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Published on 04/12/2009 at Sun Apr 12 23:20.
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Will Brandon Marshall face suspension?

Will Brandon Marshall face suspension? (AP Photo)

Broncos fans, how about some good news? Okay, well, Mike Klis brought it up in his latest article in the Denver Post and I mentioned it last week in our podcast, but it appears that Brandon Marshall may not actually face the eight week suspension that we’ve all been dreading.

Had the NFL’s Commissioner Roger Goodell planned on suspending the Broncos upstart receiver, he most likely would have done it already. The reason being is that Denver would have enough preemptive knowledge as possible prior to the draft and could target a receiver that may be able to ‘cover’ the absence of Marshall. Goodell did not make an announcement, yet he announced the suspension of the Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch for an incident that has happened since Marshall blipped on the radar, so to speak.

So, status check 2009, Denver has a great, young offensive line, one of the best receivers in the NFL and another up and comer who could very well surpass Marshall in numbers this season (Eddie Royal). One of the leagues most underrated tight ends in Tony Scheffler and a year-after-year, plug anyone in, running game. Do we really care who is going to be the quarterback? With Marshall in tact, there’s not a thing that we need to worry about and that’s that…

I forgot to mention the leagues most prolific offensive coach since, well, Mike Shanahan, in Josh McDaniels. Don’t forget Nation, we still have him, whether we are New England West or not, we’re going to kill next season. In fact, today I was watching NFL Replay Real-Time (week 6) and at least four of our new acquisitions scored that week, that is definitely a sign. Corell Buckhalter ran one in, J.J. Arrington ran an opening kick-off back for six, Kyle Orton nearly illustrated a fantastic come from behind win and Jabar Gaffney came up clutch… What more do you want kids?

In the meantime, would love for you to join in and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or you can stream it live, via the Orange Page. This week we’re recording with BroncoTalk’s own Josh Temple and David East regarding the 2009 draft! So subscribe and listen… I’ll even tell you who Denver will draft in the first round…

  • Ian Henson

    Thanks to Kyle for making this post possible =)

  • DC

    Damn Ian, positive attitude. I like it. Who do you think we are going to draft?

  • robtink242

    love the positive attitude. But a QB is needed, but i with the defense could could have some positive feedback.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    yeah, who cares…?
    I don’t think so.
    I’ll call Josh a great mind when he shows me something intelligent.
    The whole point of all that great talent (most of it from Shanny!) WAS that it included a great young QB…
    Sorry, I’m optimistic but if I could trade one season right now to lose McD & get say …Cowher? I’d have to do it.

  • Evergreen Bronco Fan

    I like the good news, Ian. We need it. The Broncos offense will be fine next year given the level of talent apparent. And, Cutler wasn’t a strong leader of the offense so there’s plenty of room for someone else to step in.

    As noted our focus needs to be on the crappy defense we ended the year last year. Some very big bets need to (continue to) happen on which of the myriad of defensive players on the squad stay or go, which we’ll see unfold in the upcoming draft and further moves in the last-minute unrestricted free agent. I am hoping both first round picks go to to defensive players in the line and LB areas.

  • (dee)


    Still not over it? Wow… Even I’ve stopped talking about what’s his face.


    Great article, its good that alot of Broncos fans can see that the world hasnt ended and the Broncos will be fine. I think we will have a better season this year as well, but time will tell. I just hope the draft goes well.

  • Vince


    Stop all of your crying and negativity! Either get on board or get off the bus.


    I agree, this year is going to be a great season. All we need are two first round defensive studs to anchor that d-line.

  • Ian Henson

    robtink- Definitely need a quarterback, but I think that Orton is going to be fine. Bronco fans of all fans should realize that in Denver it’s, “The System,” that makes the quarterback look so well- Jake Plummer, Brian Griese and now Jay Cutler all had incredible seasons in Denver.

    WhidbeyBronco- We do still have two great quarterbacks… Whether it be Simms or Orton, they both have playoff experience and are young.

    Evergreen- I think the level of enthusiasm from Brandon Marshall at the departure of Jay Cutler says a lot about how Cutler was viewed in Denver. I’m really thinking that Denver will use the #12 and either one of their third rounds to bump up to grab BJ Raji (ahead of Green Bay). Don’t know what they’ll do with their second first rounder though, I think like you said a linebacker probably or a safety.

    Dee- Thank you very much, sometimes you have to eat the doughnut despite the hole in the middle =)

  • (dee)


    Also watching the interview with BMarsh on I remember him saying (and I am paraphasing)

    “its all good to throw for 4500 and 25 touchdowns , but it doesnt matter if you DON’T win games”

    Was that a shot at *******? I dont think it was an endorsement…

  • robtink242

    it’s quite obvious that the team wanted ****** to stay but if he a banned the friendship of his team mates prepare to take shots.

    I don’t know if B.J. Raji is safe anymore with all that drug all the drug talk going round.

