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Published on 04/23/2009 at Thu Apr 23 21:56.
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Which hole to fill in the defense first?  McDaniels has his pick.  [Denver Post]

Terrell Davis, Shannon Sharpe, and Karl Mecklenburg all place in the top 15 of ESPN’s All Time Draft Values [ESPN Hashmarks]

Denver could show interest in picking up J.P. Losman after the draft.  [PFT]

Frank Schwab goes over the Broncos draft needs for linebacker, OL & DL, WRs & RBs along with quarterback.  [Colorado Springs Gazette]

An article saying the quarterback position isn’t worth the picks this year.  [Boulder Daily Camera]

The Draft Room video on the Broncos and Chargers with Brian Billick and Mike Mayock, they have us taking Tyson Jackson and the Bolts picking up Maybin.  [NFL Network]

A look at the first player, Phil Loadholt, that will be selected in the draft from the home state of Colorado.  [Denver Post]

Kyle Orton’s take on the team’s visit to scout Mark Sanchez.  [Predominantly Orange]

And the big news of the day, Tony Gonzalez is leaving the AFC West in trade to the Falcons for their 2nd round pick next season.  I can finally root for a genuinely likable guy.  Now there’s a sight.  []

  • mikebirty

    Draft! Draft! Draft! I think i covered everything. Printing off my big boards this afternoon, got my links bookmarked, cleaned and ironed my bronco tshirt for wearing saturday, jersey ready for the live blog and thinking happy Raji-related thoughts.

  • (dee)

    NFL.COM MOCK (1st round) by Bucky Brooks

    12. Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest
    18. Brian Cushing, LB, USC

    Curry at 12?!?! WOW someone was drunk when they made of their mock, but I would be thrilled if he dropped that far. In his mock he has Tyson Jackon going to KC at 3 , and Raji going to CLEV at 5.

  • JK

    oh nooooo not J.P. !!!!

  • (dee) Chris Steuber’s Final Mock Draft

    12. Brian Orakpo DE/OLB TEXAS
    18. Brian Cushing LB USC

    Raji goes to Jacksonville at #8 in this mock, Jackson goes to Green Bay at 9 right after him. I like the Orakpo/Cushing combo as well. Oh and Sanchez goes at 4 to Seattle.

  • (dee)

    2009 NFL Mock Draft – Round 7
    by Michael Abromowitz (
    NFL Draft Director


    12. Denver Broncos – Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas
    18. Denver Broncos (from Chicago) – Evander Hood, DE/DT,
    48. Denver Broncos – Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest
    79. Denver Broncos – Dorell Scott, DT, Clemson
    84. Denver Broncos – Pat White, QB, West Virginia
    114. Denver Broncos – Dannell Ellerbe, ILB, Georgia
    149. Denver Broncos – Lydon Murtha, OT, Denver
    185. Denver Broncos – Glover Quin, FS, New Mexico
    223. Denver Broncos – Bruce Johnson, CB, Miami
    235. Denver Broncos – Bernard Scott, RB, Abilene Christian

  • (dee)

    2009 NFL Mock Draft – Round 7
    by Gregory Cox
    Senior Writer (the football


    12. Denver Broncos – Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU
    18. Denver Broncos (via CHI) – Clay Matthews, LB, USC
    48. Denver Broncos – Patrick White, QB/WR, West Virginia
    79. Denver Broncos – Antoine Caldwell, OC, Alabama
    84. Denver Broncos (via CHI) – Jairus Byrd, CB, Oregon
    114. Denver Broncos – Rashad Johnson, S, Alabama
    149. Denver Broncos – Daniel Ellerbe, LB, Georgia
    185. Denver Broncos – Louie Sakoda, K, Utah
    225. Denver Broncos – Demonte’ Bolden, DT, Tennessee
    235. Denver Broncos (via ATL) – Arian Foster, RB, Tennessee

  • nisse

    I would love to see us line up two 300 lbs. DTs as DEs, could it work? would open up some big holes for our inexperinced LBs.

    just pitching some idees out there.

