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Published on 04/07/2009 at Tue Apr 07 07:27.
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Darrell Hackney

Darrell Hackney

Third string quarterback Darrell Hackney has been released.  This completes a changing of the guard at the QB position for the Broncos with Cutler traded, Ramsey signing with the Titans and now the release of Hackney.  The Denver Post speculates the Broncos will select another quarterback with one of their 10 picks in the 2009 draft after this move.  Hackney accumulated no official game stats in his time with the Broncos organization.

  • Shawn

    Was he going to be a practice squad guy again? If Hackney was not eligible for the practice squad then I am not really surprised by this move. Coach McDaniels seems to waste no time making personnel decisions. We really need a good third string backup. If Hackney wasn’t going to be able to win games if say, our starter hurts his ankle, and his backup starts bleeding internally, then we need someone else.

  • Katch22

    Hackney was either good or bad on game days never in the middle. I think he ran more than he threw. I still say if we have to draft a QB then we go after John Parker Wilson in the fourth or fifth. Please McD don’t take a QB before then!!!

  • Fan From Spain

    I liked him, didn’t look bad from the preseason games he got to play, way better then Ramsey. All the best to him, hope he gets to play for another team and not just as a 3rd backup QB.

  • Mr.East

    I agree, I really don’t want McDaniels and Xanders to take a QB in the first few rounds.

  • Matt

    I really hope they don’t otherwise we’d be trading Cutler for .

    We need DEFENSE!

  • Matt

    Sorry that was supposed to say -insert Drafted QB-

  • MIAbronco

    i have a strong feeling mcd will draft a guy late and develop him for a few years, im gonna do some research now and try decide who that will be

  • (dee)

    I think Orton is the guy for this year. Depending on how he does they may considering drafting a QB next year, but I dont think they will this year at all. I think maybe next year they might get a guy, but I doubt this year they’ll draft a guy to be the #3 , unless they plan on getting rid of Simms or Orton. Next year I think it could be more logical because Orton’s deal is up , and if they chose not to resign him than they could go out and draft a guy. We’ll see, at this point I’m not ruling out anything.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Between the two qbs we have, I think we’re set. It’s on Xanders & McD to make the trade picks pay off & on McD to back up his actions and make one of these two guys …good.
    we can always pick up a #3 as we need during the season.

  • Mr.East

    Charlie Batch is still out there, but he wants to be a Steeler real bad.

  • kerry

    Hackney is no good. he had a decent game in the preseason……………….against the third string team.

  • Katch22

    If I’m not mistaken McD always had three QB’s on the roster in NE. I just looked at Bomar, Wilson, Harrell’s tape and I think all three would be good project QB’s.

  • soxbigdog

    Hackney was bound for the PS again.. maybe fortune will smile on him elsewhere…

    I hope that we dont see a QB on the broncos draft board until rounds 4-7… there are some good ‘project’ guys out there, that if McD is the QB guru he is supposed to be, could be converted into decent NFL starters

    Rhett Bomar, Graham Harrell, Mike Teel, etc

  • jchase8410

    Why can’t they draft Pat White as a 3rd string QB? He could play WR , and return kicks, but still has the ability to be an EMERGENCY QB

  • Hansen

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! I have had just about enough this! First Tatum Bell, then Cutler, now Hackney! There goes the season!

  • roshon2411

    Well, I’d say it’s a given Denver will draft a QB now. Like most I hope its not in the first few rounds but I really hope it’s not sanchez. Go defense with the first pick and if Stafford were some how to fall to 18, then maybe. I really hope they trade down a couple times. This team is defnitely in rebuilding mode, get more picks and build depth. I think this draft is solid in the 2 thru 5th round.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    There u said it.
    From one game away from the play-offs even with all the injuries we had last year, to…
    Thanks Xanders/McD
    I bet we could get young Elway now too!

  • CJ

    I don’t understand why almost all of you dislike Mark Sanchez. I say and this is just my opinion if he falls to 12 denver should pursue him. He ran good in a pro style offense spread just like Mcdanials.

    i would say if sanchez is there get him and draft the best talent at 18 no matter the position you can pick any position and it could use some tweaking. Even though it is unlike the Patriot way to draft a qb in the first round i cant see them passing Mark Sanchez if he’s available.

    Then Maybe i can take my Jay cutler jersey and scratch his name off and take a white sharpie and write Sanchez haha

  • CJ

    oh i meant to say at 18 draft the best defensive talent

    and there’s no reason for any other offensive players for the rest of the draft.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Didn’t we just sign one qb & trade for another?
    Didn’t we just finish with the 29th ranked defense?
    Ok, sure draft an unproven QB that only played one year of college!
    Maybe he can tackle & cover too?

  • roshon2411


    I agree with you defense is defnitely the number one priority, but this offense wasn’t just tweaked over the offseason, it was blown up. The only position i’m happy offensively with is the line but that could all change with the zone blocking aspect out the door. Clady and Harris should be fine but Denver always drafted light, quick lineman in the past. So there could be changes there. If Brandon Marshall is suspended and continue’s his path to being exiled from the NFL, Royal is the only WR i’m satisfied with. With Sheffler out the door, Grahem getting old, TE could be a possibly RB hasn’t been decent since Portis and of course now the have the QB fiasco. At the end of last season, I thought Defense with all picks but now, I hope they go with the best player available, no matter what. I’ve come to the conclusion that this year is going to be a bust, so I think they will have a couple years to fix the both sides of the ball. But either way i’m getting really excited for the draft.

