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Published on 04/23/2009 at Thu Apr 23 05:00.
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As draft day approaches, BroncoTalk will be giving you game tape highlights of some of the bigger (and smaller) names around the draft. In this segment we will cover the other half of the Boston College defensive tackle duo, Ron Brace.  Brace is projected as a 2nd round pick in the draft, and is a favorite of many for Denver to take with their 3rd selection this year.  There’s a lot of debate as to whether Brace is a great talent at DT or rode the coat tails of B.J.Raji, you can watch the footage to decide.

NFL Network’s Inside Look at Ron Brace

The “Draft Guys’ break down Brace and Raji’s highlights.

Game highlights of BC’s matchup against Vanderbilt last season.

  • alm034

    Wow, that guy is fast for a DT. Could be the cheaper alternative to the quickly rising Raji.

  • flbronc

    if we cant get raji in round 1 (basically if he doesnt fall to 12) then i really hope that Brace is on the board at 48. Unfortunately if GB does not get raji, i think they will take brace in rd 2. we really need to grab one of them…

  • AC

    well we probably won’t get Raji because he will go top 10, and Brace is surely going to Miami who has a selecion ahead of us in the 2nd round, so who would we rather trade up for???????

  • AC

    I understand that having many picks in the draft is great and all, but I usually go by the rule of quality over quantity…..what do y’all think we should do cause we definitely need one of these guys if we want any chance of competing next year.

  • (dee)


    This is their 7 round mock for the Denver Broncos:

    12. B.J. Raji, NT, Boston College
    18. Everette Brown, DE/OLB, Florida State
    48. Fili Moala, DE/DT, USC
    79. Pat White, WR/QB, West Virginia
    84. Darry Beckwith, ILB, LSU
    114. Asher Allen, CB, Georgia
    149. Graham Gano, K, Florida State
    185. Pannel Egboh, DE, Stanford
    225. Quan Cosby, WR/KR, Texas
    235. Kevin Ellison, SS, USC

    My thoughts…. Pat White? Hmmm … We do we draft a kicker? … No FS’s ? … and Kevin Ellison falls in the 7th round?

    *Note this is assuming we don’t move up to #9 to draft Raji … in that case we would have one less 3rd round pick.

  • SivNiz

    I sort of like the Pat White call, not sure about the kicker… I think we would be able to get one in FA

  • (dee)

    From TheFootballExpert – 7 Round Mock for the Broncos by Michael Abromowitz

    12. Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU
    18. Aaron Maybin, DE/OLB, Penn St.
    48. Ron Brace, DT, Boston College
    79. Darcel McBath, FS, Texas Tech
    84. Pat White, QB, West Virginia
    114. Scott McKillop, ILB, Pittsburgh
    149. Lydon Murtha, OT, Denver
    185. Mike Wallace, WR, Ole Miss.
    223. Brandon Hughes, CB, Oregon St
    235. Devin Moore, RB, Wyoming

    Observations – Pat White again? hmmm, I like the fact we take a FS earlier rather than later.

  • flbronc

    i’d love to pick up gano. he’s one heck of a kicker and may be able to be an nfl quality punter too. not sure about a 5th rounder…. maybe if all our defensive targets are off the board.

  • jchase8410

    I’ve been pushing Pat White for about the last month on here, and I have been “mocked” openly (pun intended) by some other readers. I think he could fill 2 needs with one draft pick. He could fill the 4th receiver role, as The Slot Machine is getting closer to the end of his career, as well as the need for a 3rd QB. His throwing ability has been highly underrated, and It is never a bad thing to add a playmaker to your team.

  • (dee)

    Another Mock Draft (7 rounds by Gregory Cox (senior writer for football expert)

    12. Denver Broncos – Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU
    18. Denver Broncos (via CHI) – Clay Matthews, LB, USC
    48. Denver Broncos – Patrick White, QB/WR, West Virginia
    79. Denver Broncos – Antoine Caldwell, OC, Alabama
    84. Denver Broncos (via CHI) – Jairus Byrd, CB, Oregon
    114. Denver Broncos – Rashad Johnson, S, Alabama
    149. Denver Broncos – Daniel Ellerbe, LB, Georgia
    185. Denver Broncos – Louie Sakoda, K, Utah
    225. Denver Broncos – Demonte’ Bolden, DT, Tennessee
    235. Denver Broncos (via ATL) – Arian Foster, RB, Tennessee

    Everyone thinks we’re going to draft Pat White it seems, I LOVE RASHAD JOHNSON , but dont think he’ll drop that far

  • Joe

    Joe’s top 3 Draft picks

    8. (From Jacksonville) Brian Orakpo (For 18th, a 3rd, and possibly a fifth)
    12. Tyson Jackson
    48. Ron Brace

  • Vince_Marine

    Out of the three mock drafts posted on here I would have to go with Football Expert. We get Tyson Jackson, Aaron Maybin and Ron Brace. C’mon, you can’t beat that.

