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Published on 04/25/2009 at Sat Apr 25 14:46.
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The Denver Broncos have made their first draft choice of the 2009 NFL Draft, selecting running back Knowshon Moreno out of Georgia with the 12th overall pick. With many fans clamoring for a defensive playmaker, and Brian Orakpo staring the Broncos straight in the face, this draft pick is already mired in surprise and controversy.

You can view Knowshon Moreno video highlights here. The Broncos’ next selection is in the first round, 18th overall. Quotes from Moreno after the jump.

On reaction of call from Head Coach Josh McDaniels

“Just very excited. Very excited to be a part of everything. And I was just really happy about it.”

On being surprised to go to Denver

“You know, a lot of teams needed (running) backs, but I didn’t know what was going to happen. But once I got that call, got that idea and (Head Coach Josh McDaniels) told me about it, about that they (the Broncos) were going to take me, I was so excited about the situation and to be a part of the team now.”

On meetings and workouts with Broncos prior to the 2009 NFL Draft

“It went really well. Went to Denver and met the coach and the coaching staff and met a lot of the players, I was excited about that. And I can’t wait to get there for good and workout.”

On where he fits in the tailback mix with the Broncos

“Well, I’m going to try to fit in wherever I do; no matter where it is on the field. I’m going to work hard, prepare myself for the league, for passing and some things like that. I’ll fit in where I can and learn from the guys that are there and compete and work hard. And get my team and myself better off.”

On scene today at draft, family reaction

“We were just here at the hotel, relaxing, and have close friends and family here. We were just relaxing, watching (the draft) and they were really excited.”

On what he will bring to Denver

“Really, I’m a high-motor guy. Tough, hard-nosed, a hard runner, can make you miss at times. And just competitive. I love to play the game and I bring that energy to my team. So, we’ll see how that goes.”

On knowledge of Head Coach Josh McDaniels’ offense

“We went over a few formations. But besides that, I don’t really know too much about it. So I’m really anxious to get into the system and learn the playbook, that’s a tough thing with rookies coming in. So I want to get in, learn the playbook, learn the system and just go from there.”

On running into Bailey brothers (CB Champ and LB Boss) at University of Georgia

“No. Actually I never got the chance to. But I know they’re great players, great people. You see their pictures all over the place. But besides that I never got the chance to really meet them, but I’m excited to do that.”

On chance of ending up in Denver

“A slight chance. You know, knowing that the draft is like a lottery and you never know what’s going to happen; you saw a little bit of that today. But I didn’t really know what was going to happen, but I’m really excited about it and I’m happy it did.”

On excited to be joining team during the rebuilding process

“Yeah. It’s a great coaching staff. Great to be working with Bobby Turner, the running backs coach. He has coached a few Georgia running backs over the years, and I want to be a part of that list and see what happens. And work hard and be the best I can be.”

On being aware of Broncos running backs selected in previous drafts

“Definitely, definitely. You know, Terrell Davis was a (University of) Georgia guy, late rounder, but he really blossomed. And I think a lot of that comes from how he was coached. Especially with Bobby Turner and the staff that was there. So I’m really excited to work with him and I can’t wait.”

On whether arriving to training camp is a priority

“Definitely, definitely; that’s one of my main goals. I want to get there on time, I want to be with my team and I want to work. That’s one of my main things is to get (to training camp) on time and get things settled.”

On personal characteristics

“I guess I’m a funny guy, I’m laid back, and I’m really excited about everything. I like bowling. I like to bowl a lot. Video games, I guess a lot of the guys play video games these days. I guess that’s pretty much it. But I’m really going to be excited to meet my teammates, and I think they’re going to like me also.”

On reaction to QB Matthew Stafford being picked No. 1 overall

“I was really excited for him. He looks happy, his family looks happy, and that’s the main thing, that his family’s happy and everything’s going well. I didn’t hit him up yet, I didn’t call him or text him because I know he’s getting plenty. But I’ll do that later.”

  • Garrett

    wtf why did we get an offensive player it pisses me off soooo much

  • Tom9798

    I am just crushed . . . . the fact we even had the opportunity to draft Orakpo and went with knowshit whocares . . . I’m starting to think that McD is under medication . . .

    With nine running backs . . . this is an insult! . . . even the ESPN team was speechless . . . what the hell is this guy thinking?

  • Tom9798

    If I were Hillis or Torrain . . . I’d be looking to go to the Bears . . .

  • Tom9798

    Orakpo eats nails for breakfast and craps out people like Ayers in his stool . . . . I am just so pissed I can;t drink straight . . .

  • Tom9798

    Absolutely the most disappointing draft I have ever witnessed . . .

  • Tom9798

    with all of the possibilities . . . to take Moreno and Ayers . . . this is just a fine how-de-do after trading Cutler . . . .