  • Broncoholic

    Roshon: I agree with your overall point of drafting best player available, not just best defensive player available, however there are a couple of things I would like to reply to.

    1) The Zone Blocking Scheme is not out the door now. McD has indicated that his system does run a higher amount of Gap Blocking Scheme than we ran in the past, but he clearly pointed out we will continue to use the Zone Blocking Scheme as well. Also, interesting to note that the Broncos did mix in the Gap Blocking Scheme last year with great results as both Hamilton and Kuper excel at pulling. This all combined with the fact we kept Rick Dennison as our O Line coach and I think little will change in the blocking schemes other than Gap Blocking a bit more than in the past. We will continue to run the Zone Blocking Scheme however.

    2) You only note that Clady & Harris are fine on the O Line with no mention of RG Kuper. I find it odd that our Tackles get recognition but rarely does Kuper get the love he deserves. This kid is young (27), he started all 16 games last year, and he didn’t give up a single sack all year. Not even 1 (or 0.5), zero! In fact all 5 starters were amazing in sacks attributed to them (Clady 0.5, Hamilton 2.5, Wiegmann 1, Kuper 0, Haris 2.5 for a total of 6.5 sacks combined). The rest of the sacks allowed were either attributed to the TE’s, backups, or to Cutler (coverage sacks). I would say the group as a whole is amazing and there will not be any changes made there for the next few years (barring injuries of course), as you indicate there could be.

    3) Scheffler is not out the door either. Despite the unsubstantiated trade rumors around Scheff, there’s been nothing from either side (McD or Scheffler) that indicates we are going to move Scheffler. In fact the opposite is true, McD has made several comments on how he will utilize Scheff in the new system and as long as he can stay healthy, he will continue to be a dangerous weapon for our offense.

  • Roshon2411


    Your completely right on about Kuper, I did miss him. I would say Hamilton is safe for this year, but with his serious concussions in the past and his age, I could see them drafting a guard, not early of course. As for McD saying there will be some instance of Zone Blocking and saying nothing about Sheff, i’m come to find out what McD says or does doesn’t really mean anything outside of the lock room. He could keep the Zone scheme or he could be just saying that to not piss people off. It was the one thing that always worked during the Shanny tenure. And Sheff, I’d be very surprised if he is on this team after the draft. He didn’t show up for workouts and but he’s working with a Nuggets trainer. And shipping his boy, Cutler, to Chi-town didn’t help. Do you think they’ll try to trade up and get a guy to fit their system, Offensively or Defensively? Thats what I hope they don’t do. Other than WR, OT, and G, I can see any of the other positions being picked in the first, 2nd or 3rd round.

  • Broncoholic

    I hope and pray they don’t trade up. I wouldn’t mind trading down, but I think we should just pick with where we’re at. We have plenty of picks to address our needs. I agree that WR, OT, & G won’t be addressed in rounds 1-3, but I would add C to that as well. Lichtensteiger seems to be our C of the future and adds depth for this year and even Polumbus has taken snaps at C as well as T. We do need 1 more backup O Lineman regardless of position and I think we will draft 1 this year. If McD is planning on moving Scheff I could see a TE being drafted, but I don’t see the need to when we have 2 good TE’s already. So I would say T, G, C, WR, & TE would be our only areas on O that we wouldn’t be looking to pick in rounds 1-3. That leaves us with QB & RB that could be addressed early. That being said, I hope we focus solely on D in rounds 1-3, although with 5 picks in those rounds I wouldn’t mind seeing 3 D & 1 O.

    I don’t think McD is just giving lip service to retaining the Zone Blocking Scheme to some extent. With how successful that scheme has been for us with our 1 cut RB’s it would be stupid to abandon it. I think the biggest indicator that we will continue to employ the ZBS is McD keeping Dennison as O line coach. I think we will run both the Gap Blocking & Zone Blocking Schemes and I think our O line is suited well for each.

  • Broncoholic

    Meant to say: **wouldn’t mind seeing 4 D & 1 O picked in rounds 1-3**

  • flbronc

    jchase- i think we have too many folks already that will return and play wr. bringing pat white in to do that would be silly imo. if we are going to take a qb late i think harrell is the best fit for the mcd system. pat white- while versitlie- isnt what mcd wants in his qb.

  • Stav

    Broncoholic – as long as the 1st four picks are on the defense side, dline – ilb – dline – safety (?) – wr ( ?) – I agree

  • CJ

    We do need to address this defense. Even though we have absolute terrible luck drafting defense with the exception of DJ Williams

  • BroncoinVA9986

    i see a qb being picked in this draft…like a harrel in round 4


    You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, personally I think Darrell Hackney would have been an excellent 2nd string QB, he still holds a record from UAB. I also think that he was a ram in the bush waiting too be let loose if given the chance. He a nice guy I hope someone picks him up and give him the chance to shine like never before

  • Blue Bomber fan

    We just signed Hackney here in Winnipeg – hope he does well for us.

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