    As for kickers go, I would much rather have Sakoda that Gano. Sakoda was clutch this year for Utah.

  • roshon2411

    I’m with you Jchase. 3rd or 4th round pick for a guy who can play multiple positions. Worst case, he’s a 4th receiver and 3rd string QB and maybe some special teams work? Only QB to win 4 bowl games and looked really sharp against Carolina. I’d rather waste a 3rd, 4th rounder on a QB than a 1st rd on Sanchez.

  • DC

    Im glad tony gonzo out of the division!

  • kerry

    ugh. Aaron Maybin would be a bad pick. the guy is a one year starter. thats all. showed up to the combine heavy, which shows laziness, doesnt have good power. basically the guy is a shorter version of Jarvis Moss, and we all know how that turned out. if he was drafted at his playing weight of 235 pounds, then we already have that guy is Wesley Woodyard.

  • DC

    I hope B.J. doesn’t get drafted early. Then Jackson gets drafted by GB. That would mean we would be drafting a CB, RB and LB’s. Not what I’d like to see.

  • DC

    I’m not sold on Maybin either bc he doesn’t have good hips and his 40 was mediocre. But I wouldn’t be mad if the broncos feel he is the best player on the board at 18.

  • kerry


    yeah im with you on hoping both Raji and Jackson arent drafted before we get a shot at one of them. and Maybin sucks. id rather go Everrette Brown at 18 then Maybin. or trade 18 down and select Brace sometime at the end of the 1st round if we dont get Raji.

    and yes Gonzalez is out of the AFC west. but he will always be known and remembered as the SECOND greatest TE to ever play in the AFC west. and we all know who the greatest is, and it sure as F**K isnt Antonio Gates.

  • DC

    I know, Gonzalez will always be the 2nd best. The only reason he has more yards than SS is bc he has been there only target for 15 years!

  • flbronc

    from everything i have seen, maybin doesnt project well to a 3-4 so i dont think that he will end up here. i really hope that we can get orapko, raji or jackson with our first pick… i dont like any other option there- certainly not on the offensive side of the ball. maybe the jets will trade up to jump washington if sanchez is still on the board at 12. i’d take their first and an additional second for it (even settle for a first and third). then we can take brown at 18 and a lb in the jets spot- but that is really iffy

  • DC

    I think we got to go with Ev B at 12 if tyson and bj are gone, that is if the Bills don’t take him at 11. Hopefully the stars align and we get both raji and tyson or raji and hood.

  • kerry

    if we trade back our 18th then ok whatever. but we have to stay at 12 no matter what. we cant keep trading down, players have to be selected. we will have a shot at Orakpo, Raji or Jackson. i could see us moving to 8 because Jacksonville is desperate to get out of that pick. but we cant trade down our 12th. quantity of picks doesnt equal quality. 18th pick, sure trade it down and get Brace. honestly i could totally see McDaniels getting Knowshon Moreno at 18 if he is the best player at that spot. i dont want that but its possible. but we gotta stay at 12 or trade to 8. it would cost us our 12th and a third to do so. Raji at 8, Jackson at 18 is wishful thinking, but would be nice.

  • DC

    I’m thinking lets make the trade. We need raji.

  • (dee)

    One More?
    7 round mock draft for the Broncos:

    12. Everette Brown* DE Florida
    18. Tyson Jackson DE LSU
    48. Josh Freeman* QB Kansas State
    79. Michael Hamlin SS Clemson
    84. Terrence Taylor DT Michigan
    114. Glen Coffee* RB Alabama
    149. Travis Bright OG BYU
    185. Londen Fryar CB Western Michigan
    225. Jarett Dillard WR Rice
    235. Dallas Reynolds OT BYU

  • (dee)

    Most mocks have us taking BJ RAJI, Tyson Jackson, Everette Brown, with our firsts 2 picks. Any combo of the 3 and I’d be happy. Robert Ayers is the wildcard in all of this.

  • DC

    Robert Ayers is a 4-3 DE. We don’t want a 4-3 DE.

