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Published on 04/06/2009 at Mon Apr 06 12:22.
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Mike Klis disagrees with John Elway, saying that trading Cutler was a good day.  [Denver Post]

Friend of Broncotalk Stephan Fatsis weighs in on the trade.  [New York Times]

Peter King gives an inside account of how the moves went down.  [Sports Illustrated]

Jim Armstrong says the Broncos could “brew a historic draft” with 5 picks within the top 84.  [Denver Post]

Friday Pat Bowlen sent out a letter to the season ticked holders, then had it posted to the official site addressing all the recent drama.  []

Kyle Orton is already in to work at Dove Valley.  [Denver Post]

In case you missed it, Patrick Ramsey signed a deal with the Tennessee Titans.  [Titansonline]

McDaniels welcomes Kyle to Denver and a certain someone is already missing Jay.  As usual, this one is 18+.  [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

The Denver Examiner has a preview of what local sports history to see right now on display at the Colorado History Museum’s exhibit.  []

  • milehighs

    john elway know what denver wanted
    i think pat boalen was ling in his letter.
    i hope the broncos get josh freeman.defence cant score joshfreeman 6 foot 6 strong arm like elways acret and mobile.

  • NathanH

    Josh Freeman is gonna be a huge bust. He is one of the least accurate “top prospects” i’ve ever seen in my life.

  • nfl fan

    Denver’s loss could be Seahawks gain….

  • milehighs

    ya right joshfreman is realy acurate qb i dont know you get you info sports illistrated said he was very acurate.

  • ssc

    the fatsis quote is insightful, as unlike the rest of us, he was actually there.

    “But Cutler is virtually absent from my book. That’s because he was uncompelling journalistically and off-putting personally. I sought out players who thought deeply and were interested in explaining the physical and emotional realities of playing in the NFL. That wasn’t Cutler. His demeanor often was that of a bored, eye-rolling teenage girl, with a dash of smugness for good measure. Since then, I’ve received unflattering reports about his behavior and indifferent-to-negative ones about his relationship with his teammates.”

  • milehighs

    i dont care about personality i care about wining super bowls.witch the broncos are going to watch cutler win alot of the for 15 more years.and we wont win nothing at daniels needs to go fire that kid.bowlen doesnt know crap idiot.

  • milehighs

    ssc your just mad cause cutler is not the broncos too

  • jdkchem

    ssc, Griese with an arm? The article was great, something all Broncos fans should read but sadly won’t. From the quote I get the impression that Cutler would rather be doing something else other than football. I would not be surprised to see Cutler become a Ryan Leaf or Jeff George.

  • NathanH

    Milehighs, i’m certainly okay with Cutler not being our QB any longer. He’s not a leader.

  • buckeyebronc

    Cutler’s not a leader? Then why was he voted the captain? People talk about rooting for the jersey not the player and Bowlen mentions that the Broncos aren’t about one player. I don’t see McDaniels wearing a uniform and wasn’t Bowlen’s quote after SB 32 “This one’s for John”? Elway called it a sad day, and if there is one guy I would listen to it would be him. Elway was my idol growing up because he played for the Broncos but if he would have been traded to the Redskins in 91′ I wouldn’t have bashed him they way people are bashing Cutler. Where were all these people at the end of the year? I get it, people are pissed because he didn’t want to play for Denver any more. Well he was pissed because Denver wanted someone else. I wish him well and luck and hope to see him in the Super Bowl against Denver. Just as when Sharpe went to Baltimore and Atwater to the Jets, i rooted for them as I will with Cutler. I root for the uniform but I also root for the players but I’ve never rooted for the Coaches, GM, or Owner.

  • milehighs

    he just played two years and five games.that guy is hell of a qb.we realy makes my throght dry.i can berly swollow the loss of a good wait and see.i hope that the guy ends up sucking becuas the bears o line scks bad,and the brocos offence was so good it mad him that good.hope that every one can throw good with the offence line and resevers that the bronco got.i do like kyle orton a lot.bears have a terrable offence line he got hit every play jst about.kyle orton is tuff,and he is acurate.owe his arm strenth will suprise you.he is also has some mobility.