  • (dee)

    Mock draft: Stafford, Smith lead way
    2009 NFL Mock Draft (Updated: April 23, 2009)
    Charlie Casserly

    12. Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest:

    They need to upgrade their defense. Curry could play ILB or OLB for them.

    18. Rey Maualuga, LB, USC:

    He would be a great fit as an ILB in the 34. He brings a presence to their defense.

    (Tyson Jackson goes at 3 to KC, Sanchez goes at 4 to Seattle, Raji goes at 5 to Cleveland. )

  • NathanH

    Pat White’s fucking laughable as an option in McDaniels system.

  • OC Bronco

    This looks to be a very weak draft class. And wouldn’t you know that we have 2 first rounders. It’s also a very weak qb class. Sanchez is NOT the answer and hopefully this is all a smokescreen or a just-in-case he falls cover our bases thing.

    If he falls to 18 similar to a Quinn or Rogers fine. But still, Cutler for Sanchez and a 1st rounder next year = HORRIBLE fuking TRADE. I too can’t wait for the draft tomorrow but I am scared sh*tless we are going to draft Sanchez. How do interviews and drills catapult a dude who supposedly came out a year early because there were no other qbs? And now he is projected top-10?!? WTF?

    I have a pit in my stomach and just hope and pray we have a little luck tomorrow and that we go defense early and often. If we trade up to 8 it had better be because Raji is on the board.

    I’m a wreck right now. Someone please talk me off the fuking ledge. I didn’t think the Cutler situation would end up like it did and tomorrow would really put the icing on the cake if we take dirty Sanchez.

  • (stuck in) raiderland

    OC– Back away from the ledge, dude. Read Orton’s comments in the links, then take a look at some of the games he played (when healthy, I know, but still.) Orton is going to win the job, even if for some reason we do completely blow a pick on Sanchez, and things will be okay with him. As for the defense– well, is there honestly any chance of it getting worse? Of course not. It’s going to be okay. Now, hum softly to yourself while slowly rocking back and forth. It seems to work for the crazies in the movies.

  • Andpark

    I know I was one of first calling for Sanchez but man all these comments from Orton really reassure me. Is he a pro bowler (whatever that means anyways)? Is he a superstar? Does he strike fear in Defenses? NO, but he will be fine.

    Our Div seriously sucks, Tony G was the only threat for Cassel. He will be a disaster, Russel will not get any better and frankly the Chargers are always over rated. We are the only team making drastic changes for the future, will we win the division this year or go to the playoffs? 8-8 and I am happy for the future of this team.

    All my trust is in McD’s judgment of talent. Big day tomorrow and I know I can’t wait.

  • mikebirty

    here’s a calming thought on the sanchez rumours. If teams like new york and washington think we’ll take him at 12 its gonna make them jump up there. Thats one less spot for our front 7 favourites to go in.

  • kerry

    Nathan H:

    yeah no shit!!! Pat White is a Joke!! i dont understand the fascination with this clown. he would be a good WR. nothing more

  • flbronc

    kiepers final mock has us with ayers at 12 and wells at 18. i’ll vomit if that happens. heres hoping hes wrong again.

  • NathanH

    Kerry, as a mocker myself, I have to constantly remind myself that no one can no the needs of every team like the hardcore fans of that team do. Mockers that put Pat White to the Broncos aren’t very good mockers though, as he’s clearly not a McDaniels type guy.

    Same thing with Kiper mocking Wells to us at 18. Wells is certainly a solid back, but if we were to take a running back early, I think it’d be a more versatile back like Moreno or Donald Brown. Someone with better hands and blocking. Look at NE’s backs over the past years, they aren’t asked to do a ton or carry the load. We also have Peyton Hillis, Buckhalter, and about 3 others that can hold it down next season.

    Guy’s i’m really high on that I’m hoping land on the Broncos somehow tomorrow-

    BJ Raji- Best prospect at our biggest hole in the 3-4 switch.

    Tyson Jackson- Good, pure 3-4 end that will help our run emmensly.

    Clay Mathews- Loads of potential and killer on the blitz, great work ethic.

    Brian Cushing- Extremely versatile, good on the blitz, good agianst the run, and good in coverage. If this wasn’t a strong LB class, he’d be getting a TON of hype.