  • (dee)

    Don Banks from has his final mock for the Broncos 1st round picks.

    12. Robert Ayers

    ” Tyson Jackson is the prospect the Broncos really want in this slot, but if he goes ahead of them, Ayers is the next best option. He’s thought of as more of a 4-3 end, but the Broncos would need him to learn how to play in their 3-4. At 6-3, 272 pounds, Ayers is not too small to handle the dirty work of occupying blockers, and he has a quick first step to the quarterback. ”

    18. Aaron Maybin

    “The Broncos would probably have to show some patience with Maybin, letting him develop into a 3-4 outside linebacker with some great edge-rush potential. If they don’t take Maybin, who wasn’t expected to last this long, they could address their need at defensive tackle with Mississippi’s Peria Jerry. “

  • DC

    I will literally cry if we pick up Ayers and Maybin.

  • broncoNM

    I would like to mix and match all these mocks… My Dream 4 rds are:
    12- bj raji
    18- tyson jackson
    48-clint sintim
    79-rashad johnson or chip vaughn
    84-dj moore
    114-scott mckillop

    Take a QB and RB in 6th and 7th rd

  • Dario

    No one thinks the Broncos will swoop in on a center to groom under Casey for next year?

  • DC

    People do, they have to. But maybe the broncos are high on Kory. Only 2 days to find out!

  • flbronc

    kerry- i agree that trading out of 12 (down) will be tough. the only way i see it happening if sanchez slides to 12 and the jets want him bad enough to jump up. i dont think that 18 is tradeable at all. i’d be willing to bet that we draft at 12 and 18… but if none of our top defensive prospects are there at 12 i say we try to get another pick out of it and get best front 7 player avaliable at 18…. if none of the top prospects (orapko, jackson, raji, curry and maybin) are not there, it probably means that sanchez is on the board and the jets need to get ahead of wash. its a big if, i know.

    totally agree with dee in #25… any combo of those three in the first two picks is a good start to the draft. if no raji, then we need brace in the second otherwise or we’ll be off track imo, as there are no other starting calibur nt’s in the draft.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    RON BRACE HIGHLIGHTS VERUS CLEMSON ARE BULLSHIT….BEING A TIGER FAN WE WERE RANKED 9th coming into the year and HAD NO O LINE anybody could have run through that line

  • Tom9798

    Kerry . . . remember our blog/trades from 4/16, “Daily Links: All Front 7 This April,” . . . . must read #51 first . . . .

    McD has a live press conference Fri. morning at 11:00 . . . . maybe I was a day off . . . and trust me . . . I hope I’m wrong . . . I still hope that McD take’s Curry or Ragi or Orakpo first . . . . especially Orakpo . . .

    But why would he hold a live press conference to announce he wants to draft for the defense? . . .What other head coach is having a live press conference to announce the obvious? . . . . all of the blogs on the network’s and this site have him drafting defense and he is already in place to get all the defensive player’s he need’s without having a press conference . . .

    I still feel that McD wants Sanchez as his franchise QB . . . it’s that molding thing . . . and I feel he already has struck a deal with one of the top three pick teams . . . (I originally had said the Ram’s at #2) . . . but it could be the Chiefs also . . .

    Like I intimated in other blogs . . . I am not trying to project what I would like in the draft . . . I’m trying to get into McD’s head and project what he want’s for the draft . . . a franchise QB . . . . the face of the Bronco’s . . . . and maybe it is not Simmorton . . . .

    Like I said . . . I hope I’m wrong . . . but don’t be surprised . . . .

  • DC

    I would be more than pissed if we picked up sanchez. I think Mcd will get a late round qb or pick 1 up in the first round next season even if orton performs well. This way he adds time on his contract.

  • Tom9798

    DC . . . .

    I hope you’re right . . . . I really want to see Orakpo, Curry and Ragi on the Bronco’s in that order . . . . I have intimated on other blogs that I do not want to see Orakpo or Curry on the Chiefs lining up against us . . .

    If you went back to the blogs I mentioned . . . I have a scary gut feeling that McD wants to coach Sanchez into the face of the Bronco’s . . .

    I hope I’m wrong . . . .

  • NathanH

    Tom, i think your way off. He isn’t afraid to develop a later round guy, he helped do it already with Brady(6th round) and Cassel(7th round). Plus, I think a press conference announcing anything about a player is a smoke screen if anything unless we are indeed announcing that we’re moving up like you say. Even if, i’d still imagine that we’d be moving up to take either Raji or Orakpo. If the D doesn’t look better under McD’s reign next year than Shanny’s last, he’s in trouble. We know he can coach offense, and it’s not entirely his decision now. There is a GM on our team who will be making all the final decisions, and i’m sure he’ll see what is best for the team.