  • Tom9798

    There is not enough meat on Moreno’s bones for Orakpo to have a descent meal . . . .

  • Tom9798

    I’m plenty pissed . . . and my heart is broken . . . maybe one should not take this circus seriously . . . but my dreams of Orakpo running Philip Rivers shit eating grin into the turf have been shattered . . .

    and being 100% Irish . . . I might find a way . . . somewhere down the line . . . to forgive . . . but I certainly won’t forget . . .

    McScumbag better get into the playoffs with his, “Oh, we need defense?” lip-smacking, who-gives-a-shit smirk . . .

  • Tom9798

    and we had the opportunity . . .

  • Tom9798

    what an embarr-ass-ment . . . with all the planning and hopes and expectations . . . this is the best that McD could come up with?

  • soxbigdog

    Moreno would have been there with the 18th pick… hell he might have been there if they took two defensive players and traded back into the first round at 25 or 26….

    They still have NO defensive tackles that are worth a sh*t on their roster…

  • OC Bronco

    It’s a head scratcher but with Raji and Jackson gone we took the very best RB in this draft. He will be the man behind that line. who care that we have 7 backs – they are all average. Hillis is the only one worth a damn and who knows how his hammy is healing. Buckhalter will be good. Arrington just became another waste of money.
    Ayers could be better than Orakpo. The more I saw Orakpo the less impressed I became. Very good player but not great. I like Ayers.

  • Tom9798

    just traded a 2010 1st round pick to trade up to #37 for a 5’9 CB . . . McD only needs a couple more puffs before we draft another running back . . . .

  • Tom9798

    we could have traded up 37 for Brace . . . an NT we desperately needed . . . but why bother . . . he went to New England . . . what a surprise . . . .

  • DaBroncos

    Okay–one of the best offenses in the NFL—-one of the worst defenses in the NFL—we pick up 3 average running backs in the off season—-we have 6 others on our roster, one very unproven—Ryan Torrian—so we have a different view between our coach and franchise QB—lose him—so in the draft we pickup a RB in th first round at #12—the altitude is effecting more than Jock McDumbasses head it is affecting his mind—idiot—then we pick up a one year wonder in Ayers. I am not a rocket sceintist but if the worst part of my team was defense—I would draft that way—Hey Bowlen, when you are looking for a new coach next year—give me a call—I know I could do a better job!!!!! Thanks for the laughs Jock McDumbass

  • Tom9798

    we could have had Orakpo, Maualuga, Cushing, and Brace . . . and got Moreno, Ayers and Alphonso Smith (with a 2010 1st rd. pick) . . . gee . . . this took alot of planning . . . . .

  • Tom9798

    where is my 3-4 defense? . . . where is my NT ? . . . where are my pass-rushers? . . . where is this any different from the last two years? . . . this is just the worst nightmare I could have envisioned . . . .

  • robtink242

    hey i just hope they didn’t trade our 1st. i pray it was the bears number 1

  • kerry

    worst draft ever. knowshon is a badass but cost too much. then a DE who is too small and 2 defensive backs. and one of those for a first round pick!!! who the hell is running this team? Beavis and Butthead??? . at least i was right avout Rey Maualuga. lol.

  • kerry

    F.U.C.K my life

  • Tom9798

    kerry . . . if you have read all my comments . . . I am just livid . . .
    to pass on Orakpo crushed my dreams . . . to trade a 2010 1st rd. pick for a 5’9 CB . . . all I need to see is another running back drafted to come totallly unglued . . . .

  • kerry

    yeah Tom i hear you. i wanted Orakpo at 12 also. i was drooling at that thought since Jackson and Raji were gone. but look at the bright side, we didnt draft Sanchex

  • Tom9798

    kerry . . . but to give a 1st rd. pick in 2010 to move up to #37? . . . you move up to #5 like the Jet’s did . . . you don’t MOVE UP to #37 . . . what the hell am I missing? . . . what the hell does the rest of our defensive backfield think of this? . . . we just got Hill, Goodman, Dawkins . . . .

    Where is my 3-4? . . . where is my NT? . . . where are my pass-rushers? . . .

    What kind of nightmare is this?

  • Tom9798

    The ESPN team just had the Bronco’s on the clock and graded our draft at a C-/D+ . . . the consensus is pretty much what everyone feels . . .

    Just where is the defensive improvement?

  • Pat

    Knowshon baby. i already have the jersey. 2000 yards next year

  • Tom9798

    We could have had Brace at #37 . . . WITHOUT GIVING UP A 2010 1ST RD. DRAFT PICK!

  • Tom9798

    knowshit whocares . . . . we need a 3-4 defense! . . . we need a Nose Tackle! . . . we need pass-rushers! . . . this is so the flipplin’ San Diego Chargers don’t score another 52 point plaster on our face to humiliate us again! . . . just what the hell is knowshit whocares going to do to stop this! . . . HE WON’T BE ON THE FIELD!