    If any thing i wouldn’t mine trading down i really wound like to see josh freeman in a bronco uniform.

    I’m not that happy we turning to a 3-4 D. Theres to much talent coming out of college from the 4-3 set. where by guys who never played LB are asked to do much. NT’s in the 3-4 also carry health issues.

  • Ian Henson

    dee- I’ve thought about that a lot, remember last season when Cutler called out Marshall, “He’s not my favorite person right now,’ but they obviously got on… Marshall couldn’t catch a TD to save his life in the Pro Bowl and Cutler tried like three times in a row (so did Peyton Manning, who was lobbying to have Marshall join the Colts).

    Maybe it’s a loyalty thing, Cutler didn’t want to be part of the team, a team that included Marshall and Scheffler.

  • robtink242

    hey we aren’t calling his name its *******. i would rather the weapons that he had rather than him. lets see how Orton, Freeman, Tebow, Bradford or McCoy do with those weapons. yeah he has a powerful arm but made some really dumb decisions. On and off the field. If Peyton Manning wanted Marshall on his team who the hell is *** ******.

  • CraigF

    People bash the immaturity of Cutler but then we have people not posting his name?


    Griese, Plummer, and Cutler did all have good seasons in “The System”, but that was Shanny’s system. Orton and Simms in no way are great QB’s and the only playoff experience Orton has is on the bench, Grossman played in those playoff games.

  • kerry


    all the talent is from Shanny right? yeah well so are all the bums too. dont forget to mention that too. oh is case anyone wants to dispute that, only Niko Koutouvides has been signed by another team thus far. Roberson, Bly, Webster, Manuel and McCree havent been signed by anyone. what does that tell everyone? guys who started for this team cant start for anyone else.

    this is the System team. a first round QB isnt needed and wont be drafted by McDaniels. he will draft a late rounder and stick with Orton this year, which will better then any rookie. and someone keeps saying Josh Freemen for this team??!! PFFFFFFTTTTTT. we just had a strong armed, mobile, Pro Bowl QB. McDaniels wasnt gonna trade away Cutler to select someone like him. that would defeat the entire purpose.

  • walton

    Is everyone going to still be positive, when this team starts 1-4?

  • (dee)


    I dont think I’ve bashed ******… if you read above, I merely pointing out something B Marsh had said.

    And really there shouldnt be anymore ****** talk , he is a Chicago Bear and this is Broncotalk. Those who are still not over the trade, probably never will be.

  • (dee)


    What good comes from being negative? 30 times right now in the NFL are thinking positively, we’ll see how the season goes but theres no need for the sky falling in April in BroncoCountry.

  • (dee)

    *32 teams … sorry.

  • CraigF

    I never said you did bash Cutler. My point was if people were going to bash Cutler for his immaturity than we should hold the fans in the same regard.

  • Mr.East


    It’s a little different using asterisks for Jay Cutler’s name and holding out until your team trades you. The Blogosphere is not held in the same regard has a multi-million making athlete.

    Were the Atlanta Falcons this negative last year? Of course there won’t be as much optimism with a losing record. For the time being don’t act like Nostradamus. We can bash the crap out of Denver when the season goes sour. Right now there’s a lot going for Denver, the defense can be improved with the draft. Lets just hope the right selections are made.

  • walton

    Sorry I thought this was broncotalk, not positive broncotalk. If this team makes the playoffs then I’ll gladly eat crow. If not I’ll be the first to say “I told you so.” Either way, it’s not going to change the way I root or watch the team I’ve been invested in for over 20 years. I’ll still spend $300 for the NFL ticket and ignore my wife on Sundays.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Sorry. I’m supposed to be over it why? No, I’m not over it! I’m not over losing Shanny more than anything!

    Yeah I know Shanny hired some bums… He had a major problem delegating and clearly couldn’t handle it all by himself… I hope I’m wrong about McD but so far… I’m not. btw Niko is not the only Bronco signed elsewhere this off season. Not my point tho.

    To whatever lame that said I was crying… oh, Vince… My Orange & Blue blood entitles me my ire at what I believe were some STUPID freaking off season moves!! Got it? I’m still butt-hurt about those four Superbowl losses that i sat though every minute of too… doesn’t keep me from remembering how proud I was that we made it there.

    You couldn’t know I suppose but I’m not one of those folks who bitches with every mistake my team makes (or I imagine they make) !! I hate that. I wear my hat (at least) every day up here in Seahawk country and I will watch & support the Broncos every minute of every game this season, win or lose. Funny thing is, this BS that I’m supposed to have forgotten about already happened what, weeks ago?
    Nope I’m still PISSED.

    Go Broncos!
    No to trading up.
    No to drafting a qb. (I think we can win with Simms or Orton, I like them both quite a bit so far)

  • (dee)


    Because you get defensive when anyone says anything about ******, and as I recall you didnt appreciate my comments towards him either. You can’t tell someone to move on, and then not do it yourself.

  • WhidbeyBronco