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Published on 04/22/2009 at Wed Apr 22 09:31.
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An interview with Peyton Hillis stating that he expects carries.  [Sports Illustrated]

A look at Denver’s defensive prospects in the draft along with a review of the USC Trojan linebacking trio.  [Denver Post]

Jim Armstrong’s column on the smoke and mirrors game of the NFL in April.  [Denver Post]

Brian Dawkins is in unfamiliar territory suiting up in something other than green.  [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

We have lost our beloved mascot Thunder, he died in surgery Saturday.  [Denver Post]

The Sporting News has their list of top 10 teams looking to move up in the draft.  They have the Broncos trading both picks to take Sanchez.  Don’t they read the news?  [The Sporting News]

A review of the Sanchez scouting trip and the Bears are dealing with the gossip around Cutler’s out on the town drinking.  [Denver Post]

Around the AFC West there is a lot of new blood chasing the Chargers.  []

  • (stuck in) raiderland

    Hillis is awesome. I hope they’re serious about making use of the guy. He’s a class act (at least in that interview) and was so much fun to watch. He is quickly becoming my favorite Bronco.

  • kerry

    the Sporting News is stupid. they are always wrong. no way McDaniels trades both picks for Sanchez.

  • DHB

    Why all the desperation for Sanchez? Sure we lost Cutler and we’re all trying to find a silver lining. But if there are only four or five “franchise” QBs out there, and 12 teams go to the playoffs, and we had a “franchise” QB, and we didn’t go to the Playoffs. It seems to me that a QB alone doesn’t get you anywhere, and our needs may be elsewhere. I hardly see the point of getting a new steering wheel when the car doesn’t have breaks.

    Oh, and next year (where we still have two 1st rounders), there are supposed to be a bevy of talented QBs.

    Then again Lonnie Paxton is now our new expensive long-snapper.

  • Ryan M.

    I sure hope the death of beloved horse isn’t a sign of things to come

  • Plato


    There are more than 4 or 5 “franchize QBs” out there.

    Joe Flacco, Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Donovan McNabb, Carson Palmer, Kurt Warner, Matt Hasselbeck, Drew Brees, Ben Roethisberger, and Tony Romo are just some off the top of my head.

  • Broncoholic

    Plato: Wow, you sure have a low threshhold for what qualifies as a “Franchise QB”. Off of your list I would say easily Brady, Manning (P not E), and Roethisberger are Franchise QB’s. You could make a pretty good argument for McNabb, Palmer, and maybe even Brees. However, I would put Eli, Rivers, Romo & Cutler on the potential to be Franchise QB’s very soon list. Flacco, Ryan, and Rodgers have a lot to prove before being considered “Franchise QB’s” in my eyes.

    Warner is too old to be on the list and I don’t think Hasselebeck is an elite QB in the league. He’s solid, but not elite.

    My list of true Franchise QB’s is a short one: Brady, P Manning, and Big Ben. Palmer has fallen off the list with all of his injury concerns (knee, elbow), McNabb and Brees are almost on the list but fall jsut short in my eyes. Cutler has teh most potential to be the next elite QB in the league but he hasn’t turned that corner just yet in my view.

  • DHB

    That’s my point. There are quite a few good QBs in the League that can get it done for a year or two, but can not carry a team. Every player in the NFL is avey athletically gifted person in some way. Any NFL QB is welcome to play on my park team. However, a truly great player at any position is few and far between. We were spoiled with Elway. Furthermore, there is no garruntee that Sanchez is that caliber of player. He may be, and that’s great, but our D (and ST) needs so much help, can we really risk that?

    Sure Peyton and Brady are the current standard, and we’d love to have the next coming. But Marino doesn’t have a ring and Trent Dilfer does. Would we really complain if (mostly through some unexplained rampent macular-degeneration disease outbreak in 30 other NFL teams) Bailey, Williams and Dawkins led us to a third Championship with Ort-imms and half time tuba-player taking snaps?