    Remember too that Cassell went in as the QB during the 1st game, he didn’t spend the offseason training with the first teams or the coaches focusing on him as the #1. I think McD is confident he can do the same thing again, either with Orton/Simms or a later guy like Rhett Bomar.

    He has to try and make the D look respectable if he wants to look decent out of this scenario. Does anyone here really think that Sanchez would be better than Orton in our system NEXT season, or hell even the season after that.

    Sanchez makes terrible decisions, and has a duck deep ball that will be picked all day at the next level. He forces throws and stares at his recievers way more often than a 1st round pick. I don’t think McD will by into the QB hype.

  • DC

    Its just a ploy, if raji and tyson are gone, to trade with the jets or whoever wants sanchez.

  • Tom9798

    NathanH . .

    like I said . . . I hope I’m wrong . . . just trying to get into McD’s head instead of projecting what I would hope happens . . . I want to see Orakpo, Curry and Ragi on the Bronco’s . . . but there is something about McD I have been trying to clarify in my mind . . . . and I think it’s that molding thing . . . . and my gut say’s that he just won’t be satisfied with Orton or Simms . . . . and it’s because they’ve been molded with already . . . . make any sense? . . . like a sculpture using old clay or fresh clay . . . .

    Yeah . . . to you and me and most people . . . they’d be fine while we bolster the defense and wait until next year . . . but McD wants to prove himself now . . . . and what does he do best? . . . mold fresh clay into QB’s . . . .

    I’ll be jazzed if he takes what I think he should . . . Orakpo or Curry . . . but don’t be surprised by noon o’ the morn’ . . . .

  • Tom9798

    DC . . . . .

    good point made . . . .

    and the whole thing might be leverage . . . but why would be draft Sanchez as leverage to the Jet’s or whoever? . . . why not just go get the three I mentioned? . . . . .

  • (dee)

    Draft TOMORROW and I am pumped!

    I pray RAJI or Jackson is there at 12. The Sanchez interest could be a ploy, but I say even if he slips he doesn’t get past Washington.

  • flbronc

    tom… i think that if mcd wants to mold someone, he wants to do it in a cassel/brady way- turn a late round pick into a star. i dont think that we will move up to get defense, it will cost too much and we need all our draft picks this year.

    heard espn radio this am… mcshay says no sanchez for us, kieper says we may move up to get him. mcshay also said that jackson could go at 5 to cleveland which means raji would go at 9 to gb. that would leave us with a bag of crap to pick from at 12(assuming orapko is gone). plenty of good players, but nobody really worth the spot.

  • (dee)

    Another question if Jackson and Raji are gone by 12, who do we pick?

  • nisse

    i think orakpo or curry will be avalible in that scenario, that or a shit load of QBs and OTs

  • flbronc

    dee- nisse might be right. if curry and orapko are gone and so are raji and jackson- as long as the two wrs go, stafford goes and a couple of ot’s… its likely sanchez is on the board still and we offer the pick to nyj and move to 17 and pick up a second or third.

  • Tom9798

    flbronc . . . .

    I have been saying that McD will not tiptoe into this draft . . . I first suggested that we would bundle picks for the #2 pick from the Rams since Mar. 28th . . .

    At that time . . . it wasn’t for Sanchez . . . but since Apr.16th . . . I have had the gut feeling that is is for Sanchez . . . .

    McD has a live press conference at 11:00 MDT . . . this will clear alot of fog from the cockpit . . . .

    I still hope in my heart that he takes Curry . . . and then takes Orakpo with #12 . . . . we’ll see by noon . . . .

  • (dee)

    If we get Orakpo I’ll be happy…. If we get Raji I’d be even happier… the anticipation is killing me! Should I skip out of work with the “draft flu”?

  • kerry

    dude if we select Sanchez, im throwing my remote through my 80 inch flatscreen. ok maybe i wont do all that BUT

  • kerry

    dude id we select Sanchez, im throwing my remote through my 80 inch flatscreen. ok maybe i wont do all that BUT something is definetly getting thrown up in here!!!

  • Tom9798

    kerry . . .

    From what McD said in his press conference . . . he is comfortable at 12 and 18 and has no intention of moving up . . . whew . . .

    hold on to the remote and lunch . . . . T