    Connor Barwin- This kid has a motor on him. Gonna be a special blitzer in the 3-4, and just knows football.
    Ron Brace- See Raji.

    Louis Delmas- Plays with a fire and an undisputed leader. TONs of upside, especially learning from Dawkins for a year or two. Has a tendency to over pursue but that can be fixed at the next level.

    Obviously there’s more but those our the guys i’m real high on leading into the draft.

  • (dee)

    Peter King’s Mock for the Broncos in Round 1

    12. Denver Broncos
    Brian Orakpo | Defensive end | Texas

    On his visit to Denver he impressed Broncos brass with his NFL-ready body (a rock-solid 6-3, 263) and experience. Must play with more intensity on every snap.

    18. Denver Broncos (from Bears)
    Peria Jerry | Defensive tackle | Mississippi

    Denver continues to address its massive defensive needs with this middle-of-the-line slasher-and has three more picks between 48 and 84 to further restock.

  • (dee)

    Ok so we’ve seen alot of mocks , but here is my question for all of you. We have 10 draft picks in this draft but you is your guy. Who is the ONE GUY we MUST GET?

    For me based on what I’ve seen and read leading up to the draft it has to be

    Tyson (T-Rex) Jackson

    What about all of you? WHO is your GUY?

  • Tom9798

    dee . . .

    Brian Orakpo . . . I have said in other blogs that this guy is not from this planet . . . he is a changeling . . . wicked fast and incredibly strong . . .

    I want this guy running Matt Cassel and Philip Rivers into the ground . . . I definitely do not want to see him line up for the K.C. Chiefs . . . . T

  • flbronc

    my thing is that nobody is worth trading up for in this draft. not even the guy i most want (raji). my thoughts are that we MUST NOT trade up– rather than having a must get guy. i think we need to be patient and see who falls to us.

    we can have a successful draft if we end up with raji, orapko or jackson at 12. to me if we dont get one of them, we’re in trouble.

  • Tom9798

    flbronc . . .

    I agree . . . if they are gone . . . I’d probably take Maualuga at #12 and see what I could steal at #18 . . .

    Personally . . . I can’t see Curry, Jackson, Orakpo or Ragi falling out of the top ten . . . if any of them did . . . I’d be thrilled . . . T

  • NathanH

    Dee, I’d say Raji. We need a NT, and if we don’t get him or Brace, we’re gonna struggle all year, and the 3-4 will face unfair criticizm.

  • (dee)

    I have yet to see a mock draft that had Raji, Jackson, and Orakpo all gone in the first 11 picks, so thats some good news.

    Man tomorrow is judgement day for the Broncos in so many different ways.

  • Tom9798

    NathanH . . .

    I don’t think Ragi will be there . . . but possibly Peria Jerry (#19 to Tamba Bay) or Evander Hood (#27 to the Colts) would fit the bill before we got a look at Brace . . . . T

  • Rob Bronco

    Lord, if you are listening, PLEASE do not let the Broncos trade up for or draft Sanchez…

  • flbronc

    the wildcard is the recievers. at this point it looks like stafford and sanchez are going to go top 5. we’ll have minimum 2 ot’s gone before us. if crabtree goes, thats five offensive picks. i bet theres a third ot in there somewhere too filling a sixth spot. we know curry will be off the board, thats a seventh spot. i dont project an order of those guys going off the board- i just say it to make my point that theres a good chance we could be able to get one of the following: ayers, raji, jackson, orapko.

  • flbronc

    finishing my wr as the wildcard… if oakland takes crabtree, and for whatever reason maclin goes at 8 to the jags, we’re gauranteed one of those four.

  • robtink242

    hey kerry
    Pat White is no joke he might not fit in our “system” but he plays with a lot of pride. He is a competitor and he wins games. 4 bowl wins. He is a instant upgrade to the running game, and don’t mistake his arm strength. Unlike the top 2 QB’s in this draft Pat White was the best offensive player on the team and not he product of others success.
    So yeah he might not be the right fit for the team but he is no joke.

