thoughts…
    I’m not a Bronco fan, well until now. I am a Kenny fan. I am a South
    Carolina graduate and football fan. He made games exciting to watch (if you know college football, SC games needed some excitement). If the Broncos give him a chance to play, he’ll put all of this debate to rest. Whether you think they needed another WO or not, you won’t be disappointed with this pick!

  • Derek Cook

    Kenny is a great player and a heck of a competitor. I was Kenny’s QB Coach in high school for four years. He has speed and quickness that you can’t coach–they are gifts. He has INCREDIBLE hands and runs great routes. All of this from a guy that has only been playing RECEIVER for 4 years! He was an outstanding QB in high school. With his work ethic and skills, he has the potential to be a star in this league. I may be biased, but talent is talent. His numbers in college speak for themselves. No offense to the South Carolina QB’s, but how was he able to break all those records with average college QB’s throwing him the ball? What could he have done in college with an NFL bound QB? Denver fans–trust me–you are in for a real surprise with this young man! Be patient–give him time to develop and you will be pleased with his production. Best of luck Kenny!

  • Bobby

    I went to High school with Kenny and played basketball with him. Even on the court he was a hell of an athlete. Im proud to say that I knew him because he will progress in the NFL and become a great reciever!!