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Published on 04/25/2009 at Sat Apr 25 18:17.
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The Denver Broncos weren’t expected to be on the clock when they selected DB Alphonso Smith early in the second round. But they saw something in the 5’9″, 193 lb. cornerback that made them trade their natural 2010 first round draft pick (not the Chicago Bears‘ pick they received in the Jay Cutler trade) to get him.

Smith, a senior hailing from Wake Forest, was extremely productive in college, tallying a whopping 20 interceptions for his career. He was also disruptive in the backfield, notching nine sacks, 23.5 tackles for loss, and eight forced fumbles in his career. Smith will also make an impact on special teams, where he was a capable kickoff returner for the Demon Deacons, averaging 20.7 yards per return.

Like the player, hate the cost. This was a weak draft class to begin with; why trade a potentially high – possibly top 10 – first round draft pick next year for a second round corner this year? I’m livid at whoever suggested and green lit this trade; it should have been laughed out of the Broncos’ war room. Quotes from Smith after the jump.

On disappointment in falling to second round

“Honestly, I came into (the draft) expecting the worst, which is to be a second round pick. I am kind of disappointed, but being that Denver drafted me at 37 I couldn’t care less now because it’s one of the teams I preferred to go to; along with Atlanta for location reasons and the Miami Dolphins for the location. Denver was one of the teams I really wanted to play for and just having a chance to play with (CB) Champ (Bailey) and (S) Renaldo Hill, and my favorite player in the league is (S) Brian Dawkins. So, just to be in the same locker room and meeting room with those guys is truly a pleasure. And now that it’s all over, I couldn’t care less.”

On how he’ll contribute immediately as a rookie

“I have the attitude that I’m trying to come in and start right away, to be honest with you. That’s the way I’m going to approach this thing and if it happens, it’ll be great, but if not, if that’s not the case I started all four years at nickel at Wake Forest and I think I’m pretty good at it. I think I’ll be able to make an immediate impact with that being said.”

On his game

“I’m really instinctive and what I think separated me from the other corners was, I understand the game. I’m really smart, I take calculated risks instead of – I get coined as a “gambler” sometimes, but I know when I can do. I think that’s one of the things that attracted Coach (Josh) McDaniels and (Secondary) Coach Ed Donatell to me, and (Defensive Coordinator) Coach Mike Nolan is that I’m a pretty savvy football player and instinctive.”

On how playing with veterans will help his game

“One of the reasons I was so attracted to Denver, I was like ‘Oh, my God, I’m going to be in the same locker with (CB) Champ Bailey, (S) Brian Dawkins, (S) Renaldo Hill.’ All of these guys have played more than five years. They know the game. And just being a rookie, it’s the best situation coming in. And I think, with that being said, I’ll add a little pressure to myself; I might have the best rookie season out of the cornerbacks.”

On LB Aaron Curry

“What makes (LB) Aaron Curry a special player is that this kid is the hardest working kid I’ve ever seen and he’s one of the smartest kids. Aaron Curry, you can just look at him and the tape explains it all about him; I don’t need to say much about him. What I will allude to is, all Wake Forest Players are like that. Smart guys who play extremely hard and guys that have the knack for making plays and that’s Aaron Curry and myself. That’s our mode, the Wake Forest guys; smart, play like our hair is on fire and we’re just good guys all around.”

  • roshon2411

    Now i know I should look forward and not in the past but, what if Bowlen didn’t fire Shanny, we still had Jay. Pick up FA’s such as Dawkins but not Jordan, Buckhalter. Nab Orakpo and Fila Moala with picks 12 and 48. I would have so much optimism for the up coming season. With the moves made today, which were clearly made to try to win this year, anything less than 8-8 we’ll be unacceptable. McDeeznuts is turning into Cam Cameron. Crazy, nuts, and should never be a Head Coach!

  • Ken

    When the Broncos traded thier next years first rounder to the Seahawks for a cornerback under 6 feet high, I thought how could anybody be so stupid. The only thing that could have been better is if Denver gave us their #1 and not chicago’s #1. Oh thats right, they did. Thank you Denver for making my day and Seattle’s next years draft.

  • broncoNM

    Right now i give this draft a C-/D+… I love moreno but not at 12 (would have been a good pick at 18)… We gave up too many picks and still have holes to fill. I think we should have snagged Orakpo at 12… I like Alfonso smith but dont like the value we gave up for him… Not sold on trading up for a blocking TE at the end of the 2nd rd.

  • Ryan M.

    I can’t even begin to articulate my frustration…

  • rb2020

    What kind of draft was that? I’ve been looking forward to this draft for months….This was like going to a party, hooking up w/ a girl, only to find out she was your sister, and then having your parents walk in and then finding out she’s pregnant and your friends put it on youtube….

    in a word…HORRIBLE. 1 player to address the front 7, and let’s face it. We need at least 5 new starters for the front 7 b/c our linebackers suck. Yes DJ williams too. We needed play makers, and we had the opportunity to get them and we didn’t. instead we got backup CB and S….which i’ll give you we need, but not in the second round. We have no linebackers who are playmakers, no pass rush, no DT big enough to sustain a 3-4. We have 7 rbs on the roster already.

    I guarantee i could have put together a better draft than this. My grade… D-. It’s as bad as the Raiders. Least we’ll be competive with one team for the next 5 years.

  • Kurt

    This draft reminds me of a kid whose mom gives him some money to go buy some milk. Once he gets to the store he is so overwhelmed by the huge selection he ends up buying the first thing he sees, candy. It may look and taste good but in the end it is not what he needed. Kerry, Shannahan was never as bad as Al Davis in the draft. McDumbfuck is right down there with Al on his knees. If you catch my drift.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Please Bowlen

  • Matt

    Woke up this morning and had to re-check our picks as I thought it was a nightmare.

  • IslandBoy

    With this news a bad day got worse. Much worse. If that pick was going to be traded (and it should not have been given how bad this year is going to be), we should have used it to trade up earlier in the first round. It seems like a panic move. This feels like one of the lowest points for Broncos fans for a long, long, time.

  • ptinlv

    Belicheat is sending out his minions to destroy all the other NFL teams – Jets, Browns and now the Broncos. The hoodie is an evil genious…

  • DB

    i love how everyone is throwing mcd under the bus already. WE PICKED UP GOOD PLAYERS THISS WEEKEND AND WE’VE ALREADY BECOME A BETTER FOOTBALL TEAM. just get that through your head beacsue MCD KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING…hes not a dumbass…

  • tower1970

    I have only one thing to say how the hell is 5’9 going to cover 6’3 6’4 MickyD is a DUMBASS!