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Published on 04/10/2009 at Fri Apr 10 21:04.
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We here at Bronco Talk have been dying to bring back the draft prospect videos from last year but our writers have been very busy to say the least.  So we will be doing double time to catch you up on all the prospects for the 2009 draft.

As draft day approaches, BroncoTalk will be giving you game tape highlights of some of the bigger (and smaller) names around the draft. Today’s installment is a favorite for Denver to draft at #12 overall, LSU defensive end Tyson Jackson.

NFL Network Inside Look at Tyson Jackson

A mashup of Jackson’s 2008 season highlights.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    i like the dreads

  • Garrett Barnes

    best. option. available.

  • roshon2411

    Not impressed, even the NFL network seemed to be dogging him about his speed. 5 second forty and his numbers weren’t that impressive either. I sure hope the broncos don’t draft him at 12. He seems to be more of a system pick. Maybe at 18 but I’d rather see them pick up Connor Barwin or Michael Johnson and bring a little more speed to the defense. I know the 3-4 isn’t a sack happy defense but other than Dumervil, there hasn’t been a guy who can get to the QB since Simon Fletcher.

  • broncoNM

    broncotalk- you guys do an amazing job of staying updated….Thanks for the hard work! These draft prospect videos are great.

    T Jackson may not get a lot of sacks but if he can be a run stuffer that can push blockers back into the backfield im all for him. It would be nice to have a D lineman that can break up run plays in the backfield. Hopefully with this guy and Marcus thomas as our DE they can eat up blocks and create huge lanes for our LB’s to wreck the ball carrier.

  • roshon2411

    and when I mean pick up Connor Barwin or Michael Johnson, I mean trade down from 18 to late first early second. I don’t want them to reach for any player. That seemed to be the downfall of Shanny. His best picks were the ones he waited to fall in his lap, when he reached for a certain player seemed to be a bust or not worth it.

  • CJ

    Tyson Jackson can make an immediate impact in the run game. And the 3-4 isn’t really designed for the defensive ends to get alot of sacks. I wouldn’t be upset to see them take him at 12 would be better at 18 though.

  • mikebirty

    hmm, I’m a bit worried that in a highlights I saw some pretty poor tackling technique. There was some good 0:24 in the first video but the rest of them looked a bit weak – particularly the last one on the second video. Stats and position wise though he seems a good fit and hopefully the scouts have more game tape on him that 4 minutes of youtube footage.

  • DepressedSF

    Jackson at 12
    Maualuga at 18
    This is my favorite scenario so far. They can be the cornerstone of our 3-4 for years to come.

  • Ryan M.


  • flbronc

    i’m wondering what happened to everette brown… a month ago he was a top ten pick and he has slid way down…. if he is there at 18 i hope we grab him.

  • alm034

    Not that impressed. That speed rush he likes to use on the outside won’t work nearly as well against NFL tackles (just ask Jarvis Moss) and the grandstanding is very annoying.

  • Riverscanbl&wme

    Everete Brown won’t be there at 18 probably not even at 12. Jackson is a stud. He looks like a man amongst boys. If they can get Raji at 12 and Jackson at 18 I would be thrilled. Or get an outside rusher and Jackson in the first and get Brace in the second.

  • DHB

    I want to see the practices with Clady and Jackson. Monsters with dreads.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    i think front seven has to be a concern

  • Joe

    I’m down with Raji at 12 and Jackson at 18. Than get a corner in the second round such as Verdon Davis’s brother, whatever his name is

  • kerry

    wow you guys wanna dog him because he isnt fast or doesnt get alot of sacks? so the lack of 15 sacks a season is the reason why he shouldnt be drafted? PFFFFTTTTTTT. the 3-4 D-line is for run stuffing and occupying the O-line blockers. DUH!! a 3-4 DE doesnt have to be fast or tackle well. stuffing the run and plugging running lanes is the reason for guys like this. he is the perfect choice at 12 if Raji isnt available. and if Raji does fall to us then pick Jackson at 18 and the run D is INSTANTLY better.

