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Published on 04/16/2009 at Thu Apr 16 12:26.
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Fan House has the Broncos taking Tyson Jackson at 12 and Brian Cushing at 18.  [FanHouse]

Woody Paige throws up an odd article with a 6-10 prediction for this season.  [Denver Post]

The DC says the runningback class is solid, not spectacular and posts their top 10.  [Boulder Daily Camera]

The post is publishing Mayock’s push for Denver to take Sanchez.  Wait, haven’t we heard this somewhere before?  You’re just now reporting this?  [Denver Post, Broncotalk]

A transcript of Josh McDaniel’s interview with Sports Radio AM 1510 yeasterday.  [Denver Daily News]

Word is we’re looking for a punter in the draft, news to me and Brett Kern.  [PFT]

You can buy tickets for the Bronco Cheerleader Tryouts today.  This is for the guys who bring binoculars to the game but the spotting never leaves the sideline.  [CBS4 Denver]

Jake Plummer is coaching a high school team in Boise this year.  []

Mike Shanahan’s former house in Cherry Creek is up for sale.  Not the new mansion he’s building in Parker.  [Denver Business Journal]

John Madden retired today.  I guess a Tom Jackson joke would be out of order.  [NBC Sports, Broncos Forums]

  • Tom9798

    Well . . . It’s time for another one of my curveball predictions . . . and I’m sure this will yank a couple chains . . . but I still think it has some validity . . .

    Back on Mar. 28th . . . I posted my last curveball blog and said, “You offer the Ram’s Ryan Harris at tackle and the 12th or 20th draft pick, for their number 2 draft pick . . . .

    Back at that time my rationale was to get Orakpo or Curry before the K.C. Chiefs because I didn’t want to see either lining up against us . . . especially Orakpo . . . who I still feel is going to best the best outside pass rush in the draft . . . .

    My new curveball prediction is as such . . .

    By Thursday . . .the Bronco’s will have the #2 pick from the Ram’s . . . with some combination of my previous theory . . . but this time McD is going to take Mark Sanchez at the #2 for his franchise QB . . .

    McD has already intimated to Orton and Simms that this is going to happen . . . and I think he really wants Sanchez after the molding process he completed on Cassel . . .

    With Sanchez coming to town on Tues. and the signing of Brandon Gorin . . . an OT with Superbowl appearance with the N.E. Patriots . . . I feel that the Ram’s will take the Ryan Harris trade because Harris is a proven Pro-Bowl potential OT . . . and that is why McD brought in Gorin . . . to lessen the blow . . .

    There will still be a bevy of good DL and LB for us to choose in the draft . . . and I think we will have a good shot at Jackson . . . Maybin . . . and Brace . . .

    I’ve been wrong before ( or so my ex-wife has repeatedly told me ) . . . but don’t be too surprised . . . P.S. . . . that’s why she’s my ex . . . .

  • kerry


    dude Gorin was brought in for Depth. not to start. Harris is young and very good. Gorin is old and coming off injuries. we gave up 12 sacks on the whole year and you wanna start breaking up the O-line. the Rams arent gonna trade away the second pick for harris when they can take an elite OT at 2 in Jason Smith. and there isnt any deal in place to send Harris to the Rams anyway. if there is then post the link. otherwise its just conjecture.

  • Tom9798

    Kerry . . . Good points made . . .

    It’s my curveball prediction . . . so it is just conjecture . . . I don’t want to break up the o-line either . . . just trying to get into McD’s head and picture things the way he going to see them in the next 72 hours . . . with such a glaring need for DL and LB and special teams . . . why sign Gorin at all then? . . . .

    As for the Ram’s . . . Harris would fit the bill and be far cheaper than Jason Smith . . . plus they would still have a first round pick . . . think about it . . . .

  • kerry


    see it breaks down like this, if we trade Harris and a first round pick, we gain nothing and lose a top notch RT. we arent getting a player in return. just a higher draft pick and losing a RT. thats not even good value. we have a cheap RT and ten picks. we trade Harris we still have ten picks and no good RT. Gorin is for depth. thats all. we have no backup RT because Eric Pears signed with Oakland. so now McDaniels doesnt have to spend a draft pick on an OT when that pick would be a backup anyway. players can be signed for depth. it doesnt signify Harris being traded. it signifies McDaniels is shoring up everything he can offensively so he can focus solely on the defense. and the glaring need is for D-linemen. not LB’s or special teams. we have a ton of LB’s as it is. woodyard, Larsen, Green, Bailey, Moss, Dumervil, Williams and Davis. and Larsen, Woodyard and Barrett will be on special teams. now that he have a better special teams coach these guys will be more effective. this is the point of the year when everybody starts OVERTHINKING about the draft. trade this up, trade this down, trade this guy for this, trade that guy for this pick. so on and so on. when realistically most, if any, none of that actually happens. getting rid of Harris is not addition by subtraction. its subtraction by subtraction without gaining anything. really i wouldnt read anything into Gorin being signed other then for depth.

