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Published on 04/09/2009 at Thu Apr 09 08:04.
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Sam Adams has a great sit down chat with Champ Bailey on the state of the Broncos.  []

Brandon Marshall is looking to have some fun this season with the offense and Beanie Wells just dropped down Denver’s board by not making his scheduled visit to Dove Valley.  [Denver Post]

Woody Paige can’t get over his dis-like of “the coach” in his latest mailbag.  [Denver Post]

Mike Mayock says the Broncos just have to go for Mark Sanchez in the draft.  [Fanhouse]

Bill Williamson and Mike Sando debate Denver drafting a QB in the first round and the impact around the league.  [ESPN Hashmarks]

Jay Cutler is reaching out to Plaxico Burress to become a Bear.  [USA Today]

Gary Kubiak will be speaking at a High School coaching clinic at CSU.  [Denver Post]

  • kerry


    another QB that everybody seems to be forgetting that is really good as a mid to late round pick is Chase Daniels out of Missouri. anyone who watches BigXII football knows this guy. very accurate and good in the pocket. not the strongest arm but damn good. and mobile!

  • MIAbronco


    as pissed as i would be over a qb taken in the first, if you look back at mcd’s qbs, which he hasnt had a bunch so this could just be a coincidence, but he likes big, tall QBs, and freeman does fit that build, so you know it could happen.

    what if mcd does the same shanny move and doesnt contact anybody prior to the draft that they are targeting (I’m pretty sure the pats did that a bunch, but when mcd was there, they never had high 1st round picks).

    I’m just bracing myself for anything, also, you have to realize that every team puts their “OWN” grade on all the players and they choose who they believe is the best. i really dont remember any “analyst”(if you’ll call them that) predicting cutler as a high pick, and it turned out he was highly highly sought after by denver, sooo, you never know

  • kerry

    if we pick a QB before the third round im gonna be pissed off. and not just pissed off but foaming at the mouth, throw the remote through the TV, call McDaniels and his mom every name in the book twice kind of pissed off.

  • MIAbronco

    chase daniel is 6′ 210 lbs, hes a bit small, and hes not drew brees with that size either so i dont think so on that one.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I haven’t much cared for MetalliCANT since Justice but the Garage Days cover lp’s were pretty damn good!
    Ride the lightening (btw) was their best.
    BTW (2) Kerry, I saw them with Mustaine… beat that.

    Oh yeah, go Broncos
    YES to a late round QB reach for the future… success happens there all the time and no risk!

  • kerry


    Mustaine was good but not that good. Metallica at their best was Kill em all with Burton on bass before he was killed. i have rare live recordings of Cliffs Bass solo the night died. beat that! lol. Mustaine was not that good. ill take Cliff or Jason Newstead over him.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I actually jammed with some of the Flotsam crew before Jason came over, beat that.
    But for real, how do u compare Dave with a couple Bass players? You don’t really know, do you? WTF? Dave was replaced by Hammett not one of them!!
    Megadeth is at least as good as Metallica… can’t argue the ‘kill em all’ argument, I almost chose that one too. props for that.
    Mustaine IS that good. State of the art speed metal specialist. He’s the best speed metal riffster and one one of the best lead players! Plus he’s still punk rock and hasn’t cut his hair, started wearing make-up and done reality tv like metallica!

    RIP Cliffy B I’ve heard that last solo… wow they drank too much back then eh?

    Oh yeah, Fire McDumb-ass before we draft… could be our only hope. lol

  • MIAbronco

    Have you guys heard the new Kenny G, HE’S KILLING IT!!!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    he’s got a decent golf swing but I can’t hear him for more than two seconds without running for the remote, wait… is it a christmas song? …no, then I’d want Bing!

    BTW East? Woodie would make better decisions than our current management!! Woodie for our next coach!!

  • robtink242


    You are totally right Chase Daniels is a heck of a QB. for some strange reason i thought he was in this draft class. i rather him over Bomar. John Parker Wilson is nice to.


    What the he’ll?



  • MIAbronco

    what time is it denver?


    josh freeman is broncos next qb.

  • jchase8410

    Haha, when Kerry made that first comment about Metallica, I thought to myself…”that sounds about right.” I can respect Metallica for what they have done,as they were the first of their genre, but I really can’t stand them anymore. I like a song that I can feel. I am immediately turned off by 5 minute intros, and a 9 minute solo in every song. It gets to a point that the song takes a back seat to the guitar. GO BRONCOS!!!

  • DC

    If anyone likes Hip Hop, which I doubt, listen to Zion I- Coastin’. Hes real hyphy if you know what I mean.