  • DHB

    a very, guarantee

  • broncobobmeridian

    I wonder if all the off season turmoil was just too much stress for old Thunder Sr. to handle. There was a rumor going around that Thunder was getting traded to the Colts!!!!!!

  • kerry


    there isnt any desperation for Sanchez other then what the media creates. thats all it is. sanchez is getting more hype then his talent actually provides because he played at USC, and because this is a weak class for the QB. i think that Sanchez will take a Brady Quinn like tumble in the 1st round. there was tons of hype around Brady Quinn because he played at Notre Dame, but when draft day rolled around he fell all the way to the 22nd pick.

  • Dean

    Since when did Franchise QB have to mean HOF QB? I think Plato’s list is pretty accurate. All those guys with the exception of Culter and Rodgers have lead their teams to the playoffs. A franchise QB is just that, a QB the team frankly invest and build their franchise around. Such as the Bears with Cutler. Two first rounds picks given up can set them back years if he doesn’t pan out.

    And saying Eli isn’t a franchise QB? Of course he in no way is as good as his brother but he did lead the Giants on a game winning drive in the Super Bowl. And McNabb, he’s only lead Philly to the NFC championship game five times and the SB once. Thats like someone saying Elway wasn’t a franchise QB before Super Bowl 32.

    Either way, I’m not a fan of drafting Sanchez. Nor was I a fan of hardly any of the off season moves. But if McDaniels likes Sanchez enough to draft him, the franchise would defnitely be on his shoulders.

  • jchase8410


    If that is the case, I wouldn’t have a problem picking him up at 18. If the Lions go with the LT with the first pick, Sanchez will fall out of the top 15 for sure.


    I don’t mean to be off subject but what’s going on with Adam Shefter?

  • DB

    I agree with kerry that Sanchez could be another “tumble” like Brady Quinn. And even IF Sanchez drops and is still on the board at 18, i would still like to see us pick up MORE DEFENSE.
    But, i wouldn’t mind if we traded up to get Raji. IMO he’s a great player and will make an impact for our most desperate need D-Line. I can’t wait till saturday, and i hope we end up with Raji at 12 and Jackson or Orakpo at 18. For some reason though, i have a feeling that Green Bay will take Raji at 9.


  • (dee)


    Adam Shefter is moving to ESPN this summer, I dont know the NFLN is keeping off of tv purposely to get viewers use to the fact he won’t be around.

  • (dee)

    One more day before the draft, I am pumped. I dont think I’ve ever been as excited about any draft in my life than this one. I hope we get it right, but it will be exciting to see how it all unfolds.


    Having a high octane offense is nice, but having a “smack you in the mouth” shut down defense is priceless.

  • Broncoholic

    Since when did 1 year starters such as Flacco, Rodgers, and Ryan get labeled as Franchise QB’s? I understand your point Dean but I feel like people are too quick to tag players as Franchise QB’s. To me that term has carries with it a connotation of being an elite QB in the league. If Plato lists 15 of 32 starting QB’s off the top of his head, implying there are several more that he didn’t mention, than the majority of QB’s in the league are elite. Elite amongst a group means the very best, not the majority. It is all about how each person defines Franchise QB. Some people define a Franchise QB as an elite QB in the league while others simply mean a good QB.

  • dean

    Yeah I hear ya Broncoholic. It defnitely doesn’t have an exact defnition. But I think even a rookie like Matt Ryan can be called a franchise QB for the simple fact he saved that franchise from a former franchise QB in Vick. Vick might not be a HOF QB or even a Pro Bowl QB but the Falcons invested a lot in Vick and they were going nowhere till Ryan came along. I hear you on Flacco or Rodgers but those two are going to be the starting QB for the next 4 or 5 years at least with no competition any time soon. Some people define Franchise QB with skill level, i would use terms such as HOF QB(Brady, Manning), Pro Bowl QB(Culter, Brees). I think the term Franchise is defined by more than just skill. But you’re right there is no exact definition.