    and what makes me laugh the most is when people say “we need speed on defense” yet for the past decade we have had the smaller, faster more athletic D-linemen. and every year THEY SUCK and couldnt get near the QB. guys like Peterson, Marcus Thomas, Jarvis Moss, Tim Crowder, Dewayne Robertson are all smaller D-linemen and they cant get near the QB. its time to get BIG on the D-line. speed and athleticism dont not win out on the D-line! in the LB core and secondary yes speed is key, but not on the D-line. the best D-linemen in football are big strong and not fast guys. like Richard Seymour, Vince Wilfork, Pat and Kevin Williams, Casey Hampton, Shaun Rogers, Albert Haynesworth. those are the run stuffers who are massive and cant be stopped at the point of attack. we need big monsters like that on our D-line and Jackson can be that first piece if Raji isnt available. or Jackson and Brace. either way we cant lose but if we try to upgrade the LB core BEFORE the D-line, then our defense will suffer yet again. 2 first rounders and we can get huge on the D-line. we have the athletic LB’s already in place with good speed in the secondary. its time to get huge on the D-line. these small D-linemen that Shanahan loved so much have got to go. they dont work. especially in the 3-4. someone said Michael Johson?? yeah the guy is what, 265 pounds? we already have that guy in Jarvis Moss and Tim Crowder and a 265 pound guy will get destroyed as 3-4 DE.

  • Joe

    That corner i want in the second round if we get Raji and Jackson is Vontae Davis. He has the speed, tackles well, and not afraid to tackle. He ran a 4.4 at the Combine. And he’s 5”11, 203 pounds. Let him learn from Champ and lets see how good he can be.

  • NathanH

    Sorry to burst your bubble Joe, but Davis will be the first corner taken off the board(assuming Jenkins plays saftey). No way he falls outside of the top 20 imo.

  • roshon2411


    What’s with the man crush on Jackson? You mention Denver needs to get somone like Seymour, Wilfork, the Williams’, Haynesworth, or Rodgers. We all seem to agree, and his name is BJ Raji and/or Ron Brace. Those are the big guys Denver needs. Jackson is 20 lbs lighter than any of the guys you mentioned. He’s smaller than Kenny Peterson. I also like the idea of Vontae Davis at 18 too. Denver never has solved the DB area even though they’ve tried. Champ, Bly, and Foxworth, Williams, and Paymah. I’m all for getting Brace/Raji for the line but Denver was 26th in the league against the pass last year. The 30-something FA pick ups won’t fill the leak, only delay it for a couple years.

  • Joe


    Ya I probably figured, but one can only dream, right? haha. Well than what to do…..Raji and Davis in the first round, than a DE in the second?hmm

  • broncoNM

    sportingnews has an interesting mock:
    first rd:
    12- Rey Maualuga
    18- Evander Hood
    second rd:
    Tyson Jackson
    Not sure i agree but this is the onlymock that i have seen that has t. jackson falling to the 2nd rd.

  • broncoNM

    Hood can scoot but he is about 30 lbs lighter than raji or brace…think he is too small (6’4″ 295)…. here are some highlights of hood.

  • roshon2411

    They also have Denver taking, Rhett Bomar in the 5th. That would be interesting.

  • NathanH

    Roshon, what you fail to see is that the pass D was so terrible because the D-line wasn’t performing at all. When you give an NFL QB all day to pass, he’s going to make you pay as last year showed, I dont care how good of a corner you are. Also Champ missed considerable time last season, he’ll be back, and paired with the Miami signings and a later round CB we should be able to get by for a year.

    The immediate need it D-line. Just like on offense, everything starts with the line(which we have always had a great one, leading to a very respecatble offense nearly each of the past 15 years) and we have to improve there now. Raji and Brace would be great, but given our current picks, neither are really realistic unless we reached for Brace at 18(which i’d almost be fine with).

    Jackson is an elite 3-4 prospect that doesn’t come around every year. He’s drawn comparisons to Richard Seymour(only gotten to the QB more then 5 times in a season twice) for for chirst sakes. If we are building a 3-4 D, and can’t get the NT in the draft this season, why not fill another HUGE need of the scheme? It may not all happen for us in 1 year unfortunatly, but next year there’s some great NT prospects. Could you imagine if this year we did get Jackson and him and Thomas played the ends well, then we added Terrance Cody next year? He’s 360 something!!

    Patience is needed, and intelligence. Johnson has great physique but is a bust waiting to happen imo. Good call on Barwin though Roshon, I’d absolutely be thrilled if we land him somehow. I think he’s gonna be the best 3-4 OLB in the draft.

  • roshon2411

    I haven’t seen nor have I heard the comparisons to Richard Seymour other than on these forums. Seymour is 20 pounds heavier, taller and quicker. I’ve heard comparisons to Derrick Harvey it want did he do? Besides Jackson is not a pass rusher, he’s a run stuffer. So that will not help Denver get to the QB. For a pass rush, Denver needs the DE/LB guy. Jackson’s DE/DT. I’m not confident Dumervil can make that switch along with Moss/Crowder. I would have loved to see Peppers get here but not for the price I heard Carolina was asking. Thats why I like Johnson/Barwin in late first early second. Could be a Vrabel-esque player. Of course Denver would have to hope they fall to their second round pick or move down from 18. If Tyson Jackson falls to 18, I wouldn’t mind that pick but I think 12 is too early.