  • DC

    Who says we can’t start dismantling the O line too?

  • kerry

    what the hell kind of a question is that? why would you want to? that was the strength of this team last year.

  • Tom9798

    Kerry . . . again good points made . . .

    like I said . . . blog #51 is just a prediction . . . and Gorin really wasn’t a focal point . . . more or less a by-line . . . with a wonder-why? . . . and I agree with you that Gorin might be for depth and nothing else.

    Getting Mark Sanchez with the #2 pick is where I think McD is going . . . It’s just a gut feeling . . .

    If we think that McD is going to tip-toe quietly into the draft . . . I’m thinking otherwise . . . like I said . . . don’t be surprised . . . .

  • kerry

    Sanchez would be a terrible pick. at any pick. im so sick of all this Mark Sanchez hype. he has only started 16 games and had so much talent around him that he cant be properly evaluated. in any other draft class he would be a second round pick at best. he ONLY declared for this draft for financial reasons. he took advantage of the weak class to get paid. that should say a whole lot about Sanchez’s commitment to playing football. he is Matt Leinart more then anything. McDaniels would be stupid to waste a first round pick on Sanchez. and here is the reason why he wont:

    Mcdaniels is a system coach. talent means nothing to him otherwise Cutler would still be here. he will use a system QB like Orton or a lower round draft pick. he wont waste a pick on Sanchez in the first round if he feels he can get equal production from Orton or a lower round pick at nowhere near the cost of a first round pick. if Mcdaniels moves up AT ALL, it will be to number 8 for BJ Raji or Brian Orakpo. McDaniels has Orton without wasting a first round pick and Orton, with our WR’s and O-line, can be MUCH more effective then a rookie. especially an overhyped rookie like Sanchez.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    i hear ya DC
    we could trade Champ for a third rounder too!

  • kerry

    Maybe we should just trade every single guy on the roster for draft picks since, by most views, that the only way to fix the team. maybe Clady for a ham sandwich. im sure McDaniels has to eat.

  • Tom9798

    Kerry . . . .

    blog #51 is just my prediction . . . I would much rather see McD draft Orakpo more than any other player . . . I would jump up and down and scream and bother the neighbors if that were to happen . . .

    I personally do not care for Sanchez myself . . . but like you said in blog #58, “Mcdaniels is a system coach. talent means nothing to him otherwise Cutler would still be here.”

    and ultimately . . . McD will make his decision . . .

    is that with swiss or pepperjack? . . . .

  • Anthony

    ok it’s Sunday. there hasn’t been any news on this site since Thursday and the draft is less than a week away let’s get some stories developed on this site.

  • kerry

    oh definetly pepperjack. Swiss sucks.

  • T-Money
  • Tom9798

    Kerry . . . I agree with the swiss . . .

    At first I agreed that Brandon Gorin might have been brought in for depth . . but after some research . . . I don’t agree . . . and here is the reasoning . .

    From Gary Caldwell’s Broncotalk opening . . . about Brandon Gorin . . .

    “He has had a lot of success in his career so far — in New England, he helped running back Corey Dillon set the Patriots’ single-season rushing record with 1,635 yards as he played in a career-high 14 games (10 starts) and all three of New England’s postseason outings, including its Super Bowl XXXIX win over Philadelphia.” . . . .

    Brandon Gorin has played for McD and has a Superbowl ring . . . . his shoulder is fine and he passed the physical . . . he wants to play for McD . .

    The Bronco’s roster now lists five tackles . . . they are . . .

    Ryan Clady . . . . . . . . 6’6 325lbs.
    Brandon Gorin . . . . . 6’6 308lbs.
    Ryan Harris . . . . . . . . 6’5 300lbs.
    Clint Oldenburg . . . . 6’5 300lbs.
    Tyler Polumbus . . . . . 6’8 310lbs.