  • NathanH

    Tom, you still don’t realize what a 3-4 D calls for. Jerry and Hood are both ends in a 3-4, Raji and Brace are the only 2 top end Nose Tackles(not 4-3 DT’s) available this year.

    There is depth at the position in rounds 3-5 though.

  • kerry

    if Pat white was so good as some CLAIM that he is then he would be going alot higher then he is projected to go. Pat White upgrading the running game means NOTHING in the passing game. he does not have the tools to play QB in the NFL except as a situational guy. everybody wanted him to work out as a WR because they see that he isnt a fulltime NFL QB.

  • flbronc

    pat whit e is the ‘lite’ version of the criticism of tebow next year. people are going to question his ability to play qb… in college they were great at several aspects of the game- but it is going to be tough to project that to the nfl game. they both have big arms. they both can run against college defenses. accuracy downfield is a question for both. will white be able to get the edge like he did at wva? will tebow be able to run over defensive linemen at uf? who knows. i dont know that we’ll take him.

  • Tom9798

    NathanH . . . . good point made . . .

    I thought a little lobster and mashed potatoe . . . wash it down with a milkshake . . . and I could slide either one of these guys into the NT . . . who knows?

  • jchase8410

    Pat White=Randle-El

  • jchase8410

    A good receiver, and a viable option as an emergency QB

  • jchase8410


    We can agree that IF the Broncos draft Pat White, it will be a a 4th receiver. My argument, which I have made countless times, is that Pat White is a very capable 3rd QB. He also has great potential as a playmaker returning kicks on ST, as well as receiving option. This will take burden off of Eddie Royal, and allow him to focus on dominating opposing CBs.

  • roshon2411

    Here’s an interesting article about a couple hybrid players a like in this draft. Pat White and Connor Barwin.

    I’m not sure if Pat White is the answer at QB but I like what players like Randle-El, Josh Cribbs, and Brad Smith have brought to their respective teams. Even if he plays receiver/special teams he would save a roster spot as well, being he could be at least the 3rd string QB. Also seems to have an exactly attitude. I also like Connor Barwin, but don’t think Denver picks are anywhere in the range where he will go, unless they trade down.

  • DB

    Good point jchase. But i believe we signed JJ Arrington this off season and he’ll probably be returning kicks. Although i think Pat White would be an okay pick, deffinatly a fourth rounder, i don’t think we should pick him up in my opioion.

  • flbronc

    i wonder how true what i saw on espn is that new england is looking to trade up to get ayers….. if raji, curry, orapko or jackson isnt there at 12 do you think that mcd calls up bill and swaps 12 for 23 and 34? that would guarantee us brace, and since we didnt have one of our top guys it gets us out of overpaying someone who is a late first round talent.

    just thinking here… dont know if it will work out.

  • NathanH47

    roshon- regarding barwin being out of our range, I agree. But remember that last year New England took Jerod Mayo WAY higher than expected, and he ended up being a stud pick. I’m sure McDaniel’s didn’t have much to do with that pick but we have to assume that if he’s in love with Barwin or any other fringe 1st/2nd guy(Brace maybe even) than he could pull the trigger.

    From everything i’ve heard quoted from McDaniels, it looks like he has his head on straight and will be looking for defensive guys that are ready to start immediatly. To me that rules out a few guys mocked in our range (Maybin, Josh Freeman, Vontae Davis, Evander Hood, and Peria Jerry(both would have to learn new positions) leaving us hopefully not afraid to take a guy like Barwin if we think he’s ready to be a 3 down guy in the NFL.

    Flbronc- That still wouldn’t guarentee us Brace. Rumor is Miami is considering him with their first, and Detroit is also very high on him and could consider him with the first pick of the 2nd.

    I still wouldn’t mind that trade though if we aren’t in love with Jackson. I think he’s great but i haven’t scouted him up close, and that extra 2nd would be huge for us. We could land an OLB, ILB, CB, FS or SS very easily with the 4 picks in that range.