  • milehighs

    i hope and pray dought that though broncos are screwed

  • Moose

    The Stefan Fatsis article was by far the most complete ad insightful article on this whole fiasco and because he was there it carries more weight. I will say that while I liked Cutler as a player I never card for his punk attitude but his play made me willing to overlook that. But from day one of all this drama I jumped off the Cutler bandwagon. I have felt all along that this drama was Cutler and his agent stirring the pot and they were trying to powerplay the Broncos. After reading Fatsis’ article I know my feelings were right on. Jay and his agent knew when Shannie got fired that a new contract was not going to happen. And if it wasn’t this year it would have been next year we would have had drama over a contract the Broncos weren’t going to pay for. Jay and his agent now have what they want. Chicago is agog over Cutler some are calling him the next Micheal Jordan. And believe it they will pay his price after paying a huge price in draft choices. The Bears now have no choice but to give him what he wants. But for those that think a Super Bowl is a lock for the Bears remember this, the Bears are old on defense, lacking in talent on offense, especially on the line and receivers. And the GM Angelo is a terrible talent evaluator just look at his first round picks the last ten years. And remember that Lovie Smith and Ron Turner are average offensive coaches. So it isn’t a forgone conclusion that it will work out there. The Broncos aren’t going to the Bowl this year or the next as Shannie left the defense in terrible shape. And getting that defense in shape now becomes the priority of the Broncos brain trust. Now I am no fool McDaniel and Xanders are young and raw but how about we all give them a chance to ashow us what they can do with this bounty of draft picks the next two years. To me this has the potential to be the kind of deal that will make the Broncos a force for the next decade. Now it could all blow up in their faces but I believe in Mr. Bowlen as he is widely regarded as one of the top three or four owners in the NFL and one of the best in all of sports. So he deserves the benefit of the a doubt. For all you hysterical whiners and Cutler apologists remember that Jay didn’t want to be here so why waste time soothing his soul and kissing his egotistical butt. Lets move on!

  • robtink242

    i hear you, even though trade talks started when McD came in. i’m a fan of the broncos regaurdless but you cant say to me cutler was a talent hear better than any QB of the broncos in the 00′ era. we have no other choice but to give mcd and xman a chance. but hey remember bolwen wanted cutler out as well or else he never would allow anything to progress out of that cassel ordeal.

    lets focus on the future pick up freeman and see what McD can make out of him. McD is and outstanding QB coach.

  • milehighs

    ya i cant tell mcd is lowsy

  • NathanH

    Lol, if we waste a 1st on Freeman we’re screwed. He’s NOT accurate at all, watch his video’s I don’t care what Sports Illustrated said about him. He’s over hyped and is a total system QB that relies on his athleticism. I don’t mean to be racist or anything, but if he was white he’d be a 4th or 5th round prospect. He’s being incredibly overrated because he has elite size, but unfortunatly that doesn’t translate to being an elite QB all the time. We’ll see, but I’d be shocked if McDaniels and co used a 1st on a system QB when we have 2 of them already and could pick up a better one later in the draft if we wanted.

    If you guys really want to long over a QB we probably won’t add talk about a good one at least like Bomar.

  • robtink242

    i total agree he’s a system QB and with time he can develope. he’s faster and has a better arm than our QB’s. after this season Sam Braford is a must,

  • ssc

    @milehighs and jdkchem: yes, of course i’m bummed by the cutler loss. i think we’re lying to ourselves if we think he’s going to fail in chicago or we underestimate the value of a young franchise qb (not just to the team but for the psyche of the fan base). i’m particularly bitter, because i live in the chicago area and have to endure his omnipresence in the local media for the next decade. blegh.

    however, i do take some comfort that he’s clearly a petulant child who hasn’t learned that in the real world, you kinda have to return your boss’ phone calls and generally understand that it’s a job and a business. i do think a smart, disciplined, team-first replacement qb will go a long ways towards making up for the loss of cutler. i’m one of the guys who loved plummer for his generosity and attitude and will to win, despite his sometimes erratic play.

    and most importantly, i do think some smart “franchise” defensive picks could make the team better overall. i’m a fan of old-school, defense-first football, so while i’m not happy about cutler and shanahan, i am admittedly excited about the new direction. i’ll give up some superstars to get a smart, physical lunchpail team.

    go broncos!