  • Josh Temple

    Roshon, I disagree with your statement about corners. If it wasn’t for the tragic killing of Williams we would’ve had the position locked down for 5 years.

  • DC

    The front 3 in a 3-4 need to be able to do two things, eat blockers and stop the run. Everything else, sacking the QB and TFL, are icing on the cake. I seem to like Ziggy better than Jackson. I think Jackson’s overrated. Ziggy’s first few steps are awesome for a big man and I think he could play DE. Check it yourself on BroncoMN’s 21.

  • DC

    Fantasy draft- Everette Brown, Ziggy, Brace. Probable draft- Raji, USC LB or James L, S. Real Draft- Tyson, LB, Brace.

  • roshon2411

    Would’ve, could’ve. The corners could have been lock down by no one was able to fill Darrent’s shoes. Bly felled miserably and Foxworth, Paymeh, didn’t work out. The Broncos had Champ and Darrent for only one good year. Besides I said all DB’s. John Lynch was decent when he was here but having lock down corners doesn’t help when the Safeties are pathetic. Steve Atwater made Tyrone Braxton. The class of safeties this year is pretty bad overall. Patrick Chung, William Moore are decent but not worth a first or second round pick. I have hope for Barrett but he was a Shanny’s project. McD will probably want to get his own guys in at safety. Either way the depth in the Secondary is awful and Goodman, Hill, Bailey, Dawkins are not going to be here when this team becomes a real contender.

  • kerry


    dude the purpose of a 3-4 DE is to stuff the run and eat up blockers. NOT to get to the QB. and if case you havent noticed, not one single D-linemen we have now could start for another 3-4 defense. and 12 is not too early to pick the best 3-4 DE in the draft. and guys like Brace and Raji play NT! not DE. you dont put a 335 pound guy on the DE spot. look at all DE that play in the 4-3 and alot of them are 260-280 pounds. put 291 pound Tyson Jackson on the line and that is a huge upgrade over anything we currently have. and if you dont upgrade the D-line, then these so called “rush LB’s” you want so bad will be completely ineffective. a better D-line makes the ENTIRE defense better. upgraded LB’s dont make the whole defense better like a great D-line does. offense and defense are built inside out, not the other way around. picking a LB in the first round would be a mistake.

  • DC

    Not if Brown fell.

  • DC

    I really think Raji is too short to play a two gap NT. He’s better suited to play a one gap, but I think Nolan’s NT play with a two gap NT. Which sucks but I don’t think he will fall to us anyway.

  • roshon2411

    The purpose of a 3-4 is to get the best matchups. A LB can play on the line or off. He can blitz the QB or cover the running back. The Steelers have run the 3-4 forever and their effective at getting to the QB because of their zone blitzing. They’ve had good DT/DE but it’s their LB’s who have made them who they are. Denver doesn’t have that either. D-Will I think will fit the system but don’t fool yourself if anyone else on this team can play outside. Moss, Elvis, or Crowder aren’t going to cut it. Picking Jackson, at 12 is too high because you picking him because of the system, not because of his talent. Who are the best players on San Diego or Dallas. Merriman and Ware both OLB who can play the line on passing downs, also both have had double digit sacks every year. So you do go after the QB in a 3-4. I’m not saying Denver doesn’t need to stuff the run. But a NT is the most important part for that, not the DE.

  • DC

    I’m not sold on that the Steelers LB’s have made them who they are. The Front 3 make the LB’s. So its more like the front 3 have made the LB’s what they are. I know its a cliche but it all starts up front.

  • Dean

    Well if

  • Dean

    Sorry about that… I was going to say if I had my choice between Pittsburgh LB’s or DL, i’d take Woodley/Farrior/Foote/Harrison over Smith/Hampton/Keisel. And to be honest, I had to look up the DE’s.

  • Dean

    Also, is there really anyone the Broncos possibly wouldn’t select?

  • DC

    all I’m saying is that the D line allows for them to make the plays.


    What’s up with post#52 on the logo article? Payback!!

  • dbroncos

    In the second video he had a play against South Carolina that made me realize this guy is an absolute must.

    He is double teamed by Lemuel Jeanpierre and Justin Sorensen. I dont know if they are any good or not but LJ is 6’3″ 305lb and JS is 6’7″ 316lb. He manhandled those two and made them look bad.

  • NathanH

    DC, you have it right. It’s the front 3 in Pitt that has made it successful, not the lb’s. Aaron Smith is a consumate 3-4 end, and Casey Hampton is a top teir NT.

    And Barwin and Johnson would be straight up lb’s in our system just so you know.