    For anyone still reading- my dream mock for the Broncos trying to be as realistic as possible-

    12- Tyson Jackson- DE
    18- Clay Mathews- OLB/ILB
    48- Jarron Gilbert- DE
    79- Sammie Lee Hill- NT
    84- Scott McKillop- ILB
    114- Zack Follet- OLB
    149- Emmanuel Cook- SS
    185- Nate Davis- QB
    225- Brandon Underwood
    235- Quan Cosby

  • roshon2411


    Your right, you never know. Barwin has been working his way up the board and i’ve seen alot of mocks having the Pats taking him. 18 for me, is a little high, and I don’t think he’s going to last till 48. I do like the idea of picking up Jarron Gilbert with the 48th pick if Brace and couple others are gone by that time. He’s only 290 right now but could obviously gain more weight.

  • Mac Miller

    Let me be the first to say it. I LOVE JOSH McDANIELS. No longer as a bronco fan will I have to deal with another shitty draft. I know Shanahan and company hit a good one last year but jesus, how many of the Shanahan picks are still in Denver?

    The obvious ones.

    No Longer will I deal with shit free agency signings. Courtney Brown. Thanks? Michael Myers, Gerrard Warren, Niko Koutevides, Marlon Mcree, Marquand Manuel. Christ what a drain on the economy. Shanahan is as culpable as President Bush is for the state of the economy.

    Let me tell you how happy I am as bronco fan to hear that we will not trade up to take Sanchez. On the night before draft day I am ecstatic to hear this. If Denver swaps with Jacksonville it is only to get BJ Raji.

    We will come away with the best haul of this draft mark my words.

    I know the schedule looks tough now, but every team goes through changes, and every year by week 5 there are 10 teams that surprise people with there performance.

    Denver Will be one of them.

    With the draft arsenal we have, coupled with the McD quarterback competition and our OUTSTANDING offensive line, Denvers offense will be a real one. Compared to the pretends we ran last year. Weed smokers will understand the pretends joke. Regardless of B Marsh’s suspension the core is a solid one. Don’t be surprised if we a draft a WR that develops into a solid number two, allowing Royal to move to an extremely effective and natural slot position.

    Be happy Bronco lovers. Be optimistic.

  • Mac Miller


  • WhidbeyBronco

    Mac? You wanna at least wait til he drafts before blowing McD? He’s already screwed up once!
    BTW anybody remember we have a GM?

    I keep wanting to post on the draft but you’ve all have covered it all!
    Dee, the draft you posted would be ideal. The mention of Orakpo or Curry falling to us… hell yeah!
    I can’t wait til 4
    I don’t see white falling to the third round and though i’d like to have him with a late pick, I don’t know if I’d even spend a third on him.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    actually Mac
    “No Longer will I deal with shit free agency signings. Courtney Brown. Thanks? Michael Myers, Gerrard Warren, Niko Koutevides, Marlon Mcree, Marquand Manuel. Christ what a drain on the economy. Shanahan is as culpable as President Bush is for the state of the economy.”

    How many of the what 15(?) free agents we signed this year will work out for us? !! You play in free agency as much as we do (free agency is basically picking from players other teams don’t really want and thinking we can do better with them), it’s going to be hit and miss. I assure you that many of these new signings will be busts. I’m thinking the long snapper paycheck and maybe even Simm’s paycheck are a little high for starters. Would you rather we sat back like so many other teams and didn’t even try to find players to fill our holes?

    One more thing… do I really need to make the LONG list of players Shanny picked up NOT through the draft – that worked out very well!?? Freaking DUH!

    You listed 6 players of Shanny’s (and his GM) that didn’t work out… I could name a couple more… Funny thing is smart guy… McD & Xanders could have (probably will have) as many fail to make an impact in ONE YEAR!

    That won’t necessarily make McD wrong, it’s the risk of active free agency signings.

    Oh yeah…. Economy? We had almost the most cap room available in the NFL!

    Somebody stop me from reading idiotic posts?

  • roshon2411

    Good Point Whidbey! For every Daryl Gardner, there was an Alfred Williams. For every Marcus Nash, there was a TD. Shannahan was definitely a hit or miss coach. Mostly miss on the denfensive side. I think McD has more control than we think on personel decisions. And these FA signings we won’t know for a few years. I thought getting Dre Bly for bums such as Tatum Bell and George Foster was a good move but we know how that turned out.