  • CJ

    Not only that he traded away all we got for cutler!

  • georgia

    I understand yall really need defense, but bottom line is yall got knowshon. I hope you don’t hold it against him because it’s not his fault denver drafted him. Such a passionate player, great disposition and work ethic, great player. Can’t say enough good things about him as a player and a person. I hope the fan base gets behind him.

  • Tom9798

    ESPN just picked their winner’s and loser’s in the draft . . . Everyone picked the Bronco’s as a loser . . . what a surprise . . .

    You pass up Orakpo for our 10th running back . . . choose Ayers instead of Maualuga . . . and trade up to #37 . . . that’s right . . . we didn’t trade up to #8 or #9 to get Ragi . . . another position we really needed . . . we trade up to #37 . . . and it get’s better! . . .

    We gave up a 2010 #1 draft pick to MOVE UP to #37 . . . and did we take Brace . . . another position which we needed . . . no, not the Bronco’s . . . we got a 5’9 CB . . . Brace got chosen by the Patriots . . . what a surprise . . . .

    It was Belichick that told McD to always pick the best running back first . . . of course he didn’t mean THIS SEASON FOOL!

    So, we ask . . . where is the 3-4 defense? . . . where is our NT? . . . where is our pass-rushers? . . . how are we different than the team that S.D. scored 52 points against us in total humiliation? . . . .

    ESPN has no clue . . . either do I . . . do you ?

  • Olen

    I hope that we did something like draft for speed , character , durability, or something of value . It has to be something that is a super benefit that we are not seeing . The only thing that the fans can do is be supportive because , it is out of our hands.

  • Joe

    Okay lets get something straight: I really like this pick, but not at 12. We should have snatched Orakpo at twelve, than trade 18 to 15 and snatch Moreno. . . . .
    But we didn’t. We took Moreno at 12. Let’s look at the positives to this. We have a kickass runningback now. Very, very good. Reminds me of Adrian Peterson, and here is why. At the combine, Peterson ran a 4.45 fourty yard dash, at 6”1, 215. Moreno is 5”11, running a 4.5 fourty yard dash, and is 220 pounds.

    And looking at his highlights, he can juke, spin, and hurdle. And titty-bumps wont take him down. They have to wrap him up and takcle him. I miss the whole every down back. I’m not saying Moreno will be this, but if I had it my way, Hillis would be fullback and Moreno and JJ Arrington would switch downs. Similar to what Fred Taylor and Jones-Drew did in Jacksonville for years. Buckhalter, Young, Jordan can all get cut. We don’t need them. One downs when it’s 3rd and 2, have Larsen be fullback and Hillis be tailback.

    Either way, I like this pick.

  • canadianbroncofan

    i’m disappointed with the fact that we did not focus on defensive players just like everyone else. however, i am not going to panic. we passed the ball too much last year and it will be nice to have some offensive balance in the back field. i’m just hope the 3 defensive players we drafted today can make a difference this year. maybe we can find some decent d-linemen tomorrow. culter is gone people…get on with your lives. give the new players and coaches a chance to get it done on the field.

  • Ghostzilla

    I can understand y’alls frustration in drafting a one years wonder from UTerd, the worst coached team in the SEC, never mind their fans like to molest animals.

    And why you traded Cutler was dumb imo.

    But ‘Shon is the man. we at UGA have seen as many bad@ss RB’s as any school east of Socal and Moreno is in the top 3. He is a faster,gutsier TD. He will sell the Frak out for his team and has the best cutback ability since Hampton, as in Rodney a top 10 all time NFL rusher. He’s obviously behind Herschel but is in that next group of Garrison Hearst and Hampton and way better then O.Gary(who also got 100+ for y’all I believe) and above Hampton,Worley and Robert Edwards.

    Trust me when I tell you that if your OL is legit and y’all get a QB, then Moreno will be the ROY imo.

    Good luck, for the Dawg Nation are now Denver Bronco’s fans as you got Champ,Boss and now ‘Shon……3 of our greatest in my 20 years of being a Die Hard!

    Dawgs or Die!

  • Denver Diehard

    They should have mandatory drug testing on the Head Coaches. Probably do, but not today. McD and Xanders are high on something.

  • mikebirty

    Here’s why I love this pick!
    He’s not going to be a long term replacement for LT
    He was the best skills player in the draft and is already favourite to be cruelly denied rookie of the year because Sanchez won one game for the J-E-T-S.
    The “Other Blog” showed that first round running backs put up the best numbers
    Every carry he has, every first down we get, that’s one less play the defense is on the field.
    If Dennison and Turner love late round diamonds in the rough then they must REALLY like this guy

    We’ve got Moreno – “the special one”!