  • Kelly in Carolina

    I would love to see us just wait till Pick 12 comes, and not trade up to pay some unproven player a lot of money, and not give into the hype..Mayock is a making a conservative educated guess…that’s all…and if McD is really a Patriot-trained coach, he would just find the low draft pick QB that he likes and train him up like Brady, to reflect his superior coaching of QBs…we don’t need another first round diva bust.

    Just wait till pick 12, and pick the best dang DEFENSIVE player available that fits into our scheme! Hopefuly starting with our underwhelming D-Line, and then at Pick 18, go get another amazing Defensive player, and in the Second round go get another one…

    If we can score three solid defensive players in this way to beef up our line and shore up our linebackers, we would be doing great. 3 players out of 11 is .27%, or about a little less than a third of your defense…so if we get the most solid players at the positions we need, we improve a third of our defense…and the other 8 players will include D.J Williams, Champ Bailey, and Brian Dawkins, Elvis Dumervil…not much to grumble about there…

    so who will be the final four… LB Andra Davis looks solid and so does CB Goodman, so we have two more guys we need to get…maybe Moss steps up his game as OLB in the 3-4…maybe Marcus Thomas kicks it up for an DE spot, maybe Woodyard matures…all in all we still have 7 more picks left in this draft to fill in the other holes including two 3rd rounders…

    I think we’ll be a hell of a lot better than last year and the year before…and we’ll still have a 5th round pick left to find a sleeper like Brady for McD to groom. The schedule looks tough, but I think we can count on Orton to lead the offense, as I’ve watched plenty of his highlights on and he looks accurate and competitive. Go Broncos!

  • kerry


    my point to compare Bass players with Dave was to say that WITHOUT Dave the band was at its best. with Hetfield, Hammet Burton and Ulrich is when Metallica was the best. and there is no F**KING WAY that Megadeth is as good as Metallica! dude seriously Metallica DEFINED Metal. Megadeth could be a cheap ripoff AT BEST! Metallica went from good to great to legendary WITHOUT Dave Mustaine. and if you know anything about Metallica, which im sure you do, you will know that the Black Album is the Album that put Metallica over the top. Kill em all, Master of puppets, Ride the Lightning and Justice for all made Metallica legendary in the metal circles, but the Black Album made them a Legendary band throughout ALL CIRCLES!

  • kerry

    Hip Hop blows!!! so does rap! thats all im gonna say.

  • walton

    Good article w/Champ. I hate to see the occasional post saying he is done. He may be on the downside of his career but he still is one of the best. Look at the Pats game last year. He completely shut down Randy Moss before the injury, then afterwards Bly got lit up. He still has a good 4 or 5 years left, just not sure if it will be with Denver, but I hope so. He’s a sure HOF and would love for him to be remember as a Bronco.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    the black album is a sellout POP album. Popularity equals greatness? miss me with that nonsense. Yikes, if that matters then go listen to a pop station, they sell way more.

    Mustaine rip off or copy metallica? He’s an original member!! He’d be ripping off himself!

    I’ll give you that metallica got better without Dave… Kirk is a far better lead player… the music became better. Dave took a similar role as James with all the intensely difficult rhythms and got his own amazing lead player(s) and in so doing, gave us another great metal band to hear.
    Both bands have been incredible over the years and influenced a million metalheads…
    and nothing else matters?

    No offense Kerry, i think maybe you’re younger than me? I watched metallica an Exodus (!!) & Slayer (not a fan of that fake ass devil worshiping, dive bombing shit) back when Hetfield was spitting on the crowd for loving him & swearing he’d never make a video or cut his hair… punk rock. I miss the edge. At least they finally got a rippin bass player again but they really need to lose the headshrinking and lars should NEVER speak! BTW we couldn’t get a mosh pit going during the last Metallica show we went to due to the ballad every third song syndrome!!!!!!! Finally we were ready to go off during the encore (since they’d left out Horseman, Seek & Destroy, Trapped Under Ice and a couple others ….) what’d we get? an acoustic set! We walked out. This is a metal band eh? Shite. Put the ballads and acoustic stuff (which i do love) together in the set somewhere, right? How do u have a metal show without a pit? U go see a band that hasn’t sold out… like megadeth! lololol sorry,

    oh yeah, folks here won’t like all this stuff so let me add… Fire McDaniels.!!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    kerry Email me if you like, we’ll take the music talk out of here…. we pretty much agree on the Broncos stuff anyway…

  • WhidbeyBronco

    walton i agree totally, Champ’s got some years left. I’d sure love to see him shutting off one side of the field like so few can, instead of cheating off his guy to show our linebackers how to tackle!!! It’d be sad to see him retired Not a Bronco too! I also don’t think he’s a lock for the HOF unless we give him some success …soon!

  • walton

    with 8 pro bowls and 6 first/second team All-Pro nods he’s a lock. He was the best corner for a decade. Success on the field is all thats needed for the HOF.