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Published on 04/26/2009 at Sun Apr 26 10:21.
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The Denver Broncos drafted a defensive back for the third time in the 2009 NFL Draft, selecting Notre Dame free safety David Bruton with the 114th overall pick (4th round).

Bruton had two very productive seasons as a starter for Notre Dame, including his senior season in 2008 where he served as team captain.  The 6’2″, 219 lbs. Ohio native tallied 176 tackles and seven interceptions in those two seasons.  Bruton was also a special teams ace for the Irish and will make an immediate impact for the Broncos in this area.  Knocks on Bruton include his closing speed and occasional lack of physicality in run support.

My bafflement is turning into frustration.  At some point the Broncos need to address the front seven on defense… don’t they?  While I like Robert Ayers, forgive me for not thinking that was quite enough to settle this, you know, “entire defense” problem.

  • Matt

    Still waiting on the addressing of the front seven; at this rate who knows if it’ll ever come.

  • the decider13

    Well Ayers kind of addresses the front 7 as McD plans to use him at DE and OLB.

    Brutton is a pick I actually like…sit on the bench and learn from BDawk for a year or 2.

  • CJ

    Wow finally a pick i actually liked

  • referee

    At some point we have to realize McDaniels is all smoke and mirrors. The real reason for the success of the New England Pats has been Belichick all along. The McDaniels “myth” is evaporating.

  • tower1970

    I agree with decider and CJ this is the type of pick you like to see speed and size a couple years behind Dawk and he may be a monster