  • Kendall

    Bitch all you want now…just wait. When KM is getting his team fired up, the fans fired up, and sprinting his way into the fan bases heart as fast as he sprints into the endzone…you will be saying…Ok, Ok…I think I was wrong. Hey Tom…Lighten up, Francis.

  • VinceMarine

    I’m tired of hearing everyone on here complaining about the draft. NONE and I mean NONE of you know what the plan is for this year!!! You are not talent evaluators, scouts, or coaches. The most experience any of you may have is playing high school or college football. Please relax and start complaining when the season starts because it’s way to early for it now. What happens when we start winning? The people on here crying about the draft will be the first ones saying that Moreno was a genius pick when the team is winning. See what the team does in the season, then you can start with your bit#$%^& and complaining. Till then, support the team as is or don’t be a fan!!!

  • steve

    yea baby knowshon lets do this!!! this is the only pick of the draft i’m really happy about. all you haters wont be talking so much when he’s putting up 2000 yards a year. remember the last running back we drafted from georgia?!

  • Mr.East

    Agreed Vince.

  • Panamanian Bronco

    hey, it could be worst…
    We could choose a cheerleader!!

  • Tiffani

    Listen TOM9798 i went to highschool with knowshon at middletown HS south and he was one of the best players i had ever seen we had campionship after championship and in college he kicked ass too ( obvisisly if he got drafted) he is an awsome player so dont diss him till you have seen him play first hand

  • Donkeyfan

    I like the Moreno pick. We have a good O-line, and I think Knowshon is going to produce–anyone that thinks a solid running game doesn’t benefit a defense by controlling time of possession and keeping them off the field is high. As far as the 2nd for 1st deal…yeah, I cringed when I heard it. I have also heard, in this draft and previous ones, that the talent level between middle first to middle second rounders is pretty negligible. Of course, if that pick turns out to be a top ten, well, then we really screwed up. But I am willing to give Smith a chance to prove he’s a good player. As far as Orakpo over Ayers. I watch the big 12 more than the SEC, so I knew of Orakpo–and yeah, I was impressed. O will probably have better numbers next year, but he also is going to play on a line with Haynesworth–who always gets doubled. Again, I’m willing to give Ayers a couple of years (because it DOES usually take d-line a couple of years to develop) to impress or dissapoint me. This is McDaniels first draft. If Shanny would have drafted these players I would have been more pissed–because as great a coach as he was, he wasn’t a good GM. I guess all I’m saying is wait til next December before slitting your wrists.

  • http://BroncoTalk Frank

    I think we have to sit back and watch how this all works out. After all, we are not the coach…. I guess we should give him a chance. Maybe it will be like San Diego with Dan Fouts… Well of course, less Dan Fouts….

    All offense, no defense. Or, some offense and no defense…

  • Nick

    Just a word out there for the Broncos fan, I am a Georgia fan. I just want to let you all know Moreno is more then just a running back. He will excite the players, and excite the crowd. Just go on youtube, and type UGA v.s Auburn black out. He had the entire stadium dancing, and having fun. Oh yeah, and he is also a great back which will give ya’ll time of possesion which is just as good as a great defender.

  • Kenneth R.Washington

    I Don't Want To Get Caught Up In Denver's Draft Choice{being a Red Skins fan & living in Indiana},I Just Want To Give A Shout Out To Coach Turner.He Made An Impact In My Life While Coaching Me At Haworth High School Here In Kokomo.Being Raised Without Any Parents,There Were Few People I Trusted.Coach Was One Of Those Who Had Not Only My Trust,But My Respect As Well.I Couldn't Think Of Anyone More Qualified For The Head Coaching Job Than He.Was That Ever Considered?I'm Proud To Not Only Know Coach Turner, But To Have Been Coached By Him.By The Way COACH,I Never Got The Chance To Apologize For Making You bleed {smile}.I'm Sorry!!!Forever Your Friend & Student Of The Game.Thanks!Kenneth{Kenny ray}Washington /PS;When You Become Head Coach,I'm Available.

  • Kenneth R.Washington

    I Don't Want To Get Caught Up In Denver's Draft Choice{being a Red Skins fan & living in Indiana},I Just Want To Give A Shout Out To Coach Turner.He Made An Impact In My Life While Coaching Me At Haworth High School Here In Kokomo.Being Raised Without Any Parents,There Were Few People I Trusted.Coach Was One Of Those Who Had Not Only My Trust,But My Respect As Well.I Couldn't Think Of Anyone More Qualified For The Head Coaching Job Than He.Was That Ever Considered?I'm Proud To Not Only Know Coach Turner, But To Have Been Coached By Him.By The Way COACH,I Never Got The Chance To Apologize For Making You bleed {smile}.I'm Sorry!!!Forever Your Friend & Student Of The Game.Thanks!Kenneth{Kenny ray}Washington /PS;When You Become Head Coach,I'm Available.