    Now a little history . . . the 1998 Bronco’s went 14-2 and won the Superbowl . . . that year, they listed two tackles on their roster for the superbowl . . . Harry Swayne and Tony Jones . . .

    Harry Swayne listed 6’5 298lbs. . . . played ten years before joining the Bronco’s . . . four with Tampa Bay . . . and six years with San Diego . . . played in both Bronco Superbowls and is only one of a handful of player’s to have ever started on three Superbowl teams . . .

    Tony Jones listed 6’5 291lbs. . . . played eight years with the Cleveland Brown’s and one with the Balt. Ravens before joining the Bronco’s . . . played in both Bronco Superbowls

    We now have five tackles . . . everyone of them larger and with equal or less time in the league as Harry Swayne or Tony Jones . . .

    How much depth do you think we need at offensive tackle? . . . . of all positions . . .

    I no longer think Brandon Gorin was signed so we would have some depth . . . just like I proposed in my #51 blog . . . Gorin was signed to trade Ryan Harris to the Ram’s for their #2 pick so that the Bronco’s could take Mark Sanchez as their franchise QB . . .

    Like I said . . . just a curveball prediction, and I hope I’m wrong . . . I hope we do take Orakpo or Curry if McD does trade up . . . but don’t be surprised.

  • Tom9798

    T-Money . . . great link . . . . thanks . . . T

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Tom! Bite your tongue!

  • kerry


    those tackles you mentioned wont even make it through camp. Clady and Harris are the only that are starting caliber. im not buying that they are gonna move up to the second pick. and really what tells you that Harris has that type of value anyway?? he has had multiple back surgeries and has had only one year of starting. Harris wont fetch that value. Ryan Clady could.

  • kerry

    everyone take a moment to remember those who lost their lives ten years ago at Columbine high school. hold up a beer for them, pay respect to them, but above all never forget what happened and never take for granted anything that comes your way.

  • T-Money

    I hear that Kerry…

    On a football note… I just listened to Mark Sanchez on the Dan Patrick show and when he was ask how he felt about Denver he didn’t seem all that interested and he said we haven’t shown much interest. Thought that was interesting.

  • Joe

    According to Bill Williamson, Jarvis Moss is a 3rd-string outside linebacker. Wow. If this is true, I would be suprised if he made the roster this season. Either way though, its safe to say that he is a bust. A straight up waste of a first round pick. And if he does not make our roster this season, Than good luck to him on making any other rosters. Although, I bet Houston would take him….Or Oakland.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    what credibility does Bill Williamson have……Jarvis Moss is a bust but Reggie Bush is not

  • BroncoinVA9986

    Gorin is a perfect extra pickup that this team needs. The team needs Linebackers and Defensive line but depth is always good at any position

  • Tom9798

    Kerry . . .

    Good point on Clady . . . even better for Columbine recognition . . .
    hat’s off and I toasted a brew . . . . T

  • mile highs

    I hope Broncos pick Josh Freeman,or Mark Sanchez.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    didn’t mile highs swear he was gonna be a bears fan????

  • Jordan C

    Most have probably moved on from this post, but just for fun, here is a list of guys that are intriguing/interesting to me for the Broncos outside of the first and second rounds. So much has been discussed regarding day 1 picks, but these picks are going to be nearly as important since there are so may needs to fill. I’d like to hear what you guys think about these prospects. Some of these guys may go in the second round, but almost certainly, none will go in the first.

    Roy Miller, NT
    Herman Johnson, OG/NT?
    Matt Slausen, OG/NT?

    Bear Pascoe, TE
    Davon Drew, TE
    Travis McCall, TE/FB

    Roger Allen, OG
    Cecil Newton, OC

    Victor Harris, CB
    Mark Parson, CB
    Rashad Johnson, FS
    Michael Hamlin, SS
    Courtney Greene, SS
    Trimane Goddard, FS
    David Bruton, FS

    Clinton McDonald, DT/DE
    Kyle Moore, DE
    Mitch King, DT/DE
    Zach Potter, DE

    Mike Thomas, WR
    Jarrett Dillard, WR
    Pat White, QB/WR

    Brian Hoyer, QB
    Jason Boltus, QB

    Cody Brown, OLB
    James Holt, OLB
    Jasper Brinkley, ILB
    Daniel Holtzclaw, ILB
    Mike Rivera, ILB

    Kory Sheets, RB