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Published on 04/15/2009 at Wed Apr 15 09:09.
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As draft day approaches, BroncoTalk will be giving you game tape highlights of some of the bigger (and smaller) names around the draft.  We’re sticking with offense in this post, here is Georgia Bulldog RB Knowshon Moreno.  Moreno is considered to be one of  the top two runningbacks available in the draft by many experts and is expected to be the first RB taken mid to late first round.

NFL Network’s Inside Look on Moreno

The “ultimate highlight” reel on Knowshon featuring his comparison’s to Herschel Walker. Sorry if Soulja Boy isn’t your thing.

NFL Network First Draft Segment on Moreno

Highlights of Knowshon’s 2007 season at Georgia

Moreno isn’t immune to getting lit up by a good defender. The first video is a monster hit on the back by Tennessee’s Eric Berry, the second is him getting stopped dead in his tracks by Florida standout LB Brandon Spikes.

Said not to have breakaway speed, this clip shows differently as Moreno breaks a great long run against LSU.

  • Seahorse

    I loved watching Moreno play and I have no doubt he’ll be a great NFL running back… On any other yea, I’d be super excited to draft him…. But this year we need D first and foremost. And I’d be disappointed if we went RB in the first round instead of a good DT, DE or LB.

  • kerry

    we dont need this guy. he maybe good and all but defense is what we need.

  • mikebirty

    From the highlights and his reputation – I’d like him in a Broncos Uniform. If they’d been 10-6 last year and if the defense was even slightly better and if there hadn’t been as much turnover of defensive starters and scheme and system and put simply if there wasn’t such a pressing need to just get more bodies on to the defensive side of the ball then I’d say indulge.

  • roshon2411

    Except for the O-line and WR’s(unless Marshall is suspended), this whole team is a mess, so I wouldn’t be dissapointed if he’s picked up but like many others, Defensive is the more pressing issue. Denver’s most likely not winning anything this year, so like a said, I wouldn’t be dissapointed. Besides looking at next years draft, who would be the best running backs available? CJ Spiller, Chris Brown? Things could change but could be another weak RB draft.

  • Anthony

    If we happen to get Raji at 12 by miracle and tyson Jackson and Rey Maualuga are gone at 18 don’t be surprised people if we went best player available at 18 or even trade back a few spots pick up an extra pick and select Moreno in the 20’s. What I don’t understand is with a running back like that in college Matthew Stafford should have put up freakish numbers simply based on play-action pass. For Stafford not to have massive numbers with Moreno in the backfield might scare teams away. Moreno’s abilities are incredible in the way he sets up his blocks, sticks his foot in the ground and cuts, he starts and stops, can receive, can run between the tackle and is tough as nails. If we get him we will have a juggernaut of an offense with weapons everywhere and would definitely take some of the pressure off of Orton.

  • Anthony

    By the way the clip with Eric Berry laying out Moreno is great. Berry will definitely be a top 15 pick in 2010 along with USC safety Taylor Mays. Two monster safeties coming out in the draft next year and we will have great flexibility with two first rounders to pick one of them up.

  • Josh Temple

    Anthony, I agree with you on Stafford having not just Moreno in the backfield but an entire team. Even Bulldog fans will tell you he was a product of a good team.

  • robtink242

    Denver can to win this year and the only way i see that happening is with a grown game. With the talented defensive teams we have on our schedule you cant give them a give away that you are a pass happy team. We need a good back that can change the out come of the game. I’m not saying we draft this guy, cause there are plenty of talented RB’s that are available through the draft in later rounds.

    I would love to see Jordan cut cause i don’t see him useful anymore.

  • robtink242

    2010 draft class will be way better than this years. with our 2 number ones we can get a solid QB (Bradford, McCoy, or Tebow) and a the best LB Spikes from the Gators.

  • DC

    Lets hope moreno can out run a MLB.