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Published on 04/14/2009 at Tue Apr 14 09:16.
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#49 Rashad Johnson Upends and Opposing Player

#49 Rashad Johnson Upends an Opposing Player

Word is going around in the NFL scouting circles that Broncos are targeting Alabama Safety Rashad Johnson with one of their 3rd round picks.  Johnson is a favorite of many draft experts, based off of his work ethic and history of over achievement.  Johnson was a walk on at Alabama where he eventually became one of the team’s two captains.  He is a talent at a position of need for the Broncos and would bring some much needed leadership on that side of the ball. reports that Rashad has already worked out with the Broncos and visited with the team but they were not one of the teams that interviewed the safety during the combine.  One of my more favorite columnists, Rick Gosselin has an excellent writeup on Johnson saying he has selected Rashad as his favorite player of the 2009 draft.

  • (dee)


    Any specifics on combine stats (i.e. 40 times) Has his draft stock dropped I seem to recall in a few earlier mocks I say him as a 2nd round pick?

  • Josh Temple


    I am planning on doing prospect videos on Rashad since this news has popped up. I will be sure to include the combine video if it’s available out there.

  • Josh Temple

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see his stock rise well out of the 3rd round now there has been this much recent buzz on him this close to the draft.

  • Seahorse

    I love this guy… Drafting guys with leadership and character would be a welcome relief to the shanahan draft methodology.

  • roshon2411

    Looks like a good pick for late 2nd, early 3rd. I wouldn’t move up to get him but if he’s there in the 3rd, why not?

  • kerry

    this guy was projected high second. no way he lasts until the third round.

  • Mr.East


    Sean Smith is dominating the saftey spot right now so Johnson is being over shadowed. I agree though, it’s possible but not likely.

  • (dee)

    Why not trade one of our 1st round picks for an extra 2nd rounder + 3rd rounder?

    That may get us both Sean Smith and Rashad Johnson…Just throwing it out there?

  • milehighs

    that would be grate.

  • (dee)

    According to WalterFootball’s new 6 round mock they have

    Sean Smith – Pick No 37

    Patrick Chung – Pick No 50

    Rashad Johnson – Pick No 77

    I want 2 of the 3 …. personally …. IF there is no other better front 7 player available when it comes our time to pick.

  • DC

    He won’t be there in the 3rd.

  • soxbigdog

    if ‘word around the league’ is the broncos want him in the ‘3rd’, he wont be there… they will probably have to move around to get him at some point

  • robtink242

    What type of safety is he FS or SS. he looks to be one of those blue collar players that the Steelers have. that if in the right system can cause trouble to apposing players. I dont see why not getting him in the ‘2’. Cause if we get Tyson Jackson at 12 and Ron Brace at 18. Rashad Johnson with our ‘2’. then we can get a linebacker and a running back with our 3’s.

  • Katch22

    I say the only offensive positions we take in the LATER PART of the draft is a center and a QB. Maybe a QB and I’m talking like 6th round or later.

  • Matt

    My thoughts exactly soxbigdog.

  • Katch22

    I say 3 DL’s, 1 S, 2 CB, 2 LB, and 2 C/G. Can’t wait for the draft!!!

  • robtink242

    katch22 why draft 2CB when we have Josh Bell and Jack Williams. 1 SS and 1 FS yeah Josh Barrett needs the pressure to perform well. Kory Lichtensteiger didn’t have a shot yet. yeah Guards are needed.
    This teams true problems are in the trenches on the defensive side. We need bigger D line that can bully the OL.

  • robtink242

    There are plenty of QB’s this team can acquire through the draft and through trades that can be system QB’s.

    Chase Daniel
    John Parker Wilson
    Stephen McGee
    Colt Bernnan (WSH)
    Matt Flynn (GB)
    Troy Smith (Bal.)

    All of these QB’s can be mold into good system QB with their big arms.

  • Garrett Barnes

    i don’t see it happening but if it does, i won’t oppose it. actually i would love it. :)

  • BroncoinVA9986

    I watched Rashad Johnson(beast) play almost everygame at alabama this year….I watched him shut down aaorn Kelly and Jacoby Ford for clemson….This boy can pick apart and offense like no other…extremely intelligent would be a steal in the third round I would be shocked if he makes it through the 2nd round

  • Bronconinja

    Is everyone going crazy or is it just me!?!? I know I am not a football “expert” but I like to think that I know a little something. I’ve been reading all these mock drafts by so called experts and I keep seeing a trend of LB within the first 3 picks. I know we may not have the best LB core but seriously they are good and we lots of potential at that postion. i would say its our deepest position. I am sure we’ll do something in the form of 2 DE/LBs and a NT in the first 3 picks and yes that includes Mark Sanchez being available. Infact expect the broncos to trade down if he is there to get extra picks. Many “experts” expect Raji to be gone and that Tyson jackson can be gotten at 18 so the Broncos trade down to the jets let them Have Sanchez Pull Tyson at 17 and Peria at 18 and pick up a second and another later round from the jets. Just wait and SEE! Why the Jets cuz they want sanchez and if they dont trade up to get him then he falls to Washington who wont let him fall any further. OhHHHH and then they take Rashad with the newly aquired Jets 2nd round pick! HA!

  • Bronconinja

    This is all base on the reading on just how much Mcd likes Orton and how he fits the “system” very well. If he doesnt like that much then all bets are off! Hahaha!

  • roshon2411

    I like in Bronconinja. I actually thought that might be the case. 12 is an iffy spot for the Broncs. The highest i’ve seen Tyson Jackson go in any of the mock drafts other than to the Broncs is 16 to San Diego. If Raji is gone, before 12 trade with the Jets get Jackson at 17. If Jackson’s gone by 17, trade down again and pick up Ron Brace. I don’t think he will be available for Denver’s 2nd Round. Use one of those extra pics for Jarron Gilbert.

  • roshon2411

    I like it*

  • Denver Diehard

    There is a lot of talk about trading down and up for this player or that player. The thing to remember is that Teams that trade positions in the First Round are not often unless it is for an impact player. Denver will not bounce around in the first to think they will benefit in the later rounds for who or whom not will be there. “Are you serious?”

    Somebody said Denver is “deepest at LB” Say what? Not at all. Going to a 3-4, the Broncos need Linebackers and one of the first three picks need to address that. Raji would be the favorite if there at #12, but Tyson could be taken in leiu of a linebacker. Maualuga is the best possible LB choice for Denver in the draft, and may not be there at 18, but other top LB’s will be. Brace is not a first round pick, but if he is there in the second round it would be a good pick. Not the Illinois CB.

  • Denver Diehard

    Correction: Meant to say the Alabama Safety Johnson in the last sentence. Scratch Illinois CB.