  • CraigF

    Yeah, Ray Lewis would have been a scrub if it wasn’t for Tony Siragusa and Haloti Ngata.

  • jchase8410

    The reason that the Steelers’ zone blitz packages work so well is the DL occupying the OL, prohibiting them from getting to the 2nd level. Every player on the DL has to be able to force double teams, opening holes for the LBs to make plays. If you have small DEs, they can’t occupy the offensive line. That allows the OL to get to the LBs freely, which defeats the purpose of playing the 3-4 system.

    Tyson Jackson said he is still planning on gaining weight before the season, which is a plus. I don’t see how we can pass on this guy if he is available. The Coach has also said that he wants the best player available that fits the system and fills a need. The Broncos biggest concern going into the draft has got to be the DL.

  • steve

    i would like to see us take jenkins at 12 if he is available, then the best d-lineman/linebacker at 18, whether that is jackson, hood, brace, brown, maualuga, cushing, or matthews.

    I really hope mcdaniels takes a qb in the later rounds, i would love to see him work his magic developing a young guy. I like bomar or harrell. Also, I dont think its a bad idea to look at Josh Freeman from KSU as our 2nd round. That kid is good.

  • steve
  • kerry


    EXACTLY!! most think you just throw some rush LB’s out there with mediocre D-linemen who are undersized and everything will be fine. it wont! i even read where one idiot said “oh if we just rotate our current D-linemen and keep them fresh then we will be ok” which is wrong!


    yes of course the Lb’s go after the QB in the 3-4 the D-linemen dont. you mention Merriman and Ware, well look who they have on that D-line. Merriman has Luis Castillo and Jamal Williams. both are considered elite D-linemen and they had Olshansky until this offseason. the Cowboys had Chris Canty and Marcus Spears on their D-line.

    and yes im well aware that the NT is key in the 3-4. but the best NT will be gone by the time we pick so picking the best 3-4 DE is the next step in building a great 3-4. not a LB. and then when 18 rolls around we can select NT Ron Brace or move back and still select Brace and have our NT then a rush LB like Connor Barwin can be selected in the 2nd. a rush LB is useless without a great 3-4 D-line. thats a fact when it comes to the 3-4. the Raven, Pats, Steelers and Chargers all have great d-lines that make their LB’s better. not the other way around.

  • kerry

    Freemen is not good. he is ONLY considered a first round pick this year because the QB class is so weak. i watch BigXII football constantly and Freemen is not all he is cracked up to be. Chase Daniels is better then he is but isnt as high because of his size and not so strong arm. Graham Harrell is better then freemen but for some reason isnt getting the looks that Freemen does. Freemen is Jamarcus Russell take two. tall and big arm, but nothing in terms of Accuracy or the mental toughness to win. thats a nice little clip on youtube about Freemen but it sure as hell doesnt tell the whole story about why he isnt a winner in college.

  • steve

    hes not a winner in college cuz his team sucks. I also watch big 12 religiously, and freeman reminds me more of donovan mcnabb than jamarcus russell. big arm, mobile, could be great in this league. obviously you dont agree but we’ll see who drafts him and how he does.

  • kerry

    well i know one thing, it wont be the Broncos who draft him. we had a QB with the strong arm and mobility and just dumped him. it would be stupid if they drafted a guy like that when McDaniels doesnt go for the big strong armed mobile QB’s

  • roshon2411

    Well why did they Cowboys let Canty go, and the Chargers, Olshansky? Well, its because big fat lineman are easy to come by and easily replaceable. Remember they’re just eating up blocks. The reason denver doesn’t have any is because they’ve been running the 4-3. I’m not saying Jackson is going to be a bust, but he’s not the 12th best player in this draft. Why pick him at 12, just because he is the best 3-4 DE available. Denver needs a kicker should they draft David Buehler with the 18th pick because he’s the best kicker available. If he is there at 18 fine, but 12 is a reach, when Denver still has multiple holes to fill. If the best player available is a LB, CB, RB, DE, DT, or Safety then take him. The cliche of it starts with the line is that, a cliche. Denver O-line was awesome last year correct? Well, how come they couldn’t score in the red zone? In 2005, Denver had a solid D-line and against Pittsburgh buried the Bettis and Parker, but couldn’t stop Big Ben on third down. The one consistent player for the Ravens D, which was the best 3-4 D the past decade, is Ray Lewis. His D-line has been interchangable thru the years and in no way made him who he is. This is a team sport takes all 11 players working on the same page, but the QB is the most important postion on Offense and LB is the QB for the Defense.


    Also, how could you say the McD doesn’t go for big strong mobile QB’s. He went after Matt Cassel.